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    1. Tom MacDonald

      I LOVE YOU BRO!!! Nova does too. This was the realest reaction I ever seen. Keep your fingers crossed that the world opens up...I’m taking you to WrestleMania if is still goes down in LA!!! RIP your Mamma ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Amanda Redeagle

        I needed to see some real shit this morning from humanity. I am so sorry u had to see that happen to ur precious momma🥺

      2. Patrioness Simone

        @thehairyhayes Firts let me say ThankQ 😌 it is much appreciated as I will pray for you as well ... I'm so sorry for your loss as well 🙏🏼🤍🙏🏼 Second I've been meaning to reply to this for some time now ... things got up & down w/my mom & a 5 yr old cousin both w/what's looking like its goin to be end stage cancer ... but you have no idea how much of a Godwink your repky was ! My nephew's name is Hayes & hairy means something too ! When you spoke of your wife I thought about who I found in my life & thinking that it was God's way of answering me that ... yea ... I've found the one ... bad timing 🤣 but its all in God's timing tho 💯 I sit here typing this not knowing where my next anything is coming from AND w/out theedacine I need ... so needes to say ... I'm scared ... but ... I'm not gonna stop hanging onto God... honestly the one thing on my mind for days now was trying to make time to get back to this comment to reply ... only reason why I can think of is not only was it a sign for me but that God's got something he wants to show you &/or someone else as well ... & no matter how bad things get in my life ... I always want to make sure that I'm used by God to bless others ... even in this small way. I hope you find comfort in Gods strength & I hope that you are blessed beyond measure ... if you ever meed prayer for anything ( about all I can do to help ) just let me know I can leave a comment of my email up long enough for you to retrieve... whatever it is God's showing you I hope you realize that its because only you can do it & that you're important & have a part to play... all things work to the good of those that love the lord ... he loves us where we're at ... not how we clean up inside or out. I hope this finds you well all who read this too ... w/🤍 & God Bless ... Patrioness 🙏🏼🤍🙏🏼

      3. Joseph N Lambert Sr.

        Keep your head up simba

      4. Joseph N Lambert Sr.


      5. Joseph N Lambert Sr.

        My pawpaw was told he had 8-12 months and died 2 weeks later

    2. Willie Desmond

      Boo huu tom loving this shit

    3. Garry Sutherland

      Have lost family to cancer man I know how bad it sucks. RIP momma simba

    4. Don Dayter

      Songs like this are powerful in a positive and emotional way. Tom is a great lyricist!

    5. Vivek Prakash

      I'm sure your mom is looking down proud bro. Big love

    6. Joshua Dejesus

      Just lost someone today to cancer so this shit hits so fucking hard 😢

    7. BABY GIRL


    8. Abagail Steensgard

      Simba i completely understand how you feel. I lost my grandma 10 years ago from cancer. She was my biggest hero and influence. I know your mom is proud of the man you have become. Keep being the great person you are. RIP your momma

    9. Jon Smith

      You ain't got to say sorry brother I lost my grandma to cancer I chose not to see her during her last few days cause I couldn't handle that at 15 and it hurts when I think bout her I was I could of seen her one last time

    10. Ashley Envy

      Whoever dislikes this video deserves to step on every lego for the rest of their life


      I see your reaction, and I feel your pain. I lost my wife of 27 years, September 4,2018 and the pain is still as strong as it was the morning she passed on. She had Pancreatic Cancer which only has a 6% survival rate. Stay strong brother, we'll beat it.

    12. Greg Drenga

      Love you simba love This channel

    13. zigzag89 zigzag89

      My mom's recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She's the first in my family to have cancer. I've just found lumps in my breast and lymph node. I'm terrified. I have a 4yr old and 9yr old, no family but my mom, no friends no support. Please pray for me

    14. Alice Barbiestein

      I love you so much that was beautiful I cry every time too hehe

    15. Mike Schwind

      Yo Simba bro I love your videos man and this one definitely hits home with me. Earlier this year I lost my mom to Nueroendocrine Cancer. I definitely know your pain on that day I lost my best friend the one person that no matter what always had my back and as a single dad with full custody she was a mom to my daughter. Man this song hit me hard. I love it

