Royal Watch: John Mulaney on The Royal Family and Netflix’s The Crown

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    John Mulaney drops by Late Night with Seth Meyers to give his opinion on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Netflix’s The Crown.
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    Royal Watch: John Mulaney on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Netflix’s The Crown- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. Yasmine Farah

      this is SO funny

    2. Nalo

      Am I the only one seeing how brilliant this is? Lmao

    3. Trinity Robertson

      Seth: *mentions Princess Diana* John: *immediately changes subject*

    4. Diego Fierro

      He’s clearly fuckin ZOOTED

    5. Ma Sa

      The materialistic tv multivariately repair because kettledrum nearly arrest vice a wealthy actor. parched, puzzling may

    6. JJ Bozeman

      I genuinely cannot tell if this is scripted and incredibly written, or if they volley this entertainingly on accident.

    7. Jalen Marzette

      Hope John gets better. This is still hilarious

    8. S.C. Wood

      You can tell he's completely coked out by the way he seamlessly used "Jive-Ass" in a sentence.

    9. vansdan

      I've been that zooted before. Very very hard to keep an interesting conversation going. The staring off into space to avoid eye contact.... yea man.

    10. SarahIsA Hill

      Feel so bad for him that he relapsed. He must've be out of his mind on drugs doing this. I hope hes doing better

    11. R

      just here hoping John is doing ok

    12. Katie Fitter

      I wish Late Night would remove this video. It feels gratuitous and almost private and it hurts.

    13. Harley Smith

      The discreet female controversly breathe because drain noticeably dislike an a smelly wool. dazzling, cloudy france

    14. Claire Buran

      this is probably my most favorite think of Jon mulaney of all time, I don't understand it at all

    15. alex price

      Seth is such a fucking bit killer

    16. Abel Stearns

      One SNL writer to another. Seth giving John Mulaney the TOUGH ROOM treatment. Also, when he's high / not sober, his inner Joan Rivers comes out.

    17. Christopher

      Why is Seth giving him such a hard time? Just go along with the bit dude

    18. Sam Raycraft

      He is funnier sober. Hope he gets better.

    19. Broken Buffalo

      a trained improv actor who hosts a tv show, who is supposed to roll with his guests. just gives up and decides to be an asshole to a man who is not in a good place, and make that even more uncomfortable. jealous seth is a very gross look

      1. alexis Anderson

        you STOP! You don't have any right to speak to Seth Meyers like that! I am going to need you to take that all back and apologize profusely. You crossed a line and spat upon it, you do NOT understand the dynamics at play here. You are a bad and soulless person whose only mission in life is to spread misery because you can't feel anything else! GO and LEAVE this place and NEVER RETURN!

    20. Jessy Exum

      What a weirdly fun segment.

    21. - BG - ArtdeusREX

      it's a two way street. John was talking about killing him self he spoke of himself in the past tense witch means a level of intent. Seth is an interviewer not a counselor, and you can read it on his face. The nervous laughter hide in the coat, and the glasses. If anything John was the aggressor. asking for an amount of nihilistic validation witch Seth was not willing to give. Good for Seth.

    22. DeVasteyAnnaize

      Damn....idk why but I reeeeeaaallly dont like Seth suring this. Like dude, you can see hes struggling! This is supposed to be your friend, and you’re literally making his bombing(probably mostly because hes not used to preforming where theres no live audience at all and he’s struggling with his addiction ) WORSE! Like you didnt have like a three month commentary with an imaginary sailor for absolutely NO LAUGHS that in fact your fan base voted for you TO STOP ✋

    23. Evan Ristau

      For real the silence is terrible. Seth is not good. It’s throwing John off and making him look bad. I’m only here from 2bears to get context. It makes me sad people watch this.

    24. Evan Ristau

      Is Seth intentionally being a dick?

    25. Kris Ramsey

      I like john more now.

    26. Edwin Bauer

      Dudes faded lmaaaoooo “a phone call” never in my life AAAHHHHHHHHHH IM CRYING!

