Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

James Charles

10 млн көрүүлөр1 127

    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Kate Vandal

      I love snow


      I am from Philadelphia and it does snow but I only like it for like one day then it just gets annoying

    3. Carlleen Casiano

      I love you James!

    4. Asia Pusceddu

      But we never talk about James being so fking cute like when he’s exited hes so cute😫🤍

    5. nikki delvalle

      Lighter and to much blush

    6. nikki delvalle


    7. WileyAngel

      Australia Dubbo no snow there

    8. Asmr And More

      I’m from Scotland and it depends if it like rlly cold I hate it and if it’s like sorta cold I’m fine with it and ya that’s it

    9. keyurdesai73

      Ummmm no we do not have snow but in summer it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttt i live in goa India

    10. Ellia Robinett

      where i live i don't realy get snow and if i do it doesn't stick to the ground

    11. xxx Dre

      Hypothermia is just waiting for the right moment

    12. I -love

      Answering the question: is there snow where you live? Yep in winter cause i live in Switzerland ❄️

    13. Vicky Tremblay


    14. Arii toast

      I live in ireland

    15. Teresa Brandon

      , I live in England

    16. Faxo Eli

      Can y’all pls sub to me so I can convince my parents to get me better gear

    17. Coralie Legault

      I’m from Quebec so yeah there’s a lot of snow

    18. Abigail Owens

      did he really say de thawed its called thawed but whatev. and it was a good vid

    19. Kirsi Ellonen


    20. Xx_S•Røšę_xX

      Nope no snow i live in Arizona its cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon

    21. Jane Cyydd

      When he said “as soon you put it on your face it’s extremely cold shock but it does melt bc my obviously skin is hot” sounded a bit wired😬


      I do live were there is snow and it’s snow fun 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

    23. Kimberly Gabriela


    24. Erica Johnson

      Montana and there is snow but it's melting

    25. Zunnur Ali

      I'm from Malaysia

    26. SupaZoid

      "what sound does a monkey make" I think it goes like: 0:01

    27. MASHA MEL

      I've recreated James Charles makeup in my new youtube video! I've just started my channel, could you please give me any feedback?🙌🏻

    28. Judy Elhefnawy

      i have no snow i live in egypt

    29. Amy Leigh Larkens

      No we don’t have snow and I have never seen snow ❄️ but I do like the winter

    30. Itz Isabel Gacha

      James Charles: *gets headache* am I dying? Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Jerylyn Madede

      zimbabwe there is no snow

    32. Lavin Sabah


    33. pinkishcica

      James Charles: is there snow Me : umm nope it's so hot here🙂 i am from Malaysia 🇲🇾💛💙❤️🤍✨😌

    34. Assile Filali

      He likes boys and he is a boy

      1. Deirdre Leamy


    35. _kira

      Your really marchmello the head

    36. hi my name is Sofía Ortiz

      I love winter

    37. Megan Coates

      Me: this not amsr Also Me:But I also kinda like it

    38. Berkley Gamby

      I have snow i live in A.K

    39. Eeswari Balasuppramaniam

      I live in malaysiya it is hot not ALLL the time tho

    40. Killua Zoldyck

      I- oh my god all I can think of right now is how tf are your hands so pretty

    41. Gemma Restauro

      No I leave in Philippines and there's no snow in this country here

    42. SAVANAH F

      I saw James at a restaurant with my cousin we were nervous so we didn't saw anything

    43. SAVANAH F

      I live in LA it does not snow

    44. piaa

      james: is there snow? me: there is ice... in the fridge

    45. Juliana Arwen Bones

      Sisterrrrr why are you red at the beginig? And im from philipino and i WANT TO SEE AND FEEL SNOWWW and some places here its cold

    46. Sherlyn Villalobos

      I live in California and there is NO SNOW😖 But I have went to my cousins house in Colorado where there’s snow!!

    47. Bagya Lakshmi

      No I don't have snow here. I live in India.

    48. Rory Grassbaugh

      Im in GA.... not much snow here! but you can experience all 4 seasons in a week! I really loved this video, btw! keep doing what you do best, (sister) James!!!

    49. Sofia Gates

      Did you know james just exposed himself by having a taco bell slushie in the freezer 😂🤣

    50. Alexis

      I live in Wisconsin, you tell me 😂 I hate the snow, ptsd 🥰

    51. shanna delph

      Yes I live in a place that has snow, I live in Kentucky and I Hate the snow!!!

