How Tesla's Cybertruck Stacks Up Against The Hummer EV

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    GMC has made its foray into electrification with its Hummer EV, a modern take on the popular gas guzzler from the early 2000s. The electric version is just as massive and powerful as its predecessors. It's the latest option for consumers interested in the limited - and highly competitive - electric truck market. Here's how it stacks up against Tesla's Cybertruck.
    How Tesla's Cybertruck Stacks Up Against The Rivian R1T Electric Truck
    Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car
    Why Teslas Accelerate So Fast
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    How Tesla's Cybertruck Stacks Up Against The Hummer EV

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    1. Effortless Awareness

      The Hummer can C-walk? Keep it gangsta nikka, Keep it gangsta 🦀 Walk , Biaaaatch

    2. Kashan Siddiqui

      Ford raptor f.150 is good then all the trucks

    3. Keenan Joya


    4. Ladislav Šesták

      Comparison of high-end specs on both sides. Hummer EV: (EV EDITION 1) Starting at $112,595 Range: estimates 350 miles+ 0-60 in approximately 3s Available: FALL 2021 Tesla Cybertruck (TRI MOTOR AWD) Starting at $69,900 Range: estimates 500 miles+ 0-60 in

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    6. bird boi093

      The hummer e.g. theoretically should be better as gm has experience with MILLATARY use were as tesla DOES NOT gm has been making MILLATARY vehicles for over 100 yrs where as tesla came from space x which does mean experi3nce with components or features but not much experience with cars or trucks at all.tesla had 5o start cars and trucks from scratch only years ago so they're still new to it which means tesla won't have as good of an understanding of how the functions or capabilities will actually be useful or functional for what we need, where as gm knows from the there experience with making MILLATARY vehicles what features or functions will be needed and gm will also execute the features better. The hummer ev will also most likely be externaly stronger also the tesla cybertruck only has 700 hp but the hummer ev has over 1,000hp

    7. Ahmed Nisar

      The background music is irratating

    8. Agustin Jr. Enriquez

      Any car person would pick the Hummer lmfao there’s no debate

    9. Saleem Halawani

      When will tesla come out

    10. The Fire Tiger

      Soooooooo..... Tesla’s better?

    11. Deividas Tamasauskas

      When that hummer will hit the roads with them wicked futures it will be most favourite! Electric engine will fix the lack of movement and speeds and enormous amount of fuel. When that all gone this hummer looks like the hummer I FINALLY WANT AGAIN!

    12. Vlad Alucard Tepes

      GM said it themselves. They don’t have a working prototype so without real world testing how did they come up with these specs. Oh yeah they took this out of Nikola’s playbook. The hummer is a vaporware until it has an actual Working prototype.

    13. Dennis

      $120k wow

    14. Gloria J. Domínguez Azpeitia

      candaceowens earwax billmaher thenormies newshour

    15. Alexander Kenway

      Yeah I ain't paying 80K let alone 100K lool

    16. Chadwick Jones

      Hummer costs double, and it will have somewhere between 25% to 33% worse specs for motor and battery. That's my guess. It also doesn't even have the particular historic Hummer look.

    17. double00shotgun

      The Humm Vee is trash.

    18. Bobby Hill

      Cyber Truck has 3mm stainless steel sheet that can deflect 9mm bullets

    19. Jay K

      Why do people keep saying its auto pilot when it's actually driver assist.

