The Saxon Graveyard Beneath A Farmer's Field | Time Team | Timeline

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    The team investigate a possible fifth century cemetery in a ploughed field, where they find a metal shield boss. One male skeleton is holding a drinking vessel. There are hints of much earlier activity as well, including a Bronze Age barrow. Using authentic tools, they fashion a Saxon shield. Conservator Dana Goodburn-Brown examines the details in the x-rays of the shield boss; while Phil and members of Regia Anglorum demonstrate how the shields are used in battle. They are joined by bone specialists Alice Roberts and Margaret Cox, who unearth some coloured beads among the remains.
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    1. Guy Montag

      Aren't they grave robbing? At what point are human remains not sacred?

    2. Carol Weideman

      What are the laws on farming this field now that they found out it is a Anglo Saxon burial site? I know laws can be very stiff about certain things in the UK and history?

    3. iskandartaib

      Seems to be quite shallow burials.

    4. Stacie Sawyer

      Do you go back after your 3 day work?

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    6. Garden Jen's Journey

      I'm glad people can decipher the Geophysics diagrams. I just see a lot of dots and tiny lines with no "shapes." Amazing he knows what those dots and lines actually show.

    7. Samuel Fogelgren

      6:59 Beautiful Alice Roberts!

    8. wes fos

      Where are their masks...not social distancing....

    9. imallwayshappy

      Is time team going good in the uk or is this repeats

      1. ThunderboltDragon

        this is repeats but new episodes are coming.

    10. Aya Kasalih

      don't you think the graves are too shallow? very near the surface...

    11. Thomas Mills

      I don't believe its a woman.

    12. aleenaleonard

      Anyone else thinking that maybe the warrior woman wasn’t a woman? We know that trans people were well accepted in many pre-Christian cultures.

    13. Sybirathia LLC

      DONT CALL ME A....Oh you said Digger. NVM.

    14. Rex Delta

      every anglo gansta until you hear scandinavian battle cries in middle of the night

    15. Boa

      If the women were wearing broaches on their shoulders, were they holding clothes together? What did their clothes consist of? One piece of clothing I heard of was a large woven tube that was clasped at the shoulders.

    16. Yvonne Marais

      What a waste of time, manpower and What for! Find jobs and live in the present. Earn money instead of wasting it.

    17. Peter Sudbury

      28:50 a team member finds out they got "sacked"! Sounds like a Trump Twitter firing ...

    18. Molly Chambes

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    19. Omar Ali

      Go to saudi and find a lot of skull.

    20. Thomas Gregg

      The battle done the fallen resting in the field. Honors and praise to warriors of old. Remembered for generations lost. Forgotten on a field of gold. Found again in times to come.

    21. Karen Lm

      I love this man's documentaries. He's always so enthusiastic. Unfortunate the government doesn't protect a land that clearly deserves to be fully excavated. There is so much to learn from the past. Everything from what they did, what they wore, what they ate, their health/age/gender, their ceremonies, and their stories. I guess we are lucky enough to know this little bit.

      1. UncleJoe-v2

        As interesting as I find history, I still don't think it's right for the government to disturb someone's livelihood over a curiosity of the past. If anything is done to that effect, then it should be with the consent of the landowner and he/she should be compensated for their loss of land and revenue.

    22. Jamesandjackie Retimana

      Looks like by the evidence they've got looks like a war camp site that was attacked while the men were in battle. Which was normally typical in those days to take families with you they normally stay back at the rear off the battle in camp. Female with a sheild?? Another's holding a bit off pottery. Still watching it now so see what they find . cool guys

    23. Bill Hunter

      I never understood why they were limited to three days. Was it money or was it a way to bring drama into the show. Just think of how more they could have found if they had been able to work as long as then needed. I also find it interesting that they don't lay out their digs the way most archeologist do. No grids, no layers, no record of soil colors, or soil names. I'm sure if you did a dig in the US like they do you wouldn't be invited back to do an other one. It is fun to see what find. One of the oldest sites near where I live was carbon dated to 12,400 to 12,600 BP.

      1. Michael England

        About the 3 days. . . I was thinking they had to surrender the field to the farmer for planting in 3 days time. . . perhaps they don't have the funding to lease the property for a proper excavation? Just a guess.

    24. kim phi

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      1. Leif Leifnephew

        These automated bots are getting annoying.

    25. Bob Saget

      You disturbed the grave of a Saxon alcoholic and his beloved alcohol. Prepared to be haunted by a drunk ghost.

    26. Craig Chadwick

      Would love to know what the land looked like at the time of the burials. Because, the dig being out in the middle of no-where doesn't make sense. I'm thinking a forest, any ideas.

    27. Craig Chadwick

      You Guys are the best, you can dig in my Yard anytime.

    28. dreadthedays says

      If she is 5"7 ft? We were the giants... Maybe in a million years we will all be 3ft tall. A town or settlement turned battlefield?

