Bart Scott calls Mac Jones 'Greg McElroy 2.0,' talks Patriots potentially drafting him | Bart & Hahn

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9 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    Bart & Hahn react to Mel Kiper Jr.'s 2021 NFL Mock Draft, going in on Alabama QB Mac Jones being projected to go No. 15 overall, and discussing what the New York Jets should do.
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    1. Simba

      I would be hesitant about drafting mac jones. His off the field problems show lack of good judgment. Too big of a risk in the 1st round. He has the potential to be a serious cancer in the locker room. Too much of an off the field thug. Not trust worthy and can't be counted on as a leader. Smile is not genuine. NFL teams beware. Worst locker room prospect ever at QB. Ten times worst than Ryan Leaf. Shouldn't be drafted at all.

    2. Mumya Camary

      Every great QB has real weaknesses, this makes it easier for the coach to manage his team so that the weaknesses are resolved, because we already know the problem, when the weaknesses are resolved, what remains is the greatness of the QB

    3. Ashton Henson

      Bart can’t know anything abut being a QB if he calls Mac Jones a Greg 2.0. Greg went 1 for 7 against Texas...

    4. James Houston McIngvale

      I don’t think Bart realizes how much of an insult this is. Greg McElroy was the ultimate game manager for Bama, with his best games including throwing around 2-3 touchdowns. Mac Jones easily threw perfect darts to grant it great receivers, while McElroy was struggling often while throwing to Julio Jones.

    5. Jacob Barron

      This man crazy. Mac was throwing dimes in senior bowl practice. Mac was getting all the attention without smith and waddle. They gave tua all the praise but Mac did it with less top receivers.

    6. shawn simmons

      Exactly these Bama White QB’s are nothing but career back ups who played on the best talented teams

    7. Paul Robinson

      What a stupid take. Mac Jones is so far superior to Greg McElroy. Scott is a piece of trash human.

    8. Spencer Nance

      dude is high on something! Way better arm than McElroy

    9. Theodore Baidoo

      Why is it that everyone loved Tua but is so negative about Jones even though they had the same receivers??

    10. Dutch Coleman

      Asking Bart about anybody from Alabama, he will hate on them no matter what. And the lineman he named, is trash. This dude ignorant 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    11. youngmurk100

      Pls save this take

    12. Robert D

      Jones was an afterthought when Jaylen Hurts and Tua were there but has outplayed both of them as a starter. And that was exclusively against SEC opponents and championship games.

    13. John Barnett

      This is dumb. Mac jones is the best deep ball thrower ive seen. Super accurate

    14. kate Leahy


    15. That Guy

      Mac Jones sucks white QB every year will get the hype up racism Racist azz media u see how every year draft boards u see every year mock draft trying to replace black QB now they trying to replace teddy -cam they are the. black QB the media and NFL targeting. U see every QB raising on the draft board expect one we no who Justin Fields and it has nothing to do with talent just pure race just like when the bear drafted Mitch over Patrick and Waston

    16. Gary Major

      That guy is a total friggin fool if he thinks Mack Jones is no better than greg Mcelroy. He is showing that he doesnt watch the game and doesnt know what he is talking about. This guy reeks of Alabama hatred. He is definitely demonstrating why he doesnt need to be any NFL teams GM.

    17. Adam Thompson

      Bart Scott has no clue what hes talking about. Jones might just be the best QB in this draft. The only thing Mac & Greg have in common is they both played at Alabama. I believe Mr Scott is fortunate to have played in the NFL because his analyst skills dare i say SUCKS..

    18. J P

      This is such a LAZY take. I don’t question Bart’s credentials but it is OBVIOUS that he hasn’t watch any of those games from Mac and Greg. If he did there is no way he’d have this take. Is it because they both wore the same color helmet in college? And I’m so SICK of the take that he’s had great players around him. No one said that about Burrow, Lawrence, Fields, etc. They were playing with pros too. If you gonna give sports opinions come a little better than that.

