I challenged the Mario Speedrun Master...and won. Here's how.


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    I beat a Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning Pro not with skill, but with strategy.
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    1. cjya

      This was rough, but I’ll get you next time.

      1. Heather C

        @SmallAnt i will :D

      2. WC Chien


      3. Mohammed 2032

        @SmallAnt oh really I’ve got on my trap card

      4. Alfie Wilson

        @SmallAnt OK fine

      5. Alomba Gawum


    2. j.gaming

      Nice video love it

    3. FlySly

      Theres a chance *that you've lost I'VE BEEN LYING THE WHOLE TIME*

    4. LFox

      Manipulation for the win

    5. Harrison Playz

      13:12 that WHAT tho

    6. Nehuen Regodeseves

      i dont know if you did this challenge but here we go. is an SMO but if you catch something like a bullet bill, you cant catch it anymore never, if you do it you must reset. there are exceptions, the rule doesnt count on wires and bosses. pd: saludos desde Argentina.

    7. The Hulens

      Small ant would have been an absolute g at among us when it was popular

    8. Barnacle Boy

      gaslighting his way to victory

    9. Anthony Corsaro

      The code is 01N 7GK LCL

    10. Anthony Corsaro

      On a live stream

    11. Anthony Corsaro

      I hid a balloon in cascade kingdom can you find it

    12. Gd Master

      5:31 there IS a moon for fishing in sand

      1. Gd Master

        @CaptainCap thx

      2. CaptainCap

        only after you get peace though

      3. Gd Master

        AND a timer chall in top left

    13. master of the internetverse

      Now try this. Max% MinCap.

    14. Nathan_Lucario

      Smallant is the technoblade of super mario odyssey

    15. TheAdvertisement

      The amount of subtle manipulation from SmallAnt is borderline sociopathic and I love it. Good job, you deserved that win!

    16. TheAdvertisement

      0:18 For anyone who can't math, that's 126 days of playtime.

    17. Luigi gang

      Fact 10 times 10 = 100

    18. Graves

      It came down to a game of lies and deceit for that win.

    19. Spotswa

      The art of war master has returned, bow down

    20. Yochana

      nice to see you stealing from panga

    21. Antony Dauksys

      He captured the rock

    22. GeniusHour ForSchool

      I can't believe that someone beat cjya in minimum captures

    23. MysteryMon

      Can you do this again?

    24. Naxo

      Counter jungle be like

    25. Christopher Johns

      Not sure it was very nice to straight up lie to em

    26. Mike Havens

      How did you do the Lake clip to the balcony? Seeing this video was the first time I knew about that clip.

    27. DaltonSnipez

      I thought nicroveda held the record?

    28. Da meme SANSES


    29. Bg Jimy

      Hahahaah gg

    30. giraffe pancake

      Random question. Does the darker side skip still work?

    31. IllumiNoEye Gaming

      "a *true* test of skill"

    32. Daniel Wittwer


    33. Hina Tahir

      Cjya fell into the trap :me why:cjya you son of a *****

    34. J-WOT

      Small Ant??? no.... DECEPTIVE ANT!!!

    35. Mohammed 2032

      What is the next lifestream that you’re going to record? Because I will be in it

    36. Arkosite

      Its not really fair... He just won because the objectives were biased. Lake 18 moons and 20 moons was like stupid objectives ever

    37. The_funfunguy

      Me with 5,000 hours on fortnite: pathetic

    38. Somers Family


      1. Somers Family


      2. Somers Family

        every time I get recommended this im gonna type an m

      3. Somers Family

        im gonna reply to this

      4. Somers Family

        Im gonna reply to my reply to my reply to my reply

    39. Aran Daniel

      SmallAnt the Trickster

    40. atack121

      what website do you use to get the board

    41. Samantha Kirkland

      Are you brothers or friends?

    42. Invader Aid

      Are you sure that didn't say 13000 hours?

    43. Matthew Morris

      Cjya and small ant u sub to them

    44. Sillyhead Scoop

      Am I coin cofer and you captured me once to win please don’t capture me again.

    45. Luca Atkinson

      I love how Cjya's chat was just faces after being lied to by Ant! 😂

    46. William West

      The small ant has become the big ant. Great job!

