Saying Goodbye...It's the end of an era

Dolan Twins

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    New beginnings. Love you guys
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    1. debsajan


    2. Syaimma Alia

      No wonder corona spreads so much in the states.

    3. Averie F

      4:19 I always do that with grapes!!!

    4. Rachel Anastasia

      5:13 BAHAHHAJA

    5. lee carter

      “hi i’m ethan” no really? thought your name was jacob🌝

    6. Cameryn Scott

      I’m so sad 😞 all they do now is short vlogs and their getting rid of the couch and I rly miss the old videos

    7. Yaritza Terrazas

      Where did you guys get your current couch from? I love it😍😍

    8. Rachel Elizabeth

      Wait how did they sell the couch 3 times 😅😅I’m so confused

    9. Robyn *

      Please leave

    10. Cameron Phillips

      the scream at the end..i-

    11. scarlett

      bro y am i crying over a couch

    12. lj rays

      Noooo not the purple couch im sad and a little mad at the same time😢

    13. tilly

      how many eras are there LMAO i feel like we've been through this more than enough times... and now y'all clickbaiting ? phew

    14. ticoandtina

      "saying goodbye" oh, they're probably just burning a couch or something -> literally about a couch 😜

    15. Holly 123

      Please wear masks....

    16. Celia Campbell

      Is it just me or would vanessa and grayson make a cute couple

    17. Stephanie H.

      graysons laugh is contagious 🥰 i’m loving the real them 😚

    18. Cece Cristen

      Ethan literally inhaled a grape. There is now a grape in his lung.

    19. Rose lyne

      why was this actually kinda sad

    20. Melinxa

      AHAHAH 4:30 Ethans tongue 👅 thing and grays laught just let my heart jump 😂😍so cute

    21. Emma Sims

      me: *opens the video* the twins: "whats up guys, were back" me: *cries*

    22. Evelyn Albino

      The third one was so humble

    23. J B

      this was a creative video

    24. Nicole Knight

      Wait.. hugging strangers without masks on?

    25. jim jam

      Seeing them say we’re back rly made me wanna tear up

    26. doire aintu

      spoiler: the dolan twins don't quit

    27. Ron Weasley

      Whoever got the piece with the slime... lucky bitch-

    28. Allie Shipley


    29. Sade DeDeaux

      This seems like the last part of the story/episode on mortal kombat "the end of an era" lol

    30. Aleya Marie

      I Love you guys so much I truly do but I wish you included meeting those fans a little more (making the video longe) that would of been really cool to see!! If I was chosen to get a piece of tht purple couch I would of been beaming happiness and I would of gave a really really good hug (Grayson) 😉

      1. doire aintu

        Omgggg I can’t believe I just hear “WHATS UP GUYS WERE BACK!!!” 🥺🥺 brings back so many memories

    31. Arelys Suarez

      4:27 ✨P H L G O U G H✨

    32. Chloe Hatch

      5:13 makes me... concerned

    33. Addison Johansson

      Nessa: I just kinda thought, if she died, I’d keep living on. Roni: 😐 Ethan: you’re gonna have a rough 20 min without me Grayson: no we’re doing the berries thing like Katniss and Peeta.

    34. Annika Murphy

      it’s so weird hearing my name with a different spelling but it’s still weird

    35. Brianna Flores


    36. Andrea Sbei

      there is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and yall are doing this shit???

    37. miko foin

      OMG “what’s up guys we’re back” SO MUCH NOSTALGIA

    38. rxchel samuel

      bro they’re hugging everyone and shit without masks and stuff??!

    39. Thirdeye Guidance

      KNJ COLLAB!!!

    40. Sarah Solis

      Omg grayson’s laugh at the end like omg 😱😂

      1. miko foin


    41. Jaida Luna

      Why is Ethan’s high-pitched scream at the end the best part?

    42. Aarelyn Eustaquio

      Can’t wait for the next era ❤️

    43. Yalarna Mason

      Omgggg I can’t believe I just hear “WHATS UP GUYS WERE BACK!!!” 🥺🥺 brings back so many memories

    44. no one


    45. Nation's sunshine Felix

      Why is everyone not social distancing and not wearing masks?

    46. Sara Iffat

      I want their past contents back

    47. Naznaz

      Every single video I’ve seen from the twins none of u guys are wearing masks. There is still a pandemic going on people wtf.

    48. Kenya Antuna

      Juanpa: "I brought my VISA!" 😂😂

    49. Onna Anthony

      Love the introduction though

    50. bilinas mini


    51. Nano _3123

      Bruh I said i wanted to two videos ;( 😂

    52. maddie kayden

      the intro. i cried 🥺

    53. macarena valenzuela

      0:23 " I MIGHT GET DEPORTED, CABRON" te fkin amo Juanpa

    54. hailey !!


    55. ArnieL

      So there’s no covid?

    56. sophie ataya

      i like ur masks they’re super cute 🥰

    57. blissive

      This is my first time watching your guys' videos after a very long time and I must say, I actually really dig whatever you guys are doing. Gets me laughing as always. :) Have fun with what you guys do and don't listen to the toxic fans who only judge you based off one perspective.

