Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

Kylie Jenner

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    Watch my mom do my makeup.
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    1. Mikki Y

      maybe im just too high but the video really made me laugh so hard 😂😂 kylie looks so funny omg…hahahha i love this video ❤️

    2. Lenny

      I still cant believe Khris is a scorpio .

    3. priti

      I just love them for being like normal people doing makeup given the fact that they are iconic celebrities 🥰🥰 Kylie’s skin looks so good even without makeup ! I Wish I had skin like hers !!

    4. Yonce Fanbase

      2 queens

    5. Britt Jenee

      Omgeee best part is when she blew on her eye! Kylies face = priceless

    6. Nupur Mogha

      She is a momager.. She made millions selling videos of her girls.. Still doing the same after 30 years ... Wow hats off.... 😂

    7. Nupur Mogha

      She doesn't look any diff.. Initially she was wearing makeup.... End of the video she's just wearing a red lipstick.

    8. samantha rivera

      i’m so glad kris had fun i love her so much she’s so funny.

    9. missy carr

      i love the way that when she asked her for help she just went “no i’m good at it.” we live for a girl with self confidence

    10. Mfundo Ngcobo

      I’m so sorry but kris is hilarious 😂 😂😂

    11. Leia Skywalker

      did they shoot this in the 80s as well?

    12. Linzy Dinara

      I love

    13. Maria Golikova

      заходите на мой канал

    14. hannah !

      Idk Why but Kylie looks suddenly so young again, almost child like but I loveee the vibe of the vid

    15. Payton Holston

      Kris goes : You are? 😂😬 that made me laugh so much

    16. iamcharlotte

      She is so cute🥺❤️

      1. Nandni Ramchandani

    17. Kelly 'Kelsfitx' Louise

      if people wouldn't mind checking out my new youtube page it would mean the world!! 💗💗

      1. Nandni Ramchandani mine too

    18. Ibadat Kaur

      Must see

      1. Nandni Ramchandani this too

    19. Daymi

      El que se detuvo a leer este comentario que tu y tu familia sean bendecida por Díos y que los proteja de todo mal y peligro (picale a mi fotito solo si deseas).

    20. Rachel Loyns

      I love this video ! Had a right laugh your mum did a good job !

    21. Jayshree

      Kris is so swweeeeet ❤

      1. Nandni Ramchandani

    22. Kay Rulez

      Wow. I loved this. Kris's voice sooo relaxing. Great asmr feels

    23. Josefina Papagni

      Hello How are you Kylie greetings from Los Angeles


      Nah kylie could rock anything she is snapping love you girl !

    25. Jonain Esmail

      So gorgeous kyliee


      beatifull kylie

    27. zijuiy wttuy

      Я так привыкла к видео от "вилкой в глаз", что не могу представить Крис и Кайли с их настоящими голосами.

    28. I’m in BTS world

      You are so beautiful without makeup

    29. Cele Rosso

      Momager rocks

    30. Chantal Elysee

      Their relationship is so great because her mom help her making a lot of money and because Kylie is a mom too

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        I think she needs some paint thinner to get all that paint off. Oh my lord, layer upon layer upon layer

    31. Triparna Bordoloi

      Kris was giving me bob ross vibes while doing kylie's makeup XD

    32. MAlAk ،،،

      فلوس فلوس 💔💔

    33. Hell


    34. Prisha Mangla

      when will the next video come.....waiting eagerly plz upload fast muahhhhhhh!!!!!!! love xoxo

    35. muniir cali

      marry your race . your race is dying your race will become minority

    36. Accidental VHS

      Please can we have Kris every week on here, I live

    37. Pointless.

      👍 Super Schön Video. 🥰🧿

    38. Ruby By Beauty


    39. honey demayo


    40. Queen Dekk

      Why’s Kyle’s face look like can’t even smile?

    41. Naomi Gomez

      Estaría bueno que pongan subtítulos en español para los seguidores de Latinoamérica


      Subscribe this chanel and become rich😁😂😁😂😁

    43. Katie tullos

      Kylie and kris are such a mood together

    44. Lorisa Christensen

      "This needs work" but she still looks flawless.

    45. T H

      I think she needs some paint thinner to get all that paint off. Oh my lord, layer upon layer upon layer

    46. JANETH Constanza Rodríguez Bahamon

      A question you speak spanish

    47. JANETH Constanza Rodríguez Bahamon

      I love your videos


      funniest and most adorable video 🤣❤️

    49. Laurel Owens

      Don’t care what anyone says about these ladies, they crack me the f up and seem far from snooty

    50. Jamileth Sabando

      Saludos desde ECUADOR.🇪🇨

    51. Ujjal Shyam Gohain

      Kylie and travis love keep always

    52. Micah Robinson

      Hi I’m 10 I love u and your baby Stormy your my ido . I by your Stuff. I love you so much I’m a girl. Byeee I’m your biggest fan and supporter pls like this I will cry if you do byeee

    53. rory leadbetter

      She's cute, She reminds me of Lil Kim.

    54. saliormewmew

      For a moment it looked like Kylie was going to pick Kris’s bugger for her 😂😂😂

    55. Ava Tade

      Bro I’m vining with her makeup

    56. عالم الاكلات والحلويات

      لايك واشتراك لعيونكم الحلوه

    57. Rachel S.

      Kylie doesn’t even need makeup she’s gorgeous natural!

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    59. Sandra Cavalcante This is jairon🕺 every time you enter the link like and subscribe to the channel is a friend to jairon.Will you let Jairon die alone?Hit read more to get a surprise. Please, it's a school job and we're competing with the other classes.

