Boeing 737! MAX is BACK! Re-certification and understanding MCAS! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today's video we'll be looking at the famous Boeing 737 MAX. What caused the grounding of this plane? What did Boeing do to get her certified? I'll give you a better understanding of the MCAS system. The easiest explanation on how the system works by using a bicycle! I'll briefly mention the Angle of Attack vane that caused the problems with the MCAS! Is it safe to fly this beautiful airplane again?
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Joe Achilles

      Another brilliant video Joe, that last 90 seconds were so powerful and true, respect!

      1. Sebastian Floyd

        @RadhaKrishnan Nair they should be retired a moment too soon

      2. RadhaKrishnan Nair

        @Spare2 Count aerodynamic theory says so when with full power , means nose goes up especially climb . Situation goes to supper stall within few secondsif not corrected automatically go beyond imagination. That is why... Redesign MCAS with failsafe concept introduce, automatically happen., No need of simulator training for pilots let captain fly with smile on face..

      3. RadhaKrishnan Nair

        @Sebastian Floyd redesign of MCAS with failsafe concept introduce aircraft is perfect.. As of now Boeing/ FAA release not safe enough . They falled infront of Airbus & high tech. Max is there baby up to them about safety.

      4. jokka83

        What about good training? I'm not trying to excuse Boeing here, but I think we all know that those lifes would be saved with pilots that had good training. I think it's wrong to ignore it.

      5. San Bruno


    2. Alan Simpson

      I want to fly on airplane haven't flown in 20 years I think I will I go book a airplane trip from ca to ny I'm tired of highway

    3. Aaron Eichler

      I think, You forgot to mention that this system was also done in this way, since pilots would only need a quick tutorial (which was still not sufficient) on the ipad instead of a recertification...could be i missed this

    4. Barang Bagus Brunei

      Back for murder

    5. maxpeck5

      Thank you for a great discussion on the issues with the Boeing 737 Max. I also appreciate your decision not to review air crashes.

    6. john john

      We're ALL to blame we want more for our shares every year

    7. john john

      Many pilots couldn't have traning because they needed _flight simulators_ They instead used iPads OMG

    8. john john

      Well done BOEING welcome back Maxi ... great positive news

    9. Ryan Laprade


    10. robert damico

      I learned so much with this video!

    11. breytac

      The relationship between the FAA and several companies that build planes in the US has been described as "too friendly". Meanwhile, EASA be like "Hmm...screwdriver left after maintenance...inspection failed"

    12. Geoffrey Walker

      Interesting that Boeing is contracting a large number of experienced 737 drivers to "assist" some of the customers in their pilot training programs for the Max. These guys are going to be riding around in jump seats of airlines such as Lion and Ethiopian for the next few years.

    13. Putu salatin

      737 max down because of “Greed”

    14. Mark Roberts

      I wondered if you'd include the 'corporate greed' phrase, and you did, good. A good reputation is slow to be established, but so quickly lost For those of us not so familiar, did the A320 NEO merit a whole new type rating, and pilot training? over its predecessor

    15. the random channel

      Neo (efficiency

    16. El Ectric

      Came here for the comments. Was not disappointed.

    17. Juraj Marko

      Nice video. For me boing is now a company for which safety isn't first. It is profit first. Such companny shall be newer trusted again. It is OK if a company do a mistake, it is not ideal, but it's unavoiable. What is not aceplatble if the mistake is a result of economical decisions, because in that case it is a calculated decision that the human lives are less valuable as the economical benefits. Such decision can actualy force also other companies to do same cuts to stay competitive, which means, that boing is actualy reducing the importance of safety for the whole insutry by this. I do belive that MAX is safe now, but I do not belive that boing as a company shall be trusted. We do not know how many other mistakes has been done becouse of the filosofy money first, safety may be later. Which wa demonstated by the whole MAX case.

    18. Shoaib Khan

      I won’t be getting on it anytime soon

    19. Kimo1Kimo

      Nice video by Joe

    20. Dangerous One

      What a turn of events with Coronavirus.

    21. Ole Laustsen

      Great video @captainjoe! I totally agree on the corporate greed explanation, we simply can’t have this in the aviation world. Though the Max is recertified I’d never fly it. It’s one thing to convince the aviation geeks but it’s another to convince the public. The Max will forever be a symbol of greed and disrespect for human lives. Have a great day!