      1. J P

        Also there’s a chance that Mac doesn’t make it. History tells you that most don’t make it. But it doesn’t mean this guy is right. A lot has to fall in place for players to be successful. I will agree with him about drafting a wide receiver that high. However, to say Smith is worse than all those other guys he named is just crazy and tells me he has something against Bama.

    19. StreetMoney Kel

      Jones to the pats 🔥

    20. Ishmael Williams

      This dude a hater. 😂😂

    21. Hongbang dynasty

      can we please delete this pathetic video?

    22. Tommy D

      What an idiot

    23. Brian Garney

      Greg definitely doesn’t have the arm talent of Mac jones

    24. Michael Sokell


    25. Glenn Powell

      This is idiotic. To compare Mac Jones to Greg McElroy is just crazy. That's why you are a talking head not a coach. Mac will go top 10 in the draft and shock all of you naysayers. He is more like Tom Brady 2.0. Especially the way he is being overlooked.

    26. Verse88

      Yeah this guy doesn't watch bama football.

    27. Christian Ramos

      Honestly.... I said the same thing lol Jones reminds me of McElroy, if the pats draft him I hope he proves me wrong honestly

    28. Brikvah

      McElroy 2.0 😆 🤣 😂

    29. c G

      1. Trevor L 2. Mac J 3. Kyle T 4. Justin F 5. Zach W

    30. Demetrius Pate

      Scott- are you serious- dude what film have you been studying. To say this kid is a McElroy 2.0. Yes we see you don’t know how to evaluate talent. Mac played an all SEC scheduled and his numbers were great in every single game!!!!Find another hobby because what you are doing now isn’t working for you...(LMAO) Bart says the only reason Mac was good was because of the system and players...Duh - how in the he!! Do you think Jordan won 6 titles , how do you think Brady won all those titles, why was Ray Lewis 2000 ravens defense considered one of the best like the 85 bears- what do all of these have in common? They all have great players, systems and coaches. So to say Mac Is only good because of that is really silly.

    31. Lasharela

      This piece of sh.. Patriots hater, Bart Scott you are fkG loser

    32. Gary Bird

      So if Patriots take Jones and use salary cap to bring in two great wrs doesn't make sense? This guy has no clue.

    33. Blunt Soup

      Sounds like a take from a Jets fan.

    34. Nathan Richey

      Why even make a segment about it when you get clearly have not watched the kid play?

    35. Christian


    36. William Parker

      He is on Mega Smoke you really haven't seen Bama MJ play, that young man is a Leader and Baller.

    37. Johnny Carroll

      Yea Trevor Lawrence and Justin fields had zero good WRs lol not a 4star between the two teams

    38. Marc

      Greg McElroy 2.0??? HOW??? Maybe they watched some different film than everyone else. There's no way he's saying that because he thinks production was the same? What criteria is he basing that on??? Or maybe he simply "wants" Mac Jones to be like Greg McElroy for the sake of an argument. But the stats and film DO NOT lie...

    39. hornets XO

      That Devonta Smith take was even worse somehow. I’m not questioning if Bart watches the NFL. I’m questioning mainly if he watches college.

    40. Jarred Allsopp

      Why everybody want patriots to draft mac jones that would b a terrible decision

    41. AAron

      You would think retired NFL players would know more about football

    42. RK

      And people has Mac as a secon rounder? lmao dude is going top 10.

      1. RK

        @Chris Schwartz I believe Carolina or Denver would reach. Specialñy with Matt Rhule watchinghim at the senior bowl

      2. Chris Schwartz

        Not a shot he goes top 10. I’ll happily take your money on a bet

      3. OpTicFanBoy24

        He most likely will be but hes not worth it

    43. RK

      People who says Mac Jones can't move are clueless. This is not Mike Glennon. Dude can move like a younger Aaron Rodgers, not like a Kyler or Allen.

    44. Jamal Darien

      But we don’t talk ab Joe Burrow? Who had weapons GALORE

    45. over thonder


    46. Soy Delacosta

      bart scott speakin that truth !

    47. rpc

      People are so blind when it comes to Mac Jones. Regardless, he's going to prove alot of people wrong.

