How I Find NEW TOP SECRET Fishing Spots

DC Fishing

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    Do you want to know how I find those sneaky little top secret fishing spots??? Well, today I am going to show exactly how I do it. This process takes time. So, be ready to put in the work but when you come upon something like I did in this video... You will have a new fishing spot you can go back to when you need to get a few in the boat.
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    1. Brian Huber

      That’s the only way to catch fish consistently in my eyes is to learn a new bite or spot. They always changing

    2. 0017Bulldog

      So glad I came across your channel. Love your style and humor. Keep up the good work. I'm subbed.

    3. Allen Jordan

      DC this is my favorite video you have done. Absolute game changing information. Thank you!!

    4. Eric Hall

      Man I love this guy. Best attitude in the business! Keep the videos coming DC.

    5. mexikanman

      What does less pressured mean?

    6. Mike Gardiner

      Nice vid DC ! Great pointers and reminders too. Like the best friend hitting your spot ....woooo whoooooo. Lol. God bless dude!!!

    7. David McCallister

      Your best friend: "Oh man I ain't gonna tell nobody... Woo-WOOOO!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. David B

      Have you tried livesight and if so do you have any pointer to use to see and catch more fish. Offshore and close to shore.

    9. Lyndsey Savina

      “I can’t stand knowing that they are biting...without me....” 😂😂😂

    10. Lee Yarbrough

      Nice work DC , on pickwick I have a few spots like that folks just rode in by haha it’s really funny when you sit down an catch 2 3lbders haha an in Saturday night tourney as well.

    11. Rangernation46

      What brand scrounger you throwing brother ??? Awesome as always DC

    12. Mike Harris

      I love your videos, so much energy! Thanks for the tips.

    13. Gary Jackson

      Great job love your videos do you fish lay lake

    14. Jason Mausteller

      Only one lowrance up front?

    15. Al Smalls

      Man Dc you and MDJ are my top favorite .. keep up the great work!!! Some one got too go get theme 🛎🛎🛎🛎🛎

    16. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Good stuff DC. Thanks for sharing

    17. Tyler Broadway

      Ding!! Great as usual

    18. Zack Lee

      in needed to see this video

    19. Mason Green

      What ramp did you go out of? I know most of the river pretty good.

    20. stickflinger7

      What scrounger head and swim bait are you throwing? Size and weight?

    21. Chase B.

      Make a video on how you fix your scrounger heads!!

    22. Zac Pearson

      Imagine having maps lol I got the 4.5 inch garmin screen

    23. Don Flanary

      Good stuff. Im guilty to much of just wanting to fish. Searching for new stuff takes time and being willing to idle for hours takes commitment. Thanks for giving me the push to explore and find more juice.

    24. Malcolm Greene

      Good tip bro

    25. Marsh Mud

      I'm guilty of fishing same ol spots , not looking for new ones. Thanks DC I needed to here that. 👍

    26. Felipe Reno

      Nice video.

    27. Chris H

      Don't even tell your buddy haha. I know that's rite...

    28. Brian

      You on my hole. Lol..... one of me an wife's favorite places right there. Ssshhhhh.

    29. old mcdonald

      heyDC ,how do you think you would do on a new body of water without any electronics? think you could figure it out? thats an idea for a video. right?i think you could . more than most pros.


      You like edbassmaster dont ya? “Psh... unreal..”

    31. old mcdonald

      glad to see you posting more videos DC. your one of the best . good luck in your tournaments. miss those

    32. Silent Diesel

      You need to make a day in the life video. No edits just you and all those cartoons in your head. Keep being pro.

    33. Spinner Bait

      Good video DC. I like the way you describe things, break down situations, break down a lake. Good luck DC.

    34. M Jones

      So true while everyone else was struggling at Guntersville last week in our tournament me and my dad caught fish all day once we figured out what they were on. Didn't win but while everyone else caught 6 or 7 we caught 25 2 to 3 lbers

    35. Troy Harper

      Great video DC, and information 👍💯

    36. M Jones

      Great tip and very informative, really liking the new style in the edits

    37. Ezra Bailey

      If I ain’t there they ain’t biting

    38. Chris Cumbest

      That camera man better not be putting you on my spots 😒😂

      1. B Fishing Outdoors

        Who me??? Never 😂🤣😂

      2. M Jones

        Definitely is

      3. ChattaYakFish

        Probably is

    39. Jackson Rogers

      Trump 2020 y’all!!

    40. christopher miller

      Appreciate the content and the tips man!!

    41. Carson is Fishing

      First view and like