It's Race Day on the Murray River, TINNY BASHING at the Dinghy Derby • Season 2

Patriot Games

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    Justin and Bobby have overcome their Dash For Cash issues and now it's time to get the Patriot Games tinny back into the Murray and on to the main event, The Red Bull Dinghy Derby. They're bashing their tinny around the mighty Murray River and are off to a cracking start, but will it last?
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    1. K Da

      'Murica loves Aussies!!!!

    2. Lynn Tuten

      Man, what a race.

    3. Jim Jones

      I would love to try this

    4. Paul Hammons

      I'm scared for when this makes it too the South. Billy Bob hold my beer.

    5. Ian Cole

      Get a stainless steel prop. I used to regularly hit the stumps in a small man-made lake with a 225-HP outboard. The prop never got damaged.

    6. Jeff Archer

      How about a keel skeg with a long ramp that rides the boat over logs and rocks without hitting the motor or prop. I hope those were inflatable lifejackets. I'd have a offshore jacket in case impact ruptures the bladder of an inflatable. Five props. Why not?

    7. Alexandre Gatserelia


    8. Matthew Walsh

      prop change ? why not Alloy or stainles ? they P 2 W is so minimal yat you coped big time, 1ss/alm - 1 min @ say 40c vs 1 crm to 1 min ! 1.02m + repair of 2 mins

    9. Uriah Massey

      There's crocs in that sh!t, too. Whoo hoo.

      1. Uriah Massey

        @Ky Ky ok. Assumed. Ass outta me.

      2. Ky Ky

        No there's not I used to live there

    10. Andrew Lynch

      Public land duck hunters have been doing this there whole life in the dark

    11. Al Quinn

      Don’t let the swampers in Louisiana see this. Dear God the carnage that would ensue.

      1. Doug Tond

        They already have the fanboats and jetboats

    12. Pranks to the max

      Where can I get a cheap boat

    13. James Rogers

      Man, this looks fun. Too bad there's nothing like this where I live.

    14. john lupo

      When they finished the race you can hardly tell they are adrenaline ramped. 😳🤣👍

      1. Doug Tond

        Adrenaline probably wasn't on their mind anymore. The fun and stress was over. They were probably just trying to fight back tears on camera as they were met by their loving families after all that

    15. David DeGeorge

      My father used to race little wooden boats in the longs island sound with guys on the bow leaning into the turns crazy stuff

    16. HokiePitcher22

      I can listen to Aussies say the word "carnage" all day. Lol

    17. Richard Jordan III

      The Isle of Man for boats, yea you risk your life, but hey it's your life. Love it! Balls Out!

    18. Micha Williams

      As an American that was pretty cool to watch. I'm sitting here bending left and right with you guys. Realizing what I was doing all I could do was laugh at myself. Pretty cool guys. Good luck next year.

    19. Chad Sorensen

      So much fun to watch, well done guys

    20. one way street

      What 😭😭😭😭

    21. Mikowmer

      Red Bull... Of course they're the sponsor!

    22. Peter Norman

      This is little boys on the water, on Oulton Broad they do the same but at twice the speed!

      1. job done

        Silly comment.Your talking about a different type of racing.

    23. Hilpan Saparudin

      Next level race, insane!

    24. da quigley

      And then a croc appears at the crash site

      1. da quigley

        Didn't know they was all up north

      2. Patriot Games

        No Crocs down south!

    25. Erok Angulsmyth

      The secret to this race is, WE GOT TO FINISH. They're the front runners for sure. I can tell by their tactics.

    26. Marinus Scholtz


    27. Samuela Tanuku

      Nice BOYS

      1. Patriot Games


    28. rumster440

      I grew up on the gold coast dickin around in tinnies around and about. Shit what a let down compared to your blind wet-bush playground. Break out the winny reds. Go boys go!

    29. Harrison Hardcastle

      Childs play looks like fun , for real danger watch Isle of Man TT race

      1. Patriot Games

        That's a wild race!

    30. John Gizzi

      Love it...

