The Last Bronycon: a fandom autopsy

Jenny Nicholson

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    Due to the runtime this counts as a brony documentary and, as such, it is the best brony documentary.
    Helpful timestamps:
    Viewers with sensitivity should avoid: 29:21-29:31 flashing tiktok imagery, 37:13-37:39 bronies raving with strobes, 39:11-39:22 flashing gifs up on an LED screen, 48:28-48:30 a pony gets zapped with flashing magic, 1:09:38-1:11:10 some concert footage played behind credits.
    Click your favorite popular brony fandom meme:
    Sweetie Belle is a robot -
    Bright Eyes from My Little Pony Tales is, also, I guess a robot (really trying to get this one off the ground, would appreciate if you told your friends) - JennyENicholson
    Headcanon that Rainbow Dash plays bocce ball sometimes -
    Shipping Discord with Mayor Mare - spider_jewel
    They said the phrase “pasta button” in a late-season episode and you haven’t seen it but all the bronies keep knowingly talking about pasta button and laughing uproariously and you don’t really know what that’s all about -
    Pretending to be attracted to the ponies lol when you’re definitely not - JennyNicholsonVids/
    Littleshy’s narrated con vlogs and retrospectives are really good time capsules and worth a watch for the curious:
    MLP Fair images:
    MLP Logo:
    HUB Network promo clips:
    Furry wolf:
    The first ever bronycon:
    Bronycon January 2012:
    Misc con footage:
    Fallout Equestria book unboxings:
    Bronycon concert:
    MLP Tales toys brochure scan:
    Pony merch compilations:
    Swagberg - Pony Swag:
    Radio edit:
    Final Bronycon announcement:
    Closing ceremonies proshot:
    Bronycon So Long song played at the closing ceremonies:

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    1. Mgooy

      When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain And the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain In the shadow of the forest though she may be old and worn They will stare unbelieving at the last Bronycon When the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing And you look to the north and a pale moon is rising And it seems like all is dying and would leave the world to mourn In the distance hear the laughter of the last Bronycon I'm alive, I'm alive When the last moon is cast over the last star of morning And the future has passed without even a last desperate warning Then look into the sky where through the clouds a path is torn Look and see her how she sparkles, it's the last Bronycon

      1. K-Pop Biased

        @E LL things can be both beautiful and very upsetting. Try having some empathy. As a kid, the concept of death and extinction, as well as feeling bad for the villain while he died, just made me feel very upset and scared and raised a lot of questions for me.

      2. E LL

        @K-Pop Biased how? It was beautiful and incredible. A love letter to true fantasy

      3. ArtiDoodleRoo


      4. Starlosa

        @Kat Laufenberg also Tubi for free!

      5. Petra Sedláková

        @Ava Marie I'm crying stoppppp

    2. Hentie Senpie

      The moment you said clopping I had a very violent reaction as I forgot about that part of the Fandom.

      1. Hentie Senpie


    3. Justin Cruz

      I dont know what to comment without incriminating myself

    4. Paula Lovera

      i cried to this video. not even aware this was a thing.

    5. Cat Lynn

      I learned so much about writing, world building, psychology, etc from the MLP fandom. It's actually insane how much writing MLP fanfics as a 14 year old helped my writing skills in the future.

    6. AgLi

      WTF, your imitation voice acting are legit almost hard to differentiate.

    7. Nugget’s Dad

      OK there was a full length Harry Potter fan fic that I read back in 2007 that was fully better than the last book of the series. I would PAYYYY for a physical copy of that fan fic! Pretty cool idea for a very very niche audience hah

    8. Joce Weir

      You had me at Grand Champions!

    9. Celest Waker

      I wish I still had ny copy of Quest of The Princess Ponies, I’d send it to you if I could. It was my favorite MLP media besides A Very Minty Christmas.!

    10. 26iny

      this video is relevant again for.....the worst reason ever.......

    11. Yees_Bookshelf

      Looks like Natalie

    12. Sir Wolfy

      50:50 really? That was the reason for those references? I was guessing that they were made to gags and also to appeal to new tastes of children and adults alike. I mean, there are almost no children oriented show that does this, as Disney shows such as Gravity Falls and Nickelodeons shows goes with these references because their public are more children and pre-teens. And shows like Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe does that too.... ANYWAY... I thought it was a market strategy since the show was very successfull and they wanted to do this route as a thanks (and/or to build the world building since it is a story base here, unlike many other kids show back then). I am a brazillian, never saw people that likes MLP at where I live, even my younger brother did not liked and I watched at my early 20's. So the fandom and my interest of it never crossed my mind. I actually just watched the show and was very fun.

