BLACKPINK - 'Lovesick Girls' Jimmy Kimmel Live


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    1. Liezel Manucay

      Lisa & Jisoo

    2. Cyrus Cruz

      Lisa best girl

    3. Monique Zacharias

      i love you blakepimk

    4. Just Faisal

      I'm jisoo I'm ok

      1. Just Faisal


    5. Just Faisal


      1. Just Faisal


    6. Just Faisal


      1. Just Faisal


      2. Just Faisal


    7. Just Faisal


      1. Just Faisal


    8. tanjiro nezuko chibi

      Mãi yêu BLAKPINK 😳🤩😍❤️🧡💛💚


      love it

    10. Jp

      Everyone looks from the same group, there's no one looking more flawless than the others (it looks cohesive) LOOOVEE ITT!! They are so stunning💖💖


      They are so awesome

    12. Adrian Vázquez


    13. raiacleo


    14. Sweet Not Found

      Always this girls is the best

    15. Mihil Waduge

      Is anyone gonna talk about how perfect Jennie's voice 😍😍🤩😘🤗

    16. Panatda T


    17. Yerleny Leyba

      las amo I love them 나는 그들을 사랑한다 ฉันรักพวกเขา 我愛他們 as amo las amo en 각자 모두 the ภาษา

    18. Mera Black Pink follower

      تعبت وانا اعيد اف هوت

    19. Aida Abqarahadlina

      Jiso fans

    20. Minyon Kim

      I love you blackpink Love kim jennie❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    21. Lily J


    22. Lily J


    23. Lily J


    24. Lily J


    25. Lily J


    26. Lily J


    27. Lily J


    28. Honeyclouds

      3:34 ❤️

    29. Honeyclouds

      lisas one two 😌

    30. Honeyclouds

      3:08 jisoo so Beautiful!

    31. Honeyclouds

      3:03 look at jennie 😭aww❤️

    32. F.N Eryılmaz

      Rose so cute 😍

    33. Shaquilla Kirania


    34. J

      리사 헤어 스타일링 미친 거 아냐 개잘어울려

    35. Aradhya kaushik


    36. Elif Bürkan

      Lisaaa^^^dresss 😍😍😍

    37. Ranjit Pawar

      new blink from india i am only year girl

    38. Sonali oinam Sonali oinam

      Lisa and Rose forever in my heart😨❤❤

    39. lilly X Fatboyfelixthecat

      I’m fall in love over and over again 😍

    40. 이승현


    41. Aisana Kenzhal

      You are the best in the world, I love you very much and I like songs

    42. Sebastian Coccella

      Lisa and rose the favorite girls!!! ❤️👌

    43. Claudia Machuca

      este es le estilo eslatic Gers Blackpink

    44. jose luis Valdivia

      💐💐💜💜🌷🌷 Blakc pink 💐❤💐❤💐❤💐 💜❤💜❤💜❤💜 🌷❤🌷❤🌷❤🌷

    45. Muhammad Rizky

      Cameramen and stage perfect 👍

    46. MORBİD ANGEL Im alone


    47. مها القحطني Maha

      Congratulations. Hubby Tugging

    48. Ana bosy


    49. zyva omail

      Where is Lisa fans? Her rap was perfect

    50. Simplyeliza

      When the chorus starts, thats my fav part

    51. BarbieTune


    52. Ankita V

      Where are Jennie Fans? ❤️❤️ We will love Jennie forever ❤️

    53. Ankita V

      Jennie is my Heart ❤️ You Can't Change My Mind ❣️

      1. Ankita V

        @frozJugde Your Welcome 😉 I Love Jennie❤️ I Ship Jennie and Rose 😁 She's my bias ☺️

      2. frozJugde

        Thank you for loving our Jennie🤗

    54. Ankita V

      The Girls Are Legends ❤️❤️

    55. Stencil

      they are singing live with a very loud backdrop. but they are singing live. when u listen it with airpods on, u can hear a huge difference from the studio version. with all the dancing and live singing, i'm impressed how stable they are especially rosé as she is the one belting out the most as well as jisoo.