    16. Amanda Redeagle

      I luv the way u say subscribed, 👏😘

    17. Alice Barbiestein

      Awwwh I love you so much! I love your genuine reaction may your mother Rest In Peace, hun

    18. William Mason

      Ghosts yup love me mom

    19. William Mason

      Cancer yup😭 and weed 😍 hospital love weed 😍

      1. William Mason

        Solider army

    20. Wandering Nomad

      This hit like a ton of bricks. I looked at his release date and it was one day after I was diagnosed with skin cancer. This is my anthem to keep fighting. Definitely earned my sub for the personal message at the end. Im going to fight this and I will win. I'm going to try to vlog my journey if you want to stop by. Thank you for this reaction brother.

    21. RAGE SLAYER867

      There was someone I didn’t like and we had our differences but when I found out he had cancer I put the differences aside we didn’t like each other but when I heard he had cancer I put my differences aside from him and I walked up to him gave him a hug and told him we may have our differences but I will be here with you every step of the way until your cancer has been beaten

    22. Your Name Here

      I had no idea you lost your mom to cancer man 😖, I lost mine to cancer as well 5 years ago, I cried with you 💯

    23. Joseph N Lambert Sr.

      My pawpaw died from cancer and I liev anyone who's been through this

    24. I Am Me

      This song hit me hard. In April my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I'm going to do a no no and post a link to a fundraiser. I am not asking anyone to donate, I am asking people to share it please please please share it so that we can help my dad be able to pay for the medicine he needs, his bills, even his food.

    25. Pam Wyonch

      Sending hugs i lost my mama in 2014 to cancer tom hit it with this song

      1. SimbaTv

        much love!

    26. David Hobson

      The 7 dislikes can go fuck themselves

    27. Dez Ritter

      Love you simba! Thank you for the REAL reaction, the emotion, the tears, the deep breathes, you can see you lived that song. Keep spreading the message and keep kicking ass. Your mama is proud!

      1. SimbaTv

        much love

    28. CaptainKid885

      Who ever left a dislike should go burn in a fire Your mom was an amazing person and you were so lucky to have her RIP ❤

    29. Finbar Erskine

      Keep strong 💪🏽 🙏

    30. Deana Smith

      Thank you for this Reaction... you are Always so genuine!! I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and my oldest son has Survived ALL Leukemia 3 times. 3 when he was diagnosed and had a NRD Bone Marrow Transplant in 2011. He was 13 then he just celebrated his 23rd birthday and besides some residual effects we are both Going Strong... #FuckCancer

      1. SimbaTv


    31. Finbar Erskine


    32. allthebars

      I cried with you bro, my mother was was of the lucky ones to beat cancer and I'm not a believer in god but damn right I was praying she would. Mad love bro keep your head up ❤💜

    33. Teri Lee

      Thank you Simba stage 4 breast cancer it's like I'm living hard as I can only to know next stage dont exist I love my family so I fight so hard but I love the Lord to I guess I cant lose idk anymore RIP to your mom Simba yes the treatments are killing me faster

    34. Sabrina Harding

      Im so sorry about your mom. Mine just passed this past May. Wasn’t cancer but she had MS and died unexpectedly. I didn’t know she had other things going on. She was only 44. Still haven’t been able to accept it.

    35. Nicholas Williams

      I lost my mother to lung cancer this past December two days after Christmas. I am right there with you, man. Spent every day of my life taking care of her for two years -- she was my best friend, and I miss her every single day. Stay solid, man. You got my appreciation for this video.

    36. David Evans

      Much love g this channel is awesome bro keep it up and rest easy to your momma ❤️❤️

    37. Xx Saucy

      MAN this hits me hard. I just lost my dad to cancer 2 weeks ago.

