Trump's Legal Team Is Getting Too Crazy for Trump

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    James Corden kicks off the show with a bit of breaking news from his head writer, Ian Karmel, who just learned the federal GSA office will officially begin the presidential transition process from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. And Trump had to part ways with one of his lawyers for her conspiracy theories that were even a bit much for the president, who hasn't shows himself much since the election.
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    1. Katrin Mason

      You ain't funny mate and you celebrate Biden you don't know nothing

    2. Alexez

      Sidney Powell was never apart of the Trump legal team...

    3. Ramniv DC

      Because you are part of the SWAMP. These late Shows are a JOKE!!! #PURE PROPAGANDA

    4. Tiffany Richard

      You should be ashamed putting your political views. Your not the news....

    5. j jake

      If the Almighty Creator of heavens and earth spoke through His servants the prophets and said Trump has two terms , ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what is gonna happen no matter how bleak the situation may look! Where are the intercessors of the nation America? It is time to fight on your knees to save this great nation. I am not American but I am a concerned fellow christian. Dark forces have already invaded this country but the Ancient of Days is here to deliver you. He honors the covenant He got into with the founding fathers of this nation. Along the line the wrong people got into power but it is time for Trump's second term says the Lord God Almighty. He uses anyone He wants to fulfill His will among men. Trump may not be perfect but He is God's choice. Whoever will fight him will be fighting God sand that is a losing battle. No matter what they try to do to God's elect they shall fail woefully. God shall use this man to bring sanity in all areas of government after being reelected. The days of the enemies of this nation are numbered and they are the ones who will flee the country in terror and disbelief for they know what will befall them. It will be a turning point like no other for America. Dear Americans, vote according to God's will. The spiritual revival coming to this nation is like no other. The end of times are here and it is quite an honor to see prophecy being fulfilled. Be blessed even as you undertake one of the greatest assignments in your lives... Voting in life and not death. Shalom.

    6. Morris Phillips

      Remember, white nationalism supersedes democracy, meritocracy and even obedience to law. Ask Bill Barr

    7. William H. Baird

      Thought this Quote from a fellow anti-Trumper was Epic: "And suddenly we are all Stormy Daniels, just waiting for Trump to finish so we can get some sleep".

    8. Biggi

      You sold your soul YOU LOOSER

    9. Condesa Alice

      Without joking, the Pope is more of a Football fan (Soccer).

    10. T

      Don’t do the Utah Jazz dirty!! My boys!

    11. Joe Weis

      Putin Congratulated Biden ! It is over for Trumpster !!!

    12. 7th Fleet CAG5

      And time has gone by and you all have showed your asses to America Trump will remain the president

    13. Aaron Walderslade

      The adverts are more interesting than this wet cardboard box of a show.

    14. KARMA777

      Many evidances for election fraud. Welcome to venezuela

    15. Mike Diffey

      Sidney Powell was never a part of the trump legal team. A nice lie they love to tell the trump haters so they can hate a little more.

    16. D A

      You think you’re so funny? You are the worst late show host ever.

    17. 广西四炮


    18. Nadia

      I can confirm that it is an international embarrassment. The US is constantly in the news in Denmark, and we are all laughing.

    19. TGSEdAbCa

      Thank you James!!

    20. du bu

      CNN boss Jeff Zucker urged staff not to 'normalize' Trump's behavior during election, leaked audiotapes show. James Corden , Are you involved?

    21. teachmemrsd

      I used to love you. I don’t like you disrespecting your president. Makes my heart sad. Your country is hurting.

      1. Hadley McCulley

        @D B thank you

      2. D B

        As if Trump respects anyone or anything! Total disgrace. Worst and most incompetent president in history. Rejected by America.

    22. Check YourSix Hustler

      Nothing worse than a low intellect flaming liberal.

    23. Ryan Oakes

      This guy is a pice of sheep sheit....

    24. Brendan Passarell

      Rudy says that he can smell crime, perhaps he needs to take a shower.

