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    And just like that we are at Lake Fork for the final Bassmaster Elite Series event of the year! Up to this point the year has been full of highs and lows as many of you have seen following along on the series. With this being the final event of the year there is a lot on the line including, AOY points, Bassmaster Classic Qualifacations, and $125,000 pay day.
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    - Brandon Palaniuk is all in on the professional bass fishing tournament trail. At the age of 33, he has done more than most fishermen have done in a lifetime. After winning the BASS Nation National Championship, which gave him a berth into both the Elite Series and the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, there was no looking back. Now a 5x Bassmaster Elite Series Champion, 9x Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, and 2017 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, the dream lives on!
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    1. BmpFishing

      Thanks to all of you for following along the journey! "BIG FISH VIBES" #TourneyTee will drop ( tonight as soon as the video ends 👊🏼

      1. Elias lee Lopez III

        Can u please tell me what culling system you use?

      2. Addison McCarty

        Thank you! To you and Kyle and Tiff for putting out the videos year after year! Cant wait for the classic video! Congrats on a legendary season!

    2. Robert Douglas

      Keep up the good work my friend!

    3. Colton Nichols

      I saw some of my high schools fisherman that I’ll be fishing alongside next year

    4. KingThaiFishing

      23:42 did that boat just go over a stump? Lol

      1. Quinton Cawley

        smoked a stump lol

    5. Brandon Kahoun

      Brandon, Who makes that rod bag that was in the back of your Truck??

      1. Brandon Kahoun

        @BmpFishing ok I'll poke around and see what I can find, Thank you.

      2. BmpFishing

        That was one I got from Cabelas. Not sure if they still make them or not.

    6. оскал щуки

      Привет друг с Дальнего Востока. Зашёл на ваш канал. Понравился. Остаюсь с вами. Забегайте ко мне в гости.

    7. GalaxyRods

      Yo! You better watch Seth's cigarettes'. I think he rolls his!

    8. Jason Meredith

      Great video

    9. BigNzfishN

      Got a date with an 8 😂 oh man that was good ! Need that one on a shirt 😂

    10. Fish and Fishing Activities

      Awesome one !! Interesting !!!

    11. Ernie Rodriguez

      Your videos are great to watch , quick question. What does bmp stand for?

      1. BmpFishing

        Those are my initials 😏

    12. glen heckler

      if you ever need a back up video boat driver i can audition by taking you up into Hells Canyon.

    13. NC Bass Boy

      I love your videos and I look up to you and Scott Martin and if you could sub to my Chanel I would be so happy and pupped I learn more and more every time I watch you and I am working to be in the bass masters pro series and win a bass master opens and a classic

    14. Matt Kudrna

      KVD won 3 Elites in 2015 (maybe 2016), right?

      1. BmpFishing

        Nope. As far as I know 2 is the most anyone has won in one season.

    15. Jacob Cook

      Date with an 8 with a glide bait!!! Hell yeah brother!!

    16. BN 4605 DA

      Nice bro, come to my channel too

    17. Scruffy City Fishing

      Great video man! Love seeing those big fish! I didn’t see it in the comments or description. Why were the fish weighed at the boat and released similar to MLF? Is this something unique to the lake?

      1. Scruffy City Fishing

        @BmpFishing that’s good they are flexible. I would like to see more of those types of tournaments during the spawn. Keep the fish closer to their beds. Good luck at the classic! Hope you get that ice cream and a trophy!

      2. BmpFishing

        Exactly! Its part of the Texas Fest Format that BASS runs which allows us to go to Lake Fork and not have to worry about the restrictive slot limit.

    18. pj101kid

      Anyone else see John Crews jumping those stumps on day 3?

    19. BassGeek

      Man it's been a good year congrats.

    20. Bassmaster


    21. Zerobot

      I want to see your daily totals included again (unless it's included in the videos during weigh-ins) but regardless awesome job Brandon on making the Classic!!

    22. Redfish Slayer

      Dang you won 2 tournaments figured your were guaranteed angler of the year. Must have had some real crappy tournaments.

      1. Redfish Slayer

        @BmpFishing I gotcha man. Go win the classic and make a great video covering it for us to watch. ETA didn’t mean to sound like a dick in my original comment.

      2. BmpFishing

        😂 I missed the cut in a few of them and that’s what cost me. Just a few lost fish over the course of the season.

    23. Cooper Gallant Fishing

      So good.

      1. BmpFishing

        Thanks man 👊🏼

    24. Warner White

      did anybody see that boat in the background ramp that stump

      1. BmpFishing

        The legendary John Crews 😂

    25. Will S. Fishing

      Did you see the other boat fly by when you got the biggin? Good thing you were hiding it low at the time 🤣

    26. Army_Outdoors 88N

      awesome dude. congrats on a great year. you are by far my favorite angler. I hope to see meet you at a event in 2921. If the Army lets me I am going to try and take some time off and either come to the Tennessee river event or one of the Alabama ones. I am somewhat close being here in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

    27. Juststatinfacts SV

      I commented on your vid in February and told you, you would have done great last season if you fished bass then a week later you made the decision to and I commented that you would have a incredible season and you definitely did. Awesome job to you and your team. Oh ya, bought my first Alpha and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

    28. Musky Hunter

      Damn mat rat doin work. Great season. Thanks for bring us along. I might need to try that glider for Wisco musky.

    29. Thomas Robey

      Are dem boots Irish setters? We never talk about it but I have never found a boot or shoe (croc not included) I could stand in all day.

