How to Carve a Simple and Scary Pumpkin Face 2

Bobby Duke Arts

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    Thank you to my wonderful wife Nicole for helping so much with this video
    You should go check out her Instagram- duchessnicoleduke?hl=en
    she's an awesome potter!
    In this video I show you how to make a really simple but super scary pumpkin for Halloween.
    All you need is a
    * Pumpkin
    * 2 oranges
    * transparent polymer clay
    * twine
    * black and red food coloring
    * superglue
    * acrylic paints and brushes
    * clear gloss lacquer
    * knife
    * evil Santa hat
    If you make it, tag me on the social medias. I would love to see!
    My Instagram bobbydukearts
    and Twitter bobbydukearts?lang=en
    and Patreon

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    1. Bobby Duke Arts

      The pumpkin is really possessed, you did NOT see any strings pulling it I promise. Also, I'm still hiding in the wewds.

      1. Mr.T-Rex

        Plz make a rasien hippopotamus

      2. Camila Augusto Varela

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        Good I hope for continued friendship and follow-up

    2. Peasant Scum

      Best ASMR

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      Bruh the thumbnail is just sans pumpkin

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      I love how he makes the strig so visible

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    8. Un Abricot Qui Dab

      What's the music at the end when the pumpkin is chasing him?

    9. Pumpkin Patch Exotics

      Where to I watch this Halloween /Holliday movie. I would watch it

    10. Bitplex

      2:37 how is there a paint called negro black!


        It’s translated negro=black it’s not called negro black

    11. NotStable Person

      4:31 , let’s just say it’s not the first time, and definitely not the last time, when Nicole sees Christmas possessed Haloween pumpkin chasing Bobby...

    12. Femke Fennema

      Really cool!!!

    13. ThePolygator

      im wondering how many times he had to film this part 1:35 so the letter would land like that :D

    14. Sophia Games830

      Hey boby can I give you some favor? Umm my sister wants some hermione granger wand with light on top and when you shake it will light up can you do that cuz we can't find it anything here. And um can you send it to my address I know it's kinda hard for you

    15. Mr.T-Rex

      His stuff deserves to be in a museum

    16. Mr.T-Rex

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      Glad I found this vid, my Halloween pumpkin is still in my fridge, I gutted it and that's as far as I got, ! was not feeling the glow and warmth of the most scared and romantic time of the year, 2020 has killed a lot of that, and so I just put it away for latter … I thought...

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      Hey Bobby my dear sir, I’ve been watching the new Disney+ series the owl house and there is something made of wewd and is hand made by the person so you came to mind. It’s Eda’s staff from the owl house it has a hand carved owl on it and has a interlocking peg between the bird and peg and it uses its wing to fly their wizard/witch through the air so you could make a version where it’s flying as well and because of the interlocking peg you could just switch out the owl. As soon as I saw it I went “I want that” so I’ve started chiseling and it looks pretty descent so far!!! Especially since I have no clue what I’m doing and it’s my fist time.

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      Hey !!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    32. Ghost Mama

      I hope you are ALL well! Haven't seen a new posting from you and just wanted to drop in on the channel to make sure you are Gucci. Stay Unique in perspectives ALWAYS and keep an open mind. You are Gifted and talented Mr. Bobby Duque. I hope you post soon! ⬜🔹🔶🔷🔶🔹⬜

    33. Sly Gamer

      how dare you say cringe

    34. Stew Williams

      Good evening Mr Bobby, I was moved by your pumpkin......or should I say "it" moved me.......the way it chased and was so happy going about it's work! You see being new to your channel as a subscriber I thought it was time that I made contact. I will inform you that I have interesting role models......the joker and the tasmanian devil. Your approach to "art" makes the inner demons quiet.......for this I thank you. Now I'm off to lab#2(the kitchen) to create this evening's repast. Till we communicate again......

    35. rage god x

      Hey can you do a award for dani

      1. rage god x

        When he hits 2m

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