JJ Olatunji

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    1. - Cameron -

      1:53 On the right side of the TV Simon is there

    2. - Cameron -

      That preview of your new song.. Just saying.. It looks very photoshopped and fake but the beat and music is good

    3. LeversBeast

      Ay yo my man got caught

    4. Gamer potato God's son

      Emagine ksi taking of his rag on his head 😂😂

    5. Eric Langi

      Did anyone else see that 1:30 during the livestream for the Mr.Breast tournament👌🤣😂🤔👌

    6. Ahmed Nehsjs


    7. karthik manoj

      MO is the fkin g at editing


      WOOWW i did not expect the man himself ksi to give us a preview of a song thats levels man


      if im correct there is a vid where JJ cheats on Simon with Ethan. they have 4 kids rn

    10. Seth Sandmeyer

      Look when he tries the pipe and when he shows his whole room you can see 🧴 on his desk...KSI explain

    11. Swarith Mohanram

      a LITTLE shake?!!?!?!?!!!?!

    12. Captain Price

      06:16 Simon is behind the camera waiting for jj ;)

    13. Shashank More

      12:30 Thumbnail thing comes here, just save time

    14. Sebastian savage


    15. Kaimana Kaheaku-Enhada

      I’m dumb at knowledge but his name is knowledge

    16. Abhi Sureshkumar

      They are pecksssss

    17. T0rnad0 _

      We are a big famaliy you fat neek

    18. OGfps

      Bro you just talked into it, he actually blowed into it

    19. Jose Gamez

      Ksi kinda look like deji before

    20. Ben

      Don’t get me wrong I like ksi’s music, but I think “is it really love” is kinda overrated

    21. Thomas Cardillo

      Why would it ever be alph-orn that doesn't even make sense it a horn

    22. LKG._. OW

      Not gonna lie his lips might be too big for buzzing xD

    23. Megan Simpson

      Why is no one talking about 5:23 I’m literally dead

    24. Timi Lamoriu

      "2:14" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $1172 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

    25. lee20ten

      OI CHECK THIS FUCKING SHIT OUT!.... is it reallly love is it😂

    26. Adam's Farm Videos

      Did anyone see the upvotes going upto 18.5k at 3:40

    27. nahum ϟ

      wait, how are you not verified on yt?

    28. Yeeza Skeets

      Anybody else notice THE LOTION on his desk..... what you doing with that mate???

    29. duccs

      w i n d o w s w a r t e r m a r k

    30. Frasyx

      I love the lotion on the desk :D

    31. Allesandro Decastro

      Wait, JJ actually has a girlfriend

    32. Allesandro Decastro

      JJ we all know you and simon having girlfriends is just a cover story

    33. Sumeya AMH

      11 mil

    34. Charlie Harris

      6:17 you can SEE his lotion oh god jj

    35. Lily-Brenda Lawrence

      “we are the sidemen” we all felt that

    36. Tito LuxeFN

      Jj you need to change the pitch of your voice to change the noise of the instrument

    37. Ibrahim Ali Year 8

      Who the hell dislikes these videos

    38. NetzFX

      the dissapointment in his face....

    39. Dani Playz

      pewds and jj arent enemys they besties

    40. Valetwo

      Well JJ just got more subs than ricegum

    41. hamza mini

      Always fucking reddit man

    42. TopZz AU

      The sidemen flashback bit is the best thing on the world

    43. Bluebanana 717

      You weirdo Ksi you play that shitty thing like, Buzz your lips. Then to go higher Buzz if lips tighter and lower Buzz softer. I play the trumpet and it's like that how you Buzz ur lips.

    44. Rose Jean



      1:34 tbh i saw this now first time and taught you were doing push-ups so not that bad

    46. Lucy Lou

      So we are a family? So that’s 11million people that would care if I commit suicide? Thanks children

    47. Batata Frita

      When i researched for an alporn on google, the only thing i found was porn. The cringy part is that i was on my dads fone, next to him, and had to explain that I didn’t mean that.