    29. Jungle Jargon

      A spiritual experience! ...if you only knew that all of Europe made up of the tribes of Israel.

    30. eprst45

      Балдрик делает прекрасную работу! =) Блин, почему я никак не могу забыть шоу Blackadder...? , даже не смотря на то что это было так давно и в таком ужасном переводе русский. Где по ходу действа потерялись 70% шуток.... :/

    31. Alex Pond

      Just 3 days, that's pressure for sure.

    32. Lucius1958

      The "cheese glue" used to attach the hide to the shield is pretty much the same recipe used by Medieval & Renaissance artists to make up painting panels; it has often survived better than the wood itself.

    33. Bones Chames

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    34. Jay Gordon

      I've been considering a newer way of disposing of my remains after I die. It involves flash freezing the body in liquid nitrogen. The frozen corpse is placed into a machine which vibrates at high velocity, and shatters the body into tiny shards. The shards are compressed into thin discs, and dehydrated. They may be buried directly into the ground, and decomposition is complete within a couple of weeks. No body parts or bones for people to dig up and put on display at some point in the future.

      1. KAL Baca

        What of cremation, mate?

    35. Purelight1960

      6ft but not very pretty...😂 You are so funny......fantastic work.

    36. Denmark Millikan

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      1. Leif Leifnephew

        Another bot.

    37. Tarkus D

      im mean dying is not some kind of new invention, theres bound to be bones somewhere

    38. KGSG Jligerbomb

      RIP Saxon see you other time now.

    39. Exow

      Tall warrior. Must be be giant !😁

    40. lotklear

      Grave robbers

    41. Philip King

      Victor, You've dunnit again. Everyone in the village is more horrendous than you look like. Please lets give them other than your mirror in your bathroom. Lets have blond hair, blue eyes, a young warrior good looking like. Can you not see this, is everyone in your mind uglier than you.

    42. Philip King

      Why do all the drawings depicting Anglo Saxons look like Neanderthals tacking a hike. I am sure some of our Saxon ancestors were better looking. Just like Phil Harding. Maybe.

    43. Alexander J

      Love my Egypt.

    44. Somebody’s grandma

      I wonder what people would think if they dug on my land. My grandfather’s mule fell into the well, so they filled it in and dug a new one. I can just see some scientists puzzled as to why we buried our farm animals.

    45. Colin M

      I don’t appreciate that Timeline has added these History Hits advertisements with Dan to all their videos and I am considering canceling my subscription since I pay extra for Premium KGup to avoid ads. I am not interested in Dan’s new channel and I consider his ads a waster of my time and am offended that they have gotten around the removal of ads to Premium subscribers by adding ads at the beginning of every video. Sure, I can and do fast-forward past Dan, but I don’t appreciate it and therefore every video, regardless of quality of content, will get a thumbs down from now on.

      1. max b

        Advertising in all its forms is a vicious, rude business. And very tricky.

    46. Theresa Kilcourse

      Fascinating! But-I haven't seen one of these before-why are they in such a hurry?

    47. Maranatha SOS

      I’m more interested in what they actually found that they’re not letting us know about. “HISTORY” at the end of the briefing: And as usual the locals will see us digging so we will have to come up with another one of those lame history shows where we actually talk about nothing.

    48. Moza Rella

      Baldrick??? is that you? damn i miss blackadder

    49. Daniel's channel

      Thank you for sharing timeline, so facsinating, love your videos.

    50. Tommy Hooks

      the female must be Joan of Arc

    51. Tommy Hooks

      I use to watch the History Channel, my mind was changed about the channel due to some recent programs .

    52. James Boddie

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    53. willam mcyoung

      all i could think was grave robbers.. and how insensitive to make a joke about the jug holder. it is a grave you just robbed.

    54. willam mcyoung

      sounds like they found the warrior queen.

    55. ACE Internet Fighter Pilot

      never heard of the red arrows, cant wait to finish this to look them up. pretty cool fly by

    56. Mud Rose

      They may have found Arthur and his people without having any idea...

    57. Fletcher Kirby

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    58. J Nolette

      Anyone from England want to trade your citizenship papers for my US. I'd love to live there I'll throw in my Dodge Ram its an 04 but runs good

    59. Phenogen

      Stonehenge is a Farce; a modern construction of recent times; 1920s. I've visited many sites and felt an energy but at Stonehenge it is completely dead and devoid of any. False discredited concrete junk. They need to stop using it in any archaeological context as it's definitively fraudulent.

    60. Windy Girl

      Couldn't you geophase with a drone doing this automatically?

    61. Richard sutton

      I'm surprised they aren't using ground penetrating radar to find bones and underground structure boundaries.

