DOCK FISHING a Different Way - SMC TV 20-10

Scott Martin

15 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    I learn a NEW and EFFECTIVE way of catching fish under docks! I have NEVER done this before!
    Jeff Page, Billy and I go head to head for the trophy!
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    1. Ty Thomas

      Shallow sport camera boat nice choice I know the owner it’s the best boat to get up in 10 inches

    2. Capt. Andy Thompson

      Love me some Geoff Page! Good dude

    3. Kevin Smith

      Man that was fun just watching !

    4. Jesse Louis

      i kno jeff from my dads tarpon tournanent days down in boca grande when i was a kid

    5. Russell Morris

      This looked like so much fun. Pulling those fish out from under the docks and all the good laughs. Another great episode and a super fun week. Thanks again Scott.

    6. Check Mate

      Thank You Sooo Much...SuperLove. Highlights Of My Whole Holidays🔥❤ It's Like A Present Every Day For A Week! Hopefully More Cuz It's Just So Funny.🤣

    7. Just a Guess

      Scott, could you wish my son a happy birthday today. His name is Christian and he is one of your biggest fans. I've been watching your father fish I was a child and it's a family tradition now to watch your family. God bless all of you. Great videos and such a great family. Thanks

    8. Dave Wylie

      Made my money offshore for many years but NOTHING beats a good inshore multi species smackdown. Total blast and all those jokers pull like hell

    9. Rowdy Broomstick

      So what's up with ranger dropping the boat program?

    10. Chris Brown

      Scott you should do a catch and cook with Hillary and say someone else and have everyone make a dish and allow 1 person to help and draw for the last person on who they get.

    11. Laramy Bohn



      Wow my parents some how found some live target baits for Xmas:scaled sardine, glass minnow,thread fin shad. Now theirs an 👁 let at bottom for an extra hook or would you use just use factory rig?that is why also since they were sold out online and with Covid see if you had any you could have sent me oh and a sun fish crank bait. If theirs others I need to try n look for which ones? I’m sure I need to get a lot more extras to be safe. Yes I’m sure the lures are being made to meet demand but times are slow. What ever gets put out even when I’ve gotten out to go look it’s slim Pickens so which ones even fishing line change I use spider wire. Plus if personal best bites I don’t want it to break off.


      Need to get out of your freeman

    14. Rogbass

      You just may be the best overall angler on earth. No bs.

    15. Patricia Guenzler

      Awesome thanks for the video and pay those guys lol

    16. Kenneth Chapman

      Thanks for sharing this! Saltwater fishing, all about the tides.

    17. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      Good stuff Mr. Martin these daily drops have been awesome!!

    18. GhettoRedneck

      This guy is Golden. 🤙🏾 Good content

    19. EliteGB

      Fishing while watching fishing!!! Lol life's good. Scott you put that trophy up for grabs cause you knew you wasn't gonna lose it!😉😂 I can get use to these coming everyday! Love it Man 😆

    20. DG Mills

      Lots of FUN in this video! A little trash talking, a little bit of catching some real Donks, and a LOT of commradery! 🎣🎣👍👍😎😎

    21. Kate Sweitzer

      Love the saltwater videos!!!!!!

    22. James Blanton

      I love catching redfish

    23. Adam Smith


    24. Pure Bass Fishing

      Looked like a cookie cutter shark bit that jack.

    25. FishHooked

      Classic! That’s cool

    26. paul west

      Watching you guys catching the specs and snooks was good stuff. Congrats on grinding it out through the opens and making the cut to the elites. You should partner up with Googan guys and make a follow up to "The Weight", maybe a 2.0 as they follow you through your first season in BASS.

    27. 6 Ner0

      Man Scott, you got me all excited. I thought the REAL Billy was gonna be fishing w you....The one and only, Billy Messer!!!

      1. Adam Smith

        Me too

    28. Griswald1968

      Scott - drag one of those saltwater boats to TX and let's go fish Baffin Bay complex! Your dad fished with mine many times down there in the 90s-2000s

      1. Adam Smith

        Fish the worm rocks for 8 lb. Gator trout!. I've been there.

    29. Brian Robinson

      The first ever SM-TIC! Scott Martin Total Inch Challenge

      1. Rowdy Broomstick

        Size matters 🎣

    30. Jesse Hillis

      Another great episode of SMC!! You the man mr martin!! Your youtube channel is so awesome and entertaining I love it!!!

      1. Jesse Hillis

        @Scott Martin cant wait for the other episodes to be released on your youtube! It's an awesome thing that you are taking the time to upload them on KGup for the people that missed them on discovery channel and for the people without cable!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    31. Antoine Simpson

      Nice vid keep up the great work

    32. Creighton Robertson

      Do y’all come to Kentucky lake or Lake Cumberland? I’m gonna come meet some of y’all, especially you, you’re the best pro in my opinion and I love your tips. Keep it up Scott!!

    33. Bob Davis

      Good vid Scott. Happy New Year 🎆

    34. Michael Pollard

      Scott the man

    35. Two Passions Fishing


    36. Howard Rix

      Great show Scott! ☺🎣💪💯

    37. Jeffery Roblow

      Awesome video and luvvvv the trash talking.

      1. Scott Martin


    38. Tanner Hamilton

      Love the vids

    39. Mooshimoca

      i live right near where they made waterford crystal in ireland

    40. garry Webster

      What's up Scott. I a huge fan of yours I bought a couple favorite rods they are amazing my brother

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you are enjoining them!

    41. William Entrekin

      Been watching you since i could ever remember keep the videos coming

    42. Gavin Davis

      Scott please keep posting these episodes !!! They are awesome

      1. Scott Martin

        We have a few more for this year!

    43. Matt Bradley

      Waterford Plastic?

      1. Adam Smith


    44. The Fishing Expat

      Scott keeping me entertained through the COVID lockdown here in Germany with these daily uploads

      1. Scott Martin


    45. Ronnie Worthy

      Scott I was just wondering if you were going to change motors on your off shore boat

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes, planning on repowering the Freeman

    46. Not So Professional Outdoorsman

      Great vid love what you’re doing

    47. Backwoods Fishing

      Hey Scott have a good day

    48. Copeland Dennis


    49. Delta Parker


    50. Pushing Limits

      I love the way you fish hahaha

    51. cameron bow trick shot

      Love you scout

    52. Legit Angler

      Hi Mr. scott how are you?

    53. Eli Benson

      First 😂😂

    54. McClain Gorsh

      Best fisherman ever

    55. cameron bow trick shot


    56. Jerred Wayne

      Let's goooo!