Scott Martin

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    The Dangerous Journey across the Gulf of Mexico starts off with catching some awesome fish and ends with a SCARY breakdown that could've left us stranded.
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    1. Jeff Fournier

      Nice trip guy's.

    2. john mckee

      Scott can you please do a boat set up breakdown and why you don’t have dive doors or think you didn’t want or need them? Thanks a new fan and subscriber. John

    3. Donald Touchton


    4. Ethan0795

      Needa do a NELK boys feature, think that’d be hilarious to see you react to those goons 😂

    5. Ilie Baitan


    6. terry fonz

      I can’t think of anything I would rather not do than catch and release! Release to the grease!

    7. Jason Smith

      Scott your dad is hilarious with his canoe and his little Jon boat. I was just watching his channel. I remember watching him and bill dance on tv when I was a kid.

    8. Rodney Hanbaum

      What a blast! Thank you for sharing!

    9. Ryan Tendler

      check the outdoor wild brothers they are so cool and make sure to subscibe and like

    10. Big bass Daily

      I have your new fishing game I play 24 seven now got a 12 pounder earlier with the workman keep it up

    11. Archie Williams

      so what is up with Bass Tourney Trail?

    12. Aidan Reeves

      Go bass fishing

    13. Betsy Lindsey

      Cory Crouch, thanks for sending me here to watch this! Can’t wait to see more!!

    14. Mike N

      Loving the salt water vids! Keep it up!

    15. Stephen Jean

      BOAT Bring Out Another Thousand

    16. Person Person

      what i would give to go fishing on a boat right now but corona comes up

    17. bob smith

      Boat is soo sick bro...

    18. Wyatt Dowd

      Aye scott i pass your house some times if i go to clewiston

    19. Marcus Dickey

      That was a nice king! I love fishing for kings and hooking up to a 30 or 40 pounder. Awesome fight.

    20. The Great White

      I live through watching you guys, I wish I could be able to do things like this but that’s just a dream lol.

    21. Lake Chickamauga Bass Fishing

      Awesome video 📹

    22. Jizz Fishing

      first fish is false albacore not atlantic bonito.

    23. Nash 6196

      That is such a nice boat but the worst part about it is the two stroke engines

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks love the boat..Did you mean those fuel efficient power houses engines.. 4 stroke every 100 hr service $$$$$$ I don’t touch them for 300 hrs and at a fraction of the service cost. Times that by 4 and you’ll see a huge “cost of ownership” difference... But you probably didn’t know that...

    24. dadsduce

      you have to get some whomper stompers for the boat.

    25. YeeYee16

      Did he ever announce the winner of that giveaway?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not yet..monday

    26. Garrett Kuhl

      so Scott watches the Nelk Boys?

      1. Scott Martin

        I should take them fishing? Y’all tag’em up

    27. Kade Hullopeter

      Once again 🔥🔥intro👍👍

    28. Check Mate

      Sooo FN exciting... Can't wait to see you learn how to handle all the chaos that comes with the deep sea. Your doing Awesome! and BTW your not fat so dress the way you want, with sunscreen and flipps. 💜 🤜🤛💥

    29. The ACL experience

      Vice Versa is one sexy machine!! I've done a small bit of surf fishin, my tight lines come from fresh water but I would love to go out in the gulf like that. One of these days. Keep up the good work dudes!!

    30. Nicholas F.

      Man sandwich @11:44

    31. traciecliffable

      Great episode. Love the Grouper! Great to see Cory catch the big Grouper!

    32. Jeremy Taylor

      Love the groupers I’ve been 30 off shore wish I could get that far out for those monsters like that

    33. The Cincy Car Guy

      Great video! First time watching.... SUBSCRIBED For sure !! Cory is my boy!!!!!! “300 mile journey is about to go DOWN SONNNNN”

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro! Glad to have ya on the channel. Cory is awesome!

    34. john helems

      How come I never see you driving your own boat

    35. Hashirama Senju

      So sweet! Like a fishing road trip where you’re just n the boat!

      1. Scott Martin


    36. Robert Riggan

      Awesome Job! Running to the gulf and having all those sharks around I figured it would be hard to get those good tasting bottom fish all the way up before a shark got'em.

      1. Scott Martin

        It was tough at times...those things are fast

    37. Emily Taggart

      So amazing Cory!

    38. Em Hunts

      Congratulations on the new boat it makes me feel good to see people do good that work hard for it and put time and effort in to there content . And don’t listen to all the people that say your doing a bad job because your doing great.Love your content keep up the good work

    39. Sean Jones

      So LEGIT

    40. Ps fishing

      13k views and only 970 likes? Hit that thumbs up Scott you’re the best

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    41. Derrick House

      Captian Scott "we found the fuzz, the fuzzy wuzzy " hahaha good stuff! My goodness, the next episode seems intense. Deep-sea fishing is pretty interesting, I hope to get a chance to experience it one day.