    20. Blaggard999-_-

      Cyber truck looks like its still rendering. Never liked it

    21. casper

      Going through the comment section, Why do Cybertruck fans have the everpresent need to prove the "superiority" of their favorite. Yes the looks are unique, but are they street legal. Pedestrian safety? WHATS THAT? Calling everythiung vaporware because its not in production yet. But under that logic, the cybertruck is also vaporware, because they only have a couple prototypes. The same happens in comment sections on the Rivian R1T and it sickens me. Elon Musk started Tesla to drive inovation and competition in the EV market, which is good. But some of his fans seem to think Telsa is the only EV company allowed and all the rest are fakes/scams. (Insert Nikola joke here) Because lets be honest here, when it comes down to looks, the Cybertruck loses to both the R1T and the Hummer imo. Not everyone wants to drive a stainless steel cheesewedge. So if you always go out of your way to defend it because "it grows on you", you just look desperate. If you like it, good for you, but don't just force it on others. Preference exists you know. And if we are talking specs, the only one that has hard data to back their claims are Rivian. Because they are the only ones that already have their production model ready, have tested it in the real world, and are setting up their manufactering. Both the Hummer and Cybertruck only exist in prototype form so far, so they can always change. And to mention pricing The advertised prise of the Rivian, 69000$, is for a "well equipped mid range model". So no, it wont be 100000$+, like people like saying so much. If Telsa can come through on their advertised pricing, thats great, but the price wont always be able to save it given the looks. The Hummer does seems fairly expensive however if the advertised specs are anything to go by. And because I know people will disagree, I feel like I should mention that the R1T is my favorite. Come at me.

    22. Ken Whitman

      I This is fake GM does not have a working prototype, hummer add is computer generated just like Nikola pushing their fake truck down the hill. Hey GM the green new deal starts today for conservatives I’m canceling any idea of a Detroit purchase I will not ever buy a Chevy GM Ford Chrysler dodge Jeep hey Michigan get ready to find a job in Austin cause your going to make my cybertruck without a union. No more Pennsylvania steel. 80gs 😂 go Tesla waiting for a cybertruck that

    23. Ken Whitman

      It’s fake

    24. Joe Qalo


    25. Bob H

      GM has a 'truck' that needs to be plugged in to even have its lights on - yes all that 'footage' was CGI, Cybertruck is driving around. GM is fraud like Nikola. 10 degree crabwalk is as useful as tits on a squirrel.

    26. Sathya Sai

      Finally a electric gmc

    27. J-Pocket

      Tesla lookin like it was made with PS1 graphics.

    28. Timestamp Terry

      Americans mad cause cybertruck doesn't look like a traditional truck that ur average fat wing - eater drives


      skyrim soundtrack

    30. Keith .Con

      For everyone saying how the Hummer sold out of first edition. For all you know they only are making 10k of the first edition! Being sold out doesn’t mean anything. If GM was serious about Making EVs they would have cheaper version come out 4 years from now. One year, okay maybe. I think this timing shows how their not very serious. And how can compete with Tesla’s who’s 10 years ahead in their technology and cost half the price? GM needs to step it up! I hope ford comes out with an electric Bronco!

    31. Karl Ascuasiati

      The Tesla cult crying 😂😂😂

    32. FunnyBUDDY

      Hammer looks better but testla is the king in ev segment.

    33. ABREEZY YT

      This maybe an epic comeback.for the GMC after 2009

    34. jajaWYOO

    35. Buy Hjh

    36. Vawai E9vawa

      i hate the f. guitar , keep it out 4 heavens sake

    37. Gấu Bựa TV

    38. Dwight Dullano

      i think hummer is coping tesla because tesla wad first in auto pilot

    39. GNex Prime

      Between Ferrari and Lamborghini, I'll choose Lamborghini, because the way it look, stylish, modern. Between Ducati ( latest ) and Kawasaki H2. 'ofcoz' H2!!!!.. look at the design of the bike man.. not comparing the performance here.. but the look. Between Cybertruck and Hummer EV.. I'll go for Hummer, it look 'strong' and awesome design. Between my money and these 2 truck.. I'll choose to feed my family.

    40. Tyler Arnold

      That EV is the absolute ugliest $100K car I have ever seen. Absolutely disgusting. So so so so so many better options for $100K.

    41. Neeraj Nair

      How much did GM pay for the CGI?

