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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today's video I'll be showing you how to best prepare for your next departure and approach briefing, using the mnemonic WANNTRAM which stands for:
    W - Weather
    Mention the highlights such as gusts, crosswinds, potential tailwinds on take-off, wind shear reports, visibility of obstacles, thunderstorms in the vicinity, runway contamination such as water or snow and if so does a low temperature affect my take-off performance as engine anti-ice is required.
    If deicing is needed due to prevailing weather, mention where deicing platforms are and that you have the required checklist at hand.
    If it‘s a sunny day and nothing worthy to mention, you can tick off the weather by just saying CAVOK.

    A - Aircraft
    Mention the type of plane you are flying. An A319 handles differently at rotation speed than a heavy A321. Make your captain aware of that. Many airlines fly many different types of planes often on the same day.
    Also, mention the engines. I fly two different types of planes the 747-8 with the more modern GEnx engines and the 747-400 comes with two different types either RollsRoyce or general electric CF6 engines. Highlight the differences such as engine start procedures and if you are above 5000 feet or temperatures above 30 degrees single engine start procedure is required.
    Mention tech-log entries or minimum equipment list items that could impact your departure and climb out phase or require a packs-off departure due to performance reasons.
    N - NOTAMS
    Use a text marker and circle or highlight the points that are affecting your departure and flight plan routing. They are called a highlighter for a reason! Make your captain aware of maybe closed taxiways, inoperative VORs, runway closures, etc. and physically show him what you've highlighted.
    Noise Abatement Procedures
    When can we start the APU, are special engine start-up procedures in place, is there a special noise abatement routing to be flown, are there certain altitude constraints to be met during the initial climb, do the thrust reduction and acceleration altitude differ from normal?
    T - Taxi
    Point out taxiway hot spots and runway crossings or during low visibility operations point out taxi speed limits.
    Again be aware of which plane you're sitting in, your wingspan and taxi weight can be an issue and therefore special taxi charts were put in place for the 747 /8 or the Airbus A380.
    R - Routing
    Mention the expected SID, the standard instrument departure. Brief from the box, meaning read out the route point for point from the FMC, including altitude constraints, speed restrictions, initial climb altitude, transition level, minimum sector altitude, which radio aids you've inserted on the radio navigation page and why, point out the pre-selected radar frequency and when to contact it and last but not least mention the routing for the engine out departure and what your plan of action looks like.
    A - Automation
    Meaning what kind of lateral and vertical guidance by the flight directors you'll be using, respectively LNAV and VNAV.
    M - Miscellaneous
    Mention anything that was not covered in the previous items. For example, if you were to cross a country border during climb out and it is requested of you to call the next radar sector before evening crossing the border, have the frequency ready. The same goes for oceanic clearance requirements, at some airports, you get the clearance on ground prior to take-off, be ready for that.
    As a passenger pilot, mention crew related procedures in case of an emergency, when will you address the passengers via the PA etc.
    Big thank you to all other youtubers who provided me with the video material to create this video. Your content is highly appreciated. Please follow their channels:
    @HD Melbourne Aviation
    @Dave Isenor
    @Ryan Nagai
    @Alex Praglowski Aviation

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