What $250 Buys You at a Japanese Hot Spring Inn

Abroad in Japan

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    A stunning Japanese inn so large you get a self-driving cart, a sake brewery that encourages you to drink in a forest, and pork Tonkatsu so delicious it's criminal. We head off to the region of Gunma to celebrate to 2m subscribers, while Ryotaro spends the entire time trying to convince me, he's singlehandedly the architect behind any success the Abroad in Japan channel has ever had.
    Our journey through Gunma took us to incredible breweries. You can find the full list of places we visited here!
    🥩Tonkatsu Tomita
    🍶Nagai Brewery
    🍶Otone Brewery
    ♨️Yutorian Kawaba Onsen
    Tours of the Local Area
    🍶 www.gltjp.com/en/article/item/20078/
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Don't deny it. You wanted to see Ryotaro get run over by the patronisingly slow self-driving cart as much as I did. A MASSIVE thank you to you all for tuning into the Abroad in Japan channel - whether you're new here and are still wondering who the hell we are, or have been watching since the dawn of time (which is 2012). I never thought we'd make it this far and I'm hoping we can do something extra special in 2021! Bring on some serious "pork tactics." (Seriously though, how does Ryotaro invent these phrases?!).

      1. Robert Nikolic

        Congrats vor 2M

      2. Lucas Fields

        Can you come back please

      3. Tristan

        not a pork tactic but if you give a gun to the pork you get tactical pork

      4. roy v.v.

        Chris i have a question . You mentioned that you had an japanese girlfriend now ex .how did you find dating in japan to be different from western culture dates . What are key differences and how does a lady expect to be treated on a date and such? Also i love your content you make me very happy in these gloomy days. thank you very much!

      5. Alexander Great

        I always want to be a broad.

    2. A M

      Chris Board is so cute, but I don't wanna say the word 'cute' because it goes very much against his character.

    3. Mr. M

      Water people are envious

    4. Cameron Luangrath

      5:35 me when the new ATOT comes out

    5. Weise Nacht

      Chris begins to sound a lot like Jeremy Clarkson

    6. WilliJ Gaming

      Congrats on 2 million subscribers! You and your friends are so charismatic and funny you could make any country look incredible, and you have inspired me and so many people to want to visit Japan someday. Thanks for all the great videos!

    7. drawmuu

      You can see that Chris has an immature, yet sophisticated mind from the "pork tactics" part lol

    8. JeanRain17

      lol Chris teasing Ryotaro while he was drunk gave me life

    9. Burger Croissant

      Being Chris Board is still better than being Card Board, js. Always keep the porking for the end, that's my pork tactics !

    10. D G.

      The voice of the hot sake gentleman is very deep but so gentle, is amazing!

    11. No You Are

      Chris and Ryotaro sitting with dominant arms knocking during dinner once again, after they already wished they thought that through better earlier at lunch 😚👌

    12. xLotusAngel626x

      I really enjoy the places you two go to!!

    13. Gareth King

      Very Father Ted to get run over by the world's slowest golf cart 🤣🤣

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      I really like these movies. Wanting to go back to visit Japan again. With Ryotaro and natsuki in them it's always so much fun. Congrats on the 2M subs.

    15. CZsWorld

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      16:28 Chris BOARD 😂😂😂 Oh my lord

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      Drinking game: take a shot every time Chris mentions getting drunk in a forest (works best if you do it while also in a forest)

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    19. Yoshisaurus Rex

      What savagery is this, drinking wheat beer (Weizen) directly from the bottle?

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      Congratulations 🥳 for 2 million subscribers

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      He is going to outlive us all!

    23. D. Gazinelli

      This is the worst video ever about Japan. It felt like to drunks without imagination chit chatting about nothing. The hole enterprise was without any relevant research including information about what was included in the $250 cost. What about the food, sake tasting, spring trip etc. Was there any tipping involved to the staff? One has to be really mediocre and brainless to follow this guy. I've wasted my time listening to bar talk about nothing. Stay away from "Abroad in Japan." There are many quality videos about Japan on KGup.

    24. Emily Edwards

      Drunk Ryotaro is hilariously adorable!!!

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      16:29 *Chris Board*

      1. Erwin Janssen

        next thing maybe a board in japan lol

    26. bamse_swe

      Would've liked to know more about the different Saki's but that's probably being edited for another video. You sneaky bastard. Nah everything about this video was really good but was a bit confused on who Ryotaro was talking to the whole video at first. Never seen that bloke before.

    27. Anthony VH

      Mister who is Abroad, I'd like to ask: How is it, that you and Ryotaro are able to exchange offensive jokes which in western culture are usually the norm among friends however japanese people may find them rude?

    28. Mads Vind Knudsen

      Drunk in Japan

    29. dimin9197

      The “Pork Tactics” were definitely the best thing....besides the in-room onsen. 😉

    30. Robin

      Was it just me, or was this entire video just 20 minutes of Chris bullying Ryotaro? 😂

    31. Omar Juvera

      6:57 I had no idea you are lefty! "Welcome" to the club. The most creative people (than right handed)...allegedly

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      Lol the way the sake guy fake drinks from his cup the water my dude doesn’t even believe in his own stuff.

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      When it comes to pouring someone's drink, Chris doesn't know the meaning of "stop." CDawgVA learned that the hard way in his recent video with Chris. The dude's a mad man. Joking aside, congrats on 2 mil.

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    70. Haruhara Haruko

      i love how in america, $250 is about average for a hotel room, and you get a basic continental breakfast and that's it, meanwhile in japan 250 bucks gets you what you would normally have to pay at least 500-600 for, per night. it's insane.

      1. Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat

        It seems like japan is all around cheaper than the us in terms of visiting but not necessarily living

    71. Leejk

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    84. WeekendWarrior92

      I like Ryotaro, but honestly me and the other 1.5 Mil subscribers are here thanks to Natsuki

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      So i wanted to ask you. How did you learn japanese and how long did it take you? I absolutely love the japanese culture and i really want to visit it one day. But for that i want to learn japanese and therefore i thought i might aswell ask you :D Great video as always and I'm hoping for a response! Greetings from switzerland

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