    13. Disney Dreaming02

      I can’t imagine being a brony fan and a friendship is witchcraft fan and not knowing that a pioneer of brony content is standing right next to you at a booth.

    14. Punk Rock Zoologist

      The "please don't jump" chant sounds like something straight out of a pro wrestling crowd.

    15. Punk Rock Zoologist

      I ended up in the Brony fandom in a weird kind of way. I'd been dating my now partner for about a week and for her 20th birthday party she wanted all of us to watch some classic MLP. None of us even knew about FiM at all, but her friend downloaded it by mistake. So we all sat down and watched it and all realised it was great and I feel like we didn't find out about the broader fandom for at least a few months. What a time 2011 was.

    16. reissecupfilms

      i wasn't worried about being perceived as gay because i actually was gay lmao

    17. LinguarumFautor

      I'll admit: My impetus for coming here (other than being a fan of Jenny) was to see if I could get any insights into the shooter who fantasized about an afterlife with Applejack (who I confused with Big Mac). I've met enough bronies at cons to get some sense of the culture, and one of my youth group members (the world's slowest hiker) outed himself as a brony rather early on, to some derision. I've been a nerd since before it was a cool - I was considered Gen X before the abomination "Xennial" was coined. It's sad that the toxic masculinity of "real fandom" infects so many fandoms. But perhaps the exodus of the toxic bronies will allow the next wave of MLP to be a better environment. As for the societal inability of many males to perceive 'feminine' friendship in a non-sexual manner, the cause is not only societal prohibition of expressing these nuances, but also in recognizing them in girls and women. By the time a boy might recognize this distinction as useful, he has no training in how to recognize the difference between the types of interest. This leads to missed or misinterpreted signals. The clear signal is not so clear to the recipient, which leads to friendship mistaken for flirting as cruel teasing, and flirting mistaken for friendship as a missed potential romance. The world would be easier if direct and clear communication weren't an excellent opportunity to lose face!

    18. Theta O'Bera

      Just wondering if you have any insight into the mass shooter who was broney identified. You do mention that some went into hate groups.

    19. Arthur Bowers

      Hilarious video. Nice to watch. Good to know lol

    20. Pied Piper

      Lol. This made me like John more tbh. Ofc he hates this random shitty little fandom he was never interested in. Glad he got a payday.

    21. BWJ

      oml I had no idea that episode was "for bronies", I thought that the fan characterizations were FROM that episode, not the other way around 💀

    22. Master of Writers

      The end of an era, but at last the dawns of a new one.

    23. KaidanKarasu

      This has been nominated for a Hugo, and I really hope you win Jenny

    24. TJ Lethal

      These fish to fry are almost as BIG as Jake Rivers from Trigger Warning!

    25. Hector Herrera

      Learned something new today! Great video, thank you!

    26. EyesUp

      I've always found it rather strange (like I'm one to talk) but if that's what you like then it's cool.

    27. minieyke

      ... why is this an hour long video??

    28. yackum_

      Long story short, what a bunch of freaks

    29. Katrine Dietrich

      No matter how many times I see this video I always laugh at the comment: "It's like Hogwarts house, but weirder" 19:08

    30. Hexighost

      bronies = the reason we cant have nice things, would have been fine if they just liked it for what it was, not what they interpreted it to be

    31. Tom Smith

      The other room is an objective correlative heaven :;)

    32. Alacnay The Great

      I really can't say I ever imagined I'd hear a MLP rap mention Harvey Milk, but here we are!

    33. Jasper Peng

      This video was nominated for a Hugo!

    34. Greg


    35. kxesne

      i just lost all of the comment i just typed because i was a fool and got distracted by the comments TT_TT (RULE OF THUMB: DON'T OPEN UP THE REPLIES TO A COMMENT IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TYPED IN THE COMMENT BOX YOU WANT TO KEEP) anyway, this video got me back into my little pony again and i want to thank you. this show has been a light in my life during this quarantine and it's had such a positive impact on me. i hadn't actually watched the show proper before despite being in the fandom (i watched most of season 1 and a few episodes from the beginning of season 2), and now that i'm rewatching it, i have a newfound appreciation for the show that i didn't have before. i don't think i paid attention to the lessons or how the characters interacted back in the day, but now that i'm older and have more life experience and am in a completely different mindset than i was back then i can see just how good of a show it is. i struggle with a lot of the things brought up in the show, and it's helped me figure out healthy ways to deal with my problems and to appreciate my friends and think more positively about friendship and human connection. i still struggle with my issues, but dealing with them has become easier than it was before (still not easy). now that's not entirely because of mlp, but i can definitely say that mlp sure had a part in it.

