This is radioactive uranium glass

NileRed Shorts

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    Watch me make uranium glass:
    Main channel:
    I made this uranium glass myself and it actually contains uranium. What's cool about it is that it fluoresces under a black light, and it lets off a really nice green color. Because it contains uranium, it's radioactive, and this can be detected using a Geiger counter.
    Nile talks about lab safety:​

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    1. NileRed Shorts

      Watch me make uranium glass! Link in the description

      1. Jonah Faulkner

        What do you do for work? This? This is so neat!!

      2. Comrade Dog

        Oh yes the fun parts also the very dangerous part with serious implications concerning long-term health

      3. Comrade Dog

        @ツmordon no don't it's 20 billion calories

      4. Mila Sparaco

        @100wyyy plays uh ohhh

      5. 100wyyy plays

        Just imagine a kid got a hold of your uranium glass thinking it was a cookie…

    2. Sad boy Evil

      I need new Windows

    3. Dénes Stumpf

      Well well well, now you don't throw it into the wall, right?

    4. The Dstryr

      Why do I want to eat everything that is radioactive for some reason?

    5. fluffy2fresh

      if dailydoseofinternet went scientific

    6. Average Joel1007

      FN scary bro. I find it so interesting that a rock can cook ya from another room. Using a geiger counter as a reference, what is a safe amount to hold with gloves? The glass was like 50-80 rads, but 80,000 looks impossible.

    7. Lil Tilt

      My guy what the fuck


      "This, is an uranium glass" "Dear god" "Theres more..." "No..."

    9. IronBunky

      Since when did you have actual uranium and how the fuck did you obtain it

    10. Tardu Cengiza


    11. fahad alenezi

      Throw the pure uranium against the wall Lets see what happen

    12. Hyper

      Holy shit, I remember that piece of uranium... Good times

    13. WarCriminalPekora

      The pure uranium is only 3.6 roetgen. Not good, but not bad either

    14. PimasterJ

      I love how he just casually has a radiation cabinet for no reason.

    15. mäus-chan

      I'm waiting for him to make mustard gas

    16. Zeed Memos

      Ah, the good ol’ radiation cabinet

    17. theYEETman

      Also radiation but mostly a nice green color

    18. Mr Swed

      ”This is my radiation cabinet” he says casually

    19. Parham Amini

      3.6 Not great...Not terrible...

    20. Mdb Shah

      I demand to know the roentgen value

    21. Anton Krog

      Mercury, Yellow Cake ... Are you still alive even...

    22. BAD KARMA

      How come depleted uranium is illegal to own? A friend of mine who makes blades made a really cool blade with it while in Iraq or Afghanistan (can’t remember), they confiscated that blade telling him it was illegal to have.

    23. Ricchi

      I was sure he's gonne drop that pure uranium on the floor.

    24. R H

      Where can I buy these? They look awesome I'd love to put them all over my walls and switch all my bulbs to black light bulbs. I'm obviously kidding lol

    25. Cody

      One bad day can turn NileRed into Dr. Doofensmirtz

    26. NXS PLAYER

      Is it possible to have non-radioactive uranium?

    27. Ian Miles Chungus

      And why do you have uranium

    28. Jack VanHoy

      Ah yes we all have radiation cabinets in are homes.

    29. roro To

      I was love science too, but soon I realized that science is actually a dark, dangerous and anti-life thing, i can't imagine when its unite with a dictatorship politic power,its gonna be a disaster, such as north korea, china and russia,Do nazi things. Science need to under humanitarianism, economy and laws

    30. phantom saiyan

      Cancer has joined the party

    31. Jamel Jones

      "F is for fire that burns down the whole town U is for uranium.... bombs!"

    32. Miguel Angelo

      No way you’re not being watched

    33. Bacon.

      The 2nd one was scary :(

    34. Sameer Khan

      How to prevent yourself from radiation

    35. Csl Allli

      And now i ask why you have pure uranium

    36. Hayder Abdulridha

      What if your aunt is also like a mother to you, call them "anium", so that other kids call them "uranium"

    37. Official Game Plays

      I don’t know much about about radiation but is 80,000 CPM dangerous? If so how long can you be exposed to it if at all ?

    38. savage spartan4

      If you buy a decent brain of geiger counter they send you a piece of uranium so you can test it make sure it's working.

    39. L

      This dude's a fucking savage...