    25. Mystica Ari'Yena

      oh great... of all the things to get noticed for, we get the penislamps... *LeSigh* I hadn't even seen those and I live in the bloody country! Thanks James!

    26. Oge Marony

      I'm too immature for this show 😂😂😂😂

    27. Ilikeryche

      This show is gay.

    28. Ghia Ferrari

      I love Trump. Imagine he got the largest vote from the non white. He is hated, mock, bullied by his own people but he still is willing to fight for them. Proud of President Trump.

    29. william braval

      Awesome. Great show!!

    30. The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band

      @The Late Late Show With James Cordon ONE WEEK ONLY We are by our own admission, America's Most Popular Left-Wing LibTard Political Satire Band. Below you will find a link to all 18 Songs From Our Soon-To-Be-Released CD, "American Patriot" for the cost of a smile. Available soon on iTunes, Spotify and other popular download and streaming services. Please excuse the "language" of the comedy and please PLEASE share.

    31. LeiAnne SW

      James, I've adored you for years! Multi Talented and great at everything. Recently though I watch your show less and less, hoping for one show a week where its not mostly about Trump. Yes it's funny, sometimes, not 10+ minutes every single day! And before I'm attacked, I would say the same thing about Biden, or anyone. Its just overkill. I'd love to see some bits about Biden though, theres mounds and mounds of content. Political party aside, theres plenty of content on most of our "Leaders" to make us laugh.

    32. Laily Rose

      I really hope that the show stays this nonchalant if ever the audience comes back

    33. Mr. Cabrera

      To you Biden voters unfortunately this is your reality created for you. You dont know who Biden really is or what he stands for. You dont understand the real issues at stake.

    34. Rohan

      Are we bluntly gonna ignore that the poster said "Is now available on FOODHUB" Like Come on!

    35. Abdallah Ismail

      Haggar’s smile is so beautiful😍

    36. George John

      Judge:"I declare in advance that all the cases which you are going to file is failed."

    37. R Ali

      Too many sidekicks on this show, gets irritating at times

    38. Masood Shaikh

      I feel so bad for anyone who works with James and has Republican views. 😂

    39. mark panko

      What do you expect from a habitual liar .

    40. Nick

      It's like they've given up on the show ... and I love it!

    41. Keith Steward

      This upcoming inauguration will be the first one I watch. Maybe we can see trump trying to keep Biden from going in the WH or handcuffs slapped on him.

      1. ha ,-zi


    42. Alexandru Zepciuc

      It seams like we are going to be 2 years into biden presindecy an we will still hear news about trump “am i still the prezident? I am, am i? I am! Thank you the guy in the back of the rally with the gun in your hand. Thank you”

    43. Philip Mangiovillano

      I don’t like this gay foreign guy and this phony show

    44. Sequoia Hughes

      “...we all thought Snapple was healthy” 🤣😂 Oh man that hit hard. Very nice

      1. Laily Rose

        I just love how raw the show is. No worries about mistakes, bombing jokes, or whatever,. They're just having fun! I love it.

    45. sanharib toma

      That Ian, is Jack Blacks brother :)

    46. Thomas Ssott

      Hello Mr Corden ! Just a Little Reminder regarding Absolutely Puuurrfectly Descriptive Remarks made by a Genuinely Funny Guy. Yes ! You Guessed it. The Golden Globes 2020.

    47. Job Durocher

      I wonder where did he gets his 4 years college or whatsoever time hedid to get his license. People how he got that degree or work into any law firm office before. That's strange for me

    48. MixiSixi

      How crazy can it get? Stay tuned!

    49. true teller

      Remember Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Remember this lawsuit

    50. Malou Salas

      "I can tell you if anything, this (Trump's Legal Team) is an INTERNATIONAL EMBARASSMENT." 😂🤪😆😜🤣 Epic Bulls Eye!!!

    51. romxxii

      So James has finally acceptd the legacy of Crag Ferguson and just leaned into the self depracation and the weird sex jokes. I approve.

    52. Hyun Kim

      As a veteran of the U.S. military who traveled all over the world, I noticed that other countries do not respect us. They just fear our military,.