    62. cliff luebke

      this would be so much more interesting without the emphasis on playing it up for the camera .i also wonder what this all means for the landowners and how it affects them

    63. Byron Reyes

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    66. Cleophus A

      "Timeline: Twisting history to conform to present liberal fad culture."

    67. Jeff White

      Maybe this wasn't such an issue in 2000, but to avoid contamination in case of later DNA studies they should handle skeletons with gloves. Surely even in 2000 carbon 14 dating was a possibility that would have called for gloves.

    68. Georgia Theuer


    69. nfiles

      So she was buried with warrior attributes, no typical female jewellery - then why did you draw her wearing a dress?!

    70. Jan truitt

      Thank you for sharing sharing!

    71. emma hart

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    72. Koning Bolo

      30:39 You may have unearthed the local bowling chairman for Anglo-Saxon times...

    73. Cliff-fishing

      What year is this episode from? the team could save so much time and deliver more results if you were to scan the surface with a LIDAR drone ...

      1. Cliff-fishing

        @George Dorn ​ oh, the episode is already that old? ok, that explains a lot, thanks for the information

      2. George Dorn

        It was filmed in 2003 so drones weren't really a thing at that point. LiDAR can be very useful on some sites but this field had probably been ploughed for many years. It is possible that the cemetery boundary may have shown up but individual graves are incredibly unlikely to have been visible.

    74. terryr whitford

      Fabulous find.

    75. Exploration Today

      i hope the farmer is paid for the time he cant use it and dosent have his land stolen from him

    76. Del Spooner

      Field walkers? No ground penetrating radar? You can rent the portable units.

      1. George Dorn

        According to John Gater, the geophysics guy, GPR then was not much use in locating graves cut into the earth and backfilled with the same material. If they had been stone cists then it would probably have worked. He thinks that the current GPR equipment might be more effective. He was talking about trying this approach on an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in a recent video on the Time Team Patreon.

    77. roundedges2

      Thats what makes the crops so delicious

    78. rh1507

      This seems like it would irritate a farmer.

    79. Reinhart Altavilla Ferrara

      This video is fascinating

    80. Obelix Magnet Fishing

      There was a time that Doggerland was part of the UK. The people from just below Danmark are from the tribe Isschaschar from what we know as the Dutch Friesland, they're come from Crimean Peninsula. Zealand comes from Isschaschar brother Zebulon.... let me guess... no born again christians in your group?

    81. Musicians Live

      What would be the British do without the word 'brilliant'. ?

    82. Abigail Klein

      spoiler alert: they did not find the real Brienne of Tarth

    83. Abigail Klein

      the skeleton war is going to be wild when farmers start seeing them running across their fields

    84. Cathy Woodell

      All but wheel

    85. Carol Whelihan

      I would think the brooch and other atifacts are delicate from age...why are they touching them so roughly?

    86. Destuba E

      North America was like the sandbox of humans, even for Natives-- you can't escape history in England, while the land is so fresh the most you might find is a Native burial ground or colonial era graveyard

    87. Henry W

      It's a little bothersome to see a graveyard dug up, with essentially a treasure hunt approach taken by the team. And really, what is the point? People lived died and were buried, much like today.

    88. Charlene Lee

      I think we have a 1957 Chevy buried on our land. We have dug up six spark plugs, upholstery that matches a '57 Chevy, rear view mirrors, door handles, and various parts. If we keep digging maybe we can restore it. LOL!!

    89. hotspur666

      What about BEFORE the Anglo-Saxons(from Germany)...About Uther Pendragon, King Arthur, Merlin, and all the knights of Camelot in BRITAIN? This means that the first Anglo-Saxons all died violently EVERYWHERE in Brittany, because the Brits did not get exterminated easily!!

    90. p1gnone

      You should be able to state WHERE to BEAD was PRODUCED.

    91. Pierre LaPlante

      Geo-Fizz? A new bubbly drink!

    92. Steve Arcus

      They are just Saxons, don't waste time burying them too deep.

    93. Meyr Rosen

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    94. Dr. Spamy

      How is he allowed trampling all around the excavation site ? 🤪

    95. Robin Nelson

      Too bad that the "experts" unearthing these gems feel that they have to look like complete clowns (bright orange hair) to be convincing of their expertise. Doesn't work for me.

    96. Roland Deschain

      We're they buried in a depiction of how they died? Found the drunk curled up dead and the woman died fighting some invader, human or animal or perhaps hunting?

      1. Rockosaurus Rex

        Ooooh that’s a good question 🧐

    97. Karl

      so, ancient people buried INCHES underground... seriously.. anyone smell the BS?

    98. The Flying Squirrel

    99. Steve Laminack

      I can't believe they don't shut down farming with such an amazing finds, 3 days are you kidding. Surly the gov. can buy the farmers crop (to not plow/plant) for a little field like that.

    100. Duncan Crow

      Makes one wonder if their particular timeline ended with that comet that burned England from shore to shore.