    31. jayknight139

      Seems a bit silly to use a prop when you can use a jet

      1. Kevin Roark

        @Patriot GamesYall race awesome in Australia with those Dinghies in Louisiana in the swamps we race airboats,on the rivers jet boats&V-drives.My late dad served in 68 DaNang Vietnam in Army SF he was assigned with Australian Special Forces&my dad hot only RESPECT For those Commados in combat.

      2. Patriot Games

        That would be Jet boat racing not Dinghy Derby 💪

    32. Horstilettenbär Bär

      this video is way to underrated

      1. Patriot Games


    33. Benjamin Hengstermann

      To me its more like Ralley, but i´m lovin it!!! Looks very exciting, Fun and I think it also might be a lot cheaper (compared to a Ralley-Car even Hobby).

      1. Patriot Games

        Give it a go!!

    34. boo boo

      How. many. horsepower. ?

    35. Alex Jones

      Go to any Arkansas boat ramp and you'll see some sleepy mf go 45-50+

    36. Fuzzy Butkus

      I can only imagine how they got the first bow guy to do that job.” Heres what your gonna do.Lean way the hell over the boat with your face right down on the water. By all that drift wood.” Yeah I know it could knock the bejesus out of you face.”

      1. Patriot Games

        Gotta watch out for the logs!

    37. taiyoctopus

      the commentary is so fucking annoying Just show them doing the race... nobody wants to hear them sitting in chairs narrating a video of themselves.

    38. Taylor Mason

      i want to see a race in gator/croc infested waters.

      1. Patriot Games

        That would become World's Most Dangerous Race! 🐊

    39. David Heitman

      crazy. we used to run a 15ft ss 1980's? whaler with a 70 yamaha through our marsh tidal area at long beach ny as fast as we can go with me laid out on the deck wrapped in a braided rope! lol. great times!

      1. rumster440

        speed and breeze and wet-eyed smiles

      2. Patriot Games

        Sounds like a great childhood to me!

    40. ade irwansyah

      like a rally..but in water 😁

      1. Patriot Games


    41. Lone Wolf

      Who else saw him smack his Mrs in the back of the head? Haha

      1. Lone Wolf

        @Benjamin Brewer 🙌🏼

      2. Benjamin Brewer


    42. bonek350

      I love the simplicity. It's just a small tinny with a motor.

      1. Patriot Games

        That's the beauty of it 👊


      Australias most dangerous race , my arse...

    44. Joel Bulger

      This looks awesome

      1. Patriot Games


    45. dcptiv

      if this was PWC (JetSki) then the public would be up in arms against it but since its boats its ok. I race PWC & would love to do a event like this

    46. block895

      It’s like Isle of Man to sidecar racing

    47. Gang Of Four

      Crikey, watch out for the crocs

      1. Patriot Games

        Thankfully no Crocs in this part of the country. Drop Bears though 🐨

    48. Loud Mike Media


    49. Malcolm Coppock

      Man I am in.

    50. Malcolm Coppock

      Ar c.rap the teens are in. You are doomed.

    51. Malcolm Coppock

      The word said it all...... sick.

    52. Malcolm Coppock

      The most awesome video ever.

      1. Patriot Games


    53. Nick Cornelius

      ummm ain't there gators in that water? Fuuuuuck that!! these guys are nuts!


        Nope... It's in South Australia... !!!!

    54. Юрий Бабенко

      Бля,это пиздец! У них ещё и шплинт на гайке стоит. Идиоты только время на него теряют. И вобще,хули они там вдвоём делают? Прыгает по носу как обезьяна,а толку от этого нет,только хуже делает.

    55. SirensC3

      You guys are nuts!

      1. Patriot Games


    56. Mal Dagg

      if you guys think you're good...try the Avon Descent in WA.

      1. rumster440

        Avon is as mad as all shit, but it's hard to draw a nice line and follow through without chipping metal and getting unsettled. In the end it's probably the overworked dragging hamstrings that go first, and the pride soon after. These Murray lads are able to draw enough water and blindly throw themselves at it. Fuck up and you're kissing a koala

      2. Patriot Games

        That's a wild event!