    42. Jeffrey Deneau

      Hey Mr. Martin, just getting back into fishing after a decade gap. Life happens. Was wondering if you could take a look at your playlists on your channel. Was interested in watching all of your 2019 videos in order to see whats been happening but they are all out of order and there are duplicates mixed in. Any chances you could arrange them into the order they happened or a watchable order? Thanks boss! Keep up the awesome videos, very entertaining.

    43. Katelyn Anderson

      Offshore fishing is my favorite! Get it Cory!

    44. TheJordan233

      Typical G2 ... steering issues.

      1. Scott Martin

        Nope broken steering arm bolt...not G2’s issue

    45. Nico posluszny

      120 miles for that thing 😆

    46. Ryan Spangler

      Yes I'm Ready. I love this. Hell yeah. Nothing like fingering some big old lips but 300mi. Big water epic fish. Do you sir 💯!

    47. John Drinnon

      You was in Baird key now

    48. Ditch Outdoor Ministry


    49. Justin Forman

      Great video Scott! First fish is actually a false albacore, not an Atlantic Bonito. Good luck with the new boat.

      1. Justin Forman

        Unfortunately they are not good to eat.

      2. Scott Martin

        Are they good to eat?

    50. Big bass Daily

      You are going to be stock up on fish meat

      1. Scott Martin


    51. 256BassFishing

      *sigh* I would just have an absolute fit if I could go fishing with you just once. It would be a lifetime experience

      1. 256BassFishing

        @Scott Martin that would be amazing. To see you in action in real time. Lol

      2. Scott Martin

        Maybe one day!!!

    52. Tyler Sams

      Awesome stuff. Was sent here by my buddy Cory Crouch

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad to have ya..😎

    53. suzukiltd


    54. Rusty Reid Fishing

      Living the dream. Happy for you!

    55. Stephanie Baker

      This is amazing ! Super proud of you Cory , you sure have come a long way from Hueston woods !

    56. Brian Patrick

      Awesome day on the water! It gets no better 👍🏻👍🏻

    57. Blue Line Fishing

      Love fishing offshore in the gulf and love this video. Makes me want to get down there bad!

    58. Karlena Cornett

      Love the video! Love your channel! 🎣🐟

    59. Addison Folkers

      Is B still around?

      1. Scott Martin

        Not full time..

    60. Bryan Thomas

      Mr Martin where can I find the new SMC camouflage hats?The new boat is DOPE!

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll have another SMC Signature drop very soon

    61. Jeff R

      Great video Scott and very nice boat BUT WHERE CAN I HET A SMC HAT ???

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll have another SMC drop soon


      Scott I have a serious question I have lost all confidence in evunrude e-etc ho. Why am I getting an over heat warning ⚠️ on my ranger z 118 plenty of water pressure plenty of water out of the tail but it doesn’t happen all the time. You have to stop come off plain put it in neutral shut the engine off wait a bit crank back up sometimes the issue goes sometimes it comes back up when you get back on plain. Water pump has been replaced here lately my dad isn’t a happy camper we have chased this issue from new. Mechanic finds no issues even testing. We get the boat back for the over heat tone goes off. Right now our engine is on my beep list. Love the engine etc. every freakin trip I’m over heating my dad took it wide open nothing come down in speed then it comes on. Even at three thousand rpms just being easy she’ll say I’m hot. I need some sos help from your friends at e-etc 150?

      1. Scott Martin

        Sounds like a simple issue that the mechanic hasn’t found. Not sure what it is

    63. Hobie Young

      What kinda spinning reels you normal use??

    64. DJ Combs

      Love this new bit content , holly cowwwww 🎣🎣🎣

    65. Basketball Highlights

      My dad fished with you before

    66. CrispyChris

      Scott has a 42 freeman but buys off brand 2 stroke oil instead of the XD-100 wonder how that’s gonna play out with warranty, even though he’s sponsored by evinrude. And the first fish they can’t even identify right that’s a false albacore. Atlantic bonito have the horizontal stripes

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s all good..wasn’t sure where you were going.

      2. CrispyChris

        Scott Martin I’m not trying to make you think I’m one of those haters that goes on to people channels and posts negative stuff

      3. CrispyChris

        Scott Martin I’m not criticizing you I’m just surprised. The whole Bonita / false albacore thing is with all you Florida guys, lol. I love what you do tho, and the freeman looks pretty sick with the all white engines

      4. Scott Martin

        Really dude...🤷🏻‍♂️

    67. Jon DeMars

      Why do you cut that slit in their stomachs? I’m guessing something to do with pressure?

