8 Second AWD Audi RS 3 Vs Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn // Hoonicorn Vs the World


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    It’s an all wheel drive power battle today. We’ve got the world’s fastest Audi RS 3 stepping up to the plate, straight from our friends at Iroz Motorsports: who you may remember from the VHS trip we took to their shop in Vegas earlier this year.

    The RS3 ain’t no joke, with well over 1000hp and an 8 second time slip to back it. Will the Hoonicorn finally meet its match?

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    Big thanks to Hank and the Iroz crew for bringing out their wild RS3!

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    1. Max

      Watching and listening to Ken absolutely murder those gears never gets old.


        @Jake Heke might as well bring Leroy to go past hoonicorn in a slide lol

      2. Alex Soteriades

        I’m sorry, that RS3 is an absolute beast! Just a matter of reaction time! Definitely the faster car!

      3. Michael Bolton

        @EssenceOfHVAC Ken block is more a stunt driver he’s good don’t get me wrong he practices his drifts and tricks many times I seen him when he done wrc in England he could never stay on the track

      4. Helen Keller

        Couldn’t agree more

      5. Çikita Muz

        HANGİ ARABA ALINIR? | ARALIK 2020 EN MaANTIKLI ARABALARııI kgup.info/get/Y2iAqXfXnoJ6iaE/video

    2. RICHIE O

      Love this 🤣🤣🤣

    3. академия контента

      Ну давайте начнем с того, что ауди в стоке по кузову и салону, если всё облегчить как Мустанг и сделать ходовую, представьте как она полетит.

    4. Kalofae

      He definitely sprayed the house down on that last run 💀😂

    5. Всё серьёзно!


    6. rodney farrugia

      He is winning by reaction time.i love ken,his driving and the hoonicorn,amazing.but pls race him against a drag racer.hes killing all the drivers with reaction time.well do ne ken

    7. Daniel maple

      The driver of that S3 slacking. The second race he used automatic shifting - The only reason he had chance to win. Lets to show how Ken is so much better of a driver.

    8. Joel Caleb

      Audi for the win

    9. manuel Sanchez

      For me & most of us, the rs3 wins!! Sorry

    10. Ricardo

      Rs3 is king

    11. Jimmy Cisneros

      Hoonicorn got spanked. Audi's, gotta love 'em!

    12. Ntazana Mulengo

      The Audi won for me...If you beat Ken one or two races that's enough. He was nervous which affected His take offs

    13. the lad down the road tha likes rally

      They said the fourth round was "for fun" because the rs3 won no hate

    14. captainnemo

      is it just me or does ken sound drunk...slurring his words

    15. Black Widow

      So, the only car that matches the Hoonicorn so far, is an 2.5l 5cyl rs3? (it actually seems a bit faster to me)

    16. Jimmy Lee

      oh my god this is Chris Watts

    17. 369 432

      Challenge the demonology challenger. It's steel legal and I'd bet he wears that mustang out

    18. Chad Robar

      I have watched I don't know alot of these.. Big up to Ken Block for letting them get one in!

    19. Thor Agust

      1:44 nasty beat, reminds me of the imperial march, very fitting.

    20. White Lives Matter!

      Audi won

    21. CarpeDiem

      Audi driver’s reaction sucks

    22. the16kid

      That rs3 is the shit

    23. Abhinav Shende

      Awesome ❤️

    24. MadlyTester8809

      Hoonicorn VS jimmy's 1700hp supra

    25. Ramen Noodles

      V8 twin vs inline 5 turbo. Still take audi

    26. Keith Vieira

      Audi all day!!

    27. EliteChallenger76

      3000 lbs is about 1360 kg. That's the same weight as a Koenigsegg One:1, which produces 1360 bhp, and the Hoonicorn makes 1400. That thing has a better power to weight ratio than the first megacar - this thing is insane!

    28. Boland Boer

      That machine is insaaaaaane!!!! Yeaaaaa!

    29. Ahsanul Karim Shetu

      Ken Block's reaction time is better.. That's why Honicorns won.. RS3 is faster...

    30. ttk ctpcn

      Hoonicorn takes off first every round. In Round 3 Audi RS 3 you miss out on a lot slower. If you take out faster or even faster than the Hoonicorn, you won't lose. From Thailand

    31. Mohammad Irshad Azmi

      Best series

    32. Mohammad Irshad Azmi

      It's all about the perfect launch .

    33. VITAL

      Guys...bring is the rimac concept one vs Hoonicorn...please🙂🙂🙂🙂😣😣😣


      thats was awesome long live the corn..... audi put up a decent battle though..

    35. Adrian Genao

      audi is actually faster! the driver needs a lot of work off the line, but when he gets it off the line he wins by a car length

    36. Domi P.

      German Quality I think

    37. Julio Cortes

      Sheepeyrace green huracan

    38. Ultra kid Gamer


    39. ksal julimaia juli

      Audi is faster

    40. Bacon Frito

      European wins😎

    41. serg freeman

      Audi driver have a bad reaction

    42. EFlem

      Awd 1000+whp civic hatchback with slicks. Make it happen boys

    43. xthyminx

      race a lancia delta s4

    44. J.

      Damn. That last run he fucking dumped on the corn

    45. Rikko Geluz

      The chief postbox annually raise because man descriptively announce for a peaceful colony. available, idiotic chronometer

    46. Pedro Madeira

      2.5L 5 inline cylinder vs a monster V8.... I think that´s a winner....

