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    ► Playing HIDE & SEEK with CUSTOM FORTNITE Skins!
    Today I used Custom Fortnite Skins to Cheat in a Hide & Seek. I was hiding as Chicken and Raptors. I was pretty much using Invisible Skins and it was Impossible to find me!
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    1. sneep

      the seeker is a really funny and good looking guy!

      1. Ryan Williams


      2. Ryan Williams


      3. Tokyo_Goulzz


      4. King Of Fortnite

        Bru your that guy

      5. sasha nobleglube


    2. RDO22X

      done if you can can i get a skin that has: head: manic body: blue lighting hoodie legs: red pants with red lightning my name RDO22X

    3. velliepellie

      My skin :Juventus training Brown hair Jordan shoes

    4. Chloe_ _EllaC

      My name is

    5. Random js

      The first seeker is trolling

    6. nicolai schølin

      Can you pls make a skin to me if you want do this rich and the danish flag epic:nico_er sej

    7. Assasinator Gaming

      Bro pls give me battlepass epic Raagghav Coral

    8. Pur1fyed

      Yo Trimix it’s my birthday this week and would love my own fortnite skin It should have brown hair with blonde highlights and an Arsenal football kit with number 7 on it and should have brown eyes too

    9. Jordan Pierce

      Love trimmix

    10. Savage Bros


    11. Scuttler Gaming

      Pls can I have a custom skin, I have been subscribed for a while my username is Scuttler10 and I would like my custom skin to be a black robot with glowing blue stripes on him

    12. Tom Lang

      Hi sneep

    13. Dani Elle

      Dinosaur skin

    14. beli vuk90

      Plssssss Galaxy renegade raider nick Slime gamer7660

    15. beli vuk90

      Pls Galaxy renegade raider

    16. beli vuk90

      Plsss Galaxy renegade raider

    17. beli vuk90

      Pls Galaxy renegade raider

    18. beli vuk90

      Pls Galaxy renegade raider nick is:Slime gamer7660

      1. beli vuk90


    19. Tiffany Hoover

      I want the skin with jordens long sleeve black and black jacket with spikes and addias pants and a digital hacker mask please and thank you

    20. Colton Kvinsland

      i want a fortnite skin : suprise me!!!

    21. The Davenports

      I would like a milatary skin please i want my own skin

    22. Mark Anthony Araojo

      Any skin dude I like any skin user:gelo03

    23. king zay

      i want a skin plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    24. Jordan Valencia

      Make me a baby Yoda skin pls my fortnite account name is luckygunner229

    25. Fazedagoat Faded

      The dionos ware extinct in 80,000 years ago

    26. Leo Farmen

      beast boy my name is bear fookker69

    27. Adventure Of Stuff

      I want a dragon with blue flames with a red jacket(im subscribed)my user name is HyperFusion

    28. TheNoobOfDays

      I subbed Can i pls get a Skin PLSSSSSSSSSS Purple hoodie Black Jacket White shirt Black Pants Purple shoes And Purple Pupils Black Skin like Really Black And black Eyes not pupils

    29. qurze_77x

      Rengade raider with supreme outfit! That would make my day

    30. green ninja

      Pleas i won my own skin hi is lokink black armor on it balck hoodie a gas mask on it face black pants and black airpotse

    31. Faiq Alyasare

      Your playing with tiger

    32. Alfred Mukarker

      My skin whorls be a dark black night

    33. Tranyree Sargent

      Can I get a dream skin? If u don’t know who he is he has a smiley face mask, blond hair, green hoodie, and black or brown shoes or any color also love ur vids!

    34. Game girl Fortnight

      I want my skin like: A blonde girl with a hoddy and a wolf on is head

    35. Daniel Kapelkin

      I would like to have the renegade radar

    36. Paighton Weber


    37. Muhayr Bille

      You meant Dinosaur

    38. Trey Darbouze


    39. Garrett Morrissey

      Can you make a Eminem skin

    40. Joey B

      how do you become the raptor?

    41. Jessica Robertson

      My fortnight name is BigKei07

    42. darkking

      My fortnite skin red eyes black shirt blue pants

    43. Golden Handcuffs

      I want a cat one

    44. GG_AMIR_GG

      You not my friend 😭in very love youuuu My id shooter21212

    45. Jacob the bot Fortnite

      Can my skin be like cap mask 😷 Gucci pants and shirt

    46. Rick Sanchez


    47. noi the gamer

      I subbed too you and liked. Can you create an among us imposter skin plz

    48. Merab Noniashvili

      please i wont tony stark+ninja, red hat. my name is mernoni

    49. Jason Getz

      I won't my skin to be all rame bow

    50. janeth lozada

      I want my skin look like Blue raz

    51. T.J. Oakley

      Please I want my own skin it should be a kid boy with beast boys head on it except his hair black and brown with light brown skin with a small Killua hoodie from the anime hunter x hunter hoodie off and neon bucket hat black Champion shorts and white socks with clean air force 1s I liked subscribed and turned on notifocations

    52. jany medina

      pls my skin

    53. Ruzica Soldo

      Please i want my skin and its a bendy skin black and white

    54. OGNEON

      I like vids please make a skin for me Football player Gucci pants Black nike black watch

