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    My son Jacob, Chris, and I go head to head catching PREHISTORIC looking fish!
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    1. Logan Welsh

      Reliant seafood

    2. Trent Findley

      Is the bassmaster open still good for Cayuga lake ?

    3. aaron aragon

      Have fun brother catch some big bass

    4. EthanCM05 •

      Hey Scott, I have a question. Why do you reel with your left hand with an open face reel, but reel with your right hand with a baitcaster. My grandpa did the same thing and could never figure out why.

    5. Peyton Mixonxx

      We’re you in mobile bay

    6. George Addison jr.

      Have a great 4th of July Scott. God bless you brother

    7. Ultimate Outdoors BC

      Hey Scott, love your videos, massive fan! Just wondered if someday you would give it a go up at elk lake in victoria, I know it is a tad far but the bass get up to 10 pounds and I would love to see how you'd fish it haha, if not its cool but it would be sick if you did!

    8. BassGeek

      Nice win and looked like fun!

    9. Danielkenway

      Man I'd like to go largemouth fishing here in Florida with Scott I haven't been able to go fishing in months I'm going crazy lol

    10. Selena Bragg

      You inspire me to wanna go fishing every day

    11. Michael Jackson

      Like the show clips! Great video McCoy!

    12. TexasAirGunner

      I'm still pissed that I drove from Fort worth tx all the way down to Clewiston, stayed at the martin marina and there were no SMC hats to buy... lol

    13. Drew Monroe

      i know where this really is lol good job scott

    14. Kade Chauvin

      Headphone users died qt 9:45

    15. Billy Mead

      20/20 coming soon

    16. Cameron Carter

      Fine job to who edited video the clips with helicopter and others were hilarious

    17. All around fishing

      10:44 what about that helicopter

    18. Roger Smith

      Love your channel you have been a large influence in my life by showing me how to love my family and to live life I just want to say thank you.....

    19. jeff Lee

      What were y'all fishing with

    20. Southern Smoke

      This when y’all was down on st. George island the other day?

    21. James Curry Designs and Boatworks

      Great day on the triple tail!🔥🔥🔥👊

    22. FishingT.V

      I like the vid

    23. Skippy

      You should also try capital seafood market it’s also in Tallahassee it’s my dads seafood shop

    24. Bradley Knowles

      At the 13:30min mark is a perfect picture of father & son competition on who wants it the most!!!

    25. Austin's Outdoors

      Did scott and Brandon part ways?

    26. Immortal ONES

      LMFAO 😂 the fist bump part tho

    27. Seth Mcspadden

      Can someone fill me in on where Brandon went

    28. Bryce Hott

      I have a question that would be nice for anyone’s input, I’m currently looking at a few different reels and I need opinions on which is better. I fish stagnant freshwater. I need opinions on 13 fishing concept z, 13 fishing concept a3, shimano slx dc, and shimano curado dc. If anyone can help me rule out 2-3 that would be great!

      1. Mountain Troll

        shimano curado. and its not that 13 are not serviceable reels its just their price points are terrible. way to much money for what you get plus they are just omf reels.

    29. mrolivares316

      The whole axle!🤣

    30. PXP Will

      I caught my PB cat fish today 10.1 lbs it’s on my Instagram @will_stava_outdoors

    31. Jerred Wayne

      Hey Scott ask your boys over at googan about the mercs. They had Yamaha's before and I'm sure they'll shoot you straight

    32. Parker Chambers

      If anybody knows what happened to trash talkin James

    33. Graydon Carruth

      Check out the casting form. Y'all were beyond fighting that wind!

    34. Kenny Sampson

      Looks like a damn good time

    35. Nick Rhodes

      where was this Scott? Looks familiar!

    36. mrincrediblystoney

      Uhhh Mullet Man???

    37. Gene Rosen

      Triple tail are a blast to catch they look dead when they are floating on top of the water

    38. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      Are you going to do the midnight lobstering in keys right when lobster season starts

    39. Michael Kaufmann

      Absolutely phenomenal!! 👍

    40. NumberOneNole

      Love Southern Seafood!!! Great Peeps!!