    27. Casey Taylor

      Pretty sure this whole "segment" is a metacommentary on the particular type of viewer/audience that likes to bash things and people without really understanding them. Seth let's us know the whole segment is scripted from the beginning and then John plays the dunce while Seth corrects him repeatedly. I think John is saying the real dunce is the person who gobbles up all this media only to dismiss it all as dumb. And then only to be offered more of the same from the algorithm.

    28. Leo Ona

      I love how the same people addicted to everyday substances whether it be sugar, cigarettes, drugs etc, have the decency to bash this guy. We’re all addicted to something whether you want to believe it or not.

      1. Leo Ona

        @Chlamydia Cockburn wow you’re so edgy. Wish i could be like you.

      2. Chlamydia Cockburn

        Yeah but I'm not snorting blow 🤍

    29. Infinity TME

      Rehab makes sense now

    30. wayupn

      watch the other clip from the same show, he's totally normal there. THIS IS AN BIT!

    31. Alexander Byron

      Craig Ferguson vibes. Loved it!

    32. andy14169

      Wow late nite shows without a forced laughing audience are just completely not funny....smh....all the blow in world couldnt save this bit lol

    33. max sari

      Mr. Mulaney i fricking love u

    34. b q


    35. chobopanda

      This is a hilarious segment and I was just stopping by to experience it again only to hear that he was intoxicated during it. I love his comedy and I appreciate the things he says which have done so much to help me feel more normal and connected to other people, so I'm glad to know he's getting help! I very much hope he is able to re-sober/cleanify successfully, regardless of whether or not he returns to comedy/TV/etc. (of course I hope to see more of him, but his personal health and relationships come first!) Anyway, back to searching for Ruth Bader Ghostburg.

    36. phosphenevision

      The lack of applause or background noise just makes it seem like seth and John were on a party and everybody left, they are tired and trashed in the living room alone and for some reason got into a long winded argument over the royals lol

    37. ShenaniKenZ

      2020 had me on the bottle too. Love you John Mulaney!

    38. Patoren 3gou

      And in this episode John mulaney will be played by Jim Carrey playing Tom Cruise

    39. Dakota Bruce

      The title should be "John Mulaney on Acid"

    40. Rusty Shackleford

      Prob shouldn’t have released this video at all. Poor guy. Hope he’s doing alright.

    41. David Hurtado

      Anyone who thinks this was a weird segment, has: A) never watched a John sketch. B) has and should stop watching him because you clearly don't understand the guy.

    42. Ozan Akyıldız

      I mean, both TouTube and Google Now recommendation algorithms hyperfocus a new topic you looked into and borderline flood your feed unless you tell it not to reactively

    43. Asa Walker

      The obedient faucet archaeologically unlock because digestion immediately pretend apropos a juicy cream. angry, neighborly oak

    44. Marsha A

      Mulaney, you are a gem. Well Wishes for a speedy recovery and hopes to see more from you for a very long time.

    45. Hades

      Mulaney stuttering then completely changing the subject to Harry and Meghan when Diana was mentioned seems highly suspicious

      1. Chlamydia Cockburn

        Do we know where he was when Diana was killed??? 🧐

    46. David Weiner

      He was faded up here

    47. Joseph Alberta

      I love this.

    48. Jackie Z

      poor guy looking at england’s boring royal family when thailand exists

      1. Chlamydia Cockburn

        Saudi Arabia is better tbf

    49. Martha Werbiansky

      Wow he is a little can tell...l love his work so much...I hope he is healing and getting better ❤️✌️

    50. Lincoln Clinton

      Do you guys think John pulled a Stefon here? Changing the cue card last minute to something completely random that didn’t fully make sense and that’s why Seth read it the way he did?

    51. cyrannodb


    52. Notoriouslybratty


    53. Nikki Graham

      I don't think this should have been put online. It's too warning sign-y.