    36. Buscat

      I wonder if it peaked in 2016 because these guys got into trump afterwards. Feels like the venn diagram is a circle, lol.

    37. dennisoreo

      great video! recommended to me but still very interesting, will continue watching you

      1. dennisoreo

        "vored if you will" okay,,,, I will be personally cancelling you

    38. John

      i've watched this video 500x and everytime the "Bronycon" song at the end gets stuck in my head the whole day afterwards. lmao i wouldn't mind this but i genuinely hate the song "Stacy's Mom" and i guess it's a little better that it's the bronycon version but i just hate the melody so much lol. sorry, props to the brony bands. shoutout to Cats Millionaire and SoGreatAndPowerful

    39. Mrs Nightmare Lyra

      Good video, though considering recent events, it seems the worst of the fandom are still out there and just getting worse by the minute, sadly.

    40. Yumever


    41. V M

      can't believe she didnt talk about that whole molestia nonsense that went down

    42. Dylan Marks

      That early smaller community of older women collectors sounds really wholesome aww

      1. Logan Ennion

        They never went away. At least here (UK) a lot of them were very welcoming to bronies (we all liked MLP after all!) and in return our minds were opened to the earlier generations. Can't speak for whether that happened elsewhere.

    43. Lucina Augusta

      I cannot believe that in the year 2020 people still made jokes about Applejack being the worst of the mane 6. When will the oppression end.

    44. Rainbow Demon

      Back when I was a guy, I used to be a brony (now I’m a woman and I tried rewatching the show older and later seasons just weren’t what I fell in love with) and I remember my older brother making fun of me for watching it and saying I was gay and all this stuff... I mean he was right I’m pan now, but the whole stigma around the entire show just slowly became more and more toxic from every end and I just gave up on the whole thing. Really disheartening too because it used to be such a powerful show.

    45. Natalie

      here because i got triggered in an ED video

      1. TheVampire Girl

        Same. Was it Shannon's?

    46. Lityne

      Broni con was drag fro straight men

    47. Lityne

      As a gat myself, Lyals gay

    48. William Christy

      "Teacher, skater, environmentalist" Yeah no, those are female stereotypes.

    49. Mr. Friendship

      *Magic of Friendship:* Will you please just listen? I am not the Messiah! *The Brony Community:* _HE IS THE MESSIAH!!!_

    50. Pixel Pudding 39

      I didn’t notice that this was an hour long until the 50 minute mark hit

    51. Diana Hawk

      Seeing the Baltimore Convention Center makes me miss the Ice Cold Water guys. Otakon folks had a lot of convention based memes too. Probably a lot of the same people.

    52. Chloe S

      when jenny mentioned "ironic fandoms" the first thing that came to mind was the fanboy and chum chum resurgence fandom on tumblr in 2020

      1. Zaara K

        ???? im shocked this was a thing

    53. Bacon Invader

      finally, someone shitting on 4chan

    54. EasyCoast

      I watched the pilot during the 'new brony phase,' I was probably around 16. Without the ironic context, there wasn't much there for someone actually looking for something deep or critical. Granted I thought Dexter was peak deep and critical back then.

    55. Judy916

      gen 5 is coming....

    56. AcezPlacez

      The new gen just got released please talk about it it makes me wanna cry WHY IS ONE OF THEM A COP

    57. rLuna

      I shouted "BLACKJACK" as soon as I saw her behind you. I LOVED FoE and spinoff fics like Horizons!!

    58. insufferableCrab

      I'll be honest, I had no idea the gypsy bard was a mlp thing, I only knew about the Homestuck parody

    59. Deadpie

      I'm honestly surprised you didn't even mention the gore stuff. Apart for Fluffle Puff, that's pretty much what I was introduced to in the fandom. Can't say I ran from it, I've always accepted that kind of dark shit, but still, isn't that just as negatively weird as the sexual stuff? Or are we just too smal of a corner?

