Biden's performance at the CNN townhall was 'shameful'

Sky News Australia

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    Joe Biden's inadequacies were on show during this week's CNN townhall, with the president forgetting when he received his COVID-19 vaccine and his shameful decision to excuse China's evil policies towards the Uyghurs and the people of Hong Kong, according to Sky News host James Morrow.
    US President Joe Biden took part in a town hall hosted by CNN this week, where he answered a number of questions from everyday voters.
    Non-partisan website found President Biden made numerous inaccurate claims during the event, including "confusing" comments regarding America's COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
    Mr Morrow said the town hall performance was notable for how many mistakes Mr Biden made, in particular when it comes to foreign policy.
    "I suppose when you elect a president beholden to the cultural relativism of the left, which sees America as the true great satan, and whose son has been implicated in dodgy deals worth millions with the Chinese Communist Party, well, that's what you get," Mr Morrow said.

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    1. Rebecca Cooper

      Our President Biden has been caught in so many lies I don't think he remembers what he says anymore. The question is will he become a security risk to the country in the future, due to his weak mentality. Trumps ego is what got him a loss of the election. Let's just pray Hilary Clinton doesn't run for office again...

    2. bruce cerrato

      China got something important on Biden and they know it.

    3. Margaret Foley

      This man is pathetic piece of garbage I don’t know how in gods name he got in the White House well actually I do know so the 80 million people

    4. Shirley Smith

      You should try to finish out the things he started build the finished the wall stop lying God is watching you

    5. shirley Anderson

      biden wife skould be ashamed of her self for paradeing him like a clown so she can be so called first lady would do that.

    6. Harris Ng

      China does not need America to teach them what they do in their own country. Vice versa, America does not need China to teach them how to govern their own country.

    7. jaye simond

      When u have to get ur news from other countries to find out what’s really going on in urs...

    8. Brenda Byars

      I cannot under stand how our country does not have written rules on a person being mentally capable to run a country. This individual we have filling in as President is a threat to our country. Why, because of all his errors, he could easily make a stupid remark and start war between countries.

    9. Jack Scagnetti

      Impeach Biden!

    10. Jack Scagnetti

      Who voted for this monster and his people? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    11. 1badpete999

      He make his speeches scripts from letters on the top of an alphabet soup !

    12. Amy bumpass

      Oh God please help save our world, get rid of Biden.

    13. Gary Rogers

      Why are theses people so in in America, they should worry about there own shit hole country!

    14. xpehbam68

      Dementia joe own by china commie

    15. Brent Tomas

      Its only going to deteriorate from here for America, this guy isn't suddenly going to reconnect with his faculties

    16. Bruce Van Der Meulen

      So was the fact his son and Joe took money illegally.

    17. BULLISH badw0lf

      Watching this today , weigers being massacared , bombers over Taiwan. He’s literally on par with what he said. A press that’s totally out of touch. Poor guy gotta be that dumb or being used

    18. James Archer

      Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him. I'm smart enough to know a total fucking IDIOT when I hear one!!!

    19. Dave Boggs


    20. Rachelle Monette

      What is wrong with Americans insulting every politicians I think Biden is doing a great job. When you get older you don’t get stupid you get smarter especially compared to most Americans. So you trip or forget words you will all be there some day.

    21. Doug Prominski

      Thank you Sky News Australia for reporting the truth as to what is going on in my country. Keep it up !!!

    22. slytlygufy

      We did NOT elect His Fraudulency. He was imposed upon us.

    23. d baez

      Biden was, is, and always will be a catastrophic failure! He can hide behind our military and razor wire but he can't hide from the truth!

    24. Josh Ross

      It's really just sad to see

    25. Janet Kelley

      The great thing about Biden being president is Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton all move down from being the worst Presidents ever.

    26. Charles H. O'Brien


    27. Philip Tassi

      this guy is not only of a criminal family and a racist, he is a bold face liar. the great USA is falling because of this clown and the country is getting what they deserve

    28. Pat Gilliss

      Restoring the economy! This was misspoken u mean destroying right he’s destroying the economy!

    29. Tennessee Sawmill Guy

      We need more Aussie truth!

