Getting Stuck in the Swamp with Pops - Secret Bass Fishing Hole (feat. Roland Martin)

Scott Martin

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    Brandon takes on Pops and I in Bass Fishing and he breaks his PB on one of his "New" lures. The things we do to find a good fishing spot. It's all for you Brandon.
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    1. billy The kid

      All of these pro bass guys ares complete douchebags pretty annoyed

    2. frank torres

      It must be in the blood all martins are royal 👑 in the bass community

    3. ChasinMaisyn

      Scott let’s fish.Let’s go on Lake of the woods near Orlando my dad caught a 15 pounder and they’re loaded with monsters

    4. Greg Hawkins

      Remember the helicopter lure ?

    5. Greg Hawkins

      I did not know he was your dad !! I watched him all the time when I was a kid. So cool

    6. capnrob97

      Nice to see the pros get a backlash once and a while too, I don’t feel so bad now when I do it lol

    7. Ramon Vargas

      I definitely have to rate the Bank swung Technique a 9.5 because you did not bend your knees on the landing. LOL

    8. Spencer Ammons

      This is dedication 😂

    9. steady kastyn

      Man i love top water action! The hype is just awesome

    10. J V

      Wow Roland is doing so good for his age! I've been watching him for 30+ years and he hasn't missed a beat.

    11. J V

      You need a flat bottom! Love it!

    12. Chris Craven

      What a trio! Great Video, loves seeing your Dad out wading and pushing while Spinner 🐛 was filming.

    13. TheTexastyphoon

      Brandon, chip off the ol block. Following suit. Love watching Scott fish with his pops. Happy Birthday Mr. Roland

    14. James Voelkl

      Scott Martin you are the man. You turned you boat into a 4wd swamp buggy. That was cool.

      1. Scott Martin


    15. George Dargham

      You’d do so much better w/ an Airboat there but i am surprised to have seen that bass boat crush through the grass as it did. Good Boat and what a great spot! Can you share the spot?

    16. Juan Cordova

      Great show !!!

    17. j w

      Go get that 15 pounder!! You guys are Awesome!!!

    18. Jose Liranzo

      Your father says “ come out with your fins up”..... “it’s frog time, it’s frog time”. He’s the best! You too Scott. Thanks for the videos.

    19. BoSsManGUY 1

      15 pounders every cast!!! That was hilarious

    20. Phillip Rhodes

      One day, Roland and Scott are both going to disappear from the Internet. No new videos, no one will have seen them for weeks. They will both have been eaten by gators while messing around trying to walk through chest high grass and marsh water, trying to find the "lunker hole".

    21. Kade Johnson

      The turkeys were hened up

    22. The TRIGGER Button

      Rip face tan

    23. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Lucky guy you caught your pb with a legend and Scott Martin on board! That's a dream come true!

    24. Batfreak !!

      Lucky man, would kill to go again with my old man!

    25. Dalton Clark

      Roland got in there with blue jeans and Sperry's on 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    26. Andrew Jernigan

      You know someone fishes when they have a sunglass Tanline

    27. Boy Gg

      Go to lake Trafford one day

    28. Carrie Wheeler

      Wish I had a dad😂 fr tho😐

    29. Greg Patoine

      You should show us the fish

    30. Jeff Fournier

      That was a fun adventure Scott. 👍👊🎣🐳

    31. Rollins Brown

      Link your dad’s channel, please. His KGup channel is excellent. I watch everything eh does and information is awesome.

    32. AlexMarquez

      that all about ..

    33. Carl Struwve

      “Catching any luck?” -RM

    34. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

      Can I ask for more family and friends in the outdoors love it I miss pushing my boat through the toolies. Just official whole awesome good job.

    35. angela sheppard

      Scott, It's funny that you were bragging that your shorts dry quick and at the end you're back in the water pushing the boat again! 😀😁😂

    36. Jason Potter

      I love the trixie shark baits! That’s cool y’all are setting Brandon up to catch a big Fish!!

    37. Vaughn Fletcher

      I need to learn to cast from one of you guys. Lol, I cant cast for crap with a baitcaster!

    38. Poor Man 1

      alligators water moccasin and anacondas in that water you no

    39. Jason Cappuccino

      This is so nostalgic to see Roland Martin... I watched his show ALL the time when I was a kid.

    40. Roger Diotte

      Right On Brandon! look so much like my pops...I'll see ya some day pops!

    41. Moggwai4

      Niiiice Brandon! That was without a doubt the funniest video I’ve seen from y’all. Damn I was cracking up. BANK SWING!

    42. Southern Life Forever™️

      Time with Dad...greatness! Happy Birthday. Congrats Brandon! Nice catch!

    43. Rômulo Lopes


    44. Keith Woodcrest

      Scott carrying on the Martin tradition of the perma-sunglasses tan line lol

    45. Ripin Woodworkz

      Man this is so cool watching yall. I remember watching your Dad when I was 7 or 8 years old. He can still slam em!

    46. Sajoir

      Im giving all its got Captain warp speed lol that’s pretty funny My friend

    47. Elijah Varnell

      how did you become a pro bass angler

    48. Amagli

      I’m 11 and my trophy is 5.8

    49. bent rodguy

      i have been watching your dad for over 30 years, and watched you grow up and was shocked when you decided to bass fish , i saw the episode where roland said you were going to do saltwater and be a captain, i did that myself for a while, you made a great decision, there is no money in it with strict bag limit laws, alot more money in bass fishing, and even better you had a world class teacher , keep up the family tradition , you guys are the royalty of bass fishing, no you may not be kvd, but your are right up there with him in your skill level,, so hats off to you and your family and great instructional videos!

