The BEST Winter Lure? (Controversial Bait)

DC Fishing

21 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    I am tying on what just might be the best winter time lure. This lure is kind of controversial. A lot of folks just flat out don't like it while other anglers can't put it down. Here is the deal though, love it or hate, it catches 'em. The one and only Alabama rig. I am going to cover what my setup is for it, when and where I like to use it, and help you get more fish in the boat.
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    1. Lee Yarbrough

      I fish against Andy on Saturday nights out of McFarland in summertime , good fellow an is a river rat knows the river like back of his hand an is a good stick an has very good analogy on bass fishing, guess he does fishing on the Tennessee river for 45 years haha. An love your videos roll tide my man.

    2. woef man

      Great Info DC, keep channel going. If get time can you talk to us about Alabama shake, on swim jig

    3. Brian Huber

      Ok I bought a live target version of this! Its only got one hook and 2 decoys. It’s janky as can be but who knows maybe I can work with it

    4. Brian Villalobos

      Put a hook in a steak.. don’t do it but!! Lmfao 🤣

    5. Cory Kent

      Haha, I remember when it (A-RIG) first came out here to the West Coast. If you weren't throwing it on Clear Lake that first year, you probably weren't even fishing day 2! Jimmy Houston and I were both at BPS in Vegas for the Spring Fishing Classic, and if you'll remember...Jimmy wouldn't fish the BassMaster Elites, for a number of reasons. However, he thought it was SO STUPID that BASS outlawed A LURE! HE was straight up PISSED. He said it made the fishing industry look petty, and I agree. So are they going to outlaw every new and innovative lure that comes out in the future? What do YOU all think about outlawing a lure!!?? Tell me here in the comments! Take care all, and ALWAYS remember that ONE simple rule for a fun fishin' life, that keeps y'all safe from "boat swingin" a Naydeen. Once ya stick'er, play with her GB up TV video fyi yoer, ț tight. Don't play with'er too much, y'already got'er hooked up! She wanted it in her mouth, so bygod, you went and stuck it to her! FISH ON!

    6. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

      Can you do a video on how to catch 5 of the right ones?

    7. 7INEntertainment

      Secret spot at 10:24 haha

    8. Jeff Chambers

      Roll Tide Dustin

    9. Brad Browning

      I was up there today and they were in fact NOT biting

    10. Captain Young

      Big man DC real quick ? Do pros WHEN THEY sale thier boats do they leave everything on them other than the wrap sure it goes but elec....


      If nobody is sitting on the corner of that powerhouse, it's ALWAYS my first choice. You can literally just drop it straight down on the corner of that concrete and hold it still, in about 6'-8' of water, and absolutely slaughter them. As it warms up more into spring, you won't be able to keep the 10-20lb stripers off it!

    12. Chris Lindsey

      Why is it banned in some tournaments?

    13. Raymond Bradford

      Finally ... someone on the platform of professional bass fishing hinted at the truth of why A rig's are not allowed... it was going to hurt the sales of every other fishing lure.. A-rigs would have dominated the sport.. point blank... it would have crushed potential income for other baits ..

    14. Tucker Miller

      I went to a lake a didn't bring my a rig and people were catching them like crazy on them 😤

    15. BlackOpsOutdoors

      Here in East TN if your not using them in tourney's your losing. I love flipping, jigs and TX rigs. But if I'm in a Tourney and I don't thrown an A rig, I'm going to lose 9 out of 10 times.

    16. Alabama Outdoor Life

      Yes yes, that’s a very familiar location 😂🤘

    17. Trayce Dinkel

      Are you guys ever bringing back “THE WEIGHT” ???? That was a badass series

    18. Jesse Boyden

      Lol blurred out the graph 'the juice'

    19. Jesse Boyden

      U know dc catches some big ole spots when hes not freaking over a 4lb spot on the rig lol

    20. Tracy Jones


    21. Ginja Ninja

      Sweet video!

    22. bo Spence

      Do a video on electronics on the choosa

    23. Travis Bruno

      I love the alabama rig..i live in nj and in the winter rite now its my go to on my kayak

    24. Landon Johnson

      Haha dc the only guy I done seen blank out his maps in a spot like that. My mans is tired of it 😂😂😂😂

      1. DC Fishing

        Pirates of the Coosa!! 🤣🤣🤣

    25. Tim Schreiber

      Should have thrown it today on Guntersville !

    26. Tyler Broadway

      I have felt that exact feeling many times!! Always hilarious! DING

    27. Eric

      They ain’t gonna catch themselves

    28. Bozoman500 Gaming

      How have I been fishing Mitchell, Jordan, and the river for so long and only just now discovered this channel. Great stuff.

    29. Jason Mashburn

      I thought u only learn if u listen

    30. Kp Fishing

      White curly tales is the best for me when I want to catch some white bass

    31. Kent Smith

      That looks familiar. Near momma Genes🎣🔥🎣

    32. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Me n my cousin won a Sunday derby couple winters ago FLIPPING A- RIGS BETWEEN DOCKS. letting it sink n snapping it quick up off the bottom n burning it.. had 18lbs doing that! True story.. happened by accident!! Hasn't worked since!!,🤣🤣

    33. 84neilbone

      Awesome video I have never thrown in Alabama rig. I want to try but I got to figure out my Pennsylvania state law about it.

    34. paul west

      Haha....blurred out "The Juice Spot". Comon DC give up them dots so your local boys can catch them dinged up spots. Here in the midwest later winter early spring you better have one tied on. Chance are if you don't, you gonna lose to one.