    60. Erin McDonald

      Dude this is funny, kylie is dieing internally 😁

    61. Tihara Cardenas.

      yo buscando el comentario de cureoseando xd

    62. Vahide Eren

      OMG yani

    63. Edward Jam

      What a fucked up family.

    64. niduoe stre

      No wonder Kylie is Kris’s Favourite. She’s so much respectful to her mother

    65. Barbara S.

      “It’s the 80’s” 😂

    66. Karu Uribe


    67. Chica Somnolienta


    68. camileyshon :v Sandoval

      No entiendo ni mergas :v juas juas

      1. camileyshon :v Sandoval

        No se lo que dices pero vamo a decirte que si :v👀

      2. niduoe stre

        does your mom even do her own makeup lol

    69. Lo Jaz

      Call jordyn. 💕

    70. sandy sand

      Kylie Jenner say in hindi main itni sunder hu kya karu ? Carryminati : maa chuda . Please guys takes as a meme

    71. benny

      720p ??

    72. Kayla Mae

      Kris is so cute I love her ❤️

    73. Dominika Sarisska

      já ti uděla stěma policajta svátbu vem si je hlidej jé audělej jim životty si přece tak známa kylei jako kdyby ty jsi rozhodla ským ja mam bej t řikal sem ti že mě užneubližuj přisahla sem na stormi,?,,?,, tak tohonech nebo přisáhám že vás nechámobě dvě okjrajer....

    74. Dominika Sarisska

      ty vole jo ty jsi uplně uamolobvána jako paris proč ji tak strápnujete že je debylka když vypádá jako pes na kokota akyleijezdi na něm a co mysli paris je to pravda nebo proč jstetak srandovní?? jak spolu mužze dělat takovou srandu a voná se nechá postřikat to bylo film ne,, co kylei ,?jáse k tobě nechodim bolí mě celítělo riodmalně nechme a bych nezhubnull

    75. Sophia Grace

      Awwww this was cute 🥺🥺🥺

    76. Dominika Sarisska

      uplně zaslepény zavydite mi když mámoenize posiláš mě do herný abych jeprohrál??,??a karábáčková,, mě hlida aby jsi udělal život za moje penize jsi zaplatí byt a já budu chodit na václávak a tam bude celni uřad slkedovat mě nebo nemaji co dělat,,,,jako co vy si myslite že mě pokrádate o moje právo jako ja budu všude řikatco dělam policiji na soudě státni zastupkyni probačni socialce ajste normálni vždyt to slunce znicim nebo je to jenomza adarmo tak se proberte ,,,,,,,, neboj te se já takydostabnu svý jako vý pani karabáčková přestan te mě sledovat nebo na výás podám trestníoznámeni ,, já nejsem tvj mrtvej syn muj muj mozek nech byt nebouvidiš????

    77. Dominika Sarisska

      tyse kamarádiš spolicajta a karabáčkovou že mě sledujete yvlese chcete cědetco tsm dělám nebo coty děláaž v tom letadle ,,,,, jako ty tam hraješ divadlo do kamery abych ja vyděl osoby jak spoluhrajou sex a tyo mně řikáš že spím s uhylákama aže je vyhledávám ,,,,,, proto tak smrdim jako kdybyjsi měla co dělat ,,?, nevím ani kolik mi je viš jak si připádám kyž tě musimposlouhat nebo se ti podřizovatM?, nech mě,,at se dám dohromady a neřikej dykuž je sfetovanej a taky mi děláš problemia já to navás řeknuže mě sleduje te vy apolicije ste proti mě uplněš zaslepený

    78. Dominika Sarisska

      jsi vrach zapomenu na tebe?

    79. Dominika Sarisska

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    80. Dominika Sarisska

      chris prosímzastav ji nebo už nemužu nedokažu ani vyslovit to co mi dělá ale nechci aby semnou byla chci bzt sám,, nekolikhodin,

    81. Grammar Police -

      someome should do a spiritual make up on Hoey. She was raised by Rob with love despite the obvious fact that she wasn't his but she can't accept that her partners kids exist. Lamar was deadbeat and so is tristan. Prince Thompsom needs a father too

    82. Ashley Mediano

      does your mom even do her own makeup lol

    83. Gamer girl Bella

      Why no likes

    84. Charlotte Fiona

      Tiny little booger 😂

    85. Emma T

      I think she did a really good job.

    86. madi chisholm

      “u gonna keep it there?” about the booger😭

    87. Fe Edenburga

      Hi kyle Hope u notice my message. By the way iam mother of 4 children which your fan and always watching ur videos.and because of that iam also hook on your videos iam also watching all of ur videos ... I just wanna ask if u can give my kids something they can use in their online schooling.. i can afford to Buy now coz i have no work because of pandemic since march until now no work..hope this coming christmass they have gift... Thank u hope u notice my message just for my kids.. by theway iam nette,from philippines here my email address ... Thank u have have a nice day

    88. Neeti Mohan

      Kris Jenner is so beautiful

    89. Aiden Corrigan

      Money running low huh

    90. Audra Hanks


    91. Audra Hanks

      Lol 😂

    92. Audra Hanks

      Bahahah!!!! 🌎😂🤬😎👀🐻✌🏿💰🥜👌🏻👻🥵

    93. Olivia Peters

      She is a real makeup artist

    94. Sound Perception

      Kylie Jenner Bio graphy :

    95. Saurabh Sharma

      Your indian song ....Burj Khalifa please see mam ....

    96. Rogue Tomato

      imagine liking this content

    97. nikita bagade

      kylie i want to see you in indian saree plz plz plz

    98. Neha Scott

      Is kylie face swollen or is it the make up.?

    99. Megan Martinez

      When Kylie mom said good girl I was like that’s wired

    100. One subscriber before 2021 plz

      The one person who reads my comment will because a milliner in there life :)