BIG30 - First Day Out (Official Music Video)

The Official Big30

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    Official music video for "First Day Out" by BIG30

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    1. Aggravated Toast

      Big old Gucci vibes from this 🔥🔥🔥

    2. Aggravated Toast

      First time hearing this nigga and he snapped hard as fuck will definitely be staying tuned in 🔥

    3. see would

      “Brushing chichi’s out my VVs...”

    4. DaRealJaa Dawgg

      yeaaa he blanking 💥💤

    5. Roe Official Beatz

    6. Roe Official Beatz

    7. d w . Baltimore


    8. Stephan Williams


    9. Hen Yung

      Subscribe to "Da Shoota" Lafamilia Monopoly

    10. Greatness

      Big slime king cobra cross u out fuck u over

    11. Greatness

      U got the right to remain silent how tf u still snitch 💯

    12. Jr Bands

      Gang brlllllllld

    13. Blakk Moneii

      You know we kill S🐍ihhitt 😂😂😂😂‼️

    14. Brahbra ThumIn

      Big 30 snapped 💯

    15. Globalass Kerry


    16. Isaiah Ferro

      everybody go check my music on instagram zi_famous

    17. Yeeb OBABY

      This n Lil Durk - Fabricated is my two favorite songs off 2020 💯

    18. robert mosquera

      Haven’t heard a first day out song this hard since tee Grizzley

    19. Lil Kardia


    20. Black G


    21. LitezOwt14


    22. The Baddie


    23. Leroy Baxter

      He got that flo that make u wanna smack ur mom

    24. DEREK Owens

      How you,go make a first,day out u been only Locked up 5 r 6 days,nigga go hard!!!!!

    25. Trigger Tazzz

      1017 on top of da game out da gate 😤

      1. Deng Ajuet

        He not 1017. He signed to moneybagg

    26. Sky Alexx

      💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 Bop bop

    27. WidmoCiała


    28. Mula 4L

      October haddalottaa stickss envolved

    29. jonezboy518

      Bruh your music gets me down the interstate and definitely motivational music keep running it bruh💯

    30. regina humphrey

      This is my very first time ever hearing this song.This song is Pure Flames!!!!

    31. Eastside Rider

      They need a collaboration album like 👍 🔥 if you want that real smoke 🚬 🔥 💯 👌

    32. Eastside Rider

      I thought pooh shiesty was fire 🔥 man both these niggas bout set the game up nbs

    33. IceMan P

      This shit sooo hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:00

    34. Salax

      BIG 30

    35. KingBanz

      Big 30 just killed that shit fr he got a beast flow and he real wit it

    36. Michael Bryant

      🖕 da haters dis bih 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    37. chrisbacon

      only 5 days big 30 chill lmao

    38. Kendrick Thompson

      fire big 30

    39. Babyjthegamer

      You got the right to remain silent and how you still snitch

    40. All Blax

      Between Detroit and Memphis they been killing this year on god

    41. Wonda Mgm

      Makes you wanna rip a hellcat 🔥🌧️

    42. lil dj

    43. Jonathan Wilson

      You know we kill shit

      1. crippinass 60s

    44. Ace Hardy

      Wishing you the best

      1. crippinass 60s

    45. Theresa Whitfield


      1. crippinass 60s

    46. drew23 Tv

      Big 30 the best to me i fw him 😈🔥

      1. crippinass 60s

    47. doudy flex

      Big 30

    48. Big Preme'

      This shit hard

      1. crippinass 60s

    49. Yrn Cam

      See u Next Week Big30..other den dat manz hard asf🔥🔥

      1. crippinass 60s

    50. Trey Rollins

      He ah real bitch 💯💯

    51. Hot Sauce

      Sound like key glock beat...kill switch....i hear the connection

      1. crippinass 60s

    52. King Rozay

      No cap this shii viral till Finland🚀🙏🏿

      1. Godofbars

    53. Erv Gotti


      1. Godofbars

    54. justTwist _-_


      1. crippinass 60s

    55. Sam Shears

      Told yall bout 3months ago Memphis rappers taking over in 2021 am 58yrs of age

      1. crippinass 60s

    56. Form Swift

      all the dislikes prolly his opps cuz he too fire

      1. Form Swift

        crippinass 60s meh it’s no first day out

      2. crippinass 60s

    57. Shai Mbayise

      Memphis and Atlanta are in neck n neck

      1. crippinass 60s

    58. sosa hendrix

      So we gon ignore the fact them mfs slidin srts like they some go karts or sum?

