Ryland Adams ENDS Shane Dawson’s return plans...

Tea Spill

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    Let's talk about Ryland Adams addressing Trisha Paytas, Trisha Paytas speaking out AGAIN about Shane Dawson, and James Charles finally breaking his silence about his ex friends...
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    1. Anna Eberle

      My relationship with Trisha : 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈

      1. Chicken Wing

        @Origami Octopi bro if we can forgive Trisha we can forgive Shane

      2. Katia Gardner

        Same I used to really hate her now I’m like what if she’s telling the truth 👁👄👁

      3. Selim Firat

        shane is racist trisha is racst jeffree is racist they are awful human beings try to cover their asses.

      4. Jaxxie Andrews

        /My/ relationship with Trisha. 🗑 📈 📈 📈 📈 🗑 Basically, she is and has been trash all the way around.

      5. Julio Sandoval

        Yeah, cause she just manipulates you people like that ✨

    2. m m

      I feel like I'm the only one that misses Shane, when all the drama happened I was just like wtf is the point of the drama as everyone involved like jefree, trisha, Shane, Ryland are all adults so it's just kind of pointless and childish to even bring sm like that up like it's been years like its just shit how old jokes have to come out to ruin someones career when said person has clearly changed, I think Shane is surrounded by fake people and a boyfriend that is a gold digger and has eaten off of Shane's career for years, he just seems so fake like sometimes you can just tell and with him it's painfully clear that, that is the truth

    3. Clara Shaw

      I loved Shane Dawson until he became friends with jeffrey. He changed into a completely different person.

    4. Tristan Mays

      Lol cancel culture is hella funny. Just cuz you don't like someone, doesn't mean ya put time and effort into actively cancelling them. Your no better for trying to ruin an absolute stranger's life over their own business.

    5. Bee Randi

      Trisha is TRASH!!

    6. Defiant Valkyrie

      Shane and Ryland aren't going to distance themselves from Jeffree -- they got rich rich cause of him and Ryland wants the money cause he wants to live bougie

    7. Alexx Jaye

      What did Jeffree do to Trisha

    8. silly goose

      ryland is a weasel, he’s always been after shane for money and fame. I truly don’t think he’s ever wanted shane for shane. not that shane is any better, of course. ryland is a huge opportunist. he’s always seemed materialistic and hella like a gold digger. I’ve never really liked him, even when I used to be a shane fan. I don’t like trisha, though I’m completely on her side with this one. it disgusts me how shane chose someone with money and fame over a friend he’s had for 12 years. you can see that trisha truly cared about shane. honestly, this is worse than a huge middle school scandal, (coming from a 13 year old). it’s absolutely horrendous how people keep babying shane and coming up with excuses for his horrible actions, shane is a grown man and can think for himself. same goes for ryland, jeffree, trisha, and everyone else involved. I don’t see how anyone can say anything bad about garrett and andrew in this ordeal, I’ve never been a fan of them, but now I have mad respect. they are both amazing people and didn’t deserve to be caught up in all of this.

    9. jason florence

      I find it very funny how these KGup celebrities are. My mom taught me a valuable life lesson that I swear by 100%. “How people speak about other people to you, is how they talk about you to other people” if this “drama” is “real” (I still think it’s invented) then they should hear this life lesson.

    10. Dom Doms

      omg I’ve just found you again after a couple of years and OMG YOU HAVE A VOICE!!

    11. Baphomet Hasmed

      The is why I stand Bretman rock an unproblematic icon

    12. Adonis obscura

      People still say "the tea" 🤢 though I hate " tea" channels and all the tea animations etc this was a good and needed video

    13. George Head

      I'm just glad that Morgan is staying away from the drama I don't want her to get hurt she isn't a drama money grabbing person .

    14. V Leaky

      It's like watching a trash fight with a bunch of other trash to see who will get in the dumpster first. They're all awful people. Though I've an ounce of respect for Trisha now.

    15. Spike Lett

      Easy to judge when your not in their shoes and living their life. 😊

    16. Spike Lett

      Ugh these videos are terrible

    17. rodgaupe

      Why does it feel like when everyone thought Bobby burns was using Shane because he "has dark hair" (Bobby was literally blonde at the time btw), I was the only one who thought of Ryland immediately bc he has dark hair and is close to him...

      1. rodgaupe

        @Kim Jong-un wdym?

