Among Us:What If This Happens At The Lava Pit (Polus)

Flash in Rahul

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    1. Rubi Morales

      blue:no its impostor Green:die Blue:*pain*

    2. Sam_ To

      I laugh at the part always has been xd

    3. Aga Naber

      inposter vs crewmate

    4. kral animasyon ve MİNECRAFT


    5. MATIAS


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    7. MATIAS

      1:04 on

    8. MATIAS


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    16. MATIAS

      0:04 0:18

    17. MATIAS


    18. Creeper

      0:05 i scanned the code

    19. Anivator Animator


    20. Zion Allen

      Dark green is a god

    21. VentMeUpon a

      Wait, it is all a meme?

      1. Planet Saturn

        Always has been😈🔪

    22. Антон Антонов


    23. Mauricio B.S

      Always has been

    24. Ali abdullah Kazial

      What is the music name

    25. Josue tipan

      🤦 jaja 😂

    26. Ezekiel Samonte

      U are killing Orange. Green kills the Super Orange... lol

    27. TIMMY

      Wow man!!🤩

    28. Haylee Jones


    29. Emmanuel Thompson

      they are doing kung fu while blue is doing his task somewhere

    30. jhonny Luoyou

      hacker crewnate LOL

    31. Shaffa Hussain

      Wow man

    32. Nate1532

      0:17 how the mmmmm cow meme was created

    33. abi gail

      blue is a stupid boy:(

    34. Nishit

      This guy is OP

    35. Nazahatushimah Misman

      Is a crazy blue!!!😡😡😡

    36. Lil Creeper

      Blue is so stupid, if orange is the impostor what’s the mark on his back?

    37. BubTheBerdHouse

      I thought something happened IN the lava pit. Rename it.

    38. ̇

      Alternate title: What happens if you get ejected in a polus with 3 player

    39. Ramdom Vloger


    40. Marjun James B. Jose

      blue you stupid

    41. Kingston Shank

      What he was a crewmate? Always has been Wait that guy was never the imposter that’s sad

    42. Jad Jadallah


    43. AlvaroPlays


    44. Wasi

      Was the one with the wrong one and subscribe to like

    45. Anikai Riddle

      Fun fact, apparently some modern space suits can actually handle just a little bit more than the average temperature of lava! And another thing if you were to stab the back of a crewmate on your technically and an astronauts suits they have heavy electronics and an oxygen tank and did not just internal organs. I don't know what gives people the idea that this is how it works.

    46. Black

      Can I scan that QR code orange oof he's dead

    47. Thegold spearton sweet like the honey

      I wanna make animations like this can you tell me what it's called this app for animate pls

      1. Thegold spearton sweet like the honey

        Or the link 🔗🖇️

    48. kellslee1

      Me: trying to scan the qr code

    49. UIGAMING 311

      Orange is a gym guy

    50. Rose Anne Calleda

      Blue is so stupid dude

    51. Homer Ecang

      The matrix

    52. Asy-syifa Afsheen

      Don't vote orange,orange is crewmate

    53. Khanh Nguyen

      A big cary

    54. Monirujjaman SM


    55. Доктор Чрагетъ7д25

      Orange kill blie

    56. am2ar

      Wait Polus Polus - o Plus "Wait,its all math" Gun loads "Always have been" Bro i watched the video and i made "always has been" meme without knowing at the end of the video it has that meme Coincident? I Think Not

    57. Jose Marcos Figueiredo

      Impostor vs 😇

    58. Hunter Tay

      This video is so cool

    59. Benzoi's Uploads

      So they don't see the 2 slash marks on his back

    60. XxXthesansXxX such262soldier

      oooooooooo peepee 1:04

    61. Егор Петров


    62. mehdiةت islam


    63. Thebestcreator

      0:43 M A T R I X

    64. Jordon Reynolds

      This is Soo sick

    65. josh

      Kong skull island be like

    66. Emir Demir

      Animation süper türkkk

    67. Lance Kherril Gamboa

      Among us murr3y

    68. Danek Zapletal

      Fun fact: Hehe boi

    69. Lauren Demesa

      What an idiot blue 🤦🤦🤦

    70. Athif Aslam

      Orange: Say goodbye to the world, green Green: Oh no Innersloth developers: Wait, How a crewmate kill an impostor ?

    71. Ziki Bawitlung

      Orange is the best

    72. Tyrone Sorra

      That’s why their hands are hidden

    73. Jonathan Chan

      AlWaYs HaS bEeN

    74. Stick Boi

      Green=pro Orange=hacker

    75. Alex Espinoza

      the imposter doing with the cards is from x-men show

    76. layla victoria guardado delgado

      pura mierda que bueno

    77. Flashy the Cyborg Hedgehog


    78. Rodolfo Delgado

      The final battle of among us (bad ending)

    79. DataMaster

      You little! Its IMPOSTOR not imposter

    80. Pro Gamer672

      *I wish this could happen in the real Among Us, that is, that we can resist the Impostor. 😅*

    81. Gaming with Gage

      Gg orenge

    82. Edelsy Rosado

      always has been meme

    83. Stick Boi

      Orange is good but his timing was a little......

    84. Prakash Teli

      Orange is safe

    85. Carmen Colon


    86. Nicolas Gonzalez Tique

      wow orange is a good crewmate because he didint die but blue dididnt know that he was a crewmate he know when he die

    87. K MacD

      Too fast. Try again.

    88. TONG ZI HAN Moe

      He thought that orange

    89. Cậu Xám Me Game

      Blue say: Sorry Orange:(

    90. fasgauyi

      Orange was not the imposter

    91. Among us gamer


    92. GogleX

      Shouldn't the imposter have a kill cool down after the meeting?

    93. retaj algamdi عيد المبارك


    94. retaj algamdi عيد المبارك


    95. Оксана Петрова


    96. Katta Padmaraj

      BOOM Head shot 💥🤯 🗣️ 💉

    97. PuppyDogVlogs

      Imagine getting a shoutout from you. ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ ໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ

    98. Among us Wow

      Ha ha

    99. UwU

      0:56 You spin me right round baby right round.

    100. Geovana Lara Games e Moranguinho

      🤤🤤Isso mesmo come o tripulante