    57. Blue Hughes

      to think that race started because of a BET, in the bar one night, with a couple of locals HIC? Who had the fastest Tinny? LOL

    58. BIG MAC

      I think standing waist deep in croc waters to change props would scare me more than riding with you crazy Aussies! Looks like big fun though!!!

      1. BIG MAC

        @Patriot Games 👍Crazy looking sport buddy! Alot more to doing well than goin fast

      2. Patriot Games

        Fortunately no crocs down south!

    59. RM Miller

      Reminded me of our gigging escapades on Little River above the confluence with Mt. Fork, SE Oklahoma-...-wild places

    60. kevin g

      Where are all the crocs?

      1. Patriot Games

        Up north!

    61. Bikergal31 Triumph

      Looks serious fun

    62. Lucas

      15:17 poor kid xD

    63. CT edsa

      Try the Avon Decent...

      1. Patriot Games


    64. Alexus Benjamin

      This was insain. And that poor kid at the end 😅😂

    65. Morse Coad

      Mate, I enjoyed the hell outta that video! Smashed that subscribe button! 👌🏻

      1. Patriot Games

        Welcome aboard! 👊

    66. Charlee Bunch

      I want to see the short course jet boats run this course

    67. Charlee Bunch

      Totally looks like racing that would take place in louisiana and Florida

      1. HappilyBeardedAfter

        I’m from Florida and I approve this message.

    68. John Howden

      Carry on😳

    69. michael nesiti

      You guys have huge ⚽️⚽️

      1. Patriot Games


    70. BrazenBullXXX

      Rally on water. I can dig it.

    71. James

      This is what it looks like getting to the boat ramp during a unexpected thunderstorm 😂😂

    72. Rickus maximus

      Looks like fun

    73. Kenneth Janczak

      looks fantastic..... also amasing those small engines can produce that power. remind a bit of sidecar roadracing, the person in the sidecar also move around hang on the sides ect.... absolutly great

      1. Patriot Games

        Cheers Kenneth

    74. Mike Pokai

      Awesome ❤️

      1. Patriot Games


    75. amehel0

      Surely you could engineer a stump jump type device to allow the motor to hinge out of the way if you hit a log.

    76. DragsterJeffCrider

      Good stuff Nate never never never ever give up see you next year

      1. Patriot Games


    77. dbltrplx

      Like sidecar motorcycle racing . On the water .

    78. Jim Hood

      Now that looks like fun.

    79. Hooked !

      Wonder why they dont run stainless props

    80. Dean

      “To finish first, first you have to finish” what a bloody sport!! Great job 👏

      1. Patriot Games


    81. Linkavich Chamofskee

      WTF America?? Why aren't we doing this also??

      1. Patriot Games

        Dinghy Derby World Series!

    82. 907 250r

      And the dude get attacked by a croc

      1. Greg Orchard

        No crocs in South Oz....

    83. Boog Boog

      Jeez you'd think they would cut those fallen trees back, nah bit of stripey tape, just watch where yer goin son...

    84. Errol Gumusdere

      penal colony

      1. Greg Orchard

        Ignorance, you didn't know America was founded as a penal colony, BEFORE Australia?

    85. stan wilson

      In the 60's I lived in Whyalla SA,there was no water,only the water was pumped in from the River Murray,and the rain collection tanks that collected water off the house roof.

      1. stan wilson

        @Patriot Games Worked in the BHP shipyards in Whyalla,I was too young to get into much.Did Go Roo Shooting in an old Chevy V8.Watched 3 big rays coming up the Murray estuary off a bridge in Adelaide.Used to visit Port Augusta and Port Pirie with workmates that were working away in Whyalla.My kind of country,loved it.

      2. Patriot Games

        It's a precious resource inland!

    86. Gordon Clark

      I'm not sure where I would like toast in the boat. Ah now I know, on the shore watching!

    87. Adam Cinelli

      LOVE your channel

      1. Patriot Games

        Cheers Adam!

