New Team SMC Member! - Bassmaster Elite Sabine River Travel Vlog - Unfinished Family Business Ep. 18

Scott Martin

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    On the road for stop #4 of the Bassmaster Elite Series on the Sabine River with a twist!
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    1. Trucker King

      Happy birthday Amelia!!!

    2. Nick Shifflett

      Sun Chips guy

    3. Steve Hogan

      Happy Birthday Amelia.

    4. Tim

      Favorite chip that's a tough one. I'm gonna go with funyuns. They don't have a good shelf life after you open tho you better smash'em that day or else no good and stale.

    5. Carson Zurmehly

      Happy Birthday!!

    6. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      good luck on sabine river this week scott

    7. Heath Fitzgerald

      Happy late birthday Amelia

    8. Christopher Donahue

      Great video! The young kids learning the ropes was the best part. You should do an interview with your dad about fishing. That would be awesome. Happy Birthday to Emila! What was your number one rod?

    9. Brian Zantop

      Daaang this would be so fun!! Scott you have so much energy dude. GOD bless you men! This is good stuff!!

    10. Brian Zantop

      Buncha good dudes. This is just another reason why I love fishing. Great people!!!

    11. Bass Raider

      Happy Birthday Amelia

    12. Dalton Vannatta

      Happy birthday emelia

    13. Todd S.

      Whenever I watch a Scott Martin video, as well as Roland and Hillary, I feel like I'm watching generations of family friends. And I'm entertained but most of all I learn so much more about my Florida fishing, and how Scott adapts to wherever he goes. Hence the Elite Series. And that privilege was earned Sir!

    14. Shane Gray

      4:32 drop a condom??? 😂

    15. Greg Smith

      Happy birthday Amelia

    16. Greg Smith

      Middles worth bbq only found in pa

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      Dillon was a good choice

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      Big shout out to Amelia!!! Happy birthday and I wanna wish ya all the best on your special day much love from my fam to yours!!!

    20. J R L

      Good vid boys! Where's the OK. And TX. Fishing friends?

    21. Cheyenne Arguello

      What kind of reels does scott use? They are silver

    22. Sasquatch Fishing

      Happy birthday Amelia!

    23. Teresa Livingston

      Chili cheese Fritos

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      Dylon reminds me of Kenny in We’re the Millers movie. Real name is Will Poulter. What part of Pa is he from?

    25. George J.

      Happy Birthday, A!!

    26. braden lewis

      Happy Birthday!!!!!! BOOMER SOONER LITTLE MS. MARTIN

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      Must be nice to just roll over the grass at the marina!!! It helps if your last names on the building!!! BOOMER

      1. braden lewis

        I'm watching the video now!!!

    28. braden lewis

      Scott imm still looking for the OU decal!!! Come on bro BOOMER!!!!!

    29. 5.7.0 bassin

      hes up in my neck of the woods in pa

    30. Alexis Wesley

      Bro i live in Louisiana let me come! Lol

    31. Waves Currents and Ice

      Welcome aboard Dylan! Hopefully with a longer bootcamp you'll learn to not crash the $2k drones ;-)

    32. Derrick Moeller

      #1 Chips, Kirkland Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato Chips

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      How long yall in TX? My boyfriend love watching yall KGup channel

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      My favorite chips are TAKIS and ruffles

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    36. Ricky Vanlandingham


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      Happy Birthday Amelia, happy 14. Hope and pray for the best.

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      Where is Billy got a bass thought he was traveling with you guys

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    40. Tim Stafford

      Good luck on the Sabine River today. Hope to make the weigh in tomorrow.

    41. Redneck'n Buck

      Dillin my man you are gonna have a fun long ride with Scott. Keep it up

    42. Lane Flesher

      My favorite chip is a sour cream and onion mister bee.

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      Happy Bday Amelia.

    44. Daniel Chrest

      Funyuns are my favorite chip. They have the word fun in their name how can they not be amazing

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      I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Fritos. Fritos of any flavor are the best.

    46. Armand Rusaw

      Happy Birthday from Canada!