    60. KiKiStarling

      Came to check this out after hearing about the Hugo Nomination, and I just want to say: you deserve it. This is amazing, this absolutely deserved the recognition, you explained everything in this video so well and I am blown away. As someone who watched like 3 seasons and then backed out, I feel like you just put into words why I liked it and also all the things that made me turn and run. Huge kudos.

    61. Cannibal Teddy

      Congratulations on the hugo nomination

    62. Elaina Joy

      I was super into My Little Pony when I was 10 or 11 but I had no access to any brony con or online community and it makes me so sad that I missed a community that I would've gone so crazy for

    63. brunilda12

      I’m too old for this. I’m a second generation pony fan. And I had a plastic toy with the silky tail and the brush. Gee.

    64. Masa

      The brony fandom was one hell of a ride. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 9 years or so since I stopped watching the show consistently, drawing fanart in stupid quantities and generally being a part of the fandom. I didn't really get the "bronycon" type experience since I don't think the UK had dedicated pony conventions or at the very least I did not seek them out. I didn't get to experience the horror and hilarity of pony body pillows. Watching this video truely puts the phenomenon (if you can call it that) into perspective. There was a lot of ugly shit in the fandom and I wish I had come down harder on that stuff when I saw it eg Princess Molestia online comics (fucking christ). I don't know if it was just me but I think a chunk of people moved away from the fandom after season 3 of the show. My interest slowed in the later part of season 2 before the finale of season 3 pretty much killed it. I've recently started drawing the characters again after reading some of the IDW comics and finding I'm enjoying reading them more than I enjoyed the show in it's prime

      1. Logan Ennion

        It's a shame you missed the UK conventions. They did exist, several of them, but much smaller than BronyCon and they didn't really get going until 2012-13, so about the time you stopped watching. They were fun (I went to a few) and seem to have had a _lot_ less NSFW stuff than some of the big American conventions. Whether there's ever an in-person UK convention again nobody knows right now for obvious reasons, but one or two still exist online.

    65. Ariel Harloff

      Most of this is actually really wholesome. I had no idea.

    66. Albeit_Jordan

      you talk about the incredible unanimity and unity of the fandom with warm sentiment from first-hand experience, but honestly from an outsider's perspective it genuinely seems a little culty and off-putting.

    67. Rosa Jacobs

      my only prior knowledge about any of this was that one bobs burgers episode

    68. Cpt. Zapp Brannigan

      Actually hilarious, we've bred/raced horses with the "slur" being part of their registered name

    69. Mr. Skerpentine

      “Please Don’t Jump” AKA the motto of both BronyCon attendees AND Smash Little Mac mains

    70. Bella

      You're the one who made the song "It'll be ok" from friendship is witchcraft come into existence and I hold you responsible for so much childhood trauma

    71. kidruby cat

      they can remake the song(you all know the one) and replace the G word with "joyful" or "happy" or something and it'll still fit, being a two-syllable word... idk I think it'll work well... 28:48 is a timestamp for what i'm talking about

    72. Goosies Moosies

      Pinkie's Brew is an amazing song though and I will never change my mind, but yeah I get why the slur thing is an issue. Even back then I was kinda like ehhh do we need this word in it.

    73. Goosies Moosies

      I didn't realize there was such a high number of fans were attracted to the ponies! I thought it was sort of a myth propagated by people who didn't understand why adults liked a kids show. But I guess I did outgrow my interest in the show years and years ago, and back then it was definitely taboo.

    74. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

      For Native Alaskans, "boarding school" was used as a way to oppress and isolate Native Alaskan children from their Native Alaskan parents and "teach the 'evil' out of them". What was the "evil"? Their culture, their heritage and the values in that culture and heritage, because "Christian Values Are Superior, and You are Going to Burn in Hellfire if You Don't Believe". There is STILL stigma around boarding schools as a result.

    75. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

      Foalcon is a special kind of disgust for me. What's foalcon? Imagine Japanese fetishes where an older person is sexually attracted to a person that either looks like a child or IS a child. Foalcon is the "bronyfied" version of this concept. They took a fetish illegal in multiple countries, applied it to their fanfiction, and by slapping an unfamiliar label to it they "got away with it". Look, bronies... it's fictional CP. Foalcon is fiction about sexualizing and sexually abusing minors. It's HORRIBLE in concept, and the "foalcon" bandage needs to be ripped off that festering wound.

