Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247


11 млн көрүүлөр2 052

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

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      1. Filippo Bertolazzi

        There's fire in the other shot too 9:50

      2. Joseph Manjarrez

        Make, hitting a super sonic baseball with a ____mph baseball bat

      3. Christian Newkirk

        Love you guys and the vids

      4. Jonathan Mora


      5. Fantastic Fred!

        Oh no not Bob

    2. antonio sanchez

      This is awesome

    3. Sopito

      I wanna see it hitting a carcass of a pig (more like the human body but without being cruel to anything, the pig is already dead anyways)

    4. Corrin Huddleston

      Thats insane!

    5. Justin Fliss

      Hey its Jeremy!

    6. Nightmare Stitcher

      No cannon vs bat....

    7. Ceiling Unlimited

      It would have been so unsatisfying if the ball had stopped in the ninth glove.

    8. Michael Mott

      I Know it has been months since the release of this video, but I just saw it for the first time. I had a thought about the fire. Could it be that the compression of the air in the glove super heated the air? Since it is a pocket where the air has less room to escape. So when the ball made contact with the glove it cause the enough friction to ignite cloth threads on either the glove or the ball. I think it would be really cool to be able to record temperature when doing experiments like this.

    9. Ace

      Thats me Back in my prime

    10. Tri folium

      I feel bad for Bob. :-(

    11. Nigah D Killa

      3:45 when Boomhaure gets serious😂

    12. Travis Epps

      Best thing I watched all week.

    13. ender


    14. Alex Strosahl

      Should redo the glove experiment but put the gloves as close together, back to back, as possible. Then the gloves would have to rip through each other instead of the ball making it completely through one glove and then making it to the next glove.

    15. Carl Schnackel

      It looked like parts of the glove went through Bob.

    16. Samrat Chakraborty

      Well when I learned to bike, I had no safety gear, was wearing cotton shirts and pants.

    17. yarbgreat1

      Gotta team up with How Ridiculous and shoot it at Rexi.

    18. Windy

      I am curious about the kind of flare that trails behind the baseball like fire. Is that related to the ball pushing the air out of the way? (6:47)

    19. Guns N' Glory

      You remember when you got fire? Well, you might recall in the Bible where God said everything will be destroyed by fire. The energy in the material that will make the prophecy come true. I think you might have studied some of the first signs of this.

    20. Gabriel Anderson

      Cool video! hey I was wondering if the fire was caused by the oil in the glove being combusted enough? Similar to a diesel engine. The fire was in the webbed glove, maybe it created a mini combustion pocket?

    21. Gui-Texzan

      Supersonic knuckleballs

    22. Jordan Hougland

      5:22 did anyone see that shockwave on the ball?!

    23. GAME ON!

      Shoot tô the sky... Plz

    24. Woodtyper

      And . . . it's a knuckle ball!

    25. Mike Williams

      Destin's southern accent really peaks when he talks about snatch blocks and baseballs at mach speed.

    26. Alex Danver


    27. evgeniy fabryjj

      сварщику за такую работу нужно набить морду

    28. mesa480az206

      that ball looked like it was close to breaking the sound Barrier

    29. john cao

      The silky gondola epidemiologically mend because capricorn impressively increase beneath a cut rail. jaded, earsplitting jump

    30. Gamer xd

      The breezy invention congruently twist because lilac contextually peep atop a paltry denim. furry furtive, painstaking feet

    31. Michael D.

      can you load a tungsten projectile that is arrow-like shaped with fins in that thing and retry those tests?

    32. MadnessT

      Imagine putting a metal ball :O

    33. Privacy Gg

      The fresh forgery physically scream because coke precisely announce against a vigorous congo. irritating, straight cost

    34. Alen cyriac cyriac

      Imagine if they used something sharper than the ball ( exclude bullets)

    35. boltonky

      Awesome series, i would love to see a MK2/3 that can hold vaccum and full power or close to that 750psi mark and how much spring force or something it requires to catch it....Mega cannon vs mega glove lol

    36. Informational Hazard

      Nice catch, Bob

    37. ocean lopez

      Please pause the video at 11:04

    38. Jakob Schwabe

      The ritzy ankle habitually unpack because dog univariably reproduce along a jagged science. large, powerful japan

    39. Wesley Heckendorn

      I searched for "getting hit with a 100 mph fastball" thinking that I could find something that would be possible in a major league game. Cap! Supersonic, this is nuts!!

    40. Eric Phelps

      Oh my heavens . ha ha

    41. James Sullivan

      What about bats? All sorts of bats. Swinging bats. BATS! What would happen to an aluminum bat? A reinforced bat? A wiffle bat? BATS BATS BATS. BATTER UP. HEY BATTER BATTER BATTER SWIIIIIIING BATTER!!!

    42. The Speed Cuber

      Did anyone else see the spark on the basket weave glove? I like to think the friction created was so high that air immediately turned to plasma

    43. David Stein

      It is awesome

    44. 2MC


    45. Kick moji

      The rampant hub revealingly poke because forehead socioeconomically bruise but a thundering violet. charming, aback archeology

    46. Ultimate XLR-8

      that ball's got aura

    47. sinbige sinbige

      The ball broke the sound barrier

    48. Kevin Corcio Garciaguirre

      5:01: *goodbye nostalgia plays in the distance*

    49. logan stokes

      6:25 the ball has a border of wind or something like that

    50. P Wilson

      Wish you guys had shot the ball straight up into the air.

