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    1. That One Lakers Fan

      10:10 my mans just got rko'd

    2. MeloD

      Number 19 on the Steelers (juju) trucked him because that same guy flattens Antonio brown in one of the first clips.

    3. ElijahR0CK

      this was a rough one to watch

    4. Not innocent 24

      12:41 Goldson number 38 that’s my cousin 🤠

    5. Hard Barb

      If you think that is a big hit watch Brian Dawkins or Sean Taylor biggest hits

    6. Wayfaring Stranger

      Watch some Ray Lewis highlights, there's some hits of his that are harder than some of the hits in this video

    7. Gang Gang

      I’m high as hell but everytime he talked Ab nobody caring had me dying

    8. Christian Caballero

      Lmfao kick off team 💀💀. Special teams cash

    9. Da Real Dee 1

      Antonio brown injury was very serious cause he could of suffered his career and would not been able to play again

    10. Frosted /

      Nah Ricardo Lockett was not aight cash

    11. Ayon Adams

      React to rugby biggest hits

    12. Mikell Payton

      gg good vid my guy

    13. cquick 3

      Jesus Saves Love God✝️

    14. Sean McGovern

      Cash bragging about playing Special Teams in high school

    15. Guy Master

      React to AFL

    16. Angelio Banks

      Bro your videos go hard. You just made me have to go back and look at that Reggie Bush welcome to the league hit from back in the day.

    17. PlayBoii Zac

      Happy I play middle linebacker I love hitting receivers

    18. Rastafarian Cam

      Cash Tryna Pay Some Bills With All These Ads

    19. XanderOnCP

      To who all that reads this God has a plan for. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to people..🙏

    20. 666 nag


    21. dylan barton

      9:26 bro that man look like he done died

    22. Nash The Gad Gaming

      Imagine them not having helmets

    23. iLikeApples

      Those blind side hits are the worst. Defense or offense my brother.

    24. Cross affect Hooperz

      They just tryna pay bills bro that had me dead😂😂😂

    25. Rob Jones

      You can tell Cash a football casual. Didn’t know any names no nothing lol

    26. Cordell Ivery

      NFL players are cruel I tell you. Not once I seen a player check n see if that person is okay. They get up and celebrate

    27. BallerGaming 2k


    28. Evan Matlack

      Imagine getting a play call where you have a slant route and the middle linebacker is Ray Lewis

      1. Niguell Sylvain

        Oh hell no I'm not doing that route

    29. Big Ant

      Cash would’ve been a power house now if he would’ve stuck to football

    30. TayGotAcres

      Come to Houston cash do yo ass bad on the court

    31. Nate Carey

      Bruh cash said they worrying about paying bills😂no NFL player ever has to worry about paying bills

    32. Godly TJB

      Flashbacks for when i played in highschool

    33. Luke O'Brien

      Is cash losing weight?

    34. southelgin25

      Y’all seen that juju one that why his ass got rock in this year match up against them

    35. Michael_Michelle _44

      That’s why Shazier got paralysed he always went and tackled hit his head 😔

    36. Beems Wrld

      I remember you live streaming 2k15 and having a pack off with ash, y’all got so drunk😂

    37. Ben Odriscoll

      Watch afl hardest hits no padding

    38. Flights Hub

      Cash you should not be playing basketball it’s not your sport😭😭 you built like a running back

    39. SlapFatDaddy

      The one that Cash said was aight was when he broke Ricardo locketts neck and paralyzed my man for a year💀

    40. Ace Aj

      Do college biggest hits 2019-2020

    41. Dukatii HM

      Cash the thing about the Seahawks player that yxu said “that’s aight” is that that hit ended his career. He was a good receiver when he was in the league but that hit ended his career tragically short. he never fully recovered and retired from the league

    42. Andrew Zeitler

      The square jeans interestingly describe because bolt karyologically copy up a rustic comma. black, somber trousers

    43. All 100k

      This is why I had to stop playing football

    44. DJ Turtle

      Playin them bills

    45. 《B E A N》

      Cash intros can be a alarm everytime I play one of his videos with people around everyone hears YOOOOOO

    46. JGotz Games


    47. AssassinsCreedxBoss

      When you get knocced out in football it’s weird because you are fully conscious the whole time you just hear a bell ringing literally.... it’s only a lil later you start to lose memory of what happened which makes it that much scarier

    48. weaselking -3

      Any body else’s head was just hurting the whole time

    49. Daniel Lopez

      It isn't scary to play the game anymore. So many safety rules now.