    58. Klein Novak

      This was awesome

    59. Theresa Colandreo

      the first girl is so chill i love her

    60. Sarah O’Brien

      I wanted the couch so much but gg to the ppl who got it 😭

    61. the frog

      for people who claim they don’t care about views, click baiting about virginity and quitting youtube seems hypocritical

      1. the frog

        @Tazhie Nunurbusinezz yeah i had been subscribed to them for years, i unsubscribed this week, i cannot keep trying to justify their insanely insensitive acts :((

      2. Tazhie Nunurbusinezz

        They're being toxic af recently so it fits, I guess. I used to watch them when they were kids & they were so sweet & excited so I decided to search them for an update to see how they were doing. Now they just seem like entitled frat douches who treat people who don't have a following like shit for insanely stupid things & only care about money & what other people can do for them. It's hugely disappointing. So much promise wasted. Ridiculous young girls will defend them though because; "hot" (idk they aren't hot to me but I've heard other people think so). Those girls will pretend they somehow have a shot at dating one of these clearly insecure guys & that they're "special" enough to somehow fix the one they idolize. I feel like shaking those girls & telling them you can't change someone who doesn't want to change & the only people qualified to fix a broken person are people who are licensed psychologists. Fixing partners just shouldn't be part of any relationship. Any relationship will always be doomed to fail if that's part of the requirements of dating one of them. Yea, I'm disappointed so I'm tapping out. Good luck!



      1. Andrea JustAndrea


    63. Maddie Dudman

      Not loving the new content won’t like, loved the survival videos and twin challenges, just don’t really know who you guys are anymore

    64. shut up cause Its hazelnut

      Nobody Ethan : berries , katniss, peeta and they hooked up ! Me : I-

    65. alida flus

      spoiler: the dolan twins don't quit

    66. Nana Sophia

      Hey, I like you guys but maybe put on a mask and calm down with the clickbait title.... stay safe everyone

    67. libwatson88

      OMG Adele !!!!!!!!!

    68. Jenna Tait

      lol they didnt include the sister squad on the couch

    69. Jack Daniels

      Professional click baiters

      1. alida flus

        " And after Sister Squad, their channel went and flopped"

    70. Sky

      u are the best guys

    71. Olivia H

      Bro the begging made me soooooo happy😂🥺🥺

    72. Victoria Romanova

      literally just copying david dobrik now

      1. xbluebirdx T-T

        Facts it's disappointing after following them for years

    73. Lexy Burton

      The birds chirping in the backgriund

    74. Lexy Burton

      Damn that sucks everyone gets a piece of my couch !!!!

    75. Lexy Burton

      What are you doing with my purple couch

    76. JAYKAYYY

      I knew it that their videos are getting shorter than ever

    77. YdolemArt

      Hugging strangers and not putting on a mask during a pandemic, what a great idea... You have a huge audience, please show the good example.

      1. Val

        Exactly I hate them so much

      2. the frog

        @rachel cabrera it’s common decency, me having my mask on doesn’t protect me, by putting it on i protect others in case that i may have it. that’s why EVERYONE should wear a mask.

      3. rachel cabrera

        Y’all let them decide if they want to wear a mask or not if you want to protect your health you wear a mask. And the people also decided not to wear one so🤷🏽‍♀️you can’t force everyone

      4. the frog

        @Rosee Pretter okay was the trip they made even ESSENTIAL??? NO. They traveled because they WANTED TO in the middle of a pandemic where people are dying because of actions like this, they live in a country with the highest covid reported cases and aren’t mask wearers clearly. So excuse me if i don’t see your argument as valid :))

      5. Rosee Pretter

        @the frog ugh u know in order to travel u Must be negative and how do u know maybe they have anti body’s so their are less carful

    78. Vanessa Gonzalez

      It was the outro for me 😭😭

    79. Olivia Picarella

      i want i need that purple couch pleaseee i need it

    80. Ari Eaton

      Def gonna miss hearing “We’re back!” Love you guys and so happy for y’all

    81. Kylie’s adventures •

      Wait what the fuck they just sold the fucking couch I’m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    82. Kylie’s adventures •

      Omg the fucking purple couch and the we’re back yes I fucking missed that ahhhhh

    83. Amirah Choudhury

      " And after Sister Squad, their channel went and flopped"

    84. Liv McAllister-Nevins

      Who else was waiting for the sister squad when he talked about all the collabs on the coach

    85. bokutos big juicy Booty

      well bye than

    86. Dondrea Gregory

      It was Ethan’s scream at the end for me

    87. Not Jordan Rhoa

      Wait what's happening? Their videos are changing and everything's kinda different ?

    88. Nathan Meier

      who else unsubscribed years ago but can stop coming back

      1. xbluebirdx T-T

        Nah I unsubbed like 2 months ago since their videos started revolving around tik tok stars and stuff

    89. Anotheruser

      Damm Grayson with those shorts 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    90. Shanika T

      Every single KGup copies DAVID!!!

    91. Nathan Harrison

      Put that were back part in every video as you intro

    92. Bessie Bessie

      Around 4:27 For a second I thought Grayson was Ethan

    93. Eddie Agui

      Ok. Good bye

    94. unsweetsiren

      Are we sure the Merrel Twins and Kristine aren’t triplets?? They look way too alike😂❤️

    95. Valdus Oswald

      I can't believe y'all still watching this boring content lol

      1. Daiana Rivera

        but yet you had the time to get on their video and comment... sounds like you like it since you took the time out of your day to comment this LMAO

    96. opzz xsin

      don’t sparkle the way they used too

    97. Morgan

      Maybe it is the end of an era....for them.

    98. alicevids

      You scared me! I though you were leaving us for real

    99. All About Slime

      this is the only Dolan twins video where i got confused of which ones Ethan and which ones grayson

    100. Claudia Kielbasa

      What boo first bratayley the close couture now u guys ✨😭