      2. Kim Jong-un

        How high were you when you wrote this sir?

    18. pinkgelatinskeleton

      Was this video originally titled, "How many commercials can I fit into a 15 minute video?"

    19. Alliewanderlust

      Who else saw nothing but drama in the future when Shane went into business with Jeffree 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

    20. Karishma Jamnadas

      damn i aint gonna lie like trish’s last vid makes me really sad... like the shit she is saying idk

    21. Deidra Radesic

      I can’t stand that he never shaves his neck 😂😂 that’s all I got out of the video I was distracted by that alone

    22. diana mano

      I dont like trisha, i prefer jefree sorry! trisha is just a drama queen who LOVES attencion come on?! The things that she already lied about!

    23. e.g _onzalez

      I think that Shane and Rylan shouldn’t be friends with Trisha or Jeffree or Nick... why can’t the spooky boys be back. LIKE SHANE RYLAN AND MORGAN AND DREW AND GARRET!!!! GOOD OLD DAYS😭😭😭

    24. Princess mochi

      Omg these are adults oh well 😂 they will live

    25. Koshi Sugawaras Waifu

      You can be friends with someone your friend doesn’t like, that is just selfish to ask them not to!

    26. rosie uwu

      I don’t like Trisha simply because of how she self diagnose herself but also dead ass she’s speaking facts in this situation

    27. honestlyliterallygrim

      But shes so racist tho 😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Kakashi 69

      Damn I come back from watching Minecraft and Coryxkenshin and this happens damn

    29. cecilia akerlund

      For Shane growing up with financial problems and having a bad relationship with his dad, i loved Shane and i loved him before all of this... My point about his past is that he should’ve realised that family and friends are so much more important than the fame and fortune Shane is running after.. I find it so sad, family is for life money doesnt make you happy in the end.

    30. Jennifer P

      Why is this ALL on Shane Dawson but not on Jeffree? This entire channel and cancel culture is so toxic. You kids are so bored you create problems out of thin air.

    31. Logan Damon

      ~ morality doesn't exist ~

    32. GGOG

      It sucks to see friends having a real life falling out because it seems that they can't truly have honest healing and forgiveness. Gaslighting is real and serious.

    33. Liz

      Makes sense that Ryland is just as bad as Shane and Jeffree.

    34. Eleanore Rigby

      Honestly I don’t care that Trisha got burned by Jeffree. She knows his s candles, she knows how he treats people. She’s seen it. Is it really so surprising that he turned on her?

    35. Katyana Flynn

      Imagine trusting yourself so little to be a good person that you use voice messages instead of text in daily conversation out of paranoia you’ll be caught treating your friends like soggy chips.

    36. grace osburne

      trish has matured so much tbh. she's not a great person, but she's putting in efforts to be better and honestly i'm so proud of her. i hope the shane drama doesn't follow her forever.

    37. Jordan

      I thinks this is all one of Trishas transgendered alters

    38. Jesss

      Y’all support people who say worse shit than them. I’d like to cancel this entire comment section instead. Acting like you know anything about these people. One min you hate Jeffree than it’s Shane and then it’s Tati and then James and then Ryland. Y’all used to hate on Trisha. Acting like you really care while spreading hate to stop hate. Y’all need therapy.

    39. Skyprincess 1995

      This literally reminds me of high school when my boyfriend cheated on me and treated me like trash but my friends all chose to be friends with him over me because he was able to get them drugs

    40. Unqleq

      All the Shane x jeffree stuff is on sale lol

    41. Lojjs Wonder

      Never look at anything they are doing, ever!

    42. karritpwn

      I don’t like ryland I never have.... he’s fake af

    43. Kimberly Teresa

      Hypocrite ryland just looking for views he is.

    44. Hbk Glodup

      Cancellation is around the corner

    45. Katia Gardner

      the min I heard “plays the victim “ I looked up Shane’s sign and of course he’s a water sign🙂 (I’m a Pisces) but Cancer(Shane) and Scorpio (Jeffree)men are so manipulative and never take responsibility for anything. So this childish behavior to me isn’t shocking at all. Sorry I bring astrology into everything 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Katia Gardner

      “ I wish she could come to be as a friend” *Me screaming at my phone * “SHE FUCKING DID YOU BALDING BITCH” * makes frustrated noises*

    47. Lauren

      Not sure this title matches the video, but was interesting to watch regardless!