      1. Logan Ennion

        Oh God yes, _thank you_ for saying that. I've been in the MLP fandom for years (and still am) and fanfic has always been a major part of it for me. I love it, I really do, but foalcon is the most pustulent festering bloody sore in all of damn ponyfic. I am sick to death of the "buts" and "it's onlys" and I would be more than happy if every last word of it was fired into the Sun forever. It is revolting, full stop.

    76. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

      "None of these guys are attracted to real horses because real horses don't have big anime eyes" So you're saying that not only are a bunch of bronies closet furries, they are also closet weebs? Huh... that kinda makes sense tho

    77. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred


    78. Boomkruncher325 Zzshred

      "Mods are asleep; POST PONIES" Those who remember the 4chan wars will forever remember this phrase /salute

    79. Razor Jimmy

      Your eyes are so blue. Wish I had a girlfriend with eyes that beautiful.

    80. Zoe Crapsi

      awww that Fluttershy cosplayer was so cute! what a cute way to interpret the design.

      1. Zoe Crapsi


    81. Zoe Crapsi

      SO glad that Jenny knows her songs blew up on tiktok. legends never die.

    82. Mori Animation

      Congrats on your Hugo award nomination!

    83. BunnyHeadSoup

      Someone, what this is about? (So I don't have to watch the whole thing)

    84. Neptunesharks

      This show was a big part of my childhood and Appleshy is still my primary comfort ship that I sketch cute pictures of when I'm feeling down. This show had such an impact on me and I'm glad I got to watch it. The fandom got me more into art and, strangely, horror, even though the toxicity from bronies and antibronies were hurtful. Overall, I had a positive experience, which is good for my first fandom lol.

    85. lunadotexe

      "Watch the wedding episode, it's the best one" Like real MLP!

    86. Phillip Malerich

      Did security for a guest of honor at a little pony con in St Louis a while back. Guest was someone that had done alternate covers on some of the comics but damn were people excited. Though, in her and the con's defense, I wasn't there for the congoers, she had an actual unrelated restraining order so I was there to stop actual IRL dangerous person if it came to it. Did learn that being just the right level of cantankerous and curmudgeonly about ponies was an extremely effective way to get on the Fandom's good side as a non-fan.

    87. Reed

      *Hugo Nominee and Brony Documentarian Jenny Nicholson. Ken Burns and D.A. Pennebaker step aside.

    88. echoticz

      tf is hugo

    89. TexRobNC

      Why MLP? Because Ponies and Barbie are as girly/rainbowy as you can get, and Barbie is a bridge too far

    90. theoriginalsache

      Congratulations on the Hugo Nomination!

    91. time for Lauryn's opinion

      This is officially Hugo Award nominated documentary.

    92. Rad Wimp

      Hugo nominated documentary

    93. ramywiles

      An EXTREMELY deserved Hugo nom, congrats 😄

    94. Ruby Sparks

      50:30 hey listen,, not to be ""that brony"" but like- as a afab fan of the show since i was little, the comics have made my whole life easier and happier. The guardians of harmony series was made for older kids (like 9 or older) and based off the comics bcos teeny kids dont own 4 big omnibuses like i did (i still have them, and more). i rlly love this vid btw ty sm for making it

    95. Ava M

      this premiered on my birthday and I will brag about this. On the day of my birthday... an extremely in-depth youtube video on bronies premiered.

    96. Numbername

      I'd like to thank the Brony fandom for getting into Fallout and RPGs as a whole, without you I wouldn't be a indie dev.

    97. Emie D


    98. what CD

      If you had told us FiW fans back in 2012 that Jenny would become nominated for a hugo award, we'd have totally believed it. All of us have always believed in you Jenny, congrats on the huge honor :)

    99. Agalatea

      Congrats on Hugo nomination!

    100. Shirley Márquez Dúlcey

      This documentary has been nominated for a 2021 Hugo Award for Best Related Work! For those of you unfamiliar with the Hugos, they are awards that are presented each year at the World Science Fiction Convention to celebrate speculative fiction (which includes fantasy as well as science fiction). The award nominees and winners are chosen by fans. This isn't the first time that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has shown up in Hugo nominations. The two part Cutie Map episode from season 5 was nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) in 2016. (An episode of Jessica Jones won the award. The other nominees were episodes of Doctor Who, Grimm, and Supernatural.) An analysis of the nomination appeared on Den of Geek:

      1. steviesteveo1

        I'm very psyched for this to become an award winning brony documentary

      2. Chloe S

        aaaaaah no way!!!!! :D