We Are Moving In Together !!!

Reece & Ray

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    We cant believe this is happening! We cant wait and we wanted to share this with you so we decided to vlog a piece of it!
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    1. Angel Alvarez

      When he says not my house, it’s our house 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    2. Angelina Scott

      19:50 with no makeup Ray looks just like sofia carson

    3. Angelina Scott

      Reece is such a good man bruh, he raising two girls like his own🥰Mama cook raised good boys.

    4. I Was Born 2 Conquer

      Can ya’ll do a house tour.?

    5. Danna Sotelo

      Aww who r the two little girls ???

    6. Samira Lekaj

      are they her daughters?

    7. Lindsay Dottz

      I’m so pleasantly surprised with Reece! He seemed so picky before and that was probably due to him being young and never having a girlfriend before but I’m so happy he excepted her kids as his own. This relationship deff brings out the best in him! They’re so cute together!

    8. Lindsay Dottz

      I have the same Minnie Mouse car seat! Lol

    9. Randy Brooks

      Beautiful people!!

    10. angelee arrindell


    11. A Gausin

      Nahhh 😂😂

    12. Yesenia Iraheta

      Are those your guys's kids

    13. Brittany LaFever

      Yall are amazing

    14. Annie Edwards

      Ok I really like this couple’s channel ❤️

    15. a a

      Knew you from jcooks channel and your music. Your personality on your own channel shines through and I think Rayleen brings out a good side of u also

    16. Rebecca M

      Love you guys. But please for the sake of your children....put a damn seat belt on.

    17. Afra Alshehhi


    18. Charly Efiny

      Da dude said 😂 “tryna go fast in a bat mobile” 🤣🤣 dis dude funny asf

    19. AVZEN

      Grandpa is so hansummm💕💕

    20. AVZEN

      So obsessed with you guys. So glad y'all made a KGup. Can't wait to see yall grow and be successful💕💕💕 Edit: love how Reece is so invested in the decoration of your guys new home together you don't see a lot of guys do that, so beautiful to see yall as a family🥺💕

    21. Larie BeauTee

      Subscribed❤️❤️LOVE YOU GUYS

    22. Ilaisaane Mahe

      I literally got a shock in the last part, thought Reece had his hands over another female haha but it was just rayleen. She looks so different with no make up on but still fire tho ☺️

    23. Payton Swiftwolfe

      Awww he’s so good with the girls❤️💛

    24. Daniela Camargo

      She’s so beautiful even without makeup 🥺! Congratulations 🥳 on your beautiful family and home!

    25. game legend

      omg! who cares

    26. sabrina ledesma

      Do u ever wish ur gf was more into fashion she dresses really simple and plain no offense.

    27. Zeltzin Laureano

      My baby father passed away when my baby was 5 months old. She is 4 now and it isn't easy to find love and be a single mom. The fact that he is stepping it up and showing us this side of him is so amazing. Nothing but blessings lots of love and success for you both and the the little ones they deserve that keep up the good work ❤

    28. Natalie Larrain

      All love 💖

    29. Shoanntal Lugg

      I hope you and your family stay strong 💪🏽 keep praying the Lord will always guide you guys don’t rush be patient stay bless be safe 💯

    30. Elina Life

      My heart🥺, The girls called him dad🥺❤️ I love that.

    31. Ileana Colon

      Aww the baby and I have the same name but my name is spelled Ileana ‼️ she has the best name.

    32. dcoog anml

      THIS IS THE TYPE OF GIRL JUSTICE NEEDS! not them IG “models” w no personality lol

    33. Sonia Antillon

      I love this side of Reece. I agree, JCook put a lot of pranks where he was always mad lol. I low key didn’t like him until now. Always loved the music though. Just a little misunderstanding. Love you guys a lot! You guys real ones.

    34. Mae Alonzo

      Congratulations ... Ok n ur channel n ur new home together... Can't wait for the pranks... #TeamRaylynn

    35. Rissa Renee

      you guys are sooo cute i’m here for it 💜

      1. dcoog anml

        Aww they call him dada 🥺💙 I know ray is so grateful for reece, that’s honestly too cute. I’m a single mom to my baby boy so this makes me so happy, his mom raised good m

    36. Vanessa

      try ice matcha green tea latte with soy, 3 pumps of toffee nut and an add shot. 🔥 my go to drink aside from an iced chai alone or a dirty chai.

    37. Jacky C.S

      Are the kids hers ? 😭

    38. 2 Tayz

      3 cute ☺️

    39. Teetee R

      I love you guysssss❤️

    40. jacob reyes

      Don’t sell yo soul kids

    41. Des

      I love how he cares so much and he treats them so good, he treats them like there his own 🥺. Omg it’s so cute 🥰


      Omg I love y’all! If y’all agree drop a 💙❤️💙❤️

    43. Natalie Vazquez

      I always thought Reece was stuck up from his family members vlogs , he’s actually such a sweetheart and out going person . Happy I’m here to watch your family grow & also your Chanel to grow and glow , god bless 💙💜

      1. bcvbb hyui

        good job hosting in this video.

    44. Yoara Burgos

      Love you guys alreadyyyy!!! Ya’ll are a whole vibe! God bless! 🙏🏻💜

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Yes such a good dad ....amd it's not even his kids much less when god bless u guys with ur baby boy omg stay safe guys

    45. Slayy Jonae

      Team ray you already know

    46. Just Gen


    47. yfdawn

      Awe hes so good with the kids

    48. Melinda Enoch

      is it just me or she kinda looks like Layton Greene? she’s so beautiful 😍😍😍!!!