    22. Triv 72

      I'm never getting on one

    23. Avia Tor

      As it grows old it will develop problems with the engine mount?! 🤔

    24. Beach Ball is back y’all!

      New Engine Option

    25. Tim Sandifort

      New engine option right? Not sure

    26. Glenn

      The Flying ⚰️

    27. Utkarsh Kumar

      My respect for Airbus just keeps growing over the years.

    28. KRtekTM

      Something is deleting my comments here - MAX will never be safe and MCAS was the biggest mistake of Boeing company. Managers of that company should burn in hell.

    29. cmh aviation

      NEO= new engine option

    30. Andrew Oliver

      The US would be boycotting if Airbus had this controversy. Is the regulator regulating or are they in the pockets of Boeing and other interested parties?

    31. VenomTT

      And nobody went to jail.... Hm..

    32. Adrean tejeda

      The elated female specifically doubt because estimate predictably blush besides a highfalutin magician. flaky, selective cough

    33. Balaji Premkumar

      New Engine Option - NEO

    34. Jean Michel Tche


    35. Shawn Joseph

      neo = new engine option bc they have bigger engines

    36. H4n Mil

      Feels like it is still risky with the 'fix'. With AoA sensor or MCAS hardware having issue what will happen then, if pilots can't override it.

    37. Focus Films

      Flew on this plane twice last week. Little nerve racking to say the least

    38. UMSLdragon

      @14:12 you missed on mentioning the corporate people who make the decisions that tell engineers what to do and the sales people to sell them.

    39. Domen

      Java sea or Djava sea?

    40. SCVIndy

      Excellent report I would add a third group for greed: everyday investors stock market who put their money in w highest returns creating a subgoal IOW putting a motivation in the market for highest returns cutting cost .. in this case training

    41. Joe

      When profits become more important that lives, the very lives you depend on to fill your planes it poses some very serious ethical questions. Great video Joe.

    42. A Rodriguez

      No way in hell i am flying on the 737 Max...its a coffin ready to fly you straight to your grave.

    43. Brian McKee

      Does anyone know if they added redundancy on the AOA vein? As an Engineer I was upset that they had such an important sensor and no redundancy on it. The aviation rule I heard was: One of something is none, Two of something is One. Only three gives you true redundancy. I'm sure they fixed the software. I want to know if they made it so this can't happen again by tripling up on the AOA.

    44. SKBenergy

      @ 4:59 is a video clip from one of my videos...very interesting :) !!!!

    45. Michael Williams

      Bottom line is the 737 Max is UNSAFE.

    46. Nobuta

      I can’t believe Boeing didn’t have that vital detail in the training guide!!!!!!! Omg!!!! So preventable

      1. Nobuta

        What I’m worried most now is that because of corona and the airlines suffering financially, that airlines won’t retire old planes that need to be retired or doesn’t do safety checks as thoroughly (because everything costs money, staff to pay and train, cost of replacing parts, etc) and the possible consequences from that (engine failure that recently happened, etc)

      2. Nobuta

        Yes do not cut corners. Safety first. Most important to CUSTOMER

    47. Frischer Fisch

      Volkswagen cheated on the emission numbers, of their engines. Gets fined for 21 Billion Dollars. Boeing kills 190 people, lies about it and kills another 170. Gets a 2,5 Billion Dollar fine. Corrupt US justice system.

    48. Geeman Funman

      Boeing is a joke, those owners and ceo all should be in jail. Those planes are all junk, time and time again they crash, parts are used, cheap laborers old planes worst engines in the industry. People better wake up and use another plane unless your looking to die flying boeing planes,

    49. 2760ade

      Seems like sheer stupidity on behalf of Boeing, don't know what they were thinking! Incidentally, the Ethiopian crash was not as simple as the pilots just not 'knowing' they could override MCAS, They apparently did disable it but were unable to regain control.

    50. Both Fink

      I don't want even my mail travelling with this death trap.

    51. Rudolf Wickond

      The biggest fault: the MCAS software did not bother to read out both AOA sensors and used the data from one, and thus could not detect a sensor malfunction. This is really not excusable at all. Terrible design. Not using available redundant systems in a system the overwrites pilot input.

