Arena Grind🔴Live🔴Fortnite Season 4! I have Crazy Keybinds & 35k Arena Points!


23 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Hey Everyone! In todays live stream we are going to be playing Fortnite season 4 live, also doing arena duos/ solos! I also stream daily on KGup! Always at 2 pm EST

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Joshua Terry

      How’s it going

    2. Joshua Terry

      Hi halo I inked and subbed

    3. shard

      Halo u have a morning stream tomorrow?

      1. Halo

        I think so

    4. Wicked Wickers

      Hi I am new and you are cracked

      1. Halo

        Thank you so much 🥰❤️

    5. Rise Chezz

      Well I saw this live then had to eat then I got a notation and thought it was still live 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    6. Ken Kanji

      Notice me...

      1. Halo

        Hi. This was live earlier today. I will be live again tomorrow at 2pm est. see you then!

    7. Ken Kanji


      1. Halo


    8. SplashGod_FN

      U stream at the a end of my last meet with my class so i watch u while i am in class LOL :D

      1. Halo


    9. Dukios Gaming

      I am scared by your edits really

      1. Halo


    10. NXS Squishy

      Bro I kinda stopped playing fortnite, it's just not so interesting anymore. I've been okay for a while so I've pretty much all they can offer

    11. FaZe Michael

      Bro I’m eating in 10 minutes

      1. FaZe Michael

        @Halo ya I just got done it was so good

      2. Halo


    12. Kristi Santilli


      1. Halo


    13. Pizza For life UwU

      Nice stream awesome job man

      1. Halo

        🥺❤️appreciate you!

      2. Pizza For life UwU

        Im a really big fan i have been here before you hit 21k subs, i have liked subscribed and notifications cuz u da best yt i have ever seen in my whole life so far

      3. Pizza For life UwU

        Got u fam

      4. Halo

        Thank you ❤️

    14. weshan gaming

      I just ate and it was wonderful

      1. The KC


      2. Halo