Feeding a City in Need

Beast Philanthropy

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    THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
    MERCH & DONATIONS - Coming Soon!

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    1. elektromos /pc's

      The 1.6k who disliked are total idiots

    2. Elas Lolbest

      Hey mr beast i love your vidio

    3. Captain Crazy

      This is on my b day

    4. Samuel Iliff

      My mom: KGup is just full of greedy rich people who do dumb stuff for money. Me: (shows her Beast Philanthropy) Mom: ...

    5. Josh Zzzz

      why is the counter going down lol 3:29 just wondering

    6. Mateusz Pajerski

      And thats what this channel should be about! Great job!

    7. Cardu

      who remembers when mrbeast was still doing challenges by himself.. now he’s a literal company 😂

    8. Beatrice Ladouce

      When that lady said, "he better come back out and give me a hug!" 🥺

    9. not Khalid

      0:08 I was waiting for the chicken strip 😩😫😭

    10. Fusion Gaming

      Wow Bill you are so kind. To bad Mr.Beast wasn’t there to see. He would’ve been so proud.

    11. Extreme bat

      no he does not ......................... he deserves the nobel god prize

    12. shubha jain

      Good work !! Just written to get more engagement on this video to help him out a little bit.

    13. Pog

      Don't still know why Jimmy is obsessed with explosions

    14. Kitty

      #mrBeast the life saver

    15. Enzo

      Not to be mean but jimmy should go to Africa

    16. luningning ricafrente

      I literally don't skip ads so i can be part of the people that helps fund this channel.

    17. xXGalacaticGamerXx

      WOW,You have a huge heart!💖

    18. Joanna Tiglao

      I didn't know this channel exists. Subbed

    19. OldBoyFilms

      Make him president

    20. Ayush Mishra

      Man did u open one more channel how dobu manage them


      learn how to drive a truck

    22. Akarsh Thalakola

      3:31 it went from 29770 to 28000

    23. super saiyan

      this is just amazing!

    24. The Good Food and Lifestyle

      very nice !

    25. Madi Morris

      I’m confused? This isn’t mrbeasts regular channel........ I’m super confused

      1. Monty Montgomery

        He gives away stuff to people who need it on here

      2. Monty Montgomery

        It's a charity channel that's run by him

    26. God


      1. Monty Montgomery

        What do you think of MrBeast God?

    27. Radha Bhaav

      By watching your videos one is also helping you to donate dead animals so he is responsible also for the death of that animal. Please distribute only human food (fruits,milk, vegetables, grains) not dead bodies (beef- on the name of protein and other dead animal parts)

    28. Captain Obvious III

      I know that everyone doesn't like the dislikes, so lemme cheer yall up, by saying that all the dislikes are the food that was eaten. (food don't know what a like and a dislike are... they just press a dang button).

    29. Jakub Hanzlík

      2:14 Maam what are u talkin about about? thats not Mrbeast thats Billy

    30. Sarah Redman

      Mrbeast, beast reacts, mrbeast gaming, mrbeast shorts, and now this :)

    31. Laxmi Aryal

      You are so helpful for people. Keep it jimmy

    32. Alejandra CH

      Mr. Beast save Flint #mrbeastformayor

    33. Haasieboy 007

      This man has a big heart

    34. Pugfan 33

      You are a amazing person

    35. Pool Hall

      Good, better, best, BEAST


      I think mr beast deserves from god more friend and more helpful

    37. bernadith bajar

      I love your YTChannel, Your so generous person.., thats y your abundant of bleesings, keep it up..,! Stay safe always with your teams and family.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    38. Hossein Farshchi

      I just wish all millionare celebrities and youtubers had great hearts like mrbeast

    39. Haroon Abbasi

      This man has more channels than matpat

    40. Username

      How many channels do you have Mr Bill

    41. Jace Cardinal

      I never knew that mrbeast had this Channel , also god bless to the 1% of people that read this comment

    42. Veronica Jack

      Congrats on living your dream. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!