    52. Andrew Ackerley

      No thanks. Whatever Boeing say or do. Their attempt to evade responsibility for the two crashes indicates a criminal attitude to safety that will permeate the whole corporation. It will take decades of safe Boeing miles before I get on one again. These guys like to cut corners. You can't afford to ever do that in the flying business. Boeing has lost all credibility across the world of frequent flyers. You just can't trust them anymore. Sorry, it's Airbus only, for me now.

    53. Tomtalker2000

      With Boeing now having issues with the 777 Pratt & Whitney engines. Things aren't looking that great for Boeing right now. Granted the 777 also uses GE engines but still who saw this coming. Just another blow for the company. And as far as the MAX's are concerned i think it's just a matter of time before something else happens. I won't fly on one that's for damn sure. And airlines like Southwest who 90% exclusively use 737's should have thought about another option to replace there aging fleet of older generation 737's. And that replacement could have come in the form of the Airbus A220-300 and absolutely FANTASTIC modern aircraft. Between the Airbus A320-NEO and the A220-200 & 300 variants. It seems too me that things are only getting better for Airbus and horrible for Boeing.

    54. Quantum Diaming

      I keep hearing people scared of Boeing737 Max, but in reality, it was the greed done by Boeing and FAA as a whole.

    55. Fallbangskid

      Kudos for using the words "Corporate Greed" It is the root of most evil. Great video!

    56. paul harris

      Will it nose dive if the engines fail,But then again if it does nose dive get the passengers to run to the back

    57. Louis Desroches

      new engine option

    58. Bill Barr

      I will be going nowhere near this ancient flawed junk. Meanwhile 787s are being recalled and 777s are being banned because they have bits falling out of the sky. If its A Boeing I won't be going.

    59. Federico Riggio

      Thank you very much for the good and exhaustive explanation. That plane is wrongly engineered, because it cannot fly per se: it requires the support of a software, which may even freely overcome the pilot's input. That's not acceptable in my opinion. A plane should be able to fly aerodinamically by itself. It shouldn't have been approved. I hope I will never have to fly on it.

    60. N.R. Turjo

      I will never travel on Boeing.

    61. gary wheeler

      That plane will fail again ,more people will die and finally they will all be scraped .Putting those oversized engines on that plane by redesigning the wing to cut costs was a huge mistake.

    62. Oscar Chang

      737 returns!! couple weeks later 777 engine failure.....

    63. sunalwaysshinesonTVs

      This whole story sounds like a Microsoft software release then followup patches, except lives are directly at stake. The corporate leaders & board should face criminal charges. How 'bout we not take our time; we've waited enough: Will never trust Boeing again, unless, comrades, they survive the revolution!

    64. President Trump

      They will still try to maximize profits any way possible...there will be something else wrong with it from trying to save money ;)

    65. Sandip Phondekar


    66. Lance Kragenbrink

      Excellent video

    67. sanitman1

      It was the merger with McDonnell Douglas inheriting it’s management staff that lead to these unfortunate accidents and damage to Boeing’s good name !

    68. Guy Incognito

      Why is Capt. Joe an FO?


      🗣my conclusion is that in all this, the only safest way is to use your own FOOT 🦶 🦶 WALK dude, I repeat 🔁 WALK 🚶🏾🚶🏽‍♂️or SWIM 🏊🏊‍♀️that’s the only way to be SAFE.. 🏃🏾‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🏃🏾🚶🏾

    70. Sam Chiu

      I will not ride in one for a couple of years. Something else will eventually fail due to these opposing (new) stresses.

    71. Kaloian Mitrev

      Killing 400ppl was not enough? On top of corruption, lies and fraud!? I am done with Boing... If I need will wait more but will fly only on airbus.. Dont have airbus will fly with another company

    72. Dylan Blodgett

      Just a thought... let the pilots fly the plane?... and i completely agree that the corporate greed caused this partially as well. In my line of work it's the same, the training is reduced to save $$$ but is it really a savings??

    73. womble321

      I can promise you that after boeings insistence the plane was safe and the company culture I will ever fly on boeing.

    74. sarasotauptoseattle

      How do I book you as my pilot from now on?