      1. SimbaTv

        Sorry for your lost

    38. Sally Gentry

      SUB’D AND LIKED, God Bless..He is amazing ❤️

      1. SimbaTv


    39. Caleb Colletti

      Simba your mom may not be there anymore physically but her spirits lives and walks with you everyday. Keep strong brother

    40. Caleb Colletti

      "Fight if you have it and pray there's something after this"... thats versus was so deep. Tear jerker

    41. kuntryslim318 bound

      Fuck I started crying too! My grandma had breast cancer (survivor) my mom just got over skin cancer, and alot of my family on both my mom and dad's side died from cancer 😭👍🏻🤘🏻

    42. Nomo 4u

      Dawg this hits deep my grandma passed away on Memorial Day from her battle with cancer. She fought a strong 8 years R.I.P lola Rose may your soul rest in paradise.

    43. Renee Taylor

      yep hes gonna keep talking, i hope yall listen cuz they are gonna kill him for speaking so much truth. they gotta keep us down

    44. mark russell

      Sorry for your lost 😔

    45. Jeff Day

      Amazing reaction, to a very deep song. I dont know how anyone who's listened to it has not broke down. Ever since I put the cd in the cd player and heard this song and it first hit tears every time. I have friends and family currently fighting this fight and think about them everyday.

    46. the English Rocker

      I lost my mom in 97 to a very violent aggressive cancer that ripped her body apart for 8 months,I took a year off work to be there for her,I lost both sets of grandparents to cancer ,I lost 2 of my aunties to cancer,I lost an uncle to cancer,i lost my sister to cancer,i almost lost my brother to hodgkins,almost lost my wife to breast cancer and now I have stage 4 cancer and have been told to make the best of the next few months,looks like I get to be with mom soon,cancer sucks it really does

    47. Matthew Mohri

      Seriously I can relate. No my mom doesn't have cancer. She is 80yrs. old and has COPD, on Oxygen 24-7, and I watch her continually smoke. Everyday it's hell but I'm there for her and do the best I can to take care of her. No point in asking her to quit b/c I've asked that most of my life since I was a child. Now watching her die(she is doing her best to keep in good spirits)is like an on going funeral. You stay up later at night now to listen if a coughing attack is going to go into something you need to call an ambulance for. You sleep lighter even when you do sleep. Tom this song hit us hard and with pure honesty, the world thanks you for this b/c as so many say, you say what people don't have the courage to say and you own up to it. Peace. Thank you Simba for reviewing this and thank you Tom MacDonald for having the courage to do and say what you say. Peace and much love, health, success, and safety to you, your friends, and loved ones.

    48. N Sain

      Much love from the 775, Simba. Your mama is proud of you for sure brother!

    49. Mattcarpenter 045

      Simba tv i really want to thank tom for making this song it reminds me so much of my grandpa who passed away earlier in the year from lung cancer and it hit me the hardest so for tom to talk about this topic it makes me think of my grandpa and i would do anything to see him one more time tom thanks for the song TOM AND NOVA U ROCK!!

    50. MBJ_JBM

      Crying with you Standing with you Even if I never felt the pain Ill pray and believe in the strength that those who fight this Is stronger then superhero’s in movies I only know one person that died of cancer and her love was strong Despite me not being one of her own she taught me to love nature and stand strong with family If it wasn’t for her, I would be out in the streets cause no one would’ve adopted me Thank You Grandma RIP Betty Johnson❤️🦅

    51. Jacob Causey

      Tom macdonald is a goat in my book. already. Sorry for ur lost and my heart goes out to everyone that is having to go through this or has been through this

    52. Floyd Hansen

      my grandpa currently has cancer now not sure if he can live through it if hes not gonna make it at all

    53. David Jeffers

      We love you Simba! Thank you for always keeping it real...

    54. Kelvin Milner

      It’s all good brother. I’ve heard this song plenty of times and teared up almost every time. Tears don’t make you weak. Dealing with your emotions makes you strong my brother. Tom definitely hit a nerve with a lot of people with this song. And I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

    55. Amanda Tardy

      I’m crying this song hits hard my nanny has stage 3 colon cancer took her to her first chemo treatment today this is so hard I’m trying to be strong for her but it’s so hard...we lost my papa 2 months ago from kidney failure 😔 this song is the best

    56. Max Wood

      Sorry you lost your mom brother, lost my dad at 50. Now I'm fighting colon cancer at 39. Tom got me too on this one, much love man keep up the good work.

