David Dobrik Too

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    Thank you Borat for coming over!! I like you
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    Miss ya'll !!

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    1. Bloop

      You should fly out the I love chipotle kid and give him a free 1year Chipotle card

    2. Michael Roche

      Post another vlog

    3. 1dashcamboatsandcars


    4. Johnny Depp’s Wife


    5. Fahim

      I almost fainted watching the prom part of the second film..

    6. Johanne Flaherty

      You know david dobrik is a big shot when Borat is on the second channel

    7. Avian Stinson

      You need to vlog again

    8. isabella miranda

      Harry styles is in L.A what you will with that information

    9. Jesus Christ

      2:28 not him saying a slur 👺

    10. Riley_ Skatz

      This is the funniest thing I have ever seen

    11. #BrosS

      This video is very Aladeen

    12. Adriel Fameronag

      Borat? Here in philippines we have burat.

    13. Strike Fuzer

      This is like another borat mini movie

    14. Burcu Satici

      Why isnt he continuing?


      Congratulations music vid

    16. Ant O'Toole

      This video is better than the film unfortunately

    17. shaan toor

      it takes real skills to excute every joke without over doing it.

    18. Моська Сараңхаго

      қайдағы Қазақстан

    19. ラトゥル


    20. mael adzalla

      David Dobrik was able to make Sacha sound unfunny

    21. Pokerovacha Pokerov

      David Dubrovnik ahahahahaha

    22. Sarah Nicole

      Borat doesn't even need the promo, he 100% made this to shit on rich influencers by giving them their desperately-needed good content at the expense of their own vanity, wealth, excess, and privilege for which their popularity depends. He's my anarcho-socialist hero. Fucking brilliant.

    23. ouftae 2.0

      david i miss you 🥲

    24. Andalyn Garrett


    25. zeynergy

      i think David is bill gates undercover he gives everything cars and everything to friends lol

    26. Michael Kelley

      david infinite/caylus stole you car in GRAND THEFT AUTO 5

    27. Db_auto_photography


    28. Mercy Is cracked

      Can u guys go sub to MFG Demon

    29. Manish Maharjan

      He should change his name to David Dabronik.

    30. Paul Kelsey

      5:08 borat times

    31. Nick Breezily

      David is a celestial Being of mythic legend

    32. MEMER MAN

      OMG ITS ME

    33. Hagan Rascoe

      David- look it’s Minnie Mouse Borat- no that is not Minnie Mouse that is big mouse

    34. Ricardo Garcia

      Fucking lit broo had me laughing and rolling the whole time.

    35. Tolga Ozer


    36. Nicole U

      We need him back

    37. Extoxico09

      Borax is so funny

    38. nayeli valle

      why does this feel.. weird?

    39. AJM Covers

      Borat is such a boring movie I hated it so much my parents watched it and it was so stupid and also, I don't know how the heck it's funny.

    40. FilleKakan

      2:37 i cried😂

    41. bryan marty

      Breaking a nice car and a nice gumball machine is very funny!

      1. bryan marty


    42. Relaps


    43. Cameron Russell


    44. synnurz_


    45. MadMaxGamer101

      It feels like I’m watching Borat 3😭😂

    46. Baba Yaga

      Mmmavery nice

    47. Loval lolzz

      He sounds different

    48. Mohit Kumar

      Borat is the person who can cure your depression by just talking to you.

    49. Noi Tung


    50. Kevin J


    51. esntal


    52. Jack Lyman

      Mads Mikkelsen officially replaces Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 3.

    53. M L


    54. Lee Birkett

      He’s back!!!!!!

    55. Sefa Ammar

      finally DAVID DOBRIIIIIKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

    56. Savory Meme

      ITS BORAT!

    57. lil shartie

      this vlog ain’t the same 😭

    58. Funeraals

      Is pangolin a penguin or a chinese food????

    59. Retro #1 Fan

      How has no one found this its David dobriks unlisted video

    60. 04dram04

      Him breaking your car and gumball machine is a passive aggressive way of showing he really dosnt like Dobrik

    61. Theyadoreniiya ._


    62. RM

      I laughed out very very loud.

    63. VVS Spirituality

      Woooowwww. Iloveit Fukin borat🤣.. Man wrecked the whip and the machine thooouugh. Thats wylin

    64. Richter Alexander Hold

      Its the NOT joke for me

    65. Bodhi Tibbetts

      Yay David’s back

    66. Florida Cooking

      Yes BORAT.....BORIS’S deranged cousin

    67. Jonatan Cvrkal

      Omg This behind the scenes is amazing

    68. Baby Noob

      why don't you post on the main channel anymore?

    69. Garrett Pigott

      So scripted bro.. lol still funny as fuck!! Lol

    70. Hilda Wilson

      The #PositionMusic family is proud to announce that #JVwas nominated for Best Gospel Album for his work on @Kierra Sheard's album. #Grammys

    71. Benjamin Ealand

      I like his first movie more

    72. Benjamin Ealand

      I'm to Young to watch Borat but I do anyway

    73. Benjamin Ealand

      I love David

    74. Garrett Pigott

      So scripted bro.. lol still funny as fuck!! Lol

    75. محمد الكلدي

      The first shot was a coincidence that the door was open or.......🤔😂😂😂

    76. Dilan Özmen

      appreciated for this video

    77. Edita & Viki

      Ahoj david

    78. PWFan4Days

      Never heard of the movie but I’m gonna watch it now

    79. Acker Sotomayor

      I like how Borat literally broke David’s gumball machine and one of his Tesla’s door and David just laughs it off 😂

      1. T B

        I just saw this exact comment word for word from 2 weeks ago

      2. Tharun Saravanan

        sacha is about 10 times richer than him

    80. Daksh Kumar

      Sacha is Sacha good actor!

    81. JosephTheSchmuck

      this video is better than the actual film

    82. Christopher Tharp

      Borat funny as hell. You boasting about your cars cost...not so much

    83. Potato

      Remove the R and O

    84. Gaze

      video sponsored by borat

    85. George Almond

      Is that a Jonah YouTooz statue at 4:06

    86. JewelleMN

      You mean borдt

    87. newwie beez

      you know it's crazy when even zane is shook lmaoo 5:16 i mean,, it's BORAT,,, what could we expect sksjsks 🤣🤣💀💀

    88. wbponster

      Very nice!

    89. CsX 91


    90. Xa Bong


    91. Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla


    92. Jack Unwin

      Pls post on ur main David love ur content

    93. Ivan Tijssen

      Sacha Noam Baron Cohen what a amazing actor and comedian!!!

    94. PreciousQD

      Ive been binging Davids Vlogs, my mom who doesnt even know technology is a fan now. This was beautiful

    95. JTheYoutuber

      FUCKEN finally David almost hit 1M Likes, also David lets do a tennis match.

    96. Evan Williams

      How did she notice him in thr back seat when she was basically facing it.. suss as

    97. I dropped my Hotpocket

      He’s kinda like Jason

    98. Lane Webb

      Man this just made my fucking day😂😂😂

    99. master jerico

      I knew borat but who's david?

    100. Ariel che_Arts :-}

      the new movie is very weird