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11 млн көрүүлөр1 494

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    Player is having the game of his life in Among Us. As the impostor he is skillfully eliminating every crewmate. It's finally time for him to get his first win. Or is it...?
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    1. Murali Murugaiyan


    2. Luis Martinez

      Dang that was cool when cheese revealed himself

    3. Tr_ Kiler

      What song is this

    4. Hunter Weimer

      So meen

    5. Scaredycat

      Oh the plot twist lol

    6. Priya Sivathanu

      On the wall at the first part it says mt cheez wus here xD

    7. Yuni Janela

      Please make more of these please

    8. John

      THAT WAS A PRETTY EPIC PLOT TWIST i still hate mr cheese though

    9. Lucas Chang

      I want veteran

    10. Kierstin Gaskins

      Mr cheese and mr eggs sound funny

    11. kookiekake marypie

      Mother: Think of the children and all the innocent souls! Mother when she is impostor: Timmy did most of the stabbing. that's how they grow up! Really fast if you ask me!!! *Giggles*. Fredrickson: Kill! Moter: THAt WaS hIS fiRSt WOrd!

    12. Violet .x.

      wait... what did Mr. Egg do to Mr.Cheese?

    13. DarthVader order66


    14. boss Malik_23

      Mr egg is actually underrated

    15. Nikki Smith

      But why was there robots in logic 10

    16. Nikki Smith

      And also I'm a boy

    17. Nikki Smith

      I am in love with mother

    18. Abram Coleman


    19. Henry Franklin

      I feel so sad about mother!

    20. Ulysses Contreras

      Player was mr cheese LoL

    21. Snazzy_ Fox?

      And the real player never got his vengeance

    22. leafyy_

      Yeah Mr egg ur a idiot Mr.cheese was better😤😤

    23. Lauren Clark

      i like your vid

    24. Rjs plushies world Calabro

      Players have you played Mr. cheese

    25. Adham Abousalem

      > who’s surviving 2020?

    26. carolyn fitzpatrick

      Among us Player:you idiot you dumb dork moron Fall guys Player: i want to get the cute unicorn costume

    27. carolyn fitzpatrick

      Among us: (Dances and sings) Fall guys: Im not your friend im your worst nightmare

    28. Dani Johnson


    29. Iris Thompson

      Sis I love ded

    30. Iris Thompson

      Sneaky little imposters

    31. Alujis

      nice plot twist!! btw whats the song that plays during the plot twist? i love it!

    32. Hyped Gaming

      what was the song veteran was singing again?

    33. Andrew Thom

      8:28 I think Mr Cheese was a little paranoid about being spotted😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Gloria Heo Kim

      Wait a minute. Why is mr.cheese so mad at mr.egg? I thought player was mad at mr.egg bc he kill all and not him..?

    35. Taya Thomas

      At the first part what is that song called?

    36. Rebecca Bodkin


    37. Rebecca Bodkin

      Mr egg is so AWESOME do you agree

    38. Claire Cowley-Crawford

      im going to need help with about all of them

    39. Midnight S2

      Spoiler: The moment Player was acting strange, I knew immediately he was actually Mr. Cheese.

    40. Rhea Fan

      the real question -- how are there 2 oranges???

    41. jaejaes donuts


    42. Silas Rodriguez

      this is how long all of the logics take 914 951 1016 803 934 920 917 909 850 1033

    43. Nur Alia

      Wow player that was harsh of u to say that your Mr Cheese

    44. Alisa Pradhan


    45. Puppy loves sans

      mr cheese is my role model

    46. Ivan Espinoza

      MrCheese is the ultimate imposter. Not talking about the fact that he was assigned it at the beginning of the game, he just flat out replaced Player that round and nobody noticed

    47. Turkey Productions

      0:20 is it just me or did Eminem say like that exact sentence in a different tone in “lose yourself” lol but seriously I love this series

    48. Christopher Williamson

      like the eminem refrence at the begining

    49. La-sarah Hall

      But I don't like player

    50. ana marie sevilleno

      It's was not player but it's mr cheese🤦

    51. La-sarah Hall

      I loved the first part when they were rapping 😊😊😊

    52. Flavia. Eleanor Kasenge

      Pick it up Pick it up Pick it up

    53. origaMEEH!