    57. Matthew Whale

      Look up a book called the hundred years lie

    58. Chris Stewart

      Whoever disliked this video hang your heads in shame!!!!!!

    59. Tim Camille

      Man. Watching you cry made me cry bro. Lost my grandfather to cancer too and he was my best friend. Much love bro youre the realest youtuber for reaction videos and all and also your music is great too i heard it. But thanks man for sharing your story about this topic with us. ✊✊✊ keep on fighting to anyone who is going through this stuff too. Much love to the world and im smoking my weed to everyone out there

      1. SimbaTv


    60. Michael Lee

      The 6 people who disliked this are str8 trash! 🖕

    61. Jay Meurer

      Fighting cancer myself

    62. Erik Lambert

      Love this. 44 and have had it twice after the army. The hardest is having 3 girls and can't quit. But this is life. Sucks. But it is a beautiful ride.

    63. Danny Godlike Sondervorst

      Im not crying im just cutting an onion,your reaction and pain broke my heart dude im sorry about ur mom

      1. SimbaTv

        Much love

    64. CJ da one

      I love you simba 100% Seeing your reaction made me cry so much cause my dad is struggling with stage 3 colon cancer rn😭 it’s been a very difficult time for me and thank you for helping me get through these hard times😭❤️🙏🏻

    65. Chad Claude

      Loved everything about you and this song, ty both for being real!

    66. Michael Scott

      Your emotions hit me square in the feelers. You had a 6'9" 300lb guys eyes following


      Sorry for your loss, brother.I lost my Dad from Bone Cancer four years ago. When we cry it shows our humanity. Keep your head up brother.

    68. dychui

      No shame at all in crying when you are moved. It’s the greatest accomplishment of an artist to make someone feel something. Rest In Peace to your mother

    69. William Holland

      Sorry about your mom. I lost my brother to cancer recently and my dad 15 years ago.

      1. SimbaTv

        MUCH LOVE

    70. Zip Ties and French Fries

      I’m sorry about your momma, cancer affects us all. I had stage 3 Hodkins lymphoma when I was 20... shit was rough, but you can’t give up. I was scared if I got it again, would I be able to beat it. So far so good, hasn’t come back yet. Love y’all

    71. adoracle1

      My condolences on your Mama's passing, sweet Simba. She is resting in peace that is what happens when we die, our souls sleep, will be woken at the resurrection and it will seem as if only seconds have gone by since we passed. Nothing to fear...God is Love, I am sure you know your Mama is loved and protected in her sleep. Much love little brother.

    72. Hungsolow 28

      Man this video hit so hard, simba you weren't the only one with tears during this one.

    73. Corey Moore

      Man let it out this song hits deep much respect for u and Tom

    74. carlo pietrantonio

      Everyone go follow no Shaq life.

      1. SimbaTv


    75. oddMissJane k

      I have 5 more years of after care medication low dose chemo before I am cleared of my cancer struggle. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    76. Crow of Ill-Will

      I am sorry for your loss. Your mom is with you in your heart and is making you stronger.

    77. Dirty Dan

      you sound like XXX dude big facts , sorry for your moms loss i know that pain with the organ failure heart goes out to you

    78. Jacob Watts

      My mom lost her fight last year so I understand the pain. Rest in peace to your mom. I know it's hard but she is with you and I can almost guarantee she is proud of who you are.

    79. TaLi JaMir


    80. Andrew Beard

      Every time I watch a reaction on this it makes me cry and makes me think of my dad who died of cancer in 2016. It’s the worst feeling losing someone at 13 years old and I think everyday that there could be a cure for it

    81. Jeremy Cohn

      Much love brother, I feel your pain I lost my mom,dad, grandma and Aunts and Uncles to cancer it sucks so bad this song really hit the heart stings. #FKCANCER

    82. Jacob Loehne

      Very Sorry for the loss God bless I know the feeling !

