Way Better Than A Handpay! Amazing Session On Double Top Dollar! High-Limit $20 Bets!!!

LL Slots

18 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

    This was an amazing session on Double Top Dollar. We had back-to-back bonuses, amazing line hits, and were able to make quite a profit, tax-free!!!

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    1. Kilauea Slot

      Incredible session! That machine was in bonus mode. I follow the "Rule of 40" too! Continued good luck!

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for stopping by Kilauea! Same to you!!!🍀🎰🍀

    2. Ron Tucker

      Wow you picked a hot machine. So many bonuses and good line hits. I kinda like the auto cash out feature. Great money management on you end.

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for watching Ron!

    3. Mick Claman 5

      Well deserved

      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate it!

    4. SlotsCarsForever1

      I want everyone who watches this video to subscribe..... when i hit 1000 subscribers i will go live and draw a subscriber's name and they will get $1000. i am new to youtube and i want to give back to all my subscribers.... so all you have to do is subscribe to enter!!! @

    5. Sheri

      Good playing. I like it better when I can see how much money you have.

      1. LL Slots

        Yeah, we try to get good angles, hard with security sometimes. Thanks for watching!

    6. Sylvia Phillips

      New subscriber here. Don't think I've seen anyone play this so long. It was great! Like to see the cycles of the machine. Good job!

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for the sub!

    7. Steven OH

      Great session that Top Dollar was hot first one I've seen pay double triple bars. Good run first time I have watched your channel I subbed can't wait two see more!

      1. LL Slots

        We greatly appreciate it, will have some new videos soon.

    8. Fashion Tips With Jamie

      hold your camera straight

      1. LL Slots

        We try our best. Appreciate you watching!

    9. Savy Simon


      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for the visit!


      What casino 🎰 is this ?

    11. Joe Ruger

      Great session, good luck in the future

      1. LL Slots

        🤞 Thanks so much!

    12. notquiteordinary

      Your so full of shit about the last offer

    13. Susan Levine

      What city were you in?

    14. James Dillon

      Ok. Im just sayin LL, people wanna see your $$$ goin up or down. Poor camera work. Show the money ,not the top of the screen. Nice gaming though. Love that Top dollar.

      1. James Dillon

        @LL Slots love that rule of 40

      2. LL Slots

        We try our best, the high limit room is more watched by security because they don't want people standing around in there not playing. Its sometimes hard to get a good angle without being obvious. Appreciate you watching and your feedback, we are always trying to improve.

    15. Annmarie LoveXx

      Good job lori

    16. BT Slots

      Awesome session, that machine is on 🔥, can’t believe so many bonus, congratulations friend 👍❤️✅

      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate it BT!

    17. Md Scratch Jedi

      New friend to the channel. Thanks for sharing and have a great night

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for the support Jedi!

    18. Kristine Guetschow

      I’ve never seen that machine hit so many Top Dollar bonuses. Congrats!

      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate it!

    19. Nikerocker23

      Winning and giving it all back... repeat.

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for watching and commenting Nike. These are videos of gambling, it happens a lot.

    20. judi jetsen

      Great video. Congratulations 🍺 My favorite game. I just hit $1,000 on a $1/$3max. 👍 I’ll subscribe.

    21. Ida Bucks

      Amazing session!!! Good choices with those offers! I always feel the machine knows a greedy decision!!!

      1. LL Slots

        Sure feels like it sometimes! Appreciate you stopping by!

    22. Paul Kelsall

      You should tell the casino that the machine is tilted but that may be the reason you're winning

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for stopping by Paul. Full tilt!!!

    23. Vern Pierce

      Please work on your video taping! Are we show credits playing. Great bonuses :-)

      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate the tip Vern. It's hard to hide the camera and get good angles sometimes, but we do try our best. Thanks for watching and commenting!


      Please work on your video angle.Other than that,u seem to make wise decisions.

      1. LL Slots

        We are trying to get a good process down, hard to hide from security sometimes. Thanks for stopping by El Rockers!

    25. dan horne

      Nice run .

      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate it Dan!

    26. SunFlower Slots

      Amazing session LLS. Congratulations 🍀🍀🍀

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks so much SFS!!

    27. Windy City Frenzy

      So exciting to see the wins! Always scary last offer just not sure how you will make out. Congrats cheers 🕶🕺🕺-The Boyz

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for watching guys! It’s always a tense time on the 4th offer, just hoping to avoid that whammy!

    28. Str8Up Slots

      Fantastic round of Top Dollar 💵 I love it machines are in giving mood like this one continued success and blessings Cha Ching

      1. LL Slots

        Str8Up Slots thank you. Continued success to you as well!!!

    29. Cassanova Slots

      Awesome session! That 40 credit rule is a good guide! Thanks for sharing! 👍😃

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks for stopping by Cassanova!


      Wow so many bonuses. This is one of our favorite machines. Congrats. Great video ☘️☘️👍👍

      1. LL Slots

        Thank you SNS!!!🍀🎰🍀

    31. Noor Tube1


      1. LL Slots

        Appreciate it!

    32. Slot Mom

      Damn- that was an ATM not a slot machine. Great video really liked seeing the back to back- hate that the battery died on you. Still awesome Take Care!!!

      1. LL Slots

        😂. Just glad we got to catch a majority of the play. Thanks for stopping by Slot Mom, take care, and good luck!!!🍀🎰🍀

    33. Firehouse Slots

      Amazing session with lots of bonuses! This and Pinball are two of my faves! Great content, keep it coming!

      1. LL Slots

        Thanks FHS, same here although we have just never had luck on pinball. I enjoy watching it tho lol. Best of luck to you!!!🍀🎰🍀