    48. Mustaffa Al-Jahrani


    49. xhavoc

      Ethan really made my shed a tear 😢

    50. Tony (林源哲) Lin

      ksi songs and games really love: among us loose: fall guys

    51. Jason BOOM


    52. Daanyaal Ali

      2:10 Must be nice for JJ to have a proper family huh

    53. KlayerZ

      its sad that also mo bully’s jj for the reddit

    54. Excalibur 123

      man said anne frank, im dead lmao

    55. Inddrraa

      Here we know that pewdiepie blows better than jj

    56. havik875


    57. Kilbrn

      I have a confession, I thought this was a reupload channel. Wasn’t too sure if it was the real KSI all bc of the channel name. I’m sorry father JJ for I have sinned.

    58. VinserRas

      even when he is showing the really love vid, the activate windows is still there.

    59. David Bao

      Lmfao breh

    60. Shoto Todoroki

      Ok, ok we all know that we smiled at the sidemen glow up

    61. XREKT

      Trash music as allaways nice 👍

    62. Ratpoe Gaming


    63. Grimzy Friday

      Sometimes we fight sometimes we argue, jj don’t forget most of us bully you aswell u missed that part out😭😂😂😂

    64. JAKEY 259


    65. Hasham Noman

      10:05 best part

    66. ItsDarkDamage


    67. Hart Ashton

      1:53 Who else saw Simon in the TV reflection 👀

    68. Mohammad Sarwary

      0:00 jump scare me badly

    69. Recession TO

      12:35 what u came for thank me later

    70. Yomar

      At 2:59 in the background Simon looking clapped af lmao 😂😂😂.

    71. Dndnd dndidbsh


    72. BQ Unknown

      dis uglya pickle chin hae a boujr

    73. Skidoo

      "Trivia Questions, I am dumb as hell." SI

      1. Aakash PRODUCTIONS


      2. Oliver McCall

        He's not wrong

    74. Kjonez XO


    75. mega man

      I knew he was doing push ups

    76. Aka Ali

      11m ✌️

    77. Adam Jones

      KSI has lotion and tissues on his monitor if y’all didn’t notice when he was playing the alhporn

    78. Mryass852

      sorry guys but why he calls him self : KSI LGBT ??? thats weird AF

    79. izz. lxs

      0:33 jews gonna have flashbacks

    80. zhengjun chen


    81. Immortalbuddies

      Can’t believe I’ve been watching sidemen for over 5 and a half years

    82. Draft Family

      That sdmn evolution vid hit different

    83. Alpha Ashok

      1:54 in the tv Simon is there...Mo is the best

      1. Jonathan Lopez

        He’s not tho

    84. Robert Kimmich

      Try not to fear King Cobra Rescue kgup.info/get/iZlpn6GUkWeIbX8/video

    85. Jake Swanson

      Family but I’m white

    86. fazegamerboy 2.0

      Wow o shit

    87. AD EM

      Pewdiepie is a viking, he has that sound in his veins.

      1. Yeet Meta

        *V a i n s*

      2. Ghost

        V a i n s

    88. K S

      Sub to KS...then?/

    89. CEO Of nothing Nothing

      M8 I. Can’t be bothered

    90. ultra mario

      Can someone tell this man that he is supposed to buzz on that instrument

    91. Cryptik

      JJ be like “FLAMES, FIRE AND GAS” Whilst I’m here saying “all I see is: snow, ice and wind.”

    92. OrCuS

      and he's white. muhammad ali,mike tyson, floyd mayweather in that order: am i joke to you? it's a joke don't take it personally.

      1. Oliver McCall

        If anything being black gives you an athletic advantage, you can see it in most sports

    93. Celland

      i was taking a shit while watching this

    94. Emmanuel Carrillo


    95. Your boy Mo


    96. Ahmed Salami

      6:46 i like your cream man

    97. Y1u2haten3


    98. Y1u2haten3

      i am the true lazarbeam fan i have his face

    99. MaxH

      At 1:53, is it just me or did Mo add Simon in the right side of the TV reflection

    100. Alisha Corley

      The glow up part made me tear up a bit. Such an amazing group of people💕