    48. Nice Day

      Nobody like u!Shane is different person because of you

    49. Anthony D

      You know, when you pass on this channel won’t even matter, 99% of the content on KGup doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life. Why not put your skills towards content that can help the world instead of this petty bs about F list celebrities. Food for thought

    50. Versace Pilots

      support the sweet boys podcast!!

    51. Jacklyn Paananen

      WILL FOREVER LOVE SHANE AND RYLAND! Don't care about the shit people have to say!

      1. froggie

        shane literally abused animals and children... its all on twitter. not to mention shane was INCREDIBLY racist and transphobic. if you aren’t poc or trans you have NO right to forgive him.

    52. KaylaMarie

      Ok so I said this before but ima say it again why r we listening to Trisha in the first place

    53. sadman saqib

      This what you call toxic friendship

    54. Hannah Davies

      Ryland is literally trash 🗑

    55. Samantha Justus

      Ryland and Shane make me sick. They seem willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight and make a dollar. Rylands sister endorsing that clinic just shows her willingness to do anything for money also. I wish they would all change or go away. And no I do not follow or watch them.

    56. Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22

      If I've learned anything about this scandal the beauty community clearly can't be trusted jeffree star has always been a demon has always been hangry for money and fame and will never change Shane Dawson After joining the beauty community somehow revealed his true self as a manipulative groomer and will never change Trisha always plays the victm and will also never change but wouldn't that be hicritical of me to sit there and claim that no one can change? But that's what this witch hunt is for right? That you claim the person who everyone is hating right now could never change. We just want to destroy their lives right we don't care about their growth we don't care about when they try to do better for themselves we just want to see their destruction right? I don't care what anyone says don't be a sheep don't blindly follow behind someone just because everyone else is doing it. If you find the urge to comment under my post something nasty disrespectful or just plain ugly out your mouth your proving my point that you are nothing but a follower and have opinion of your own.

    57. RumiThePurr


    58. Savannah Bowling

      I’m also just gonna say why are we even stanning Trisha now too. Yeah all of this is pretty fucked up but let’s not give her more of a platform remember all the fucked up shit she did last year and years past...she doesn’t deserve her platform either🙃

    59. Stephanie_ Rocha

      I thought that was Gerard Way in the thumbnail 🤣

    60. Julio Sandoval

      Trisha also lives in an empty, shallow, existence; the only difference between her and Jeffree is that Trisha stuffs her mouth instead 💋

    61. Pow Wow

      Did I just hear you say “Valentimes”?

      1. Charlene Herrella

        real tea

    62. AnnaLiisa

      Honestly, it's like a bunch of middle school drama. Everyone's acting like bratty children who don't know how to be proper friends

    63. MillyMollyMandy1999

      Ryland is just straight up victim blaming. Ew

      1. MillyMollyMandy1999

        It can’t even be victim blaming because he’s lying! There’s no confusion. She cried to Shane for hours for support.

    64. Lahlem

      VaLenTiMes DaY

    65. Gabby Rubio

      Honestly i’m not gonna lie i loved shane and his friends. I think all these people (trisha ryland shane and jeffree)are drama. They thrive on seeing people get cancelled and fail. I don’t understand why shane and ryland don’t stay away from the people that betrayed them. Instead they just prove to everyone that they are Jeffrees lap dog. Continue to surrounded themselves with people who are fake and cause negativity. Before Jeffree, Shane was thriving. Yea his past videos from earlier years were not okay. But he really grew, then he got mixed in with the beauty world.

    66. Daniel Hoffman

      Going of words said not facts Trisha is just crafting a made up narrative why? only she knows

    67. NotBryan シ

      at least morgan keeps herself away from the *drama*

    68. Briar Rose

      This stuff is such trash, but I click on the video cuz its still compelling for some reason. 🤦🏻‍♀️ What's wrong w me?! Its like seeing a car crash.

    69. Lemon Town

      Trish is literally so toxic and gross- honestly so glad they’re all over her now. Didn’t watch the whole video- I just can’t stand her lol

    70. Tess Helgeson

      ok but now after everything are we going to believe that this isn't just trish starting drama?