    30. Jody Fama

      Not shocking at all

    31. Ken Duke

      Biden lie-o-meter

    32. Sonia Rogers

      This man is sick. He has lost truth in his being. Or is he being fed by his puppeteer? Whoever is the puppeteer, they r pushing us for a revolution against evil of lies.

    33. Danielle Makeup Artist

      What the hell did Biden just say? He’s a clown, he calls trump one but actually he is, 4 more years Of this child being president , I can only imagine when 4 years is up how it’s gonna be 🙏

    34. Michael Quinn

      Joes whole life is terrible and disturbing

    35. Michael Quinn

      His whole life is shameful and disgraceful

    36. Jackson Jackson

      He lost.

    37. D B Cooper

      We did not elect this man.

    38. D B Cooper

      Don’t believe for a second that what dementia Joe had injected into his Arm is the same as we the people will be getting.

    39. John Rand

      Biden is a disaster

    40. Kristen Burross

      That comment is so ignorant!!! I mean REALLY!! I have black family members who are very smart!! So Joe your a HYPOCRITE and a racist, your NOT FIT PERIOD.

    41. Susan Tacheny

      You had shots before you were president.

    42. John Sims

      Hunter learned to lie from daddy. The apple didn't fall from the tree.

    43. Renee Bivin

      All their going to do is start a civil war in our own country unless china beats them to it. God has had enough of our sinful ways and if it doesn't improve our father who art in heaven says thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    44. Sam POKKINEN

      Cording to "president" Biden half of Americans has died from the c-virus. Makes you wonder if he is a robot of real powers and it's dysfunction of its program. So lost words and points of saying!!!!!

    45. Julie Sherred

      The Vaccine was out and done by Donald Trump before this Nutter was INSTALLED into your Whitehouse. Biden you are a Thick Senseless Twat. Along with the rest of your Pathetic Party full of Idiots. You had NOTHING BIDEN TO DO WITH THE VACCINE, THAT WAS ALL DOWN TO TRUMP.

    46. Biki Liki

      He doesent run the show in America so you could put clown it makes no diferent...

    47. Scott Pollack

      I’ve never been more embarrassed to be an American with Biden as President! This guy is ill!

    48. Remus Arizona2

      The whole rest of western civilization applauded finally having an emotionally mature grown up Biden back in charge. Thank God 81 million normal Americans voted Captain Chaos off of our island. God bless our flag, our real patriots who actually served, our flag, our sacred capital and our country... with freedom and justice for all. Geronimo Geronimo!

    49. Michael King

      For all the people who voted for this man, you should feel great shame as you sit back and watch Him and the Democrats go about destroying the USA. Aren’t there any USA loving Democrats who will join with the majority of Republicans who care about the country we are going to leave for our children and grandchildren?

    50. Molases Slow

      The Whitehouse dog could probably lead the country better than Biden

    51. Lisa Smith

      You get to an age when you are totally out of touch with modern life I’m afraid and this man is too old to be President.....never mind Meghan wants to be President soon.....wouldn’t surprise the world after the last 2 voted in!

    52. Bob Carruthers

      Biden is a crypto jew or Marrano as is his wife (Jacob).And so are the Trumps and Clinton's whose daughters married Jews.

    53. Bob Carruthers

      James Morrow is of course Jewish.

    54. Leona Pireo

      Thanks for the mess Joe.

    55. Johnnie Contreras

      Fuck you peckerwood!!

    56. Johnnie Contreras

      Bidens a pussy!

    57. Van sf

      You guys are getting paid by Trump a potential criminal to put all sorts of distorted infoo here to scam the dumb and the under-educated

    58. Carlos Perez

      Let’s recall Biden

    59. john payton

      Slow Joe is a joke. He won't last 4 years but the country will suffer great harm before this Biden-Harris clown show is over.

    60. Lindsey Sturkie

      Sky News, the best news outfit in America

    61. John Sheahan

      If he's so non racist why is he do patronising as be out black and Hispanic people.

    62. SB808

      Unemployment will continue to rise. It’s what Democratic Party’s want. It’s an excuse lazy hand out party!! If you’re offended, then you fall into those categories!!

