"Fully Uncut Bloopers" Full Length (TV Show 13) - Uncut Angling - May 8, 2013

Uncut Angling

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    Our final TV show of the 2013 television season - showcasing just the unseens and unscenes from the year. Light on content, heavy on goofiness. Thank you for following our shows this season!!!!

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    1. Ryan Stevenson

      Whatever happened to the guy u threw the snowball at he's a good character

    2. Tony Renstrom

      Next 39 hours, bring back Manny, partner him with Justin Jenken Assorted Meats

    3. jarzadon05

      The interesting cupboard cranially look because caravan ethnopharmacologically fill a a subdued pipe. literate, null butane

    4. Paul Carpenter

      9:48 manny is definitely drunk, or stoned....both?

    5. A Couple Feet Off-Shore Fishing

      Great stuff guys, had a good laugh a few times over. My son is a giant fan...."Dad, we have to do what those guys do" lol keep up the great work fellas

    6. aidan kirk

      I’m still laughing soooo hard. Aaron is the best for making this show 🤘🏼

    7. Will Hurney

      I’m manny’s defense you can see his rod get hits

    8. Paul Angerhofer

      Manny = cowbell

    9. Logan Savage

      Watched this about 10 times at least

    10. Tryn2GoProBro Zach Webb

      Lol 1st cast that's awesome

    11. Cameron

      I miss this

    12. Matt Kennon

      Is that Mac demarco??

    13. Slicknadian

      Silly guys

    14. Kyogre3427

      20:04 paused at the perfect moment

    15. Jeff Francis

      And Manny is by far the funniest

    16. Jeff Francis

      I love the little 1 second bit of jay saying "look at that girth" haha

    17. NoOb_4502

      My favorite video on this channel 💯💯🔥

    18. Daddysbird

      More than fabulous! I watch your fishing shows and I’m telling yeah how do you get a license to fish in heaven every day giant fish and what the hell is a BURRBOT? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇨🇦

    19. Typical RockHound

      13:47 Hahaha ! . didn't expect that

    20. buck19

      1:19 haha

    21. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

      Shoulda done this years ago... when I was trying to make a living off fishing

    22. SALTINE C

      Great show, where any asshole can be a co- host eh Aaron!

    23. David Angle


    24. Snowy Stache

      my rington is many saying "FLUROCARBON" bahahahahah

    25. Vernon Laxton

      Just love it

    26. Hook, Line and Kyle P

      Manny says the most amazing things!

    27. Hooked On Fishing

      fishin with floracarbin!

    28. MUCCI416

      Need another one of these cause I know you've had a few more bloopers the last 5 years ;)

    29. Edie white

      i love these guys channel

    30. Edie white

      i love these guys channel

    31. TN Outdoors

      4:25 he was hand jamming the drag

    32. Ben Pearse

      You need to upload more and have manny on more

    33. Tucker Riegler

      6:00 is the best one

    34. b lieser

      More shows!! More freakin shows!!!!!!! Lol. You guys are the best👍

    35. Olivier Bernatchez

      manny is the best co host

    36. Rachel Gerhart

      I'm not going to lie. I am unbelievably jealous that this is what you get to do for a living. I've been trying to get some to go fishing with me all winter but no one wants to be out in the cold. What kind of crap is that, right? If you're ever fishing in New Jersey let me know. ;) You guys are hilarious by the way. And I'm absolutely loving the way you guys talk. You crack me up.

    37. Jordan Abel

      I just seen Manny on in fisherman tv on the sportmans channel. Guiding on great bear lake. Pretty dope!

    38. Mike Chapman

      Please do more of these vids


      Love it,can I be in one of your KGup videos please??!!

    40. Topwater Tony

      FUN KNEE

    41. JJ's Journey

      Uhhh was this show on TV at one point? Why in the flying fuck would they take it off the air?

    42. Pat S.

      Manny! Manny! Manny!

    43. Atoda So

      That 5 of Diamonds Dardevle though

    44. Taylor Jennings

      manny is an absolute starr

    45. ikashibimauler

      10:45 best burn.

    46. Ethan Montgomery


    47. Hook, Line and Kyle P

      Manny is Great!

    48. Mandie Jackson


    49. The Wooded Beardsman

      Love this show man.

