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    1. ZHC Crafts

      subscribe and you might be picked to receive custom gifts from us

      1. Rodel Relente

        If i will be given an iphone i will be the luckiest person right now for me.

      2. BexElle S

        Hi I have been “subbed” for ages but KGup unsubbed me and I didn't realise sorry

      3. Dafina Shaqiri

        can i win the samsung galaxy 20 pliss

      4. Shaun Francis

        Plz can I have a iPhone 12 From Ellie may

      5. Thushara


    2. Gauge Flores

      The massive chive inspiringly belong because dessert comparably rule despite a educated plasterboard. like, agreeable c-clamp

    3. Emmanuella Dako

      iPad laptop and iPhone Reason i Must not share the things and would be cool have items form my idols thanks

    4. waheeba syed

      I like how leo didn’t say a word the entire video

    5. El Paso Talk & Tea 915

      Instagram skyflower54 Please 😭


      I really badly need a phone for my online class . Can i ?

      1. ZHC


    7. Helal Tahsan

      "Entry" "Done" Bangladesh I phone 11 Pro Reason: i like to photography , so i can shot nature😻

    8. Kavitha Kavi

      yay leo back

    9. Inday Badiday Vlog


    10. DrippinFat


    11. Luke Buckley

      Pls il love to Get a give away 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    12. Luke Buckley

      I love Michelle!

    13. Daisy Kraeft

      I would of voted viv because the ginger bread man was soooo realistic and she also did 2!!!

    14. Faviola Diaz

      They paint so well

    15. Nur Fathimah

      I love custom things, but never won one.

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations ±491 6 (3957)

    16. Rachelle Duflos

      I would love to win an IPhone 12 one day. Can you shoutout me? It would make me so happy! I think what you do is awesome!!! Lysm

      1. ZHC

        @Rachelle Duflos I'm chat us whatsapp for your urgent delivery?

      2. Rachelle Duflos

        Wait your not the actual ZHC :(

      3. ZHC

        Congratulations ±491 6 (3957)

    17. Mazen vlogs

      Feels awesome to have leo back i want you guys to do cuztiming videos again together

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    18. Krisha Kapoor

      Wait a sec is Leo back with the team?

    19. Bernadette Oduro

      I reall want one because my phone is not working

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize?

    20. Tanisha Palley

      Michelle is improving day by day.... That's so good❤️

    21. Patryk

      I all ready subcribed and the bell


      Who be watchin dis in 2021 if so LIKE



    23. saigonink lucy nguyen

      Me pls

    24. Zailani Yusof

      Leo Leo Leo leo

    25. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

      1. Redford Sim

        ohh , I got scammed you are not zhc

      2. Redford Sim

        @ZHC is it really true?/ omggg

      3. ZHC

        @Redford Sim yes claim via whatsapp ±491 6 (3957) 8710

      4. Redford Sim

        @ZHC thank you so muchhh,, love lo tssssss, , thank you so much i really enjoy your videos because it always satisfying to see an arttt,, love from philippiness thnak you

      5. Redford Sim

        @ZHC reallyy?////

    26. The C Kids

      I want gift

    27. Vidhi Vidhisha

      Pls giveaway in India also

    28. tula scheer

      Why is leo in this video!?!?

    29. Alexandra G-C

      hi i never get picked for anything so this would be a big step up

    30. Elsa Sedin


    31. Lucia Marti

      it would be amazing to win!

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via..

    32. Gracie Smith

      Just imagine if he hearted this comment

    33. Mikaela V. Camacho Camacho

      Omg leo is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    34. Bella-Raine Loadsman

      I would like a shout in your next video I never hade one before

    35. Aaron Adelyn Liu


    36. JOHN AKILI

      iphone xr



    38. Khumo Matemane

      I have been entertaining ZHC give aways but I didn't get anything plzzzzzzzzz iPhone I want to start a you tube channel but I can't because my is old and not enough money

    39. Reem Humaid

      Zhc way you don't customize a 100 of galegsy samsong 20

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations ±491 6 (3957)

    40. shi song

      The Christmas tree was called a “Christmas Ree”

    41. Rodel Relente

      I hope i can win an iphone it will really meant a lot to me

    42. JC Shorts

      My favorite is Mackenzie’s

    43. Snowy Wolfy

      I love your custom Iphones 12,11

    44. Kendrick Stauffer

      im a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan what you do is awsome, I want to do this to some day

    45. Lincy Zachariah

      I am your subscriber from India.... I want a Iphoneee

    46. Kim Yabsley


    47. Barkit Insaf

      i subcribe :)

    48. Ashley Burton

      Is it just me or does Jonny look like Jarvis

    49. Lysaplayz OMG

      i always watch you vids and i like it :D

    50. Sandeep P

      Hi bro I like this custom phone

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via..