    41. Mitchell Traxler

      Wicked cool. Love seeing new species

    42. swishfish 7

      Awesome vid Scott! God bless

    43. Gabriel Houde

      Quick question, where do you mount your pan optics? I just got one but im not sure if I want to mount it at the front or back 🤷

    44. John Choi

      🤣🤣🤣 👋 🤛

    45. MyTopSpinner

      Keep it coming good vids

    46. Rachel Hinton

      you met my brother sam yesterday in Okeechobee and now i can’t stop watching your videos

      1. Scott Martin

        Ahhh..very cool!👊🏼

    47. Jake Martin

      Love the videos! This is like ocean bluegill fishing! Or talapia I fishing. Keep up the hard work, always love stoppin by for a great video! "He smelled it" 😂😂🎣🐡🐟

    48. Jesse Hoskinson

      Hey scott huge fan would like to know how to order sum smc gear man keep on fishin ur pal Jesse

    49. jason daniels

      Scott how to I sign up for co-angler for upcoming tourneys? I’d love to fish with y’all in NY

    50. Jake Porter

      What are the traps you are talking about?

    51. Eduardo Trujillo

      Lol minute 9.46 felt like a jump scare to me.

    52. j w

      Scott don’t stop we Love it dude!!!

    53. Fishing with Fisher

      Me and my dad are going to the Coast of Louisiana to go catch redfish

    54. Howard Stout

      Very cool

    55. Phil Williams

      Great video awesome job guys

    56. Henry Rosener

      We need some more Okeechobee content but still love the vids

    57. Sean Jones

      Great video as always 🤙🏻 Those video clips were EPIC!!!! 🤣 Laughed my ass off

    58. Andrew Phoa

      That fish gave you the stink eye for dropping him lol!

    59. Noah Melancon

      Great video Scott, keep up the hard work and keep producing the great content.

    60. Piya Chetty

      Cool video Scott 🇿🇦🎣

    61. Braxton Strehle

      I love your vids

    62. Braxton Strehle

      Keep up the good work

    63. AMLAP

      hahah the helicopter at 10:42

    64. uriel martinez

      Love your videos Scott👍

    65. Brendan

      notification gang 🔥

      1. Brendan

        Scott liked my comment, made my day !

    66. One more cast

      If u heart my comment I will cry.

    67. Willem Roos

      Hey Scott love your videos!!!!! But i needs a SMC hat!!!!!

    68. Wild Outdoors

      Your awesome scott !

    69. 2 Ross and 2 reels challenges

      I really love your videos and I wish I could go fishing with you

    70. Christian Horak

      The bomb

    71. Levi Teater

      I love these videos!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    72. William Lay

      Hey Scott I love the videos man!

    73. AIDAN_R

      A few weeks ago I went and caught my first redfish,sea trout,and blacktip shark in the mobile bay

      1. Scott Martin


    74. Tanner Yarberry

      Hey Scott I wanna go bass fishing I don’t barely get to go fishing and when I do I don’t catch any fish I love on Oklahoma

      1. Sawyer Scott


    75. N1K 5m1Th

      Boom... love the mid afternoon drops!

    76. John Coley

      5th bitches

    77. Racks and rigs tv

      Scott love the content keep it up its my biggest dream to bass fish with you and whoop you

    78. MambaMentality

      Me: Where'd ya catch em Mr. Martin: In the side of the mouth


      Loved this!!!!

    80. Kerr Lake Guy

      34 likes no views wtf KGup

    81. Ethan Farrell

      Video: notifies people People click it: FiRSt

    82. Brian Marcure

      Got here 14 seconds after it posted

      1. Nolan Cahill

        Here 177 viewer

    83. Hooked 2 Fishn

      Howdy y’all

    84. Rsimmons11

      Scott I look up to you so much!!

    85. Jonas CASTANEDA

      Thanks Scott for marking the good content

    86. Owen Jacobs

      Scoot Martin is back the myth the man the legend

      1. Owen Jacobs


      2. 60ΚØBΕ. H

        Are you calling him old

      3. Murderous_Gamer

        Carson Farbe scoot martin🤣

      4. Carson Farbe

        Owen Jacobs lol the man the myth the legend***

    87. Ryan Clark

      Love ur channel u should get with bass u tv

    88. Nico posluszny

      Love you’re videos

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      Hey Scott love the videos!!

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      I click on these videos as soon as I see them

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      Hey scoot love your videos

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      hey scott

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    94. One more cast

      I want to be u when I grow up!

    95. Racks and rigs tv


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    98. It's ya fishing Boy

      What’s up Scott!!

    99. Mat Aron

      You inspired me to fish😊

    100. Fortnite pro