    88. Daniel Edwards

      Man you guys have nerves of steel 👍🏿

      1. Patriot Games


    89. Drew Davis

      Australian's and Australia Kicks Ass!!!!!

    90. Drew Davis

      I work for a Prop shop and the Props are everything! they are the only way you will either harness the power or be all done.. What exciting stuff!!!!!!

      1. Rod Gillanders

        Why don’t they run stainless props? Just curious.👍

      2. job done

        @Bruce Moyers they were only running standard alloy props . 14 pitch . Maybe 15 .

      3. Bruce Moyers

        That looked like a very aggressive prop pitch to my untrained eye. Does it tax the engine? I wonder if engine fatigue/failure is common in the sport?

    91. Boonjamin

      The freetv production style is pretty painful. Casual youtube production is much nicer to watch. Just my point of view

      1. Boonjamin

        @rumster440 KGup and beers eh?🍻

      2. rumster440

        Don't be a cock ya twit, ain't nothing casual about this, no room for gimbals, they're balls deep on the fly. Just my point of view

      3. David Kuhn

        Yea it looks like good fun (and fun to watch)... the 'reality tv' fake drama is not needed.

    92. Francis N.M.

      One of the reason women live longer

    93. tim mayer

      Can't imagine those tiny engines develop that kind of power and speed.

      1. Kerrilee Lawrence

        As a Mother.. those broken branches are bit risky.. Otherwise Looks Like Fun maybe install some secure seat padding.. you only get One Spine Boys..

      2. Brandon Sayer

        The boats are so light .. and short... those motors are pushing maybe 30 hp.. on a boat that is probably comfortable with 10... pushing the limit baby yeah!!

      3. All Shoulders

        It’s not all about power and speed, the prop angle has more to do with it.

    94. Carlos Berdeal

      What a great watch! that was Awesome!

      1. Patriot Games

        Glad you enjoyed it! 👊

    95. Dave Schleifer

      The guy he was chasing down had a line with no log to hit. The dude is to the right of the chase boat and closer to the tree's on a straightaway , he hits a log. Dumb luck or dumb fuck ?

    96. MrAcuta73

      What a silly race. Looks like a huge amount of fun!

      1. Patriot Games

        Sure is fun!

    97. Jon Hill

      That's awesome.

    98. Going to the convenience store in Alaska

      I have a friend in Great Britten who I always accuse of sounding aussi. Man that pisses him off LOL. I think the worst prank I played on him was when his 17 yo son came to the US for three months. This family is upper crust. Now I live in a one room off grid cabin in alaska. At the time I was living in florida. I refused to learn british so every time he said articulated lorie, I said what till he said semi truck. I even got rid of a lot of that british accent too. I also taught him to cuss. nothing serious, just a few dams and hells and an occasional shit LOL. Of course his son knew what I was doing and was all for it. He arrived back in GB dressed in florescent orange Bermuda shorts, one of those crazy Hawaiian shirts, cheap sun glasses, tennis shoes and a straw hat carrying his clothes in a beach bag with FLORIDA written on it. NOTE: he arrived in the US wearing a $1000 dollar suit) His father called the night he arrived back in GB and said he couldn't understand him LOL I told him don't worry, wait till you learn to understand him. He said oh my god what did you do LOL. Would you beleive that he allowed him to stay at my place again the following summer. The funny part was when the kid arrived the next summer, he was dressed just like he arrived in GB.

      1. BAM 087

        @Steve Barnes What is drugs?

      2. Steve Barnes

        @BAM 087 It has nothing to do with anything apart from being a dick "I refused to learn british" The language is English and you are a dick.

      3. BAM 087

        What's that got to do with the price of eggs in China?

    99. Ronald Klootwijk

      Hi from holland How fast does this go ??? I love it and i way leaning al the way :):)

      1. job done

        The boat in the video was doing about 60 - 65 kph tops.

      2. Chris Vanzanen

        U can pack 90 horsepower and can reach 110 kmh

    100. Fox Outdoor Supplies


      1. Patriot Games

        Sure is!!