    55. Isaiah Bourne


    56. Ninja

      I want to school trooper

    57. Spideykid gamer

      Can I have my own skin I’ve been subed for years I want it to be spider man in fortnite but he’s a kid

    58. Anthony Beard

      I can play but I don't have my own objects to play on but just send me something and I want my skin to have I want a Gucci belt with a Gucci shirt Gucci shoes and Gucci pants and I want a I have hat

    59. Michael Martin

      A RAPTOR

    60. ALFA ROMEO

      I did and I want my skin with white jazzes and a Gucci shirt and Gucci pants

    61. Deonte Donelson Jr

      Could you make a skin out of me

    62. Harrysul Gaming

      I am a subscriber so my skin would have A white hood Instead of a normal head a black snake head with red eyes Black pants and black hands but you can’t see the arms from the white hoodie White shoes Also my username HARRYSUL22 so can you friend me that would be amazing

    63. Messi Fan

      Please make me a Messi skin

    64. Caitlin Holt

      I want a DJ Christmas skin my account name is seaholt7 I play on Xbox

    65. XBL Mortal

      4:51 How I would feel if I lost my mom phone she walks in the room with a belt

      1. Joey B


    66. GhostVenom

      I want a demon skin with a black face and red eyes robot legs and hands.

    67. Deonte Cotton

      i suscribe

    68. Deonte Cotton

      like a ranger skin

    69. great mate

      Sneep calls eating pizza dancing

    70. Exox -

      Today man

    71. Formula !

      can i please have my own skin my usar is formula 395 it should have a pink gaul head half skelaton torso with blue hoodie green camo pants even if u dont make me my own skin i hope you have a awsome day


      Snow renaged Rader plz snow and ice

    73. Connor Thompson

      Your face can I have a skin in Hazard to have black skin or gray skin with a hoodie that matches his skin color and a restaurant over his black is one of his black eyes and he has some gloves and make his hoodie has a scarf around it and make him have some Nikes and Macon have blue sweats or black

    74. Jo Conroy

      I have subscribed and I really want a Star Wars soretrooper skin


      I'm subscrided since 2020 and I want my skin to have the hair that junkook but the hair should be purple and then I want a black t sirt and a thick army hoodie with a zipper then some normal black pants and some Jordans

    76. Lee Symes

      My epic name is happyharry76

    77. Thunder Shocks With Hudson

      He shod lock lick be war wig a red hody red pans an my fas an send it to me

    78. Kristyn Lakey

      I want my skin to be bumbelbee.😍

    79. King Legened

      Can I get a skin with a blue Gucci hat hoddie and shorts all blue hole outfit please urn YRN_ASTON2011 all capital

    80. Op_ Ruby

      Can you make me a fortnite skin I want my skin to have the head as a ruby and all the other parts look like crystals

    81. Jennifer Sweetser

      You should definitely have a Power Ranger ecstatic and you definitely have a gold and annex

    82. Jessica Pantoja

      And the bell

    83. Jessica Pantoja

      I like the video my name is BiGNiG8239

    84. BlankKnight

      I would want my skin to be A glowing gold knight, like a mix of, ultima knight, and menace, and you can add some other stuff that you think looks good, So please make me one ty.

    85. A!DOS GAM!NG

      I don’t have discord and may I pls have a brown hair guy with light brown skin and very buff with a tattoo on its shoulder that says 999 and if you want more deatail add me my iD is CG_AIDOS and I subbed btw pls have a good day.



    87. ZamGod

      I want my own skin pls!!

    88. morg9090 morg9090

      Make me Pepe the frog pls

    89. sad lemon with bloody teeth

      The 'when I was born I got two ears' got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. raul Martinez

        How do I get so

    90. Christian Mahadeo

      Pls trimix me a skin

    91. Christian Mahadeo

      Yo trimix can I pls have a skin I love your videos every video makes me better in fortnite I really need a skin because my Nintendo broke and am getting a new one and I don’t no the password for the account I have a account that o now the password but I don’t have a lot of skins I only have 5 skins I really want one skin if you can pls make me a skin

    92. Tiger Gaming

      what software did u use for this

    93. becky scott

      I want it to be like a face tv playing the chug jug song with a T. rex body

    94. Andrew and mommy’s account. Using voice activate

      I want to be in in one of the previous videos so could you make me the video if you do I will give you Charmander Pokémon go

    95. Callum Ryan

      Can I have the chicin

    96. Veron Bierton

      I want my own skin the head should be a cow head the arms should be 2 Minecraft pickaxes and the body should be a pork chop and his legs needs to be lamps

    97. Lionel & Lana & Lucas games

      I subscribed to your channel and I want my skin to have galaxy clothes even galaxy shoes and galaxy hair and blue face and white eyes

    98. Gaege Hankins

      A basketball Jersey that is Hankins in the back that’s number one

    99. Tiaan Brand

      A wolf

    100. fornite gamergirl01

      I want my skin to look : A girl version of Ikonic With a red mini dress A black face mask Black hair And a hoddie