    35. DWMJr

      Out lawd tha A Rig! But allow Live Scope!😩🤷

    36. Big Banana Fishing

      Ha! Had a chuckle when you covered up the map. The Juice for sure!

    37. Leland Culp

      tightlines dc

    38. Brandon Knuckles

      I like the screen saver you got on that lowrance.......THE JUICE

      1. Brandon Knuckles

        @B Fishing Outdoors love your tik tok my fav is the Conor McGregor one.....I wanna take this time to apologize....I've sent that to many people......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DC YOU TUBE IS GETTIN NOTHIN BUT BETTER I LIKE STUFF LIKE THAT ADDED IN

      2. B Fishing Outdoors

        @Brandon Knuckles well I'm glad you got a kick out of it. I am his editor btw.

      3. Brandon Knuckles

        @B Fishing Outdoors I seen it and started gotta do what what you gotta do

      4. B Fishing Outdoors

        I was waiting for someone to mention that.

    39. Brandon Knuckles


    40. Musky Hunter

      Any good in the summer?

    41. bassakwd1

      My very first rig cost me over 25.00 total.. My fishing partner says dang you can throw that a mile... Remember.. use a little super glue on your knot when using braid...kill'em this year DC... Ur Tenn. Fan...

    42. Table Rock Kid

      Love the A Rig but these Table Rock bass have seen so many they have really slowed down on it compared to 2 or 3 years ago. I see fish absolutely running away from an A Rig now on livescope. The identical set ups to the ones that worked so well a couple years ago.

    43. Musky Hunter


    44. Ramir Maldepena

      This guy needs all the followers in the fishing world. Most hilarious bass fisherman alive. Thanks for all the input and the awesome contents you’ve been posting this past year. You don’t talk no bullshit when it comes to tackles , rigs and etc. You’re all about fax no printer. All love and support straight from Chattanooga or the C-Town. Stay safe

    45. Juststatinfacts SV


      1. DC Fishing

        Thanks for watching 😁🤡

    46. Derrick House

      I love the videos

    47. Josh Perez

      So Question....I follow you and wheeler and MDJ and I noticed ya guys have some pretty long rods...what does a longer rod do you or anybody?

    48. Shane Hamilton

      I love throwing it in the winter the colder the better. Will you throw it in semi stained water like 18 inches of visibility? I feel like it’s got to be clear. Glad to hear you throw it on straight braid, I was about to start experimenting with 20 mono, Great video!

    49. 256BassFishing

      I had a lot of success in late October to Early November on Pickwick below Wilson Dam. However, I was just out this past Sunday and everyone was throwing the A-Rig and having little success. I'm talking about ten boats in an area we call the Horseshoe, Brett knows what I'm talking about, throwing it in all directions. I went with a medium diving Bandit 200 in a craw pattern and we were catching them. Thinking as you said, the fish may have gotten conditioned to the rig and wanted something different.

    50. Slimetime

      A rigs are gay

      1. Caden Carpenter


    51. Ira Register

      Does the forward sonar help you keep it from getting hung up? Cuz it sucks hanging it. And the hook up percentage ain't good rigged weedless.

    52. John Scogin

      I been slinging ned rigs, drop shots and jerkbaits for the past couple months, trying to be good, but here you go, messing up my inner strength, so ima tie on a couple rigs for this weekend. Lol. Great video bro.

    53. Todd Cooper

      Happy New Year's From The Cooper's Cleburne,Texas

    54. Jeremy Erno

      👍 nice video . Ding Ding

    55. Joshua Ihrig

      And now my rig is tied back on

    56. SEbassinTV

      I hate the rig but it gets bites so I throw it anyway 🤪

    57. Xersrt A

      I have been throwing literally every winter bait you can think and can’t get a bite often or consistently. I’ll have to give the a rig a shot

    58. Richard Thompson

      Why are A-rigs banned? Bc they catch fish? Isn’t that what a tournament wants? Bc it’s not fair chase? So is live scope and braid. Bc no one would throw anything else? So flipping and frogging will become obsolete?

    59. KaVillage

      i had my first 2-for-1 catch last week on the a-rig. this lure is amazing and am now looking for my first 3-for1!!! Tight lines my dudes!

    60. Gary Jackson

      You’re right dc it’s a bass getter

    61. 334 Bassin

      I just ordered a miniature A rig from tackle warehouse. It all came in today so I’m ready to get out there and throw it tomorrow after work.

    62. Caden Carpenter

      dude i broke off an $18 Alabama Rig and it literally was the most depressing fishing moment ever

      1. Scruffy City Fishing

        I broke off a $20 one a year ago. Feels like my soul is still on the bottom of the lake. Was using 50 lb test braid, no leader. Must have had a frayed spot somewhere.

      2. Caden Carpenter

        @KaVillage yea fr

      3. KaVillage

        Could have been the rig. So many loose parts and swivels xD

      4. Caden Carpenter

        @KaVillage it was 40lb with a double palomar

      5. KaVillage

        50lb braid brother. no leader

    63. DH Fishing

      They’re not, not biting!

    64. James Mims

      Great deal dc love the rig just when you loose one makes you sick.

    65. Gspot General

      damn good analogy lmao

    66. Angel Vazquez

      Lol, "OH NO THERE GOES $25!!!" I definitely know that feeling and it hurts. But yes that A Rig is deadly.

    67. M Jones

      I agree 100 %

    68. Austin Reed

      Can we please fish sometime love the contents