    50. 2014 mackoskiff

      I wonder how many messages that motor sent to Evinrude


      My greatest memory's in life were fishing with the pops wish I could do this with my pops again

    52. brad ross

      Scott's impeller hates him but Scott's wallet said I don't care.

    53. Thomas Johnson

      Omg! That's your dad?

    54. Thomas Johnson

      Omg! That's your dad?

    55. Mountain Homesteading

      Roland Martin is so humble

    56. Samuel Wollman

      If u watch from 3:56 to 4:05 with your eyes closed it sounds like a Monster hits his frog 🐸

    57. Guitar Junkie

      Love seeing you fish with ur dad Scott, I grew up watching him on Saturday mornings

    58. Matt Morris

      I wish had the money to rag an outboard like that, y’all need a Go-Devil Surface Drive boat.😀

    59. Joel Smith

      I can't catch a fish if I needed to can't wait for it to get warmer

    60. White Noise

      Even if I were in a Tournament, there's no way I'd put my boat through this..

    61. Ray Gresham

      I am a big fan of your dad. I used to watch him every chance I got. I love to bass fish and am hoping to get a chance to go some this year, if I can get my boat ready. I've been watching you on here for a couple of weeks but just now realized you are Roland's son. I see the resemblance. And it looks like you are just as good a fisherman too. Good luck. I look forward to watching you in the future.

    62. HereFishyFishy

      I would give my left one to fish with this father son duo.

    63. woodsnwaterjcd

      Happy birthday Roland.

    64. Mark Whitten

      happy birthday! Roland Martin! 77 wow we were both young. yesterday! lol

    65. each 1 teach 1

      Its cool af that you boost the confidence of the guests on your boat

    66. Dylan Dinet

      it is a good day to go fishing

    67. huggyjd

      Cant hold her very much longer. Shes gonna blow. Great fishing

    68. Tim Stephenson

      I've watched you're dad for yrs,I am 59 and glad to see he's rubbed off on you,great series!

    69. zombiehunter43

      Awesome!! 3 generations of Martins fishing together and having a great time. Roland is doing well for himself to be as active and energetic as he is for 77 years old. It just shows everyone that you are never to old to get out and enjoy life and spend time with your family. Thank you guys for the great uplifting content. There is so much negative in the world today, however it is so nice to watch something uplifting and family oriented. Thanks again!!

    70. Austin Scott

      frsh austin scott

    71. Ron Tracy

      Hey everyone please check out our FB group Bass Fishing Network!

    72. sleeper10s

      Awesome vid my 2 fav pro's getting it done

    73. textrophyman

      It was good to see the ole man fishing with you.... And your right he doesn't even look no where near 77.

    74. Shanell Strehlow

      It's Always Wonderful to see you, your dad, & Brandon out on "The Hog Boat" together!

    75. Lance

      Frog daddy 😂

    76. Gabriel 777

      Epic! 👍👍

    77. AustinJ

      The twitch and nae nae

    78. Gary Jones

      Scott man, you selling me on that travel rod dude!

    79. fishing rods spot

      I swear I have a smile the whole video 2 fun

    80. jerry scott

      Brandon on his way Scott

    81. Trey Hicks

      Trey Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama (423)314-7956 Scott Martin Alabama football 🏈 Scott Martin call Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama

    82. Calvin Barrett

      hey who are you calling a bass hole?

    83. Bryan Burton

      Good to see Pop's again! Grew up watching him with my dad.

    84. marshallsmyly

      that was kickass!!!!!

    85. Tygs

      Mr Martin your Father looks amazing! Hasn't changed or aged at all!

    86. Shawn kratochvil

      I’d cut off my right foot and tape a coffee can to my bloody stump to fish a lake like that. I’ve been fishing for a few years and haven’t caught anything over 18”

    87. glen johnson

      this is one reason i love my little bass tracker pro 175 txw everyone was getting stuck last month and i went on in with no trouble.

    88. Caleb Tanksley

      Dude like your dad said every cast

    89. Feesh Junkee Nation

      Keep reeling em in Scott.

    90. Michael Duda

      great video need more like this!!!

    91. Mr Scarface

      How do you get the frog to cast that far ? Do you put a weight at the top ?


      Racing ranch mud boggin boat

    93. kevin clavey

      Hey Scott, it's good to see you out with your Dad. I was lucky enough to sit 3 rows in front of him and mom at the Classic in Chicago. It was just as special as catching my first 10 lb bass.

    94. Ben Ewald

      Nice omen edit in there!

    95. Rodney Hanbaum

      Happy 77th Roland! You are still showing em how it's done!!! Wow what a great video!!! Roland, it was many years ago when you came to Southern Illinois and fished, Crab Orhard, Rend Lake and I believe Kincaid or Lake Egypt..It was a pleasure meeting you then along with several other of the Professional Fisherman, Hank Parker, Rick Clunn, Gary Klien, and several others! I had the Privilege of meeting Scott and Brandon this year at KY lake during the FLW weigh in! You sir have a great son! Enjoy following both of you and your fishing adventures! Wishing Scott and Prayers for big win in August at the Championship!!

    96. Byron Turnbow

      I had no idea his dad was Roland Martin. Now it all makes sense!

    97. Brandon McMurrin

      what kind of travel rod was that? that thing is the truth!!

    98. Robert Pippin

      Hey Scott, attach a BUSH HOG to the front of your boat, lol.

    99. Damian Holshouser

      i don’t get my shit for free so i cannot tear my suff up your rich so your telling people to tear there stuff up go to hell scoot martian

    100. ProGreen LAWN

      I didn't know Roland Martin was your Dad!

      1. Carrie Wheeler

        I hate to say I don't think I did either like obviously the last names are the same but I never put the 2 together

      2. Jeff Fournier

        Wow funniest thing I've heard in awhile.