    51. gianna skroski

      0:05 they forgot the t in tree

    52. ناصر الدوسري


    53. Besties Forever


    54. Durksha Khurram

      I love your videos but I want apple iPad

    55. Tim Chen


    56. Savannah Morris Vlogs

      May I have a custom Nintendo switch for my BFF, please?

    57. jermilia popo

      Entry Done Iphone Ipad Nintendo switch Reason : for school

    58. jermilia popo


    59. Sudhakar Choragudi

      I want x box , apple iphone, mackbook , ipad , watch and i want to join in your team . Even i can draw that much nicely

    60. Bethany Belle

      I want a nintendo switch plz

      1. ZHC

        ±491 6 (3957)

      2. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won a prize claim it.via.

    61. jj crafts

      I am sub an all notifacation

    62. Atara Davidovits

      And MacBook

    63. Atara Davidovits

      Note toself- get Nintendo switch

    64. Lia Scutelnic

      C' est beau.

    65. rachna popli shah

      merry christmas

    66. Papia Meur

      "ENTRY "APPLE WATCH " "IPAD PRO" "DONE " "INDIA" REASON : online class and digital painting. Your vidios are so cool

    67. Awesome Ayla 55

      I subscribed and liked the video zhc

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations ±491 6 (3957)

    68. shawna sovine


    69. Sabrina Crawford

      let the girl

    70. Rosie Heads

      I subscribed

    71. Ayah Tashani

      “Entry” “Done” “iPhone” “England” ▪️Reason: I want a phone because I don’t have one and my parents wouldn’t buy me one and I’m currently using an iPad that is old and has a big hole in it. Merry late Christmas :)

      1. Kesha Shah

        yeah right

    72. Jessica brazile

      I liked suscribed and hit the bell

    73. Jessica brazile

      Ummm ok so yea i wish someday i can get a custome gift from you that would be amazing if i do can you design 5 for me and my family plz that would be the best

    74. Mymy Wil

      Can you give me some AirPods please you’re my favorite

    75. Slime can be ?

      Did you notice that at 0:06 , they wrote 'ree' instead of 'tree' ? if you did like .

    76. liekye kennel

      leo looks quiet ._.

    77. Veronica Hernandez

      Almost my birthday 99 but like it’s not like that it’s like 19 for my birthday

    78. Jeny Tahal

      enter nintendo switch 3 please and 2 iphone for my mom and dad thank you

    79. Addison Maybin

      ummm did anyone notes that zhc friend was ther hello

    80. SopXia XE

      0:05 Zach: "Under the Christmas-" *RREEEEEEEEEEEE*

    81. Divya Narain Upadhyaya


    82. Serene Wong

      0:06, ree= tree

    83. khumo mpebe

      this is gonna be long

    84. {Sara PlayzzZ}

      Is Michelle ur girlfriend 😂😂😂

    85. Alyssa Alojacin

      Samsung Galaxy S20 cutiee ❤️

    86. Alyssa Alojacin

      You guys look so cute with the outfits 😍

    87. Alyssa Alojacin

      Leo's baaaaack ❤️❤️❤️

    88. Tae kookie Loves

      McKenzie will win but I would have chose viv

    89. Jonathan Minnie

      please i would relly relly like an iphone please please

    90. Jayden Games

      This is like a mrbeast art channel

    91. Haci Shota

      Ich bin ich ich heiße Jonas hoffe ich bekomme auch manchmal

    92. Julie Yacoub Dabbour

      I want a iPad Pro do u give me I live in Jordan can u plz send it to me I subscribe and liked all your videos

      1. Someone Someone

        Same and follow you on Twitter

    93. devara anjani kumar


    94. devara anjani kumar


    95. Dayang Diana

      Can I win it?

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won ±491 6 (3957)

    96. Creative Minds of Prishi

      Zhc i really want a iPhone and dslr to shoot my videos plz think about it love your videos 💖💖

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you have won ±491 6 (3957)

    97. Creative Minds of Prishi

      Can you please give me your phone no. Cause u have so many phones lol. But still can u still give me your phone number or email id plzzzzzzI liked your video, shared uour video and subscribed the channel plzzz really i want to win this giveaway i really love iphone 12 but its to costly i really really want to winn. But i live in india

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations ±491 6 (3957)

    98. Charan


    99. Sunny Pelton

      0:05 if u pause it on the right time it says "UNDER THE CHRISTMAS REE"

    100. Mr. Jerry

      Please kindly requested to check your instagram account.. For important message 🥀 My Instagram accounts : onindo_ayan