    47. Robert Carley

      Happy birthday Amelia!!!!! Hope you had a Great Day!!!! Hey Scott, hope to see/meet you Saturday at the weigh in. I live in DeQuincy, La. Not to far from Orange Tx. Would love to meet you and the crew!!!!

    48. Landon myers

      i live in lumberton right out side of beaumont and really hope i can meet you and another good place to eat in beaumont is out back steak house or long horn steak house just a little local tip.

    49. Christopher Hutsen

      Bakenetts spicy pork skins

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      Golden Flake Sweet Heat Barbecue GOAT chips

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      Happy Birthday Amelia! Win this one for her Scott. Everyone please pray for Jimmy Houston and his family.

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      Dot's blue bag pretzels are the best snack of all time

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      Floyds is a monthly deal with our family. 👍👊

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      Happy Birthday Amelia!!!

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      How many days will you be there bc I wanna meat you I live 15 minutes from the Sabine river

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      @25:19 Lmao 😂 His face says it all, Happy man 👨 😁👍👍🍺🍺

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    60. Sentry Gaming

      I will be at the weigh in on Sunday

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      Lays Honey Habanero kettle chips. Thank me later.

    62. Kanin Deal

      My pawpaw lives in Orange looks like you were around where his house is

    63. Chris underwood

      Happy birthday Amelia. Scott, you didn’t get the new guys to suck the heads!!! That’s disappointing. Best of luck tomorrow bud and go out and get a big bag!!!

    64. Adam Crandall

      Zapp’s Voo Doo Good luck Team SMC

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      i'm with you Scott! Chili Cheese Fritos! Just don't tell my cardiologist!

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      What happen to Brandon aka spinner worm ??

    68. Richie Po

      Good luck hometeam......Clewiston High School class of 95......wishin you nothin but the best

    69. John Garuccio

      Happy Birthday Amelia you tell your Daddy to buy something real nice for you after he wins this next tournament.Ok Scott. I don’t want to put the pressure on you but you know what i’m saying. Get it done!!! Good Luck!

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      If you think those Chili Cheese fritos are good normal, wait til you have them in a walking taco!

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      I can’t go to Buc-cees without getting Bohemian Garlic Jerky

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      I was craving craw fish when they where eating at the restaurant

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      Im like so mad that I wouldn’t be able to see him

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      Love your videos Scott I hope one day to work for you one day you inspired to to fish and I’m hoping I can start fishing tournaments and hoping I can see you at a tournament

    88. Braydon Farlow

      Happy late Birthday Amelia🎊🎉🎁

    89. Jerry Bennett

      Good luck and happy birthday Amelia 🎂 🥳

    90. John m

      Say a prayer for jimmy Houston's wife chris she isnt doing well ! Brain aneurism!!! She needs the fishing community's prayers! Thanks guys !! And girls !!

      1. Steve Hogan

        Praying daily Jimmy .

      2. Captain Chaos

        Either way Chris Houston wins but in your case I can promise , unless ye Repent, HE Wont be to busy to deal w/u!!!

      3. VodkaShotsForAll

        Sky daddy seems busy right now.

      4. Colt Faze5

        @Scott Martin yap i will be pray for her and She had a stroke and a brain aneurism

      5. Scott Martin

        We are all thinking of her and have her in our prayers! Thanks for sharing..



    92. Jose Martinez

      Happy Birthday Amelia!!

    93. Jody Vaughan

      Happy Birthday Amelia. I am a new subscriber and I have really enjoyed your videos so far. It looks like you have had a very privileged life but you do not let it spoil the type of person you are. You truly seem like a likable guy and someone who would be fun to hang around with. Not many of those around these days. Also I am impressed that you express your faith and I love how you love God. Keep doing what you are doing and know that you have gained a fan and I will keep rooting for you to win. Good luck this year in all that you do.

    94. George Talley

      Go Catch em in Texas Scott your gonna get one of those Blue Trophies buddy it’s coming soon I’m praying for ya I got my first Tournament of the year this weekend hopefully it goes good 🤞

    95. Adam Nation

      That’s not the Sabine that was the salt water barrier on the neches River which connects to the Sabine

    96. Dustin Davis

      Happy Birthday Amelia

    97. George Talley


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