    48. PopeKurt

      trash take. accuracy is accuracy no matter how talented the hands. if the ball hits them right in the hands, the qb did their job.

    49. Twin HAF

      I don’t know what Bart talking bout Greg McElroy stats don’t compare to Mac Jones stats in the slightest and he did it with less games

    50. daniel tays

      Doesn't know talent . Mac Jones is good. He is very accurate and goes through his reads and good at moving around in the pocket. Tom brady isn't a running quarter and he is in Superbowl.

    51. lunchbox87

      Greg wasn't even touted or even expected to do great in the nfl ..aj had a little hype and so far is a great back up ..Jones is above Tua and Hurts

    52. Caleb McDill

      McElroy did not have prolific numbers, Bart, what are you talking about. Nobody ever talked about McElroy being a high draft pick.

    53. Caleb McDill

      What an awful take that anyone can half of a brain can see problems with.

    54. Mr. Bigglesworth, You Magnificent Bastard !

      Ha, ok, and im sure he thinks Fields is the second coming, wonder why? I think we know why..there's NO comparison between Jones and McElroy, none..Jones has the best comp.% in history..Mahomes has great receivers to include the top TE in the league and scotts not saying Mahomes has good numbers ONLY because of that..bart scott is a complete Moron..saying there is no difference between any of the receivers? wonder espn is in the toilet..

      1. motown 1970

        I couldn’t agree more.

    55. Michael Knight 88

      Bart Scott is a smart man. Alabama always has enough 5 star athletes on its offensive side of the ball to make any Quarterback look outstanding. All bets are off in the NFL where there's more balance.

      1. Ellie Myers

        @Redgle And Terrence Marshall, who is projected as a late first/early second this year

      2. Redgle

        @Michael Knight 88 burrow had justin Jefferson, jamar chase, and clyde Edwards helaire. Try again.

      3. Michael Knight 88

        @Justin A Mayfield, Murray and Burrow never played with the talent Hurts or any other Alabama QB has played with. If Waddle never would have got hurt, 3 of the 4 Heisman candidates would have been from Alabama. That should tell you something.

      4. Justin A

        I guess Mayfield, Murray, Hurts, and Burrow had so much talent that they're trash too in the NFL.

    56. Douglas Vines

      Is he trying too say the talent in the nfl ant no good

    57. Nathan Sprouse

      Hasn’t this been the plan all along? Mac Jones to Patriots

    58. Thomas Kelly

      If I'm not mistaken I think Bart Scott was 1 of the geniuses who labelled Tom Brady a " systems QB ". Maybe Bart should stick to what he knows best, whatever that may be.

    59. A W

      Well if that is what Bart Scott says then he's an idiot. I watched every snap from both of those guys and that is a flat out crappola hot take from a guy who has not watched and has a pre-formed opinion. Dime a dozen from arm chair QBs. Look at Top Billin's film study of Mac Jones or other actual film study vs some clown's hot take.

    60. Landon L.


    61. Fireball1890000

      Sports reporters are some of the dumbest people these days

    62. Captain Andrew Crabtree

      Want to hear McElroy's thought on McElroy 2.0.

      1. Ayodamola Ajala

        Bruh he works for season for college football 😂😂. He works in the same freaking network

    63. Tide Fan

      Those who pass on Mac Jones will regret it. He has many more attributes than just throwing the ball.

      1. Jake loughman

        Like what?

      2. Will Brench

        Seems like tua 2.0 he gets carried by his surrounding team.

      3. KD 205


      4. Santumach

        Just like they did with Brady BB doing it again

    64. Rebel Rouser

      Bart Scott is an idiot...

    65. Mark

      What an idiotic take

    66. Devin stallworth

      We dnt want mac jones unless it comes with smithy waddle and harris

      1. Devin stallworth


      2. Flamethrower

        Smithy? Who dat

      3. A W

        Lol I wouldn't put any stock in what this clown says.

    67. dr187mx

      Mac did more than Tua with less.

      1. Antonio howard

        @OpTicFanBoy24 josh allen didn’t do anything his first season either . tua didn’t have training camp or anything. you must forgot he played fresh off of surgery with no true number 1 wr ?