      1. BmpFishing

        They are Forsake

    30. 250zxSkeeter

      "FREAKIN GIANT"! I love and congrats from Idaho and good luck in the Classic!

    31. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great series bud, everybody likes ice cream day. Good luck next year.

    32. Mike Trydell

      You have the best Fishing Channel, hands down! 100%

      1. Thomas Brown

        For this typw of fishing content, i totAlly agree. Great cameraman and hands down the best editing. I also enjoy that the videos are long. id rather watch BMP fishing over BASS MASTER Videos not only cause great content and editing but also dont have to listen to annoying ass Mark Zona.. On the other hand, For teaching content, learning about various baits and techniques, TACTICAL BASSIN blows everyone out of the water. Matt and Tim are so knowledgeable and their pasion for the sport makes it so easy to learn from them. I have improved so much as angler over the past 5 years and i owe it to TB.

      2. BmpFishing


    33. David Alley

      what kind of neck gaiter are you wearing, I want one...

      1. David Alley

        @BmpFishing thanks, love your channel👍😁👍

      2. BmpFishing

        Those are Simms Sun Gaiter

    34. Steven Stacy outdoors

      Dude I’ve busy this weekend. I’ve been waiting for this video! If you could please check out my KGup channel and give me some pointers that would be awesome

    35. chasing_bends

      Awesome way to line your reels. Great tip shown there at 1:27

      1. Jerksonly

        I always line them really tight... In going to try this

    36. Howard Stout

      Bro awsome video. They get better and better cant wait to see you kill it next season . Im pulling for ya bro. Come on classic champ

    37. Nick L

      Can anyone tell me what a glide bait is? Is it topwater? Never used one before.

      1. BmpFishing

        Search the Storm Arashi Glide 👌🏼

    38. Christopher Lilly

      This man is truly living the dream. Greats video 👍

    39. Ian McGonigal


    40. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne.Texas

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      When are you going to marry that girl?

    42. Gauthier_Fishing

      Your videos are so inspirational! keep killing it

    43. Jay Fournier

      Wow. Great job BMP team. It takes the whole team to get it done. Looking forward to more legendary content from you.

    44. Tim Johnson

      You guys always come to Fork and show us locals how terrible we are, 😂! Great job Brandon, enjoy your off season!

    45. Zack Bunch

      What type of boots are those?

    46. Zack Bunch videos out there!!

    47. owen manygoats

      On that last day you caught yourself a 10lb tree. Great stuff man. Amazing

    48. Matthew Mabry

      How does an elite series win that season, especially 2, not get you in the classic? Seems like that should be an exemption for sure.

      1. Matthew Mabry

        @BmpFishing I saw! You shoulda already been in with wins! Love the content

      2. BmpFishing

        We did make the Classic! Finished up 9th in AOY points 🤘🏼

    49. East Texas Waterfowlers

      A good thing about fork is that you can’t make a cast with 6 fish in the boat😂😂

      1. BmpFishing

        This is very true!

    50. Larry Barrett

      The 6 lb 10 oz. fish, are those pure Florida strain bass ?

      1. BmpFishing

        I believe they stock quite a few F1 which is a combo.

    51. Jesse Boyden

      Seth: I hope u hook a big one and break it off 😂😂

      1. BmpFishing

        That’s what true friends are for 😂

    52. J Creel

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    53. Jesse Boyden

      He got some secret shit ive never seen before. Did anyone see the yellow shad rap looking plug with a squarebill on it??

    54. Charles West

      Great finish to a crazy year, bring on the classic mate. Another great video kyle.

    55. David Orr

      You seem really happy back at BASS. Is ike coming back?

      1. David Orr

        @Juststatinfacts SV i like ike but his antics and fake excitement was perfect for mlf.

      2. Juststatinfacts SV

        I hope not

      3. BmpFishing

        I’m not sure what IKe is doing. I know that I am definitely happier.

    56. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      If you need a driver for any of the southeast lakes next year I will be at all the those stops

    57. Bret Reid

      Awesome video, again! Babe Ruth Don't Bunt!!

    58. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      How do you become a professional camera boat driver? Lol that’s sounds to good to be true lol

    59. Mulldrifter Z

      Was really hard focusing on this video when all I could see and hear is hearing Brandon's name being shouted out and then seeing him hold up this really huge trophy that says Bassmaster Classic champion 2021 on it... But regardless, nice job on the finish anyways!

      1. BmpFishing

        I’m not against that at all 😏

    60. Dasynx

      My man fishin his brains out

    61. Brady Mitchell

      Why was this tournament a weigh and release one?

      1. Brady Mitchell

        @BmpFishing will you ever fish the lake lowell open again In idaho? I fished against you there a while back, would be cool to see you there again

      2. BmpFishing

        Nailed it! Thank you.

      3. CGreat Things

        Lake Fork has huge fish, but is a slot lake. 16-24” fish can’t be put in the live well. So the CWR method works so they can count the 3-8lb bass that would normally not be legal fish in a tournament on Lake Fork.

    62. WM Weekend Warrior

      I wish I understood the points thing better. I can’t imagine how someone that has won two elite series events in a single season could be anywhere close to short of a Classic berth. Great video.

      1. BmpFishing

        I don’t look at points through out the year so I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. I had a few poor finishes that I wasn’t happy with and wasn’t sure how far those would push me down. But we made it in good shape!!!

    63. Dave Mercer


      1. BmpFishing


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      1. GeoffTman G

        Thanks a Bunch Brandon will definitely try that out. You the Man

      2. BmpFishing

        Probably a jerkbait would be my first choice. Maybe a Rapala shadow Rap

    69. GeoffTman G

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