      1. Jon DeMars

        Scott Martin gotcha, not knocking you guys for it, don’t have a prob with it, was just curious, keep up the awesome vids and a few more HBTs in each vid wouldn’t hurt

      2. Scott Martin

        There are several ways to release the air..not sure I like this one but I’ll be investing in some kind of better system. If we did t do that they literally lay on the surface and the sharks eat them.

      3. Nicholas Carey

        Bladders can get filled with air and the fish will have a hard time swimming down since it makes them more bouyant

      4. gary mcdonald

        I don't know either. Wanted to ask same question

    68. Phil Williams

      Wow talk about being lucky glad you guys are safe

    69. LB7 Wade

      How in the hell did you brake a bolt by trimming the motor too high. Maybe not installed properly!!

      1. LB7 Wade

        @Scott Martin you left us hanging Dude!! we want to see the next part!! Love your boat!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Not didn’t like the angle

    70. nicholas bowman

      time to start caring spare nuts and bolts Never know when you may need them.

    71. Jordan Lang

      Living the dream 👌🏼

    72. nick lelouis

      Congrats on the new boat that thing is bada$$

    73. Adam Smith

      What a great adventure ! Can't wait for the next one. Smoked kingfish with kingfish dip !

    74. neal talley

      Love watching my favorite professional fisherman catch big bass but I’m really digging watching my favorite fisherman get stranded in the middle of the ocean lol

      1. Scott Martin

        Macoy was soooo scared!

    75. Zac Pearson

      Good vid but the kid has no clue what he hooks 😅

    76. jonathan bennett

      You would have been fine run it like a twin

    77. Gaff Shotz

      Vermillions gotta be 10" man, might wanna mute that bait part out lol.

      1. BitMan Dee

        floridafishingo thought I was the only to catch that.... thought you had to be within 120ft

      2. floridafishingo

        Garden Life too far out to keep RGs too lmao

    78. Mark Fulwood


    79. FishingT.V

      Love the vids

    80. Robert Herron

      I'd be interested to see how you got the boat from Charleston to Sarasota. Enjoy your channel.

    81. Doug Sigman

      Awesome day men!🇺🇸

    82. Christopher Raber

      Introduction 🔥🔥

    83. Carson McFall

      Love your videos keep up the good work FLW

    84. Andrew Versuk

      Hey Scott when are you going to announce the giveaway winners

    85. Jake Schisler

      At least the motor could still run

    86. Fran Saban

      That boat is only worth hundreds of thousands of dollars .. so Why doesn’t the engine not have a stop so you don’t break the steering arm????

    87. Amy Ledbetter


    88. Devin Ortiz

      Go to the dry tortugas

    89. ultimatejay

      How can you trim a motor too high and break the steering 🤷‍♂️

      1. Scott Martin

        Supposed to trim the two motors together not individually

    90. DillonBashrum

      It’s rare that the gulf is as slick as it was in this video. Perfect day for fishing

    91. Amy Ledbetter

      First day of trying to get scoot Martin to reply

      1. bob smith

        Mission success..

      2. Scott Martin


    92. Parker Nichols

      Cant wait to see you get back to chasing some big largemouth!!

    93. David Abreu

      Go fish some recks

    94. Grimes Finds

      Never been out on the open ocean to fish. Lol had the chance but afraid we would get stranded lol. Takes coconuts to do that.

      1. Rocky Reynolds

        Grimes Finds man get off KGup and go find us some more units so you can keep us Texas boys entertained

      2. Jerred Wayne

        Are you gonna hitch a ride with lunkers next time he does a smc collaboration? Lol

    95. Matt Beitzel

      So Awesome!!!! Happy for you guys.

    96. Brock Johnson

      Scott our truly living a mans dream bro! Thanks for taking us along man!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support!!!

    97. Kyle Kubik

      I’m gonna have to say I like these vids almost as much as the tourney vids💯💯 sweet!!

    98. Jonas Spencer

      That 42' Freeman is a thing of beauty, looks like an awesome trip.

      1. Offroad Edge

        @bob vangrin yup you're right. My bad!

      2. bob vangrin

        @Offroad Edge 42' check out the video

      3. Offroad Edge

        If I'm not mistaken that's a 47'. One of the first 47' freeman has ever built!

    99. Brock Johnson

      Dude that 42 footer is off the chain!

    100. andrew hoshino

      Thicc zip ties