Brandon Semenuk Turns an Abandoned Mine into the Ultimate Line | Raw 100, Version 6

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    When it gets to taking on a blank canvas and turning it into something grand, Brandon Semenuk is never the one too shy away from the challenge. His unapologetic riding style & devotion towards perfection have risen the aesthetic benchmarks of raw mountain biking cinematography time and time again.
    In his sixth contribution to the Raw 100 series Brandon shakes up an abandoned mine in Merritt, British Columbia. As always Rupert Walker and Revel Co. had been there to catch everything on tape. 🎥
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    1. X Games

      Yesss! Unreal 🤯👏 ALL the Raw 100's are 🔥!

    2. James Johnson

      Nobody. NOBODY... rides like Semenuk

    3. J S

      That last flip riding the wheelie and just riding off and flipping was amazing I know you are leaning back but how can you get more power to pull back? I miss lots of videos like this.

    4. Silent Running

      Whoa. All very fancy and so far beyond normal...but for style? That 360 lookback to manual. Steeeeze.

    5. Abel Lepcha


    6. afgspecial

      what hub?

    7. Desert Lizard

      Back flip 360 tailwhip lol

    8. Shane Brennan

      His cassette sounds angry...

    9. FRAZIX

      The bike did the screaming for him

    10. Cavan Cornelius

      Bike ASMR

    11. Shauka Hodan

      new Law of Physics: "Semenuk's Law; anything is possible on a bike."

    12. Dylan Brown

      who are the 106 people that disliked this?

    13. Justin Willey

      So much style

    14. Henke Levin

      The sound editor forgot to add the hub spin at 0:50... Stop with the fake sounds!!

    15. yohansen79

      I stopped watching cos the sound is just stupid !!

      1. Trinibee07

        Like urself

      2. Shauka Hodan

        Unreal 😳👍🏼👍🏼

    16. Büchmann Julian

      Is this a video game?

    17. Squirrel

      anyone else hear the swarm of angry bees chasing him? ride like the wind semenuk!

    18. Ries Van doorn

      the manual to flip was so perfect it seemed like it was fake

    19. Oscar Harding

      0:48 damn any one else that tanngggg

    20. Yuho Kim

      Mans really put microphones in his tires

    21. Connor Matthew

      wot just hapened

    22. Jayden Southey

      cheeky wheel change to the freecoaster there, very nice XD

    23. Gone.Coastal

      Someone should tell this guy there’s competitions he could enter. I think he’d do well.

    24. Sean Caldwell

      How can a man make it look this is easy? My confidence after watching this does not match my skill level.

    25. Alex Tecter

      Mind Blown

    26. Taylor Nichol

      This makes it feel wrong to call what I do "mountain biking"

    27. Karl Marx Lopez

      Here I am, I can't even do manual.

    28. yuoop noke

      Idk if I'm embarrassed or proud of how many times I've watched this 😅

    29. Sean Rojas

      Unreal 😳👍🏼👍🏼

    30. Joshua West


    31. Mike Kev

      how can people dislike this?

      1. yuoop noke

        Just one more run mom!

    32. Carl Harverson

      I'm glad he made it out OK. That mosquito was not fking around.

      1. Trinibee07


    33. K_ B

      Another level.

    34. Gerrit Dam

      Bet in 2 years this will have 20 mil views and I will have 10k likes 👍 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

    35. Jesse LaCasse

      Who build that trail ??

    36. zaskar75

      What hubs are these? Halo maybe?

    37. Donavin Trip

      Insane. Always a treat

    38. lucas devos


    39. kenn nnek

      Awesome skills .. what is that hub tho ?

    40. Jared Burnett

      360 turndown to manual..... so clean

    41. Mister Candle

      Just a word : Insane

    42. Don Jon PAPI

      His insane 🤯

    43. goa


    44. Nellosphere

      We need Emil,Nicholi, Danny Mac and the crew to throw down at this spot in a 3 day format best of 5 runs.

    45. Nellosphere


    46. Piotr

      Just one more run mom!