    54. Khushi Shah.

      John is as funny as always. I hope he's doing okay...because of recent news. It's always gutting when the people that make you laugh are going through something miserable behind the scenes. We absolutely cannot afford to lose John. Wishing him and Mrs. Mulaney well.

    55. Davis Crerar


    56. Bradley Gibbons

      Please, god, use a laugh track. Two talented people...we love you both...the silence is so painful.

    57. lily

      man i hope he’s okay. i understand that a lot of this is still scripted but he’s not acting how he usually acts. like he’s a very quick minded person and you can tell he’s talking slower in this video than he usually talks. im glad he’s getting help though 💓

    58. Sydney Pakkala Shepard

      As much as I care about John Mulaney and as concerned as I am for his well-being, I really don’t see why this clip specifically would come off as him being on something. Seth seems to be obviously reading off of cue cards which needed to be made beforehand (on late night shows the topics they discuss are usually pre-planned). There’s also a defined bit happening here, the premise being that John came up with an idea for a whole segment so he could come on and share his thoughts. Which are the same knee-jerk reactions that a lot of people had to Meghan and Harry leaving only to come to a more nuanced perspective on the situation with the help from Seth. Before learning that John was entering rehab after relapsing I loved this video and I honestly still love it just as much now.

      1. Matthew kwiatkowski

        It also sounds super weird because there is not audience

      2. wayupn

        agree, this is a bit. This is how an avarage actor acts intoxicated.

    59. trevor seitz

      Even thought Mulaney’s out of his mind, he still did a better job than seth meyers. Seth didn’t even help him out, he just awkwardly put him down the entire time. You are a talk show host. Most of your guests are on drugs. Figure it out or get off the air and take colbert and fallon w you

    60. Pete Cherry

      Lol I love cocaine too

    61. MrRom92DAW

      John got screwed by the producers here. He’s doing a mostly typical stand up routine and it gets panned by the media as “bizarre”.... his timing and delivery are all there. There’s just no audience or laugh track. Newsflash: most highly polished productions seem weird when you lose the music and the audience track! There’s nothing really here in this late night clip that indicates any cause for alarm, at least as far as I can see, but I am sad to hear that John is actually in the midst of a struggle with sobriety and I hope to see him come out on the other side of this battle victorious.

      1. Megan Shepheard

        He's admitted to being high out of his mind on coke while filming this. It makes sense, because he's normally incredibly eloquent.

      2. Matt Hirsch

        Seriously. It reminded me a lot of his George St. Geegland character where he’s more aggressive and snarky. Watch his and Kroll’s in-character interview with John Oliver, for example, and he has the same exact tone.

      3. Ryan B

        Exactly. The whole set up is the comedy trope of the straight man and eccentric duo. Not anything crazy at all.

    62. Hi my name is slim shady

      Hope my dude is doing alright. That jacket is dope

    63. Taeminie Leeu

      Y'all if you thought this was normal Mulaney I don't think you have ever seen him before

    64. Taeminie Leeu

      I feel so bad because John clearly cannot focus and he's definetly not okay

    65. Taeminie Leeu

      Please get better John, we love you!!!

    66. natprincess123

      This makes me so sad, honestly hard to watch! I hope John recovers soon, I really feel for him 😢😢

    67. Emily C

      I have never found Seth Meyers funny and it’s clear from this interview that he is an pompous ass.

    68. palomagal1

      Wow, he is really off. But he finally did get the picture in the end, about why Meghan and Harry would want to leave the royal family.

      1. Reen

        He definitely seems off and i cant tell if ur were being serious with that last part but the whole not getting why they would leave the royal family is a bit.

    69. Anafreshh

      lol did they forget the audience track?

    70. Null Garcia

      I’ve had very intense struggles with alcoholism. Staying sober during the pandemic has had me stretched so thin. As much as I love John and I get genuinely excited for his talk show appearances- It would be nice to see some transparency on why this video is still up. I’m not going to lie: I love this a lot. It’s very raw, but I don’t think it’s intentional. Seth seems kind of annoyed near the end, but I really don’t know. Would love to see what other people think. Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding. I’ve got nothing but respect for both of these exceptional comedians. My love goes out to John and his family.