    53. song yardbird

      That man-bun just made me vomit.

    54. yellowroselola

      That moment when the video earns your like. What's your moment?

    55. LG[Today is the Day]

      I bet is not trump supporter in here

    56. Priscila Weston

      James tell us already the reunion date

    57. Priscila Weston

      james kidnapping 1d is really easy, harry and louis are together and liam and niall are both in

    58. mh r

    59. Rob

      Sidney didn’t suck the orange mushroom hard enough

    60. mh r

      Love your show but you were voted for rude / not nice celebrity in real life the opposite of Keanu reeves:(

    61. Time Of The End

      You have no idea what is happening, the ground under you feet will shatter

    62. 谢无言

      Bunch of crooks steal the democracy and sell to CCP . Shame for you.

    63. Bingo

      Trump won this election and all of the censorship the media is doing won't work. You got caught and now you're going to face the consequences.

    64. Maroof Usmani

      It was more than her being really crazy. She was trying to pocket donation money and that was the reason Donny let her go.

    65. Steven Lin

      So lack of respect! Shut your foul mouth!

    66. Mich204 VJ

      I agree!!..1996 is my fav year!!..

    67. eRmaC

      I didnt know Chris Farley was still alive.

    68. #messi Grd

      He seems fun and likable but then you will just keep waiting to enjoy the show.

    69. I_Monk

      how is that there are NO consequences to BATSH*T Crazy Rudy&Co. for trying to blo w up our democracy ?????HOW?? the 80 million votes should each file a unlawful fraud case against Trump Rudy Crazy train and legally make them pay!. STAND UP AMERICA... THIS WAS A TRIAL RUN for a COUP by the CRAZIES among us (can be right or left wing).. if we dont make them pay the next try will be polished and effective in destroying the democracy !

    70. THE ONE

      Funny fat guy! Is it funny that michigan had 174,000 votes from COUNTIES with 0 registered voters! Zero! CNN on Election night in real time took 19,958 votes from Trump and that exact # went to Bidens total! In 68 seconds!Ha,ha that's funny right! # The Truth Will Expose Them, what a laugh riot the united States is! Who is Eric Coomer? And how come none of the mainstream media is picking up any stories? There running cover......

    71. Random Guy

      I love this show it just gets better and better😂💙

    72. crumpetcatcher

      Crikey James, they just laugh along with you for being English. Take it while you can mate $$$

    73. albert oneill

      Fatboy thinks hes funny..Do us a favour stay in the states

    74. Marie

      They need more money...thanks to the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Why not Trump pays his own lawyers salaries? It is an abused of his power to sue everyone even without merits and all fabricated infos, just because he doesnt pay his lawyers. Cannot wait fir January 20, 2021 fir the swamp to be drain. Unfortunately, we still have to endure McConnell, Graham, Paul, Rubio, Cruz for another 6 yrs of satusfying their own personal and Republican interest n "NOT for d people". But taxpayers are paying their salaries and giving special priviledge that ordinary people do not have, especially in ds pandemic time.

    75. Debbie Ferguson

    76. Martin Rodriguez Jr.

      💐🌹🌹🌹💐🌹🌹🌹💐 😃 😃 😃 😃 Good Day Great To View facebook(dot)com/Mr.Bashful1 👼 👼 👼 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

    77. Abner Rigaud

      Trump could say that he is not leaving, he is not conceding.However, according the Twentieth Amendement to the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes becomes president at 12:00 p.m. on january 20. The current president's term is therefore over on that day, just before noon. And all of the allegiance of the government, of the military, of the civil service, switches to Joe Biden, the winner of the November 3 election, and Donald Trump will become a private citizen, regardless of anything Donald Trump does.