    71. Shalom de Ocampo

      Idk at this point I’m getting annoyed at Trisha, like ok they don’t want to resolve the issue, then fucking cut them off your life. Stop going back to people you treat you this way and do your own thing. Fr I’m starting to think Trisha is just wanting more views and content since she has nothing else to do

    72. Jodie Leedle

      Trisha is plain crazy more than the rest!

    73. MomAdventures13

      BUT DID she really tell them ? everytime the drama winds down, trish spikes it back up again... if there was an issue a YEAR ago, why didnt it come out then, if shes such an upfront person? why not shortly afterwards. NOT A YEAR LATER! if a normal person has an issue their going to say something. I honestly think this is nothing but for attention. im over seeing the drama. its happened its done, move the hell on!

    74. That Person Z

      Trisha gonna regret what she said and go running back to Shane-

    75. ꧁ash U-U꧂ ash u

      video sucks, shane and ryland are awesome

    76. PosterChild Apocolypse

      Imagine being the One who is trying to be neutral between two friends instead of taking sides. Trisha didn’t want them to choose, but bottom feeders like y’all do.

    77. PosterChild Apocolypse

      This Aged well. At least we got to see the story of the red horse.

    78. Cindy Salazar T.O.graphyON

      Whenever Jeffree enters a group of friends theirs always drama and people get exposed. I wonder who the problem is? Hmmm

    79. Vitaluv

      Can they just all leave the world and live on pluto by themselves?

    80. Daisy Cutter

      I love how you assume Trisha is not lying. I’ve never liked her

    81. Purple Hawke

      Imagine being cancelled for 8 months straight lol

    82. Purple Hawke

      It’s all about money guys lol and Jeffrey is money to them

    83. claudia marcela mora sabogal


    84. Howard Simcox

      Dude you sound just like creepshowart but at least your content is totally different

    85. Dana Tosi

      I’m sorry but it’s not someone else’s job to end a friendship just because you don’t like that person. That is high school shit. If you don’t like someone, fine, but don’t make everyone of your friends stop their friendships

    86. Lei Cole

      ValenTIMES Day?

    87. Raquelle Fraser

      Did she say valentimes 😭

    88. Phil Morton

      Ryland is a great guy in love with his man, his stuck in the middle, he didn't cause this, get him a break!

    89. Alice Danger

      All of these people need to look at the fact they're friends with each other in the first place and realize they deserve each other. No innocent bystanders here.

    90. B T

      Ok so I think we can all agree the situation is all kinds of messed up, but I personally think Trisha's version of reality is altered. We already know she has very serious mental health issues (maybe they all do, but she's addressed this openly, and we've seen some WILD things from her) and I can see how that would make relationships and friendships extremely difficult. She has a history of getting way too involved in drama and twisting things around to appear like the victim. I'm sure she's telling the truth about being bullied, but I think she might be leaving out how she behaved on that trip. Not justifying what happened; I just don't think it's the whole story

    91. Amy McKay

      I just cannot believe that all of this has stemmed from ADULTS. If anyone, looks up to ANY of these people, you are children. Stan Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore who are stopping child trafficking. Why would you Stan by ADULTS who are literally just crying over gossip. In the real world, if you don’t like someone or the way you talk to them then stop being friends. Simple. Don’t go and tweet, or rant, or Instagram story. Seriously. So embarrassing for adults to behave this way at all. KGup sucks and everyone on it sucks.

      1. Amy Ness

        It's like a freaking high school out there. But I will say that there is some good stuff on KGup, as long as you stay out of political and celebrity stuff.

    92. Animated Weeb

      I fucking hate Ryland but I love Shane so much. I'm so sad that one of my favorite youtubers has stopped. I don't know why Shane was cancelled bc I don't keep up with drama so fill me in.

    93. brownriceandchicken

      can't we just cancel all 3 of them already?? im tired of them

    94. Kapeekola Samsung

      Lol didnt trisha black appropriate

    95. Kapeekola Samsung

      Trisha is like the girl who cried wolf tho she does look like shes been personally attacked and is deeply bothered by this situation lol

    96. Donna Litton

      Did I hear you pronounce it valentiMEs day??

    97. Ivana Sarah

      Adam and eve for over 18? Wow

    98. Eve cooper

      ryland Adams: she passed away? aw aw. alright well

    99. Just2 Vicious

      I never liked ryland 🙄

    100. Tina B

      Trisha proved more than once she likes drama and pushes people to argue and then plays victim...