      1. fla la

        Yea I agree with you I think they’re both awesome Maybe they will choose to take it down Or maybe John would want it to be used as an example

    71. Kendall Kearney

      This should have never have been uploaded. You can tell mulaney needed help

      1. rosie xxo

        i agree

    72. JakobiOpal

      You can tell he’s high when he takes his sunglasses off and it’s really sad but I hope he gets better

    73. Jack Mezey

      I’m really rooting for John in his recovery, I don’t blame him for slipping up. Late Night should probably take this clip down too, just my opinion.

    74. 1938Superman

      They're now saying that this is the "troubling" segment that they're using as an example of why John Mulaney checked into rehab. Claiming that he was out of his mind on substances during it. There are two other segments that go along with this, from the same night, in which he is far more focused. It's just his comedic style. I'm not saying he doesn't have a problem. Obviously, he does if he's checked into rehab. But I wouldn't say that this clip is an example of it.

      1. fla la


      2. J P

        Yeah if you wanna see an exam of that watch Steve o on adam Corolla show

    75. Val L

      Yeah, I really don’t get the people acting all condescending about this skit. First time I watched it, I found it absolutely hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing, still can’t. In fact, this along with his latest hosting of SNL prompted me to seek out more of his work. And really, that^ clip is in keeping with the rest of his comedy. Aslo, Seth is playing along brilliantly pretending to be all confused about it which is what makes the whole thing doubly hilarious.

    76. b2kzangelalwayz

      The episode that lead to rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse.

    77. NatBat

      I don't see john acting oddly here. Idk why everyone is saying this skit shows him on drugs. I don't see it. I hope his recovery goes well. He's my favorite comedian.

      1. NatBat

        @Charlotte Leibfreid there's an explanation for the outfit in another video

      2. Charlotte Leibfreid

        I would say the outfit to me seems weird but idrk

      3. Olivia Gregory

        He is in rehab now. He is my favorite comedian but he is not okay here. He is a bit off

      4. fla la

        I know, I agree They weren’t commenting that before John released his statement It’s so convenient for them to say “oh yeah I knew totally”

    78. Blue Moon Studios

      This makes me very sad for John Mulaney. He was clearly off the wagon here. Glad he is getting help.

    79. John Fitzpatrick

      In the words of Rick James, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug."

    80. Vigilante9033

      This is the weirdest bit

    81. Brian Garner

      The nuanced hilarity of the, "don't marry into the most jive ass boring family and then say 'soo, should we play never have I ever?'" joke is underrated. Then his face after he said it was like....'nailed it' 🤣

    82. justinC2421

      Is it really that hard to notice that Seth is reading off cue cards behind John? Seth wasn't riffing with John or trying to downplay the awkwardness, this is a sketch they were doing and you can hear Seth stumble over his lines slightly a few times. Seriously, how is this not obvious to anyone who has seen Seth do the Stefon sketches on Weekend Update before?

    83. George Spears

      Hello fellow youtubers I too was frustrated at the many comments of people saying it was their favorite bit and was about to comment angrily but then I realized something. The vast majority of the comments from when people posted that was about a month ago. Several weeks before he checked in to rehab on the 21st of December. So lets not all assume people who liked the bit are heartless. John is an awkward comic always has been. Deadpan delivery given seriously it's his signature style. Something definitely seems different about the whole thing but I didn't know what. Now I do. John Mulaney is one of my biggest inspirations and I really hope he gets the help he needs. One thing that is important ot note about the world of stand up comedy. Though there are exceptions there are far more instances of comedians that make you laugh struggling with things in their own lives. Though I am an absolute nobody as I procrastinate too much and never perform enough I have seen this in the clubs. I checked myself into a rehab (not for drugs) about 5 years ago and the vast majority of people there were in entertainment. Poets, Actors, Writers, Musicians, Artists, Directors, Photographers, Singers, Dancers, you name the creative profession someone was there in the depression ward like myself. The unfortunate reality is that the "tortured artist" is one stereotype that is cemented in truth. Not all comedians do this but most do. Take tragedy/ social faux pas/ life experiences etc. And make people laugh on stage. One of the better jokes I have in my routine posted online is about not wanting to get shot and something to do with a hamburger. I combined one scary life experience with one confusing experience and by doing so was able to put behind me the fact that I was threatened with a gun at my place of work. By making light of it on stage it transforms the experience into a more palatable memory. I could go on for hundreds of paragraphs but that is what the stage is for. There is a constant balancing act between the two extremes in comedy though. That is what you should take away from my rant.