    49. Sydnee Tucker

      Yall are the best!! also rayleen is so gorgeous

    50. Jasmine Martinez

      Aww they call him dada 🥺💙 I know ray is so grateful for reece, that’s honestly too cute. I’m a single mom to my baby boy so this makes me so happy, his mom raised good men

    51. Shi

      Reece is such a great father to these girls already!! Congratulations on your journey💕💕

    52. Diana carroll garcia

      Shes so pretty with no makeup:)

    53. Maddy LaBoy

      you guys are really good at this and you just started that's crazy keep up the amazing work I love ur content !!!!

    54. Erika R

      I’m also a mother of two princesses and I have to say I’m so happy you found someone who is willing to step up and love both you and your girls! It’s a beautiful thing. God bless your family 🥰

    55. Isabella Conde


    56. Chyna Sunshine

      TEAM REECE for now lmaoo

    57. Marci Holquin

      A whole other side of Jordan! He’s amazing with you and the girls! Btw they are beautiful💕 can’t wait to see lots and lots more videos to come!!

    58. nieooj gotoy

      Yes such a good dad ....amd it's not even his kids much less when god bless u guys with ur baby boy omg stay safe guys

    59. yvette mcculloch

      i absolutely love the fact that they call him dada and he treats them if they were his own! 🥺

    60. Linda Villa

      Rayleen is so beautiful without makeup #teamrayleen

    61. Eselya Galvan

      You guys are so cute

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Rayleen and her girls are so beautifulAnd Rayleen is so beautiful with or without makeup😍🥺❤️yall are such a beautiful family!❤️

    62. Amiya Martinez

      COLORADO IS WHERE ITS AT! 🥺 but im so happy for Jordan he found a good women who doesn’t want clout 😩

    63. Jaydon gelin


    64. Keabetswe Litsili


    65. Emily Franco

      just the fact that he accepts her and her children just shows there are good men out there

    66. Emily Franco

      im here for it, love is just so freaking pure and beautiful!!! wishing you guys the best

    67. Selyin Lainez-Gamez

      Can you guys start the Vlogmas the Christmas thing pleaseeeee

    68. Nallely Blanco

      i love u guys already🥺🥺

    69. Lyndiwe Austin

      iced white mocha with sweet cream foam and extra caramel drizzle

    70. Alecyia Piedro de oro roca

      Aww just seeing her without makeup or those big eyelashes 🌞🤪

    71. Alecyia Piedro de oro roca

      Aww I’m from Colorado 🤪☺️

    72. Zack & Jay

      New subscriber 😊 love, love you guys 🥰💫💖

    73. Liliana Sanchez

      Lolo’s is sooo good

    74. Marcos Espinoza

      I've been waiting for you guys to do a KGup channel im so excited and im new i just subscribe to ur channel

    75. Asisipho Lamani

      im sorry but i just love reece voice

    76. Kimmie Estrada

      Rayleen and her girls are so beautifulAnd Rayleen is so beautiful with or without makeup😍🥺❤️yall are such a beautiful family!❤️

    77. Bella Chella

      Love her !! She is pretty without the make-up and with make-up

    78. Babygirl D’amour

      She looked so different without makeup. UR STUNNING NATURAL

    79. Verano Mejia González

      Awww she is so cute she said “ look at me dada”. 🥺

    80. Eyshita Hoque

      I respect you reece because your totally respectful torwards her kids

    81. JirahBrianna_

      Ok but the kiddos are gorgeous 🥺

    82. Babygirl D’amour

      I had no idea you guys had kids together...They are ADORABLE

    83. Esmeralda Cruz


    84. Nipuni Kapuge

      The girls are so cute 😍

    85. The Royalty Angel


    86. Refentse Masia

      The kids are so adorable!!! 😊😊

    87. Natalie Alexys

      omg where did you get the buzz carseat?

    88. Emily Flores

      Omg she looks so different without her make up !!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Love ittt ❤️❤️

    89. Heidi Liliana


    90. Juliana Margaret

      love you guys

    91. Winnie Grimes-lewis

      No makeup and still beautiful holly shit team ray ❤️💗💗

    92. Winnie Grimes-lewis

      Ray is so freaking beautiful 🤩❤️!!!!

    93. Kianna Lovato

      I like how reece is invested in finding nice stuff to decorate, most guys don't care about the decorative part of moving in. 🤣

    94. Mirella Parra

      This is PERFECTION♥️♥️♥️#teambothhonestly, I just want to say that it truly shows when you’re genuinely happy!💫✨

    95. tracy shep

      Team kids lol

    96. Krista Treviño

      Ugh she’s so beautiful with no makeup 🔥🤍

    97. tracy shep

      Awwww that's so sweet meeting papa 😘 isnt that the kind of candle Justice keeps talking about too??? I'm going to have to go check out that scent and see what y'all talking about I love that clean linen or clean cotton for my house in a dark blue almost black one for my car and I cannot remember the name of the scent but the little holders for the scent clips for the car are fire !! Uh Mama ( oops wrong channel 🤣😂)

    98. Christina A

      Team Reece

    99. Marcella Cisneros

      Why do the girls call him dad don't they have a dad? I think it's too soon to call him dad but that's just my opinion.

    100. lexie heredia