    63. James Nieman

      Pretty lousy when Australia new will point out the obvious but the so called free press of the great USA cricket cricket

    64. Time to Invest !!!

      Cannon Biden go and hidden in your basement 🥱

    65. Loyal to Liberty!

      @3:29 - That's the whole problem. Biden wasn't elected. He was selected. And now they're puting him up there for the world to see how utterly incompetent he is. Next up, Kamala Harris. 0bama 2.0. It was the plan all along.

    66. Darren Farrell

      If America thought Trump was bad , this guy is the joke.

    67. Roger Wendel

      Believe me not as much as when Trump was in charge - uk

    68. Justin hughes

      Hahhahaha what did you expect!

    69. Joyce Luke

      He is the worse president ever

    70. stinkyfungus

      Love how he continues to wear the stupid mask... As if he hadn't gotten the vaccine MONTHS before regular people could.

    71. Jeffrey Davis

      His dad put his name on his hat so he can remember his name 😳

    72. Jeffrey Davis

      Biden is no business man all politics that’s all he knows

    73. tune it man

      Kuncle head smith again

    74. Jeffrey Davis

      No job Biden he is a talking head with no brain 😂

    75. Jeffrey Davis

      Biden is a grand reaper America will never forget

    76. 1985deville

      the MSM is not news its the national enquirer dressed up to look like news

    77. William Saltzmann

      America, what a joke it is. We have a psychologically handicapped president and in-house Communists running the whole show. Just how much more can it get screwed up?

    78. Jack Wyatt

      Sad Executive Orders are not laws...

    79. Peter Gordon

      Even the UK's John Prescott, minister in the Blair government, wasn't quite as bad as Mr Biden. And Mr Prescott had a very hard time with the English language.

    80. Danny Medina


    81. Mark Wheeler

      Wow thus is so different to SKY UK I love it! I can’t stand SKY UK, BBC, CH4 etc basically our media is dominated by left wing lunacy that the working class of the country especially can’t stand! This SKY news in Australia speaks more to the average person I’d say from what I’ve seen :) how on earth anyone thought voting for this man was a better option than Trump shows how crazy n far left shits gone! Propaganda over the years worked :(

    82. mtnbikr107

      I love Sky News Australia

    83. Tim Barnett

      Not as shameful as falling down Air Force ONE stairs, not once but 3 times!

    84. phishm

      It's so funny that the shill is now wearing 2 masks. What a corporate tool.

    85. jamzach

      If you voted for Biden,then you deserve to pay more for everything! Idiots

    86. Daniel Borrowdale

      Let the people see and hear for themselves we are waking up to the deception and it is all becoming obvious no government is here to keep you safe, believing blindly what they say is not going to end well. Be adults think for yourself choose how you want to treated don't conform and expect change. Anyone doing business with a Communist Dictatorship with horrible human rights laws are part of that system the money isn't an excuse to turn a blind eye.

    87. Rebecca Lankford

      Binden, imo, has the signs of early Dementia/Alzheimer's. I think his team is aware but wanted Trump out. Sad really.

    88. Dani H

      A clone with 2 masks 😂

    89. Sandy Peters

      This guy is the absolute worst, confused, racist, stupid, and demented!!! He is destroying my great country, it’s time to leave!!! So sad!!! They are destroying our Constitution!! Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves!!!

    90. David Wright

      what the phk did he just say?? lol

    91. Mobius Klein

      It beggers belief the the USA voted this SENILE OLD MAN into office.

    92. Myra Fuller

      It’s criminal that our own MSM does not cover Biden with honesty. We go to Australian to get honest news!

    93. debbie tinsley

      they made a big mistake America BIG he's a idiot bring trump back cus this is insane he's gonna cause a war with Russia ..trump warned you about Biden ..he cares only for himself

    94. S Non

      Biden is an embarrassment as a coup leader.

    95. J

      He is play ping pong again😱 hand in the pants!!! He needs to go to an old age home!!!!

    96. Joyce Leeper

      What a brain dead liar. He needs to figure out what he's talking about we had the vaccine Before Christmas.

    97. Jim Shockley

      It's just like I have been trying to tell everyone Bidn is unfit to be President

    98. Donald Decarie

      What a moron Trump the man you morons ha ha ha.