    84. Jim Wool

      at 4:02 he says the end of his "don't marry ..." then does a very tell-tale self affirming head nod (approximately 4 vertical head nods and a smug jim-ish camera glance) , that is most likely drugs

    85. rab day

      now this was boring

    86. Ref Ferris

      I don’t understand why they’d post this

    87. Ben Gaffney

      Best Late Night Interview since Courtney On Letterman (that got her arrested)

    88. Ben Gaffney

      not all the Mormons in the comments shocked to see a comic on coke

    89. Dana Miller Higgs

      Seth Myers got defensive then offensive. Really ? A fundraiser in America for a private "Royal School" in Scotland. John should have run with that. He embarrassed Myers. That was what happened to the segment. He might has well have been sitting with the publicity director for the Royal House of Windsor. The unfunny part of the segment was Myers and his attitude and agenda to protect his relationship with the crown . It's not the first time that Myers mistakenly thought his contribution to a discussion held any genuine value. A host who tells his comedians to run their skits and content by him first for his approval? This is how censored America has become. I truly hope that Seth takes up his true calling working for Zuckerberg as a facebook fact checker or twiitter editor . If this was the 1950s Myers would be investigated as a member of the party being investigated for un american activities. Mr Myers we won our freedom from England and the shackles of the crown in the revolutionary war. Many people died for it. What's not funny about it is how the Royal family is allowed to just decide to "arrive " here. After the very real deaths associated with independence from England's control and taxation you would choose to do a fundraiser for a University that is a part of the UK. Hopefully that was not done recently when we have people starving here and literally losing their homes as well as American Universities limping through Covid. Regardless of the timing pick your charities with some Patriotism if you possess any. This show came across as you being intent on dismantling his performance in an effort to protect your relationship with the Royals!

      1. Sydney Patrick

        this is a skit pal. this is all planned lmao

    90. JugaJuga14

      How are you all so incredibly blind to the fact that John Mulaney and Seth Myers are obviously riffing and having a joke together? Seth isn’t getting “snarky” or “annoyed”, it’s part of the character he is playing as a professional comedian in this segment of his show. He and John have been collaborators and friends for over a decade. While John Mulaney could have been under the influence in this clip, you’d have to be stupid to think that Seth Meyers is annoyed with him.

    91. B G

      Mulaney was high off his mind apparently. Good for him for getting help, addiction is a serious thing. Hope he beats it

    92. Nina Knowles

      Man he’s was off his rocks in this I hope he recovers and is able to defeat this addiction send u love and prayers mulaney 💕✨🥺

    93. Kylee Cronin

      Who else watched this clip and realized John had relapsed?

    94. slightly peeved possom

      i didn't notice anything off about him in this when i first saw it, but now i see why it was unsettling for people. i hope mulaney, and anyone else dealing with addiction, is doing okay today.

    95. RGM

      I think it's best if this video is taken down because it's clearly magnifying a rough point in Mulaney's life. All the best to him, I really hope he can get through this well!

    96. b_bubbu

      i love you, john. god bless. 💖

    97. ryann Koolkid

      He’s so fucked up

    98. Grace King97

      these bits are great

    99. Grace King97

      “i’ll forward it to you” I AM LAUGHING SO HARD

    100. Grace King97

      i love him and i hope he’s okay🥴😭💚