      2. OpTicFanBoy24

        And tua has been how good so far?

    68. Robert S

      He says Mac Jones is surrounded by weapons on offense and how anybody can win a National Championship when you can just throw to the best wide recievers. But didn't Joe Burrow do that last season and everyone praise him for it? Mac Jones put up record numbers just like Joe Burrow but since he's from Alabama, he gets ridiculed for it. He did the same thing as Joe Burrow last season

      1. random hero

        @Detroit Sports247 If you or Bart think Steve Sarkisians offense was a "game managing system," then all I can assume is that you haven't watched a single Alabama game in 3 years. Mac has the highest QB rating in the history of the metric with a 203 avg passer rating. He carved apart ohio state without his 2 best receivers. I'm not saying he will be fukn Pat Mahomes, but to call him McElroy 2.0 is a bad take. Mac threw for 6200 yards and 55 tds in 17 starts. Dude averaged 350 a game. Greg threw for 5k and 39 tds in 27 starts. I don't understand how this isn't obvious to you. Alabama isnt a game managing QB system anymore. It's a pass first offense with a highly suspect defense. Mac Jones was elite! Strong arm, fast eyes, accurate downfield, fits the ball into tight spaces. Can make all the NFL throws. If You guys want to make an argument that he won't succeed in the NFL, then that is an opinion and that's something we will find out. But, the argument that Bart is trying to sell, that Mac is a game manager, is not even close. Please explain to me how his numbers suggest he is a game manager. Greg McElroy was never going to make it in the NFL. He was a 7th round pick. No Alabama fan in their right mind would've made that argument. However, Mac jones, projected 1st to 2nd round, is a distributor of the rock, accurate, highly efficient. I would compare him to more to Matt Ryan, maybe Tony Romo. On the right team, he could have better success than these 2.

      2. Robert S

        @Detroit Sports247 because weve never had an actual good quarterback until Jalen Hurts and look what he did for the Eagles. Same with Tua. This was their first year in the NFL.

      3. Detroit Sports247

        @random hero you have yet to explain how the comp is inaccurate!! Bart like many others think he's a game managing system QB who was a product of a dynastic haven't refuted that claim once

      4. random hero

        @Detroit Sports247 The take was that Mac was McElroy 2.0. Up until Tua, Bama played in a run heavy offense and placed emphasis on defense. If you knew anything at all about Nick Saban pre - Lane Kiffin, you'd know that he expected his QBs to be game managers. Since then, you have Tua, Jalen, in year 1and now Mac. We won't know how they pan out, but I would be willing to bet they'll succeed. Tua was highly touted, and did a lot less with a lot more. The problem I have, is that it doesn't seem to me that you even evaluated Mac or Alabama. Comparing him to Greg friggin McElroy is a garbage take.

      5. 4u2speedy

        @Detroit Sports247 name the ones who had hype other than Aj that didn’t pan out. There aren’t any. It’s just a way to down Bama because lots of teams struggle to have successful positions in nfl but ppl get tired of Bama so they bring that up as their only talking point.

    69. Mo Vo

      2022 QB draft list is looking weak. They better get one

    70. L T

      I forgot that Bart Scott is such an expert in QBs.

    71. L T

      They're all sleeping on Mac Jones. He has intangibles and instincts that you can't measure. He is going to be a better QB than people think

    72. Tre Haynes

      Bart right 🤣

      1. Flamethrower

        Bart wrong

      2. A W

        He might be right about like a broken clock is right twice a day and wrong the rest of the day.



    74. AlphaDwg

      it's easy to say Mac is only good because he was playing for Bama. Such an easy take.

      1. A W

        That's what idiots like to say. Oddly they do not see the irony in not saying the same things about Lawrence or Fields.



    76. Brady Whalen

      You mean the Mac Jones that threw for 41 touchdowns in a shortened season and dominated everyone? Compared to the Greg McElroy that threw for 37 touchdowns in two full years of starting?

