Among Us:What If This Happens At The Lava Pit (Polus)

Flash in Rahul

9 млн көрүүлөр2 936

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    1. carlos grittem


    2. Tt น้ําปิง hgh


    3. Tt น้ําปิง hgh

      Hehe 😑

    4. Frankhyjean Stanton


    5. Zuol Tusing

      That blue was a bloody fool

    6. Sarika sings

      Orange in John wick

    7. irinuca m

      NEW FUNNY VIDEO #Makysan#cool#AmongUs

    8. Jay Tom

      I just seen a new hack on Among us

    9. Julian Vergara


    10. Edyleuza Santos


    11. Edyleuza Santos


    12. Fatih Geçer


    13. Atlas

      Doomslayer desided to find some calm joke

    14. Lachlan Bain

      Orange is that guy who clutches the 1 v 5 but blows himself up with a grenade

    15. Karolina Miszczak


    16. Knight King


    17. thirdy clarite

      Why does the imposter have a browning pistol from madness project nexus?

    18. Akarsh Goel


    19. Magalys Peñalosa

      Me encanto la animasion

    20. Samuel Carter


    21. Driver Max

      2:05 orange was not imposter

    22. Driver Max

      1:43 blue look orange and green blue look orange at knife and green without knife

    23. Driver Max

      0:40 green was look orange and throw cards

      1. Driver Max


    24. Driver Max

      0:37 orange was alove

    25. Driver Max

      0:30 green was doing kill orangr

    26. Driver Max

      0:14 green follow orange

    27. Kuttubek Chanell

      Imposter vs cheater

    28. Himanta Kalita

      Crewmeat kill impostor

    29. ابوالفضل موحدی پور


    30. GoofCrafter

      the qr code be like E

    31. Cool Adrien

      You are good at vidios bro!😖

    32. Lo So


    33. rizki kurniagung

      The other IMPOSTOR Version looking is my favourite because it's like venom

    34. Dollface Public Relations

      the tounge kill is everywhere! please stop making tounge kills!

    35. Sumanta Khanal

      Your Frend died who was with you and all thinks it’s you : PANIC You weren’t play my among us : CLAM You aren’t playing among us : PANIC

    36. Richard D

      It's like Spy vs Spy (vs Spy) in Among Us!

    37. Carlos Galarza

      Maldito. Verde

    38. Marcelo sorinojacod


    39. MM_ Ghost

      Blue:What he was a crewmate..?? Green:Always has been

    40. Nie mam pomysłu na nick no

      Orange is matrix anomaly 0:44

    41. Sumanta Khanal

      Pink is a crewmate Pink finds the imposter many times Pink is a good host who doesn’t kick or ban people and put the speed below 2.0 When pink is imposter pink always wins No one sus pink BE LIKE PINK Edit : pink likes to follow others

    42. jasper ching

      poor orange and green

    43. Mandeep Thakur Official

      fabulous video !

      1. Jay


    44. Floppy Fish

      That’s how the temp task got broke on mobile.

    45. Kaitlyn Rasmussen

      *title idea*- Among us: what if the crewmates could fight back?

    46. fwtenticspy851

      Blue: wait he was a cremate Green: always has been Blue: SIKE!

    47. Sydney Treon

      Are we allowed to us any clips of your animation? Or use they storyline also can you post a tutorial on how to animate Because this is sooooo cool! I’m subscribed btw awesome job!

    48. liuris veitia


    49. Jéssica Bueno


    50. James Simon

      Green is sus.

    51. GD Peachez


    52. No pls

      plot twist: orange is from the matrix

    53. Arick Priestley


    54. BINOD Kumae

      Orange is the other impostor because he was strong😂😂

      1. Nie mam pomysłu na nick no

        Orange is Just matrix anomaly

      2. Gonzalo Rubio Alonso

        That makes sense to me

    55. poilko

      They are both impostors

    56. Dhren Marlo

      0:39 one punch man references

    57. benyd you

      Wow 1000000000000000000000000%

    58. Kyros Laghayon.

      Wow it’s like a super hero

    59. Gacha Gamer

      I hate when people vote u out when ur not the imposter it's so annoying 🙄

    60. Rakesh Kumar

      *orange hey green let’s do a task but ur sus* Green die by my magic cards *orange doges all of his attacks and smacks him in to a room* *green smacks orange* Green steps orange tree times *orange not today* Blue comes out form a door IT ORANGE *orange wasn’t the imposter* Blue fuck *GREEN GUN POWER*

    61. Rachelle Sherer

      me every single game

    62. Heltuss -

      Plot twist: Green only wanted to play cards.

    63. Blue Crewmate


    64. Adrian The Wolf


    65. bhai ka Gyan

      You have defeat the tollywood bro

    66. MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube

      2:06 impost*e*r might have to change the e to o

    67. Apex Tornado

      Did they just always has been meme Lol

    68. soar_ biboo


    69. Janki Dhek

      How you make this plz make video

    70. Cintituber 14


    71. Czhenxi a malaysian

      Expectation for me: eh it would be cool Reality: HOLY SHI DID HE JUST DO MATRIX

    72. KenGaming

      Biru nakal

    73. yumin lu

      what the

    74. Bekowe Ciacho


    75. Flare

      everyone: explains something about fighting me: why it zoomed on that bar code in 0:03

    76. Jeslyn gaming and songs


    77. Ethan Budlong

      it hard to se in the fog AAH-

    78. Bou Gaming

      Cute Love 🥰🥰🥰

    79. Among us by Bruh

      Really funny

    80. toño y enrique

      La cagaron matando al oragnge

    81. Aqua Frost

      New skill huh,kill using throwing cards,sus.

      1. Aqua Frost

        Why this begin again!😭

    82. Sarah Al-Dallal

      So green is the imposter is he??🤔

      1. Xp the roblox gamer & animator

        No i am

    83. ALEXIS Sascachetun

      Parece al paciente0

    84. Bloxify

      Please check out the new Among Us video I made it took a lot of time and effort :D

    85. Wadoud Doudi

    86. nah bdy

      Freaking doom guy of amongonauts

    87. CryptoAlanTA

      orange be like: "try me bish"

    88. 307 Pramath Nayak

      Do you watch WWE Asked cuz of hurricanrana move reference

    89. PewDiePower E [MC] CoDM] [other]

      People who make the crewmates loose like this deserve torture

    90. usha tyagi

      Please make a new minecraft video

    91. OraCOjaVA

      Thumbnail - The Imposter is happy because Orange caught his tounge

    92. Jason Cox

      Orange when they dodge the card: so you have chosen death

    93. Meh Meh

      The wait he was crew mate was so unoriginal

    94. Utility Drift

      How did blue not see the bloody knife mark on the back of orange

    95. Limited live

      1:30 why did blood come out of his air pack?

      1. Xp the roblox gamer & animator

        He slashed his body then blood come out

    96. Allen 5 Brandon 5007291347

      (Old name) what actually happens at the lava pit

    97. Davi blox

      Me 6:01

    98. Poultry Man

      By Lava pit are you perchance referring to the fiery pit of eternal torment?

    99. apgsbuddy

      never get the knife unless ur are supa dupa sure no ones around

    100. Spiderman but better

      0:36 Matrix Orange