David Dobrik's Vlog if he was actually the main character.

Kyle Blunt

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    These are David's Dobrik's best moments inside David Dobrik's Vlog.
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    Im a big fan of David and an aspiring KGupr. :)
    David's Channel: kgup.info/must/mh5gdwCx6lN7gEC20leNVA.html
    INTRO- "10k - (feat. Dixxy) - Panthurr"
    OUTRO- "4 - Ricky Montgomery"
    ^they both on x games mode

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    1. The Joker

      Why are you make videos Show your face

    2. Wiggle Master

      This vid was different

    3. olivia sticks

      Ofc David isn't gay he has lesbian eyes

    4. U r Qt

      Ngl the vlogs would suck

    5. Katie May

      This was a good video

    6. Polly Cheer

      1:30 this made me laugh so much so here you go

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      Even when David's the main character he's not the main character


      6:32 why am i weirdly attracted to guys that passionately belt songs completely out of tune


      why is no one talking about jasons crawl at 16:10 im dying lmao


      3:00 “Honestly, I wish my relationship with Liza was like you guys” “Why?” “Just so like when it’s over, it’s still not over” 🥺🥺

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    79. pooranoia

      Double Black shrooms; check Instagram

    80. Marcus Orlyuk

      21:15 what’s the girl on the right in green?

    81. Juan Escobedo

      Definitely more David in his own vlogs 😂

    82. neo light !

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