      2:11 Player: everyone looks the same here Veteran: *looks down at his hyghgyg* yeah just keep telling yourself that buddy

    54. Brayden Vea

      I’m not Player IM Mr egg: What! Player: IM MR CHEESE 🧀

    55. Itsjust kArEn

      I love the song can you pls make more?

    56. khiem vo


    57. Victory

      Lol veteran singing Emenim I'm Dying🤣🤣🤣🎶

    58. Tech Supply

      Popular opinion: Mr. Cheese is FAR better than Mr. Egg

    59. Stykers

      can we just take a moment to notice that stoner also said "I" when they were voting him out

    60. Adil Rustamov

      Why is there no MrCherry

    61. Samyar Dogmehchi

      I was like OOOOOHHHHH when I saw that was mr.Cheese, not player

    62. Alan Andes

      haha mr cheese and mr egg are best frend to the gentellmen but mr cheese kil mr egg dat how olways frrends and mr cheese that song are there

    63. Sabrina Lee

      Did anyone see the MR CHEEZ WUZ HERE on the bathroom tile at 0:04?

    64. Gamer Jammer

      Mr. cheese was disguising as player that is super cool

    65. Joanne Stansfield

      I love your videos so much

    66. Maxi The Gloomy Kid

      Hi im a big fan of you so pls notes me ok

    67. Orange mini crewmate Orange mini crewmate

      *!Spoiler! Player never wins.*


      I love this

    69. Leopard Attack


    70. Dum

      How can be there 2 orange

    71. Jax Escalera

      Oh how the tables have turned

    72. Sean Dolan

      How would nobody notice it was Mr.Cheese? Well, at least he got revenge!

    73. Playing With Zozo

      Do you like your eggs fried or scrambled?

    74. Lyka Mendoza

      i love among us

    75. Edgardo Abagat

      Player won

    76. Omarie Peters

      These videos are really entertaining keep up the good work

    77. Steven Michael Capili


    78. Scott Foglesong

      MR. CHEESE!!!!!!!!

    79. 泡Water


    80. Sabatino Leffe

      8:22 plot twist,hooray!

    81. Sabatino Leffe

      What if mother is the imposter? 2:34 never mind

    82. Sabatino Leffe

      0:30 rap time

    83. phil yaeger

      The one time Player actually won and he didn't win. Thanks for the likes guys this is the most I've ever gotten you all deserve one!

    84. iamlerna_

      I like mr egg and mr pumpkin

    85. K N

      Game Toons this was my favorite one out of all of them even though I watched all of them I did not watch the new ones yet

    86. Mohamed Mikhail


    87. DjinaXD oloe

      Me watching this after logic 10

    88. Among Us


    89. Women’sFootball23

      The end kill me 😂 with the eight mile part

    90. Wazup Man

      It was funny it was Mrcheese was the imposter

    91. Sushi Playz

      Mr Cheese is the best character in this thing. Plus that fit the definition of impostor

    92. Max YSM

      Gnome + Engi = I love you(infinity)

    93. spinozilla games yt

      Veteran is doing a eminem refrens

    94. Random StuFFff

      what music was that

    95. hugo kwok

      what??? player is mr cheese?

    96. hugo kwok

      mother's child killed cub

    97. hugo kwok

      i want mr cheese too

    98. Rezah Steyn

      Cool music

    99. Anthony Acevedo

      Mother: Think of the children! Mother later: proceed to let her children kill someone

    100. Kyle Brockert

      So maybe i'm just impatient but does this count as a win for player?