    42. United Noobies

      A down payment for a house? Or a hummer? Idk

    43. AK KRAKEN

      One looks like truck, other looks like sh*t

    44. Talon Hayes

      Hummer EV is the REAL warthog. Does it come in marine green, and can a tri-barrel .50 gatlin be mounted on that b**** - that's all they need now...

    45. Ragnar Lothbrok

      hummer just looks great

    46. Elijah Begley

      Hummer doesn't even exist. Every image is CGI in the commercial GM released. Please link a video where the truck is drivable by said reviewers if accessible. Tesla has been doing this.

    47. Ali Alnasiry

      crab walk = batmobile

    48. Sam TM

      Damn!! Price just kill the fun

    49. Stephen Pierce

      Who NEEDS a vehicle like this? 😝

    50. That Guy Over There

      The cyber truck just looks stupid

      1. Fell Man

        I like it, it looks like a sedan yet it's a truck.

    51. a person on the internet

      Rtx off rtx on

    52. Victor Mkhaliphi

      If you think Elon Musk is among the most important individuals to ever exist in this planet. Well done. You're Right.

    53. Victor Mkhaliphi

      When the CYBTRK finally arrives, people are not gonna belive the sales numbers. They'll be unrivaled.

    54. Victor Mkhaliphi

      So, I like the Hummer EV, but I love the CYBTRK. Tesla just needs to copy (yes I said it, copy. And recognize them) some of the cool features of both HUMMER EV and RT1. CYBTRK is a beast for sure!!!

    55. James Ng

      Why would you compare a real truck with one that’s just computer generated?

    56. Scott

      The thing about the Hummer, is that people will not laugh at you if you are driving one.

    57. Mayhem Sixsixsixteensixteen

      First of all the hummer exists and the Tesla is still a concept

    58. Okbro

      But with the cybertruck I can drive safely through a house.

    59. Pundit of None

      What a time to be alive!

    60. Jatin Patel

      Only if tesla didnt look like something from roblox. Hummer is definitely the better looking truck for both interior and exterior.

    61. Peak234 4

      11000tq????????? Holy shit

    62. Be Quick Or be Dead

      If you don't have a Tesla well you don't have a Tesla!

    63. Russobz Net

      Really doesn’t matter, can’t buy either one..

    64. Camping Diaries - Sunny Negi

      Hummer ev ia clear , undisputed winner as looks & power is fully loaded

    65. njengakim

      Hummer EV right now is just a design prototype and CGI. Cybertruck has a working prototype that has been driven and been spotted in public. I really think we should hold on the comparisons until the working hummer ev prototype is made available.

    66. A G

      When Tesla broke ground it was almost revolutionary. Now everyone is trying to compete with them releasing EV's. Perfect for the consumer. However, makes me realize that EV technology has been around for decades but the oil industry supressed it for so long, hence GM doing away with the EV1...How ironic.....

    67. Daniel Rousseau


    68. Mrduckkick MDK

      hummer ev is better and look nice

    69. PadmaBaswara Media

      General motor has much experience about powerful electric motor..bcause in my country diesel electric locomotive using powerfull general motor 3 phase since 1980....than.. i believe this one beside musktruck..

    70. Scott Campbell

      200 kWh battery could power your whole house in a POWER OUTAGE. GM wants taxpayers to pay for charging stations. WiFi updates? Autonomous?

    71. Snake Plisskin

      cybertruck looks incomplete!

    72. Marc Herrera

      We don’t need to wait the Hummer EV is going to fail. Because it doesn’t have a charging infrastructure like the cyber truck. That Hummer’s trail video looks like it’s more than 250 miles away from the nearest fast charger. It was probably towed there by gas power

      1. Marc Herrera

        @Rex Imperatur Like I said it's unlikely it got to that remote location on it's own or and end user achieving what it was meant to do without the fast charging infrastructure. It's going to fail like the Porsche EV regulated to a few fast chargers. At a dealership. How sad

      2. Rex Imperatur

        No, that Hummer was not towed and absolutely did not need to be towed. It's a CGI video clip. The Hummer is real though, it simply is not thrusting through the wild as depicted.

