How To Retire by 30 Years Old | Starting with $0

Graham Stephan

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    First thing to know: The FIRE Movement
    This stands for Financially Independent Retired Early, and it’s a community of people who dive into the analytics of EXACTLY what you’ll need to be able to retire at any age.
    All you need to know for retirement comes down to a few things:
    How much money do you NEED to spend every year, how much do you CURRENTLY have saved, and lastly - how much money do you currently make? If you know the answers to those 3, it’s going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to retire by 30.
    To start, how much money you SPEND is going to be the most important variable of this entire calculation.
    Generally speaking, if you’re under 30 years old and you want your your money to last you INDEFINITELY without ever running out - you’ll need to only spend 3% of what you have invested, each year.
    Now, how much you spend is going to GREATLY influence how much you’ll need to retire…because, for every $100 per month the spend, you’ll need $40,000 invested in order for that $100 per month to last you forever.
    Whatever that amount is…divide that by 33, and that’s how much income your investments will be able to replace. From there, you’ll need to do the super easy math to figure out how much more you’ll need in order to retire…all you need to do is take how much money you spend every year, multiply it by 33…and however much that is, is how much money you’ll need before you can call yourself “Retired.”
    This is based on what’s known as the Trinity Study, which analyzed the investment portfolios of stocks and bonds throughout every year in history, and calculated how much you could spend from your investment throughout a 30 year retirement - and that study found that you can spend 4% of your portfolio every year, and still have that money last you 30 years.
    However, a 30 year retirement isn’t going to be long enough if you plan to start that retirement at 30 years, in order to preserve more capital so you can retire for a longer period of time…a 3% withdrawal rate was recommended.
    And finally - the last factor in the equation - how much money do you currently make?
    This is going to determine how long it’s going to take you to hit your target retirement number, and whether or not you’ll have to earn more money to get there sooner.
    The Blogger MrMoneyMustache did the calculation for us, and found out how many years you’ll need to work in order to retire compared to how much money you save. Using the 4% rule, he determined that - if you save and invest 70-90% of your income, you would be able to effectively retire within 10 years of working.
    Practically, if you want to do this by 30 years old - you’ll either have to MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, or you’ll need to SPEND VERY LITTLE MONEY - but, assuming you guys just want to make a whole bunch of money as fast as possible to be able to retire, I’ll give you the honest run down on MAKING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE:
    Your BEST SHOT at being able to retire by 30, and make a LOT of money, is to work a job that pays you based on YOUR RESULTS, not how much TIME you put in. And at the end of the day - if you want to make a LOT of money just to be able to retire quickly - de-couple the idea that the more time you work, the more money you make - because that’s very much NOT true, at all.
    For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at
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    1. Kettia Charles

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    4. Chris Anthonio

      I retired at 39 from the Military then sold a business that was my side hustle at 41. After taxes I make about 70k a year just on that income, not a lot but at 54, I'm barely grey haired when my dad was bald at my age. Since 'retiring' I've started 3 businesses, 1 failed, the other two I still own and that adds another 60k a year and I 'work' about 20 hours a week. The point is; plan in your twenties and stick to it. have good advisors(Mine is Lucy maria Koss,look her up) and just because you're 'Rich' don't buy what you think the 'Rich' buy. My oldest car is 13, my watch is 30 years old and I don't own the latest phone. I pay cash for just about everything and carry little to no unsecured debt. If your friends judge you by your 'stuff' get new friends or none at all. Peace brothers and Sisters.

      1. Van Hall

        I've actually been looking to invest aggressively in stocks, I live in San Francisco and I only have 95k to spend but I don't have any financial education for it and lack smart mentors. Btw, I've just googled Lucy Maria Koss. WOW! she has good qualifications, I wrote her on her webpage and I'm waiting on her reply. I'm excited to get started and see how far i go in 5-10 years time. Thanks again

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      1. Graham Stephan

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      1. Graham Stephan

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    15. Zo Jirushi

      When he says you need x amount "invested" is he talking about how much you need to put in and not how much you need in your retirement account? Like the 200k/year x 33 =6.6 mil is this 6.6 mil before putting it into a Roth ira, 401k, etc, or is this 6.6 mil after your retirement accounts have grown to that 6.6 mil?

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    19. Vicgames Vt

      When Graham mentiond only spending 3% of your portfolio a year to make sure it never runs out that is just a cautionary thing many people in the F.I.R.E movement do but in reality you can aucttly spend 4% of your investment a year and be relatively safe during a market crash. Personally I would spend 3.5% of my portfolio a year so I have a little wiggle room but I can still retire early.

      1. Graham Stephan

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    20. Davide P

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      1. Graham Stephan

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    23. Stanley fujiwara

      How to retire by 30. Step One: Get a high income skill that pays according to your skills not per hour. Step Two: Cut your expenses and live below your means. Step Three: Save and invest most of your money. Shoot for saving 20-50% of your income if possible. But if you can only do 10% then do that. Step Four: Grow your knowledge so that you can do better in personal finance and investing.Step five:Get a Financial advisor(obviously) Step six: Let time work for you. Start as early as possible, every year makes a huge difference. "The best time to start investing is yesterday, the second best is today."

      1. Stanley fujiwara

        @Katelyn Renesse well i have two advices1) Read The Millionaire Next Door byThomas J Stephen. 2) Use a professional investment strategist/ Financial adviser. you can use mine i found her on a webinar on the F.I.R.E movement, you can look her up, her name is Nancy Jane Gluck

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