    40. Spenser Cool

      Drink the pure uranium

    41. Sadiahannanku1799

      NileRed:I made it myself with pure uranium Me:*confused*is it pure urine or uranium is a different substance

    42. Fire Games

      Cool dude

    43. Keve Zödös

      If that cabinet is not the coolest idk what is

    44. Zanel Camielle

      Somebody about this feels illegal 😂😂😭😭😭

    45. Le Cobra

      81862 CPm is about 70mR/hr I think, it does seems dangerous. But hey, it's his life not mine.

    46. skyistumbling

      everyone thought mentally *"smash it"*

    47. SoraKami6

      What mutation perks did you get.?

    48. Alisa Brandon

      cool. break it

    49. Xiu Cóatl

      The radiation stick on the cabinet looks like something you can cut from a magazine to stick it out of your room's door to keep your parents away

    50. j jdelany81

      Who just has viles of uranium laying around

    51. HypedOutGamer

      Everyone gangsta till he pulls out a glass of pure uranium.

    52. Donnie Azoff

      This guy has got to be on a watchlist making all this stuff

    53. Rollie

      how does one get ahold of pure uranium

    54. Catsdogs woof

      Everyone gaster till till the beeps turn to to deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    55. Cam Washington

      Where did this man get PURE uranium Nile im pretty sure your on a FBI watch list

    56. Rohit

      Nile red :- owns something having 81862 CPM radio action Me:- So , you have chosen *cancer*

    57. Ramya Sharma

      Sir where do you work?!

    58. Anushka Gupta

      I love this man’s passion to destroy the world

    59. Non-Agricultural Memes

      _so thats how they make night vision goggles..?_

    60. Canyonero CZ

      Eat it

    61. Anti Wolfer

      Diamond testing (science edition)

    62. SushiItzMe

      He will unlock the obamium soon

    63. Cee Tillman

      This man just gave himself cancer for a tiktok vid😎

    64. k zh

      If those were sunglasses and you wore it to a rave 😂

    65. Osmil Oe

      That glass thing is exactly what i’d emagine radioactive stuff would look like

    66. aare pelaa

      I wanna eat it because it looks like sugar

    67. Richard Lawrence Rogers

      Who.lets this kid post these videos. So now we know he has access to unstable chemicals. Were watching all the pre videos of the next big terrorisy

    68. Kaithai Sayarath

      I wonder if you can contain the radiation in a magnetic field

    69. Aaron Lowe

      Are those gloves enough protection?

    70. Jimmy Two Times

      not great, not terrible

    71. AR _l_ RV O.O

      Well how do we detect vibranium

    72. roblox powering censorship

      Thought it was a condom for a sec lmao

    73. Bob by

      I be like: joke He be like: hold my joke

    74. Tj Walker

      He is like so this is where I keep the deadly stuff 🤣🤣

    75. XxCocomelonNurseryRhymesFanClubxX


    76. ΔFabriceras

      Just who are you

    77. RankDank

      So you just have fucking uranium lying around

    78. AMPMASTER10

      Dude you are scary.

    79. Reynaldo Heradi

      Completely normal phenomenon

    80. Kid Viking

      Couldn’t you use the uranium as a power source I’m pretty sure it would be very power and less damage to the environment

    81. Infratutos 25

      Some is gonna for the cancer...

    82. Sadnoize

      Give us a cancer update in 13 years please

    83. Brian Arnold

      Ive always associated a lime green color to uranium. Apparently its the color of piss....

    84. Amritanshu Shukla


    85. mrgw982

      Do I even want to know how you own so much uranium?

    86. Little Tree

      How tf does this man just own this shit

    87. mrgw982

      Knowing the nature of his previous videos, I was scared he was going to throw the bottle of Uranium against the wall.

    88. KITTY _GAMER

      FBI wants to know your location

    89. Lilly Pad

      Casually say this is my radioactive cabinet

    90. iM0b!Le

      FBI: *Where does he live*

    91. milk steak

      *Detects uranium* Device: beep beep beep beep *Over pure uranium* Device: that's fucking death my guy

    92. adfaf adfaf

      Now that's ICEEEEEEE

    93. Jamie Moore

      3.6 Roentgen: not great, not terrible.

    94. Yellow Devil

      Forbidden lollipop with no stick


      This looks like melted sugar and solidified.

    96. LuckyGrunt

      "This is my radiation cabinet. It's full of cancer"

    97. Sokka

      Good now make it go boom boom

    98. Kosova is Albania

      Lets make nukes 🤣

    99. Sidharth Kumar Menon IN

      Everyone gangster till the geiger counter flatlines

    100. Remzzy boi

      Forbidden drink 😳