    83. juan rivera

      It hits hard lost my grandma to cancer. And for the people that have cancer, you need to fight for your life. My mom has diabetes its not like cancer but she's getting weaker and time to time I feel like she can't be strong for ever. I cry and try no think that she's growing older and becoming weaker. 😭

    84. TLaVoie13

      For the 3 people who disliked this video go fuck yourself

    85. Katie Blissenbach

      God bless you and your family

    86. Swisscheese17 Wyles

      I have a feeling that people won't believe me but.. I want to make a cure and I'm going to make one. Im planning on being an Epidemiologist which is a scientist who studies diseases and make cures. I have the motivation, the drive, and the energy to make cures. I already plan on making other cures for other diseases! It will take a while because it takes 6 to 12 years of college and then training. My family is going through a lot of heart diseases and so am I. I want to make cures because my mom has a ton of heart problems! At age 37 she had her first heart attacks and strokes at age 41 half her heart is dead and now she has to wear Oxygen all the time. Life is very difficult and the world has a lot of problems already and I want to fix them but with the medical field. I had a teacher who passed away from cancer in 2018 and I went to her viewing and she didn't look the same because the cancer changed her. I known her for a very long time and it hurt a lot because I never knew she would die so young. Not a lot of people knew she had cancer because she hid it so well. That's why I want to make a change! I don't understand it why cigarettes are still available to buy and dip and all of this other nasty and addicting products are still being sold. It shouldn't be that way. Simba, you and your family and your mom who passed inspire's me to keep doing what I'm going to do and if you see me on tv you'll know we did it. Trust me, I will help you some way! It might not be today or tomorrow but itll happen and you'll know it. I want people to know that I love helping people and I was born to do that. I hate seeing people deal with diseases and not having a cure to change their life so they can live their best life, and people need that. I'm sorry that your mom passed and that kills me because I know you love your mom dearly and will never change that. Your mom loves you. Stay safe and healthy. Bye!

    87. Caleb Teabo

      Dude these are hard reactions to watch for me dude. I had cancer when I was 1 to 6 years and I can say from experience it is a very hard thing to fight

    88. Tony Carrico

      F cancer is such a good song bro

    89. Devin rustynail Carper

      Sending hugs buddy

    90. Victor Dupre

      simba thats why you are on my list your heart.. the love and respect sorry for your mom but thank god for her giving us you. but for the good you do much love .........

    91. Big Lurch

      Much love and respect Simba. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. To everyone who is fighting much love anx respect. Stay strong my prayers and thoughts are with you. God bless

    92. Caveman

      You should listen to the message by big smo! Absolutely amazing song but it makes me smile and tear up like a mf everytime

    93. cb faith

      best reaction i have seen thanks for keeping it real this is one of the best songs Tom has done..know how you feel i watched my grandpa die from Cancer it was the hardest thing i ever had to do but it also taught my how strong and brave he was

    94. Kyle Hearnsberger

      My continued condolences, Simba. Like I’d said before once or twice, ya ever feel the need to have someone to talk to, I have your back, man. Heart goes out to you and all the family. Monday Night Raw, in my own opinion at least, has picked up a little bit in the last few weeks or so. Sadly can’t watch Friday Night Smackdown, but in a way I’m glad I can’t because that story between Rey Mysterio, his family and Seth Rollins is getting on my nerves. That whole “Messiah Rollins” needs to change up......maybe even back to “Seth Freakin’ Rollins”. I hope peace comes to you through the sadness, man. Hate to see genuinely kind and cool people sad, man.

    95. Justin Deyoung

      Very sorry to hear about your mom brother I cant imagine the pain, and even thinking about losing my parents hurts so much, they are always with us!

    96. iiSlappz

      Get this to a million views for Simbas mom we Love you simba keep making dope reaction videos...much love from West Virginia

    97. Nightmare

      Awesome reaction man.

    98. Bob Biniaszewski

      Billions of dollars , no cure ! ???????????????

    99. Jigsaw SCO

      i consider myself emotionless but this video completely broke me god damn

    100. Cody Couch

      Tom thank you for this song. I had tumors in my spinal cord and im still hear its a crazy experience. But i love the song simba tv thanks for reacting your a great dude keep your head up your mom is still with you through spirit and in your heart