    47. Piotr

      this is mtb heaven in my mind

    48. joão carlos caetano

      Ta ae como superar a parabens...

    49. doire aintu

      Idk if I'm embarrassed or proud of how many times I've watched this 😅

    50. Jules Pbt Prod'

      Manual backflip for the rampage...

    51. julien journes

      Just amazing : ))))) Make my day

    52. Richard Manzano

      The best stunt I have seen 😮🤗👍

      1. doire aintu

        Freaking disgusting always rocking

    53. Stefan Heid

      The back wheels are a little annoying unfortunately. But amazing work anyways.

    54. Михаил Джагизян

      Как? Это вообще законно?

    55. Niccolò Ferrari - LTD

      What a beautiful sound!!

    56. Kaltonian

      Amazing....the sound of the hub that is, only joking, all I can say is omg

    57. RICH Photography

      James Stewart: I invented the bubba scrub. Brandon: that's cute

    58. Тимур Семенов


    59. Rex H

      I keep coming back to watch this. I think I'm on about 20 or so...

    60. Max R

      He is an artist.

    61. Phillip Priolo

      360 to manual! Ummm. I laughed out loud and cheered for that one. Also the in between scrubs and roller pumps look so fun.

    62. Christopher Armstrong

      Semenuk is the OG! 🤘🔥

    63. Blow Bikes

      Brendan, how you doing this?



    65. Goon

      nobody: redbull: *mountain bike ASMR*

    66. Mike C

      No background song could beat that raw sound.

    67. T T

      Freaking disgusting always rocking

    68. jake hanzvik

      The sound of tire pressure....

    69. Brandon Chisholm


    70. John Graham

      His style is like no one else. Just the opening picture and how he is sitting on the bike is unique to Semenuk alone.

    71. Zach Krpan

      I'm sorry, but what did I just see. Hold on I need a minute.

    72. KingBlueSlims

      That hurt my head

    73. space addict

      Manual to backflip?! 🤤

    74. Eh.

      the Goat

    75. cj t

      Best rider ever

    76. Daniel Child

      who thinks he could beat Emil?

    77. Guwer

      Amazing 😳🔥

    78. daseeyesh

      We can all agree that this looks and sounds like a mosquito flying for it's life.

    79. mitchflickz

      What the actual hell just happend here?

    80. MotoErgoSum

      Hail Hydra! (hubs)

    81. Jacob Coleman

      How was any of that humanly possible lmao

    82. Brandan Holt

      did anyone else notice how he had a super loud hub, and then a silent hub for like 10 seconds and then a loud hub again

      1. Matt Aldridge

        black spokes too on the freecoaster wheel.

    83. Brown Jenkins

      And now, please, without cuts 😉

    84. Dawid Karasiewicz


    85. Trinibee07

      Goosebumps😍😍😍 this man is just insane with the things he can do....flawless🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    86. Pedigree Monkey

      Thumps down here is nothing but jelousness.

    87. Max Sanford

      That was the most insane clip I’ve ever seem

    88. Linus Wandel

      Pretty cool brandon

    89. liamking16

      id love to see a 10 minute "making of" video from this, with outtakes and so on

    90. Finley Pohl

      What bike he got?

    91. Kenneth Manary

      I was impressed with the flip fast plant on the wall and then I was left speechless. Amazing riding and insane bike control

    92. Denda

      Oh my god! :O


      Goat at what he's doing

    94. Eldert Mohr

      Once again, insane

    95. David CLAUDET

      la chair de poule🤙👌

    96. EvtheNev

      Hold my beer

    97. Алиса Чудесная


    98. Crash Course Zed

      He's a literal monster! Edit: No pun intended, Red Bull! 😁

    99. Daniel Angel

      The nose bonk tail whip 🥵

    100. matt norfolk

      This entire video was killer but that huge scrub before the quarter to quarter transfer was so smooth. Just the amount of bike control he has to literally be scrubbing it that hard and not just eat it amazing.