    75. Ивайло Трепетанов

      never going to board one of those!

    76. Norwood Boy

      No way will i ever get on one of these, rather be proved wrong on the ground than right at 27000 ft.

    77. Doug Koontz

      I have always wondered why the solution to the larger engine with forward placement was not simply taller landing gear that would allow a more traditional placement? In a year and half I have never heard anyone talk about this. I know it would be more complicated in reality, but the it seems so obvious.

    78. William Loh

      Hello Captain Joe, Nice job on this video, and the whole stall thing. Happy to see no mention of control feel. Much respect Sir...and it is amazing how many people I've seen getting this wrong and helping Boeing with their party line. Peter Lemme knows which end is up, and this situation is clear (thanks to Leeham and Scott Hamilton):

    79. Karl Sangree

      Other manufacturing companies that want to replace their engineers with accountants, take note.

    80. Sybe Dijkema

      NEO stands for New Engine Option.

    81. Jack Goodman

      New engine option

    82. Sophie Glenn

      I will never fly in this aircraft. Also I used to hold FAA in high esteem, now lost all confidence in their integrity and capability. Needs overhaul at the highest level.

    83. Radim Bosticka

      Great walk through. Thank you

    84. Taufik Hasan

      hope china Boeing didn't hide anything this time

    85. AviationHub

      NEO Stands for New Engine Options :)

    86. Spooky 21

      new engine option

    87. TB RC

      Anyone wanna inform me of how many types of Boenig there are, and why every version seems to have either engineering, or maintenance problems?

    88. Francisca Astillo


    89. Kaliss

      Ah the early access plane. RIP to everyone who preordered this.

    90. Kent Stallard

      It remains a flawed design. The nacelles are too damned big for the fuselage. You can't fix that with software. The 737 should've been replaced years ago. It's an obsolete model. But as noted, greed is the real story here. I love to fly but will not get on a 737 Max, as a matter of safety and principle.

    91. S C

      "MAX is back!".......OH OH, Mayday, Mayday😏🙄

    92. D Banka

      Boeing top corporate heads were greedy, then the crashes happened, maybe they learned something but I doubt it.

    93. Tarek Tawfik

      As a passenger why would I put myself on this junk?

    94. mojkanal212

      FAA is in fact Boeing ?

    95. Indy Custom Made

      I have watched so many airline crashes and a high percentage of them have one thing in common, MONEY. Either the airlines were too cheap to fix planes, train pilots, or make sure that everything is done right. It's a shame that people have died because of greed. These manufacturers and airlines need to be fined money, pay the families for their loss and stop these CEO's from making their million-dollar bonuses. I am happy to see you call out the airlines and the FAA for their lack of oversight when things need to be done.

    96. indy marwhay

      if its boeing, i aint going!

    97. nasa storm space dark

      good explain #bnb #pancakeswap #btc

    98. Chris Huntley

      My father flew the 727 for years and retired on that airframe in 1990. We had a reverence for Boeing. “If it’s not Boeing, we’re not going” was a saying and testament to the trust we put in the safety culture of Boeing. Since the relocation of Boeing headquarters from Seattle to Chicago in the mid 1990’s there has been a titanic shift in the focus of the company. It’s telling when a company moves its HQ from its center of R&D, design, engineering, production, and “ancestral home” to a financial center.

      1. RadhaKrishnan Nair

        Perfect reason, not bothered for safety only wants money . There baby both crash not given a lesson.

    99. Tankie Guy

      Ok I’ve got a question here, why do these aircraft even need mcas? The way I look at it is that most commercial airliners don’t need a computer programme to trim the nose down because it is a pilots first and fundamental measure to recover from or prevent a stall. That pretty much just leaves the reason that these max aircraft do not behave or respond in the way a pilot would expect or want them to having put in these control inputs which requires a software to aid in, and that to me is more than just faulty MCAS or AOA vanes, that is an aircraft that has been fundamentally over-utilised and pushed well beyond its designed limits to the point of reckless endangerment. As a pilot, I’ll be damned if I step foot in a max and I certainly would never pilot one.

    100. RUBEN Garcia Fernandez

      Brilliant explanation !!! Thanks a lot Captain !!!