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    Gonna wash the shoes off and post close up results soon!😊 #shorts

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. jose Alvarado

      I thought RUH meant r u hot?

    2. Kristín Guidice

      I love wen you sey oh wow

    3. Technoisagod

      They r 100% dateing

    4. Zee Otr


    5. Nadia Strickland

      This is good

    6. Julian Deans

      Cu46 see you for s

    7. xxLeilaTheRobloxAndGachaLoverxx

      Fact: You're going to the comments to check if anyone knows the meaning of the codes

    8. Sara Mjöll

      RUH can also mean something dirty-

    9. Maricollawrence Buscagan

      RUH means: are you horny CU46 means: See you for sex : Search it in google

    10. Jarrah Oliphant

      RUH is are u hungry

    11. Angel Mandujano

      RUH means are you hot

    12. anime films

      RUH means are u home

    13. Snipergummywolf UWU

      R you home and see you at six or in six

    14. Benjamin Killion

      Ruh are you home

    15. Colleen Becker

      R u her

    16. Colleen Becker

      C u at 6

    17. Anyela Herrera


    18. Dolly van Hest


    19. Eric Bawden

      It is see you at 6 and are you home

    20. jb killerboy1

      Ruh means are you hot

    21. Ryleigh Roo


    22. Clipsy_slayer

      Ruh r u here

    23. YouTube sensi

      Cu46 means see you for se I ain’t gonna say it

    24. Leland Campbell

      This is staged but if it wasn’t I would’ve whooped Carl’s ass

    25. Ghostbunny

      Ruh mean r u hot

    26. Dennis Larson lopez

      Rug means are you home

    27. Angelo Rullo

      Spaceship coming

    28. That one fnaf kid

      Ruh:are you home/ here Cu46:see u at 6

    29. XxgamingxX

      CU46 Is see u 4 6 RUH is are u hot

    30. Mindy Hawley

      Cu46= see you 4 sex ruh = are you home

    31. Saries Leyva

      And cu46 means see you for six with a e not and I

    32. Saries Leyva

      R u h means are u h()rny

    33. Brandon Rosario

      CU46 is see u for seggs and RUH mean are you horn*

    34. Devonu Parish

      R u of age

    35. T & A things

      Ruh means "are you here" but they actually but the "r" for it

    36. Lauren Cole

      But I am not telling

    37. Lauren Cole

      I know what they mean

    38. Abigail Walton

      If u don’t know this code u r a child

    39. Zachary Butler

      Ruh: R U Home :(

    40. Changemyuser

      RUH I think it means “Are you Home?”

    41. Faith Telesca

      Guy: gets pushed in pool What he says: mAkE SUrE To liKE AnD FoLlOw FoR tHe NeXT vIdEo

    42. Addie

      RuH prob means r u home

    43. Seiny 09

      Cu is see u 46 if u know what i mean

    44. Seiny 09

      Ruh is are u at home

    45. Forest Boy1

      Ruh: r u home 😂

    46. Ally Bozeman

      CU46=see you for sex And RUH= Are you of age

    47. BellaAfton _3494

      Ruh means are u home


      I think RUH means r u home

    49. Macoda Martin

      Ruh means are you home

    50. KaLeah Gaming

      Ruh...R you hungry cause I am.

    51. Paid Hugs

      Whose shoes was he wearing?

    52. tuber

      Ruh means r u home

    53. Twyla Stoddard

      Ruh means are you home

    54. Gamer bunnie draws /hange zoe

      Dude if he wanted im pretty damn sure he could sue you

    55. Thess Ng

      He wet his own watch

    56. gliched error

      I think ruh is are you happy

    57. Tyler Kei

      RUH i think it means are you home?

    58. Rishita

      At first I couldn't figure it out but I did some research and uh... It seems like they are actually seeing each other CU46: "see you for s**" RUH: "are you horny?" Or "Are you home? "

      1. Family YT

        No it doesn’t.

    59. riley owen

      1. I’ll see you at 6 2. Are you home

    60. Hunter Swackhammer

      It means r u home

    61. Payton Martin

      Ruh means are you home

    62. Delon Walker

      RUH means are you home🙂

    63. CatNoLikeBannana

      Uh oh

    64. Mason Truman

      Am I the only one that is wondering why that one dude was wearing a mask

    65. ItsCharlie -

      RUH means " are you here or are you home" CU46 means " see you for 6:00

      1. ItsCharlie -

        @Jerremy Laresma tyyy!

      2. Sakadu Meh

        @DRACO FF that doesn’t make sense

      3. Jerremy Laresma

        ItsCharlie thats a cute anime pic :)))

      4. Jerremy Laresma

        Cute anime pic :>

      5. DRACO FF

        @Orennsystem it means see you for 6 dumbass

    66. Twe Tar


    67. zharmist praise channel

      Bro get it easy its ok black is a good color😎😎😎

    68. Theory Pop

      RUH is are you home

    69. Jazmine Davis

      RUH means are u home

    70. Perla Torres


    71. Dominic Brown

      The dude deserved it for talking to his step sister when she was off limits his words not mine

      1. Mewkuro

        That doesnt make it right to vandilize someones and saying as they posted it on social media hos friend can sue him and have proof of vandilizm and u cant put ur sibling "off limits" to date someone its literally there choice not urs

    72. T Vids

      Cu46means see u at 6 and ruh means are u hear

    73. Krystal Schmidt

      RUH means are you home

    74. Cheryl Vaughn

      Ruh means are you home and cu46 means see you for 6:00

    75. Victor Nava

      Channels really good

    76. Ava Pflueger

      Cu46 means see you in 46 minutes

    77. Ava Pflueger

      Ruh means r u home

    78. lilly lawrence


    79. Dallas World

      It makes you see he has a crush on your sister

    80. Shakawyd

      Ruh is are you homw

    81. Hannah Lebert

      R u happy

    82. Marissa Fershee

      4:06 is the time

    83. thegoat Huncho

      that ugly ass watch😂

    84. Jessie Peel

      Bruh he was playing a dangerous game standing next to the pool at the end lol

    85. YeaRizzle

      See you for 6:00 is CU46

    86. Evie McGrouther

      The 2 message means are you home x

    87. Md Faruq

      text2 is are you rich

    88. Nina Lavoie - Class of 2027

      Bruh destroying expensive stuff that’s hard to get for so many other people is just not ok. It’s not funny, and it’s not good content. Someone else on the world could really need those shoes or that watch, so please, maybe smoke bomb something else besides something of great value.

    89. Phantom gamez

      Ruh means are you home Cu46 is see you for something very very very bad

    90. Carson Fulcher

      Run means are you here

    91. Mr. Insane

      I think ruh means “are you here” I think

    92. jerico Macario


    93. jerico Macario


    94. Aubrey Stevens

      That’s messed up

    95. Iris Hernandez

      RUH means are you high

    96. Beachpiebeachy 2084

      Cu46 means see you in 46 minutes ruh means are you home

    97. Stephanie Lacey

      R u home See u for 6

    98. Naomi Honorat

      See you for six means see you 4:06

    99. Rayon Morrison

      That the code

    100. random content

      are you home