    47. Sam

      "Did you do it?" Ant: yes "What did it cost?" Ant: his trust

    48. Polédra

      Even after seeing the title of the video, i was scared the whole time someone is his chat would spoile to him your plan

    49. CoolGuyBumerO2

      Aa...your so god

    50. Mr Wayne

      Oh my God if you smaller oh my God hi

    51. Josh Smith

      12:35 well super villains always lose so-

    52. Josh Smith

      11:47 VOICE CRACK 😂

    53. Cali Lycan

      I love evil Ant

    54. Rl_Ghost

      U should do this but u can’t see if they completed the goal until you have

    55. weavile -

      With which website did you used to make the lockout?

    56. Romy Bond

      This was so cool to watch omg

    57. Kyle Kempis

      Me: Hey smallant how do u win a lockrace Smant: The secret ingredient is *LYING*

    58. Merchant Ziro

      Cjya was playing Chess while SmallAnt was playing Death Note!

      1. Nova Aizn

        @Cupcake882 Gaming See I was using a advanced technique called LYING.

      2. Cupcake882 Gaming


    59. Its.2v1


    60. Das Nuesschen

      Do you always win or do you only upload the ones you win?

    61. Reid Sampietro

      do SMO with no video or no sound

    62. Tstormer


    63. Blue_Cringe

      Wait getting the Lakitu move wasn’t all that bad if CJYA went to Wooded to lock you out of the goals there, and that gave you a head start with the 18 and 20 moon goals in Lake, then that let you get two more goals easier, and those two goals helped you win, so it wasnt all that bad

    64. Jack Douglas

      Would your plan count as a "zanatos gambit"?

    65. Pav

      how did you guys use the bingo board? I wanna do something like this

    66. TheLengendZach

      10:30 but doesn’t ant have 11?

    67. Apple

      "appear strong when you are weak and appear weak when your strong" -sun tzu art of war

    68. SuperHarriWorld

      I love it ❤.

    69. Vincent Her

      Cappy: hMmM i DonT tHink You CaN bRUTE FoRcE THAt mario: glitches *what now?*

    70. Calle Ågren

      "if you like the video, remember to sbubscribe" i will ant, i will sbubscribe to you

    71. Smudge


    72. Dral

      I eat a dog

    73. Hol7i

      awesome challenge :D

    74. Mike Razallo

      Smallant doesn't. Fucking. Lose.

    75. Leo Pena

      i like the suspence and srrlyness when do commentary

    76. Kayla Young

      smartant mode actavated

    77. Rhomper

      This is just dishonest

    78. Harish Rahman M


    79. Dragblaze99

      At least cj won at bingo

      1. Djdx Fudvh


    80. polar

      Death note in a nutshell

    81. Blaiser 190


    82. User_Duwang

      “All warfare is based on deception” -Sun Tzu

    83. gamermc


    84. Green ReaperX

      Can you beat SMO while you're jumping with mario (when you press jump you jump)

    85. Namish Verma

      What is this website

    86. Cocomelk123

      13:59 this is wat you cal a epic gamer moment

    87. شموخ أمة

      bruh spoiling

    88. Circle dude236

      Challenge: play Mario odyssey normally without a timer

    89. Andrew Dunseth

      How did you beat a guy who no one Was even willing to try

    90. geeshta

      Man I wathced this live and it was a blast!

    91. Naxell

      “All war is deception”

    92. Agent M

      What's that bingo card software that you are using called?



    94. - Finley -

      Everyone focusing on the video: Me: *HES PLAYED FOR 3000 HOURS IVE ONLY PLAYED FOR 300 AHDKNDJANK,LDHA,SNAK*

    95. Connor McHarney

      Captain ToadenCascade

    96. Retro Revision

      “Hey” ~Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

    97. RedThunderDan

      Who made 2 goals that was only 2 moons apart? That was dumb

    98. AnyThingWorx

      I mean, while the original title was a spoiler, it at least made sense. We don’t really need to know how you challenge him

    99. Javier Llorente

      I'm back here for like the 10nth time

    100. jetpack235

      I was waiting for ant to say at the end “gg ez”