    56. My World

      The best contest 🥰

    57. Betty Cooper

      Guys! You should watch youth with you season 3!! Lisa is so funny and cute!!

      1. frozJugde

        Don't worry! I always watch it.

    58. Betty Cooper

      Guys! You should watch youth with you season 3!! Lisa is so funny and cute!!

    59. yaumen peng

      why nobody talking about the goddess Rosé? ROSÉ is an angel

      1. Shebbs Kerry

        most comments here are about our Angel Rosè

    60. SD

      They should let Yoon Eun Hye dance this song it would be so amazing 😉 Black pink would have 1st generations fans of Baby Vox big their fans as well

    61. Shivam Sharma

      Pubg 🥺❤️

    62. 박채연

      라이브 장난아니네

    63. Farjana Andalib

      Since nobody ever talks about Jisoo...let me say it. She nailed it,her voice and her visuals...are out of this world!

    64. Tanya Singh

      No one can ever beat rose except herself(◕ᴗ◕✿)

    65. jose luis Valdivia

      💐💐💜💜🌷🌷 Blakc pink

    66. Myo Zaw

      I love you rose😍😍😍😍

    67. Elif Bürkan


    68. Cemal Topkaya

      Like atmayanlara kızıyorum! I'm mad at people who don't throw likes!

    69. Mixer

      "NO HATE" I'm not gonna lie but the first 14 seconds of the intro in this performance is the same as Little Mix's Touch intro in their performances.

    70. Usad Pagong


      1. Usad Pagong

        Rose has beautiful voice

    71. juan pineda lopez

      그들은 나의 우상이다 나는 그들의 음악을 사랑한다 ❤️

    72. lalisa manoban blakpink bibi

      Quem é brasileiro se inscreve

      1. lalisa manoban blakpink bibi

        No meu canal

    73. Bryce Allen

      I jut became a blink like 4 days ago...already in love with these girls...they are all beautiful(Lisa still my baby) and amazing at everything they they dont get cocky with fame

    74. Ami Araujo

    75. Email Legends


    76. كيان العبدلي

      جيسو اوني تهبليين موتتت وربيييي ياحلوتسسسس مدري كيف الي حولك مستحملين جمالتس لو انا والله ماشيل عيني منتس تعالي يمنا السعوديه تاكلين كبسه يحبها قلبببككككك بتصيرين سعوديه خالصه

    77. x.evelyn.x CuTe_ChAnNeL

      Jisoo why you are very beatiful😍 she looks like an angel,isnt she?😍💜

    78. Topo Lopo

      Not at me smiling like an idiot while looking at them

    79. Bayram Ismayilov

      Rose 😘😍🥰

    80. lucas agustín

      Rosé's outfit is brighter because her SOLO is coming 😍

    81. Hoa Nguyen

      You guys look great

    82. Priya: The Vocal Coach

      Jisoo in fishnets hits different 😭❤️

    83. ح العبادله

      يجننون واو تابعو

    84. Sophia liz Brito soares silva

      Lind perft

    85. Rose Ssss



      Teannie forever


      Jennie super cute

    88. Kirsty Barr

      stop lisa looks incredible

    89. KD

      almost all was backing vocals?

    90. Shakhzoda Yuldasheva


    91. irham nugraha


    92. Oppo A5s


    93. muhammad abid

      I love mamamoo voice more

    94. Malourdes Monfero

      Black pink paislee

    95. Malourdes Monfero


    96. Malourdes Monfero


    97. Rayan

      i love you jisso🥰🥰🥰

    98. Mateus rodrigues solart


      1. Mateus rodrigues solart


    99. kez m

      lisa and jennie have my heart idc

    100. ᴋʏʟᴀ ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅꜱᴏɴ

      Lisa's voice is so chill at the beginning rap the words just flowed out of her mouth so SMOOTHLY. Also, Jisoo out here hitting every note s m h I want her voice