      1. Harold Hall

        @Adam Cliett hes trying to help his team out by hoping his words will make other teams gms and coaches pass up on him. Read through the lines (at least i hope thats why this horrible take was took lol)

      2. Brady Whalen

        @David Hayes hahaha true true

      3. David Hayes

        @Brady Whalen I pray not. Mac won't be with the Jets lol.

      4. Brady Whalen

        @David Hayes there’s no arguing that they were obviously different offenses. McElroy did exactly what Alabama asked him to do and what did it get him? A national title...he deserves credit for that. Mac Jones did exactly what Alabama asked him to do, and it got him a national title and Heisman finalist. Both did what the team asked of them but this years Bama was led by Mac Jones, Smith and Harris whereas McElroy’s team was about Mark Ingram and the running game first. Could you say to yourself with confidence that coming out of college, Mac Jones and Greg McElroy are close as prospects? Is Mac Jones final stat line in the NFL going to be 1 touchdown and 1 interception?

      5. David Hayes

        Very, *VE. 👏🏽 RY. 👏🏽* different offenses, bro.

    77. Mike Jones

      Mac Jones is realistically the best quarterback along with T Law

      1. Mike Jones

        @Chris Schwartz Would bet my life on it, Mac is the next Peyton Manning

      2. Chris Schwartz

        @Mike Jones so you would be willing to put money down that he’s top 2? I’ll happily take your money

      3. Mike Jones

        @Chris Schwartz Had the greatest season ever in Alabama history

      4. Chris Schwartz

        @Mike Jones If Mac Jones is top 2 QBs that come out of this years draft I’ll eat my words. I bet you he won’t be. Let’s see who the casual is.

      5. Mike Jones

        @Chris Schwartz None of the best quarterbacks in the league were even ranked the top quarterback coming out in their class, stop being a casual all of your life n

    78. Cody Boudreaux

      What a lazy take

    79. Taylor Pace

      That was the weakest take I’ve ever seen.

    80. Kyzor-Sosay

      Scott doesn’t watch Bama football.

    81. Roddy Richardson

      that's soooo disrespectful

      1. Kyzor-Sosay

        @Roddy Richardson for sure.

      2. Roddy Richardson

        @Kyzor-Sosay small world of roddys

      3. Kyzor-Sosay

        Roddy is my first name.Was my dad’s name,how about that,😉

    82. Laetyn Jordan

      he’s right

      1. Ellie Myers

        @A W Bart with another stupid take. As you said, Alabama was built TOTALLY differently when Greg was the QB....Much more old school, run the ball and have the defense shut down the opponent. Greg wasn't asked to do anything close to what Mac or any other recent Bama QBs are asked to do. As you said, you can't compare Mac and Greg at all. Greg was asked to score what, 17 ish ppg? Definitely not the case with this most recent version of Bama

      2. Flamethrower

        @A W lol nice comment 👌

      3. A W

        @Ryan Adam Oh yeah I agree. Heck when Smitty went out of the NC game they did not miss a beat and he was throwing to some pedestrian receivers. I like Metchie and Bolden but they aren't in the same universe as Smitty and a healthy Waddle.

      4. Ryan Adam

        @A W man had a better season than Tua ever had with less

      5. A W

        @Ryan Adam He was serviceable kind of like Jake Coker. Bama was different then. Did not depend on a great QB to win games. THey very much depend on great QB play to win now especially with a less than stellar defense in 2019 & 2020. To compare Jones to McElroy is like comparing Rembrandt to a finger painter.

    83. LaaZaay -

      Both 🐐

    84. madden man


    85. Andrew Smith

      Jones>McElroy look at the passing yds

      1. Liam

        @Justin A Alabama was more talented last year than LSU in 2019. And Burrow still outperformed Jones.

      2. Liam

        @Malcolm J. Marshall nice input into the discussion. Clown.

      3. Malcolm J. Marshall

        @Liam Delete this app off your phone lmaooo 😭🤡

      4. Ace K

        @Liam Mac jones had devonta smith and najee and a line metchie dropped a lot of his passing billingsley was great waddle went down early so that argument is invalid

      5. Ace K

        @Liam both pushing 40!