    47. buas7

      why not the unicorn truck ?

    48. Nigel Chittenden

      V8 rip. Rest in peace

    49. Tye Must

      My car could beat these.

    50. mrp

      holy cow!

    51. Jeremy Burmania

      Race the S10

    52. person

      "whats the horsepower? only around 1100" what do you mean _only?_

    53. Nicaprince89

      Man that audi is something else, that's amazing on 5 cylinders

    54. D0r P47

      I Love Audi and the 5 Cylinder

    55. D0r P47

      What the Hell :-O This is a Eargasm!!!

    56. Score Formation

      I can't breathe the hoonicorn lost

    57. Blindado e Eu

      Very crazy ♥️ audi 😍😍😍😍

    58. Dennis Hoffmann

      It is not the car which is faster....its the driver with better reactions who win this race

    59. Dennis Hoffmann

      A Negative Corona test does not show if you are 100% clean..... if you get the virus just before testing it wont be showed but you can give it to other people...so wear masks also if you tested negative guys

    60. Tejas Vij

      1100 bhp Audi definitely won....equal competitor....Boooo Boooo 1400 bhp Hoonigan..sweat in the pants !

    61. Isaiah Garvie

      That Audi rs3 is nuts but the Hoonicorn is the unbeatable Legend

    62. Rihanna486

      Mustang'in sesine aşık oldum

    63. Aryan Singh

      that audi.....fucccccking faaassst

    64. MasterF HD

      It's such trash content. This Audi was better in my eyes. We have never seen another one such powerful car in you vids. And also on the last race where the Hoonicorn won you were like OMG... Its So silly. There's such a Shitstorm going on in your comments and it really fits to the bad content. And then at the end last round ITS JUST FUN. 😩😡

    65. Robert Sherman

      The panoramic interactive splenomegaly divide because apartment arguably clean pro a overt north. many, womanly nation

    66. Rick Leonard

      I think this should have been best 5, the start on the audi was bad on round 3, but anyway it’s technicality, that Audi is a quicker car, and deserves the win. I am unbiased I don’t like either cars, I only like that they both stupid fast!, Oh and I drive Land Rovers!

    67. Jeremy Flores

      Lmfao ken sandbagged the hell out the bonus round

    68. Ikito

      Just saying if the rs3 would scrap out its innterior and most of the steel panel that makes the car more robust for impacks the 1200hs rs3 would have absolutly no problem with the mustng ;)

    69. Super Stan

      Should have ran against a Calvo Viper

    70. Daddel Stube

      Audi ❤ greets from germany 🇩🇪

    71. Radu Teodor Stoian

      should have swaped cars :)) one could have more experience

    72. MX-5AVAGE

      OMG WOW !!!

    73. Gagan Sohal

      11:09 should be a Forza Emote xD


      I'm sorry but that rs3 is MEATY



    76. Dstan 90

      That’s a bad Audi

    77. metalslug26

      The RS3 came the closes out of all the competeter cars. Hoonicorn = custom built one off car and price is unknown or *priceless* and im sure not street legal. RS3 = can be dealer purchased new for 58-65k plus 20k in engine upgrades and can be daily driven to spank super and even hyper cars. Not even the Senna had a chance.

    78. brun

      Just omg

    79. Some Juan

      this car was in GTA5 first, then Forza.

    80. GetoverYourself

      Audi is faster, and a far far far superior car.

    81. kit kong

      the short gear problem of a rally car haha

    82. Patrick

      they are so happy about this faked win, omg... those races are all faked if you ask me. and like usual, they talk toooooo much... typical amis.

    83. JacksonMKW

      Audi needs a driver mod... Come on, man. Quit sleeping...

    84. p w

      Was the rs3 driver taking a nap?

    85. P Stewart

      I'm not convinced straight up the Corn would beat the Audi. I mean when you got dial a power vs a car that doesn't have anywhere near the support or options the Corn does and it slaps your ass that bad, nope, Audi is way more powerful and winner!

    86. Daniel Chettiar

      Disliked. The RS 3 driver is a goddamn grandma

    87. Marc Terzian

      woouuuuuaaaaahh !!!

    88. Highway Concepts

      That RS3 holy fuck lol

    89. Alvion James

      Hoonicorn 1400HP VS The Fastest GTR in Kenya & Africa (1400+ HP) try this, please ... instagram.com/p/CJdLuz6Fisa/

    90. EGA SpeedVlog

      Good job audi 👍

    91. Richard Staas

      That fucker is fast😂😂

    92. Richard Staas

      HOLY FUCK😂😂😂

    93. Derik Castle

      BS, a car that has to cool down between runs, LMAO. Fake news.

    94. tiquebull

      hooni popcorn vs jimmysupra ???? kgup.info/get/h2dsYW7SnW6jpG4/video

    95. jermaine austin

      Great race , Audi is very fast , 30 years ago if you had said to me that small engined cars would run this fast I would of laughed. Technology has proved you don't need a V8 to run.

    96. Jaiver Gutierrez

      Cleetus has to put Leroy in the ring

    97. Hussein Saab

      ha. we all know that RS3 would take kens car on every race. something is fishy here.

    98. Butch

      the HOONICORN should of had a plug wire removed, to make it an even matchup ☻

    99. keenan

      I am calling it. The audi won!

    100. AlvydaS

      This audi insane.