    78. Catherine Inghram

      James comes off as just so likable

    79. Dowl Owl

      Yes international , wait World embarrassment. In case you don’t realise it, let me tell u the whole is laughing at Americans politics( go ask around) Worse then third world politics as US were always judgemental n policing other countries but then whats happening now in US is worse n Shameful. You can’t take care of your own country. N omg all the karens n kelvins mentality 🙄 so don’t in future trying to look superior to others. High time Americans take a hard look in the mirror n see what they really are.( not all) Getting upset n rude when people talk in other language then English ( even in private conversion between two people, friend n relatives). When in America must speak English. So why do Americans whilst in other countries expect the local must speak English too. Especially american tourist very rude demanding n loud. Unfortunately It’s sad that the locals shop assistants thot white foreigners has lots of money n attended to them first then their local people but actually the tourist were very budget conscious n always goes on Dutch when eating out even on dares ( not that it’s really bad) . Asians are usually more generous, the men always pays for bills on (especially new) dates . N lots of times will have friendly arguements wanting to pick up taps when going out dining with friends n pays for those sitting at their table.( though in recent times they learn to go on Dutch , which is quite good as the person can order what they want as they are paying for it n not worrying n felt uncomfortable whether the cost is ok with host/date/friend. Jokes on President trump Republicans (not voicing the wrong doings by their leader) Americans N see how your politicians esp The very top , THe President n his cahoots were up to n Americans were trying to PACIFY him like a petulant , ill mannered , delusional child, WHY??? I SHAMEFUL. The purpose of writing this is just to let Americans knows how the world generally Perceived n have general opinion of the americans , which are rather sad.


      I agree!!! Its an international embarassment

    81. ElohimEloahIlahi Machiah

      Biden = bidden Ka mala = bad spirit

    82. Kate Cosette

      “Would you rather go back to the future or forward to the... *future* “ 😂😂😂😂😂

    83. Jason Souter

      You English blokes are f’n hilarious #fancyadrink Keep doin what you’re doin is what it is

    84. David Davis

      Only a radical liberal would think going to courts instead of streets looting ang burning is crazy

    85. Alex Nguyen

      I love how off the rails James' show appears to be... Just a group of guys hanging out. Love it!

    86. Daniel Clark

      I'm sure President Trump and the Republicans are eager to show Biden and the Democrats the same cooperation and consideration shown them for the past four years.

    87. Susanne T.


    88. Dorothy i

      these guys are hilarious, love it.

    89. Dorothy i

      would go back to the day COVID 19 was exposed and transmitted like wildfire, and stop it.

    90. Jan Kiper

      Sidney wasn’t fired out facts...not fake news

    91. The Debate Show with Not Brian Stelter

      Yes... yes... it’s all going to be alright. Sleep. Sleep. It’s all going to be alright.

    92. Dani

      2:04 O man that's exactly what I feel. 1996 was the peek of humanity. That's when we had it as good as can get. The whole 70's 80's Was good and the peak was the 90's and then came the millennium and everything had to become so fckn modern and advanced and we threw it all away. With social media as the worst factor. The cancer of society.

    93. Cori Krohn

      What racquets do the ATP finalists in 2020 use and is there something you can learn from their racquet choices? (And would you prefer if I did another video about the topic?) #tennisnerd #tennisplayers #djokovic #nadal #thiem #tennisracquets #ATPFinals

    94. Michaela Dunne

      I might have to binge watch this show 😂

    95. Ayad Ali

      😂😂😂Anus Kitchen!🤣🤣🤣

    96. Ayad Ali

      😂😂😂A closer look!🤣🤣🤣

    97. Ayad Ali

      😂😂😂Needy Pillows!🤣🤣🤣

    98. Victor Alvarez

      " it looks like this show was an inconvenience to you,on your way to the farmers market" 🎃😂🤣😭🤣

    99. Alex S

      A: "Hi welcome to Anus Kitchen, may I take your order?" B: "Yes, I'll have the number 2 please."

    100. Alexa Romeo

      The Republican party really owes President Trump for their success. It's a shame to see them betraying and selling him out for Thirty pieces of silver. The reason the Republican party have their seats is Trump they should really be more loyal. Go back to England corden. You might want to buy two airline tickets for the convenience of fellow passangers.