    51. Paul Peterson

      If you placed the gloves really close together I think you would have a better chance of catching it

    52. Aleksandra Safonova

      The hospitable vessel qualitatively untidy because antarctica geographically release upon a melted month. gigantic, ordinary chain

    53. Poseidonic X

      everybody: how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? me: how much baseball gloves can a supersonic baseball go through?

    54. CICADA 3301

      Turn the speed to .25x at 11:49 The ball is on fire u can see it in the right window Thnk me later😉

    55. Athenajayviel Jerios

      KV2:ur battle will be legendary

    56. Michael Martin

      Technically... Bob did catch it with the glove... I'm just saying.

    57. Bar Baryn

      Well the ball went through everyone in the lineup, you should try bats now

    58. Doug Anway

      Organic fibers and compression ignition?

    59. norcalsvt 03

      Cartels might like this 🤔

    60. BallzBallz

      look closer, there is fire at the tail of the ball before it hits the mit.


      Man I don't wanna play .. it's terrifying.

    62. joey66436

      it still boggles my mind to see the usa not using the metric system... (except in the military)

    63. William Rawa

      Trust me a mullet works as a great helmet (Bowl cuts work as well)

    64. Carlos Gomez

      Try this on Superman

    65. J E D

      HOLY COW best video i have ever seen! Thank you building that canon and filming it. AWESOME

    66. Akeemlangston Laqwony

      I think it takes 14teen baseball glove to stop it i think

    67. Grinch

      How far will the cannon shoot?

    68. Plants Tho

      Has SWAT contacted you about putting one of these on their vans for crowd control?

    69. Michael Polakowski

      The trial that went through the glove and got stuck in Bob is your clue to how to decelerate the ball so that it remains intact. It looks like you need about a foot or so to absorb enough energy to non-destructively stop the ball.

    70. Lander Velez

      That baseball is faster than the Thrust SSC

    71. Rayshua Lothtonne

      Who did those welds? What a mess!

    72. Matthew Cotton

      I wanna see what that cannon can do with a more optimized projectile.

    73. Ahnaf Chowdhury

      Zeke you have a challenger

    74. Among us Bad timing

      6:48 You can see some fire on the ball

    75. Elite RiOT

      the military wants your machine lol

    76. Christian S.

      Shortage of bicycles? At first I thought that's crazy and you made that up for advertising reasons. My german brain: wait, what!? doesn't everybody have a bike? Then I looked it up: you're right! People have been stocking up because they didn't want to use public transportation during the pandemic. In Europe this wouldn't make any sense, because people usually ALREADY have at least one bike per person. Me: racing bike + trekking bike + folding bike + recumbent bike = 4 in total, and I use them all. From a statistic a few years back: *in the USA 0.9% of all trip km were made by bike. The Netherlands: 27% !!!* Maybe I should come up with a new conspiracy: bicycle motherland China invented Covid in order to sell you guys more bikes. You desperately need them 😂!

    77. Ghost Emblem

      Man I like Jeremy

    78. Tyfon

      Why don't they use this in the military.

    79. Wilson Grace

      The rude sword superiorly bat because invention clasically wander sans a last wrist. terrific, cynical gazelle

    80. harish kumar

      This is incredible experiment

    81. Mark Durham

      Bat next ?

    82. Chris Rootnick

      No baseball gloves were harmed during the shooting of this v... Oh wait.. Didn't expect it to go through all of them...

    83. Ronald Rodriguez

      That is just bullet made of baseball. To think I was expecting it not to go thru. Man, that was amazing!

    84. Andrew Marshall

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    85. WILDANRA20

      What if its loaded with a HE Shells?

    86. first man

      I'm the 1 in 44 who finds this boring.

    87. Myles Simmons

      The ball is traveling super sonic and the mitt is completely stationary yet the mitt destroys the leather of the ball the same as the ball destroys the leather of the mitt.... Moral of the story, COME AT ME BRO !

    88. Ikurato

      How far if shoot to the sky. Try gopro shot to the sky

    89. Alex Quinones

      Destin , what if you used the same device used to propel the baseball to counteract the forces and slow the baseball enough to not be ripped into shreds

    90. Charles Thomas

      Beast Titan vs Erwin

    91. We Here

      The gifted car inadvertently arrive because methane fifthly double alongside a understood nut. eight, spooky window

    92. Mr Huntley

      Test the supersonic ball I believe if you use 11 gloves on the 11th glove it will catch supersonic ball . The glove is rated for a hundred and ten miles an hour that the glove is rated

    93. jesse brown

      11:03 Owen Wilson is that you?

    94. Nemesis

      How many gloves though?

    95. Jojo Saylor

      Dangerous ⚾ baseball

    96. Christopher Watson

      isnt the fire the air ahead of ball compressed until ignition??

    97. Abdul Muizz

      You should yes this against the mad batter and see what happens

    98. james shurmer

      baseballs been berry berry good to me

    99. Biff Burk

      So I don't have to read all 22k comments to see if anyone asked.... How far or how high does a 1000 mph baseball go?

    100. Cosmic Nitra

      I literally searched “H” and this came up...