Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me #2

ZMDE Animations

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    The Among Us series continues! Thank you for 500K subs, let's goooooooooooooo!!!
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    1. Donna Fitz

      Yo Zmde is cyan not it

    2. Thawng Mang

      Hey fam loved your video s

    3. Master DJ Super roblox

      When you say to rose she has love it says there name as little babie

    4. 吴飞飞

      I love you too much 😍🥰😘😚☺️😅

    5. 吴飞飞

      I love you 💕 zmde

    6. Mimi ØWØ


    7. Smitha Leelabai

      I have played with rose more than 10 times

    8. norng sanareth

      Your smart

    9. Beatrice Marques

      ZEMDE following people before saying “ I’m following ........ if I die he sus “ : Me: how does he not die!!? He is alone with someone he’s seeing them some are not doing anything!! How he not die??

    10. BunnyxEditz

      If you play with a person named HoneyBear thats me

    11. Lock Me

      Face reveal

    12. Anniecca Brielle

      its not bois it ls boys

    13. Ricky yan

      did you see Mr cheese that was me

    14. noel vickers

      Haha tmoney lol

    15. jacob

      Oranges voice in the second round is so funny

    16. XxGJ xX

      I saw ya on TikTok

    17. Andres videos

      Rip Fish 😔

    18. Malik Jackson

      i like these videos there good hes like batman a good detective

    19. Aidan Astolfi

      invite rin

    20. Happy flower gaming

      Do you get sad when your friend in amung us leaves

    21. elizabeth barroeta

      Bro, I literally saw Tmoney today in my game 🎮 😂

    22. Rayne Hart


    23. Jill Bayless

      I love among us🥰

    24. Mk Raj

      Love your funny sound

    25. X YTZ

      I recognize that username. I think you were in one of my games or something. My Among Us user was HowDareYou

    26. Raymond Rusielewicz

      I trooll people in among us as zmde

    27. Kathlene Buford

      it is pink you can tell when he ran in elc like he was looking for some one to kill

    28. Maria Ruiz

      Can i join a game whith u

    29. Mckenzie Nurkka

      Can you make more episodes

    30. Bethel Student


    31. Michael french

      I seen you on tik tok

    32. mcs 1975

      Hey well I'm just a fan and I'm not Fan Does that make sense???? ¿¿¿?????

    33. Nyla Saria


    34. Hailu Yimer

      In the first round I already knew it was Tmoney because he was trying to kill fish I think or maybe you, zmde but you did not knew -_- oh and how come you can't find something hard like Tmoney was being followed and then you saw Tmoney chasing someone -_-

    35. Tara Kelly

      I follow you on tt

    36. Jordan Ringo

      good advice

    37. Mau Na

      Among us is fun

    38. Denise Green

      Are you playing in the same lobby as the other vid or is it different I did not look at the times or days u posted both of the vids sorry

    39. Kristina Know

      I saw you in a game!

    40. Rebecca Jordan

      I love how he has a clown face for imposter

    41. Hailey Jai

      Dont say that am just 7

    42. Crazy Squirrel !gaming channel!

      You're a genious man

    43. abu mshoorah &

      Your video is stob

    44. Luke on games_YT RICH

      He is really intelligent!!!!

    45. Plamen Pachov

      On among us my name is also tmoney

    46. Ralfs Cirulis

      When he vanish that whas lag xd



    48. Juris Breidaks

      hands up who wants to play with ZMDE ME

    49. Unicorn V

      Hey ZMDE I am the biggest fans of you and I dress up like you at among us and the name also like you I like you ZMDE

    50. Bailey Ellison

      This is cool stuff

    51. Ekta Italiya

      I love your video' s end sound

    52. iMysarah

      yo i play with u did u sub like u say to?

    53. Kate Matthews

      *is super mean to fish and tells him to stop faking even though he has literally no proof of his guilt* "I still couldn't be sure whether or not he was the impostor." Seemed pretty certain to me

    54. mario de leon

      I like your sus dark voice

    55. Garou The Hero Hunter

      Great vid!

    56. baby poodles

      i only like when you do among us

    57. Lord Drei Skyler R. Cayado

      Wait u did that in oct 28 2020 that was my birthday huuuh

    58. Ashton Lucas

      I love your among us content

    59. Ashton Lucas

      Your so good your like a detective

    60. Lawati Kamandhoj

      Play Among Us map polish

    61. Ray buddy

      Hi i am sadness u see me in among us

    62. 5B02_Axelle & 3C04_Chloe

      I subscribe you nice videos

    63. Mark Opina

      Red Said Lime is light Green

    64. Cake Roll

      1:42 the music is scary it sounds like scp 106 signature sound but diffrent

    65. Aljomase joy Pulido

      I love your videos

    66. Cossar Salesa-Lee

      When he said “This guys my homie” or something like that, I remembered that I played with somebody called Homie and he was my buddy when I was the imposter because he was the imposter to, also I love your videos, good luck!

    67. Lowela michelle Pablo

      Me: I am shadow freddy One moment Me:hey ZMDE ZMDE:what Me:can you help me and shadow Bonnie gay

    68. Harper Craun

      Like that always happens to me everyone disappears without venting

    69. Jose Linares

      Can you keep doing some more among us

    70. Deanna Lopez

      Honestly dude probably have to be the best Minecraft player ever

    71. shen yuan

      I don't like to be the imposter cuz I don't know how to say lies.And I will be nervous sometimes

    72. Froggy Lol

      Tip: if your crewmate look if somebody is faking cams If there faking there imposter if not there crewmate

    73. Leo Figs

      That’s cool you can see that we know it’s light green

    74. Tyler Terrell

      This is the best video I've watched

    75. Liam tv Duro

      Nag go ghost irser na baket na

    76. Jovie Sedik

      You are so funny

    77. V Poulton

      Big babi xD

    78. Mima Uk

      I have among us

    79. Ernst Thomas Jr

      fish and zmde ✌️

    80. Susan Reeds

      Yeah some people like teleport on my device too

    81. Gabe & Zeke Lejeune

      Hey Zen maybe you can start a minecraft sieres on my server but it's not out yet I'll tell u when it's out

    82. vethoven alday


    83. Leal waller


    84. Pedanix

      Make more this is so gooood!

    85. Emma Nucci


    86. Laverne Bakker

      that was the first time ZMDE got voted out

    87. Its_Me _Mikayla

      This is 1 month ago this is the part two i watched and your really cool and have a very big memory and maybe I can trick my friends or players by doing this

    88. Jaguar Gamer

      Lengends Say : Rin is still out there

    89. Reena Alibong

      "I sus red" Red is always sus The memes say it

    90. eleven craft mini sound

      2million iq player ever

    91. Wow craft tutorial by Nehal

      Electrical , medbay, and admin are perfect to search for people

    92. WONG JOSHUA 5a24

      900 IQ

    93. Lip Lop


    94. Hmone and Phone

      The person who played rose could be really guilty about betraying zmde hehe

    95. Andrea Colla

      ZMDE I love your videos please make more among us

    96. THUNDER

      Umm your not a good imposter

    97. Mango Peach

      I love how ZMDE says”how could this be???” When ever he votes out the wrong person when he was so sure lol

    98. Pritam Roy

      Bro your mind is awesome i want to be like you in among us can you please make a video on how to find the imposter with perfect evidence

    99. 4D11李依穎

      I don’t know why all the video the among us people are same like all video have them

    100. darkplayz gaming

      I like when fish says “hey man”