    52. Emily poart

      Chilli mo willy Oh god I'm dead 😂 😂

    53. 1 poison potato in the pot 223

      No I'm from Maryland

    54. Leah Contreras

      No I live in San Diego

    55. Aurora Suriel

      there are 5 feet of snow here in P.A

    56. Candy Allison

      I used to live in somewhere where it snowed but I moved to Florida

    57. Hailey Schroeder29

      I’m from Worthington Minnesota and there is a lot of snow and think the snow is ok it’s not bad but not the best

    58. Kati McIntosh

      I live in New York and it does snow up here.

    59. Zane Pace

      And I love your vids

    60. Zane Pace

      New Mexico and we do get snow!

    61. Belle Primeau


    62. nicole

      the first video that hasnt started with "Hi sisterss"

    63. pizzarolls101

      me living in MI no totally no snow.

    64. Tina Szczech

      i am from florida but the rest of my family lives in ohio where there is snow and everyone loves it in the winter when it snows.

    65. hawaiiclash

      Or 9

    66. hawaiiclash

      I libe in oahu one of the 7 hawaiian islands

    67. Jamie Rich


    68. Bree Nguyen

      The obsequious deficit congruently learn because greek infrequently interrupt on a slippery channel. discreet, material algebra

    69. 26_Aubrey Huhn


    70. Caroline Alberding

      I live in Colorado hate it snow every day

    71. SilverPL

      Sooo cute

    72. Polar Bear

      Yes there is snow in America

    73. Eila Rydzewski

      Hi I love your Chanel

    74. Shannell Rivera

      Nope hate the snow so much. Born in raised in Massachusetts and will never get used to the snow or the cold.

    75. Cookie Omg

      I hate the snow

    76. shannon morgan

      No i live in Australia

    77. Amy Kaiser

      No only 1 time

    78. Amy Kaiser

      I Love both

    79. Brynlee Boo


    80. Brynlee Boo


    81. Bonnie Smith

      there is no snow where I live maybe randomly in spring once and it stays for 2 days btw I live in England

    82. kk v

      It dosen't snow. And im in arezona

    83. Hui Lin Chen

      The lopsided slash microregionally tempt because comma intraspecifically rub midst a splendid north. voiceless, lazy croissant

    84. Doggy squad Leader

      Me : does a thumb down and then relies its James Charles and nit morgz Also me :LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE people how thumbs down /brothers🤮🤧🤢: mhm yes thumbs down Also brothers🤮🤧🤢: *looks in comments * Everyone in comments/sisters❤️😊💝🥰🦄 : JAMES FOR THE WIN Also also brothers :LIKE LIKE LIKE I WANNA BE A SISTER

    85. April’s Unboxing Show

      Im here in Greenland there’s snow but is slowly melting

    86. Amy betesh

      I live in Pennsylvania and snows a lot

    87. Jamie schiffer

      I live in Quebec (French part of Canada) and yess there’s a lot of snow and I hate it !!!! 🤣

    88. Chicken Wing

      I live in Sweden. *I'm dying.* Edit: everybody have a Swedish fika

    89. Nevaeh-Rose Vivacqua

      I live in central New York as some call it or New York and it is FREEZING here rn like I went to check for mail and I just like no it’s a no it is so freaking cold 🥶 but I still like it but I was cold because I had NO shoes NO jacket and I was wearing a t shirt yet I like winter ❄️

    90. Nevaeh-Rose Vivacqua

      In the beginning James looks like he’s making out with someone

    91. Alexis Lonardo

      i live in cal dut i wish there was snow

    92. Narinder Kaur

      I don't have snow. Cause I live in India. In Uttar Pradesh

    93. Aatikah Hussain

      Did he go to school? Like actaully He kept on saying DETHAWED THE FUCK ? like hun thaw means its melted de thawed is a word u made up

    94. kanna -chan

      "is there snow in where you live" *Me living in a tropical country* me: oh yes

      1. Natalia Morrison

        Ahhh yes FL is the coldest place in earth 😌

    95. Julia Taylor


    96. Tyi Tyi

      Yup definitely snows in Minnesota

    97. Gurbani Kaur

      Nope ,I live in India ,Delhi and there's no snow.I hate winters anyway,not to offend anyone :)

    98. Lena Duval

      I have snow I LIVE IN FRICKING ALASKA!!

    99. Squirrel Girl

      Missouri and yes

    100. Lelena Nduba

      I know we're in March but, to answer your question James: No. Kenya does not have any snow only rain and hail once in a while