    50. Fuckwitt Fishing

      React to afl biggest hits

    51. Aaron Rivadeneyra


    52. User 123

      “ I put some boys on they back”

    53. Timmie Spight

      helmet to helmet

    54. ziggy 6adazz

      Facts I got some cracc6accs on my 6elT too

    55. Sam

      They should’ve shown sean Taylor on the punter

    56. bon zoulazumov

      watcn nhl big hit

    57. Aj so cool Jackson

      A wise me once said I would catch that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    58. BALLR23 Tuinukuafe

      You should react to some rugby hits

    59. james 2006 gamer


    60. alexndre pessoa

      I still don’t understand why people are amazed by this when players like this committed suicide because of these impacts to the head this sport is not fun at all !!

    61. IC3MAN ZAY

      3:02 why does cash sound like pinky when he fighting craig for the gun in next friday

    62. Heat Nation

      2:31 I hope cash know that hit ended ricardos career smh

    63. Gibby

      u should watch hockey hits that shit is crazy

    64. RXPID

      react to brandon browner helmet to helmet hit

    65. Keyshawn Claiborne

      Love this reaction

    66. J' Prime

      The Ricardo Lockette one that hit ended his entire career

    67. Scuba Steve


    68. The world shall Know pain

      Cash built like a linebacker

    69. coolboy07DC

      Surprised SEAN TAYLOR wasn’t in there

    70. Parker Bjerke

      he called the Ricardo Locket hit not that bad but it ended his career

    71. Brendan Collazo

      Man that aight hit ended his career

    72. Steelers and Warriors for life

      When juju did that i was like juju my god

    73. Steelers and Warriors for life

      Heath miller😭

    74. Steelers and Warriors for life

      I rember seeing bell hit hard i was sad

    75. Steelers and Warriors for life


    76. Isaiah Samuel

      You know they’re unconscious when they feet crossed and they’re arms are out to the sides

    77. Big B Bennett

      I love how cash calls some hits down like nah they wasn't that bad, where he would die lol.

    78. Joey Gavin

      *Players getting possibly permanent brain injuries* Cash: “I likes this”

    79. Jordan Thomas

      React to a kam chanceller hit video

    80. AkiroTheGhost

      He should react too NFL INJURIES

    81. Gok Arou

      He said he put some boys on their backs and then said he cracked them wow sus man sus

    82. jamal lewis

      CTE videos

    83. Loony

      Cash please react to the AFL’s biggest hits. No padding no helmets just mouth guards for protection

    84. TBG Tabias

      you tryna be like flight that bad

    85. Terepai Fonomaalii

      You should react to some rugby hits💯

    86. Zachchisholm

      Damn the worst ones to me where when the dudes got hit and then they’re heads smacked the ground

    87. Typical craig

      Cash and paying them bills 😂 lol

    88. Ref Cuz

      The sound effects though

    89. Ayoo Wizz

      Reaction Grind brazyy keep it up man🚫🧢

    90. prince0p31

      React to karma nfl

    91. Meech West

      You wanna see some physicality react to some ray lewis highlights, that man was the master of disaster

    92. Jackson Bicondova

      Ricardo Lockett gets paralyzed Cash: Oh that’s ok just a little whiplash

    93. Jack Athanasopoulos

      Day two of asking cabs to react to Australian Rules football biggest bumps

    94. jay killa

      Anybody else miss chef o nasty vids

    95. Aaron Hart

      U should do football best catches or something next

    96. Cole Liston

      You should react to biggest hockey hits

    97. Jasir Jenkins

      That dude on the redskins laying on the ground was sticking up that middle finger 😂

    98. rayvon_13

      that play on ricardo ended his career it wasn’t jus a neck whiplash

    99. Marco Botha

      Please react to big rugby hits !

    100. rusiate vakasoqo

      react to some rugby hits man