      1. crippinass 60s

    59. king j.j

      59k subs and got 1mill + every video this nigga different

      1. crippinass 60s

      2. Godofbars

    60. Samuel Lee Burgin II

      What up way? israel? Hendo County jail. (N.C.) 🙏 What up fam? No fear.. Get me in...

      1. crippinass 60s

      2. Godofbars

    61. Samuel Lee Burgin II

      Gawd damn 😳

      1. Godofbars

    62. Μάρκος Βικάτος

      What's big30 's real name ?

      1. Godofbars

    63. Varityy

      Now THIS is what you call Memphis murder music 🔥🔥🔥🔥 been on repeat

    64. Nicole Howard


      1. Godofbars

    65. DeAndre Goins

      Drop a song with yo gotti that bit gone do numbers

    66. Luke Thompson

      This shit too hard 🔥

      1. Godofbars

    67. Trap G.O.D


    68. 1bigbanktrell

      dis nigga my favorite rapper

      1. Godofbars

    69. trey patterson

      Knock shit back gang you know we kill shit 💥💥💥💥💥💥

      1. Godofbars

    70. Rayshawn Stimpson


    71. kevin tuguta


    72. Junior Gomez

      “Get the Cheese Cheese out my VV’s” 🔥

      1. Boomane Gaffle

        “Brushin ChiChi’s out my VV’s” ❗️

    73. Nathaniel Dixon

      Goof ass outta here 😂😂they hot tho 🤝

      1. Godofbars

    74. Elie Richard

      Glad mike jones focusing on music again 🙏🏿

      1. Godofbars

    75. Jay Bandz


      1. Godofbars

    76. Tha Boot

      You got yhe right to remain silent. how you still snitch? your big homie got mines 10 he a real bitch 🔥🔥

      1. Godofbars

    77. crippin6ig

    78. Gerry Adams

      Crips running the rap game you love to see 🍇💙

      1. crippin6ig

    79. baco 313

    80. Erick B

      Put this on Apple Music

      1. crippin6ig

    81. Michael Drawdy

      Man he got love coming from North Carolina blrrd

      1. crippin6ig

    82. Coach Peeples #AD #3

      Peace. Fye record 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

      1. crippin6ig

    83. Joel Scott


      1. crippin6ig

    84. J Bernhardt

      anyone rockin socks an sandals is my dog.

      1. J Bernhardt

        @crippin6ig i like that lil chicago touch yall dropped.

      2. crippin6ig

    85. Baroe 2X

    86. Crystal Hunter

      I'm sallt mama 🔥😉

      1. crippin6ig

      2. Crystal Hunter

        He ready 🤞

    87. TayySoWavy

      My favorite part was when he said nfncjdjdjejejtnttnnjsiehriiamzkfkfkekkskfjtntn

      1. crippin6ig

    88. Batman

      Yo you got mad love coming from dayton ohio 💪🙌💯 big30 🔥 idgaf what anybody says. Memphis is not playin around

      1. crippin6ig

    89. Noah Baker

      Out in kansas & Memphis got the game on lock

      1. crippin6ig

    90. One OfAKind

      30 gonna last longer than shiesty

      1. crippin6ig

    91. Reggie Gwaupo

    92. MoGottii2x

      What he get jammed for

      1. crippin6ig

    93. Ish Bzg

      🐍 💯💯

      1. crippin6ig

    94. tlpsp spurlock

      creedence clearwater revival

      1. crippin6ig

    95. Greg T

      Big Daddy Jumpin Harder than str8 drop out da Pot!!!

    96. Form Swift


      1. crippin6ig

    97. v4pxr

      is hard bein in jail in 3 days🤧 thats why he made this

      1. crippin6ig

    98. Syrup Sweet

      Y’all never let no ceo in life play wit you or man never ever in life y’all came to far to be tested by anybody arogants just saying , y’all did it right sign wit this u sign with dat An we gonna get the bands til y’all can bring some shit to all one...I’m just speaking as a young o.g Dnt ever ever Dnt givafuxk because y’all bust for y’all stripes not to be discredited nor tooking away

      1. crippin6ig

    99. Miguel Martin

      Hard out 💥💥

      1. crippin6ig

    100. Goated_don

      963 dislikes from idiots

      1. crippin6ig