    50. Sherwood330

      Aaron, we need more Manny!

    51. Dwayne

      no wonder you catch so many nice fish you got Al L with you lolhahaha

    52. Tiefsa Fishing

      That old man was a cantankerous feller. I imagine it was all in good fun, or at least I hope so. Also, Manny is hilarious. #moreuncutmanny

    53. Dwayne

      lolhahaha 😄😄

    54. Phālynx

      does he really talk like that or is it an act? haha its funny regardless...

    55. Elliot Burack


      1. Ryan McKinney

        Floraaaaaaaa carbon

    56. NoOb_4502

      Manny is so fucking funny xD

    57. Max rux

      one of my favorite episodes. really captures all of the screwing around and goofyness that happens when you fish with buddies i love it. btw love manny milas try to get him on the show more often.

    58. Evan Erickson

      many or Al lindner

    59. Keenan Moore

      Manny impressionsssss. so funny. That Canadian one sounds like Mike Babcock.

    60. bdpakaknox

      Mannys impersonation is spot on.

    61. Unkle Fritz

      11:16...my god...was that a frog in your mouth...-_-

    62. Rk Hancock

      lol al linder impression on point

    63. AnthonyFIP

      "Old people call everything rattletraps" hahaha its true, they do!!

    64. RipSomeLipsHG

      Aaron when is manny going to be in the show again? -Grant

      1. Josue Gonzalez

        RipSomeLipsHG yeah arron wtf dudes funny

    65. Fins And Feathers Guide Service

      20:20 is absolutely amazing! I love watching people get to love fishing, and I guarantee this kid sure does

    66. KP ELITE

      your the best man

    67. Peter Scharf

      that Al Linder impression

    68. Anglers Pursuit

      Guys, before you make another video please fix that!

    69. Kyle Knipfer

      We need to see more of the manny!

    70. matt midthun

      Pretty good Al Lindner

    71. suzy mcalister

      You look better with the longer hair

    72. Brendan D

      "Jointed Countdown Rattle Trap, or rattle raps. ????? LOL

    73. samiam1150

      Do you guys ever have any fun while fishing?

    74. Steven Vail

      THe Comment about The new fly fisher just killed me.

    75. Ogre Rated

      I must have rewinded 21:20 a dozen times

    76. Tha1 Unknown

      man awesome show love it ... im from London Ontario n shit and just discovered ur channel

    77. hunterxbox11

      we need to see more manny lol

    78. CrOw7086

      this was great! lol

    79. Caleb Dupree

      I would really love to fish with you guys you guys respect the animal and its just an awesome process how you catch all these big fish and just love to let them go and watch them swim away

    80. Robyn Owens


    81. Elijah Harrow

      1:18 MANNYYYYYYY


      We need to get Manny on salary.. Dude is hilarious lol

      1. Elijah Harrow


    83. JT Outdoors

      You guys should make another bloopers vid on uncut angling manny is so funny!

    84. Scott Davis

      Manny just kills me for some reason, what a goon...

      1. hunterxbox11

        +Scott Davis me too dude

    85. hunterxbox11

      manny my fav

    86. ExplosivePizza Mc

      If it wasn't overcast it would be sunny.

    87. Rob Lalande

      You should have your show on W.F.N Its just as good as there shows if not better ,thanks guys and keep it coming.

    88. Lucas Holma

      Im laughing more than i should be right now

    89. joe gamage

      The frog omg

    90. Josh Hall

      Flerocaerboyn 😂😂

    91. Robert David Christie

      We need to fish a line in Indiana one day. All our lakes are 22' deep. Or, we could hit the big lake Michigan. Great Show, great laughs.

    92. Donald Pigeon

      OMG I need fishing buddy like that lmfao

    93. Mike Guo

      too funny

    94. Riverpiker

      18:40 I was crying

    95. Bruckon Brandman

      This was funny stuff bro!

    96. Lucas Holma

      Yah I could have that job

    97. David Kolody

      Manny for president!

    98. Ryan Hatzenbeller

      22:16 peter griffin

      1. powrider911

        Al Linder!

    99. christopher crawfish

      Im getting that tattoo lmgao

    100. JSAoudoors

      manny is the funniest guy in the world

      1. Paul Carpenter

        i was just goi g to comment that manny made this whole vid worth it...