    73. Brett Davis

      The hummer ev is meant for truck people, the cyber truck is for techy people who kinda want a truck.

    74. Karim Amr

      I prefer the GMC Hummer EV. The Tesla Cybertruck's design looks like a truck shaped on a triangle.

    75. Ravens Fan89

      I think the hummer beats the metal box with led stripes on the front

    76. Bumpy Description16

      In my Opinion, The Hummer EV is a good-looking offroad car while the Tesla is like the million dollar car from GTA

    77. Justin H

      I rather have the Hummer EV

    78. O B

      11,500 lb-ft of torque... I call bullshit. Most new diesel trucks have 1000 lb-ft, on the 350-3500 models.

    79. Yasmani Reyes

      I take ugly azz Tesla, price is going make it or break it, I will wait for regular models by then better testing and reviewing will be available.

    80. ItsEste Why?

      Cyber truck was made by Elon’s child while the hummer was made by a team(the looks)

    81. Chor Sokny

      hammer Eb look like monster truck

    82. Randy Ackles


      1. Randy Ackles

        Deursome bakery

    83. Yojimbo413

      Tesla all the way

    84. SHAZOM .

      But Tesla is lying about the cybertruck price, it will be much more expensive, mark my words.

    85. Dun

      That hummer is vapor wear, it doesn’t drive that’s all CGI

    86. Adam

      Thumbnail looks like PS1 graphics VS PS5 graphics.

    87. AGGREGOR

      hummer ev outside is just a copy of the toyota fj cruiser

    88. Reedoy Khan

      If cyber truck looked any where close to hummer I buy it. Cyber truck is so fking ugly

    89. D Harr

      I love the rise of EVs, that being said when it comes to looks the cyber truck looks like a gimmick.

    90. American Rambler

      I like the new electric Hummer overall. And I suspect one which looks and behaves much like this one will be available within 2 years. It’s price is too high, but it’s intended to be a premium truck at launch. The Tesla cyber truck pickup is at present still apparently still a vapor ware truck outside of the prototype we have seen up to this point. The Hummer will probably be the better truckers truck, but the Tesla would be the better electric truck functionally and performance wise. And maybe much more affordable with a simpler design and option package. The Tesla will be more aimed at the non truck people. The Rivian electric truck may be a better choice than either of these and has a higher chance of actually getting to the market vs the Hummer and cyber truck.

      1. Rex Imperatur

        At least the Cybertruck is a prototype vaporware in which people have been given test rides and that people have seen driving down the streets. The Hummer EV video clip on the other hand is just CGI. That said, I still think that both vehicle will make it to production, Cybertruck first.

    91. Davis Winn

      move over elon. This is a real truck right here

      1. teddy42839

        It has less towing and shorter bed

    92. Nahum Eikenberry

      Looks like Tesla hired 3rd grader to draw the exterior design.

    93. T Hill

      Lol the hummer is garbage. It's still not revolutionary and just a stupid box. It has little to no range compared to the Tesla cybertruck.

    94. Evelyn 2k2

      @_jessicajoyce_allen thanks for making me financially stable in this difficult times

    95. Lia Edward

      I really appreciate all your efforts with the little investment of $500 with joy all over me after withdrawing $1500 and another $2000 through the help of. @_jessicajoyce_allen

    96. Shlok Mane

      Now, Chevrolet should make an electric version of corvette

    97. Commuter Branchline

      Hummer EV is like the emperor’s new clothes.

    98. yuoop noke

      This is literally The Beauty and The Beast

      1. teddy42839

        Yes cybertruck so nice

    99. Saksham Jain

      Hummer looks better for me

    100. David Labella

      1:05 wow I didn’t know GMC was actually EA you have to get a subscription for you to use auto pilot