    43. Thebestgamer 0329

      I love your video

    44. Petar Krsmanovic

      Just try to make 10 mins vids to put more ads.

    45. Saidboy

      mrbeast good job you are a great person god bless you

    46. Rron Berisha

      meanwhile 4milion views watching this hungry xD

    47. Zon1c

      Who ever disliked the video is satan and he dont love helping ppl in need f u if u disliked the video!

    48. Shannon Colwell

      I just woke upat 447 am after having the strangest dream about you yous you came and crafted undoing all my things in my apartment lol I guess I had to figure out how to make you guys stop? Bug I was so confused that I didn't know what to do at all. I just had a confusing note that mr beast gave me telling me what the guys are suppose to be doing but not saying why? With a little tiny container labled covid-19 as a kind gesture? The note was messed up mid sentence and wasn't even finished explaining anything.. lol Literally one person was throwing away random papers im like don't throw away anything important..lol and another older genyleman was taking my dirty dishes out of the sink and setting them on a table he put behind him and another guys was putting g a bunch of snow globes i had into a box ? I don't own snow globes tho.. anyways it was all crazy confusing you had a strange Game show at the beginning of the dream that was very casual not a big fancy thing. It was strange because I honestly haven't seen your videos in a while since my n laptop was broken and I randomly started dreaming about you all lol you guys are really funny and random though God bless you guys. Lol maybe respond if you see my crazy dream I had.

    49. saurabhkumar Singh

      Me: donates food to mr beast A day later: "earthquick has entered the chat" *"Gets the food back i gave him in the past"*

    50. Utkarsh Singh

      If you forgot to turn off the add blocker "YOU ARE STRAIGHT GOING TO HELL"

    51. Elsie Hicks

      The living degree metrically pray because amusement metabolically squeak into a wanting cheese. deeply, naughty handball

    52. Cletus J. Johnson

      I hate your channel. Your videos are just a money trap and I doubt this was even real. You are evil and do not deserve the fame!

    53. Pinoy Doggie

      wow hope in philippines in too 😊

    54. Miller Levin

      I like how he admits that it is a "disguise".

    55. Julia Cruz

      I have no words, just a wonderful feeling that by watching the video I helped the cause and Mr. Beast

    56. AnjirrGaming4

      I didn't know this Channel of Mr beast exists

    57. Amelia Batley

      it is the best vid on youtube

    58. Amelia Batley

      2020: thank you for your kindness.2021: you should of got the vaccine early

    59. Chloe

      KGup: Jimmy, how many channels do you want? Jimmy: Yes

    60. Darren Smith

      I love watching your shows you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice

      1. Darren Smith

        You help sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people you the nicest person ever same with your friends

    61. BJERNNE


    62. Drift75A

      guys heres what u should do.right click the video and press loop,then stop the sound.Just keep the video to loop so we can help as much as we can.Please copy paste this message so more people would see it

    63. P H

      He'd be down for a knighthood in the UK what do they give in America?

    64. Narmin Edit's

      we shold have more youtubers like Mr beast to help ppl

    65. Xylogic Maseh

      The next one is I feed the whole world

    66. Filman Lamina

      Are we sure Jimmy's just 22? I mean, the guy's may have just a reincarnation of himself decades ago. The reason why he knew everything that clicks. Or maybe he's from the future?

    67. justjoshuaU_U JD

      i didnt even know he got a 5th channel😮

    68. Luigi Games 380

      You could also send some food to a province in Mozambique called Cabo Delgado who are suffering from attacks around 800 000 people died and many people lost their homes

      1. Morpheus Matrix

        one step at a time, keep watching and it just might happen

    69. Nabeel Zoni


    70. Sreelatha reddy

      Love ur videos bro and mainly love ur giveaways

    71. ss gaming

      I am really a big fan of yours from India pls tell my name in your upcoming video in mrbeast my name is harish thank you

    72. Leon Klimowicz-Sasin

      God bless me East he is like the best person on earth

    73. Fn6bq

      When you realize that mr beast does more than the government

    74. xXeyeluvshineXx

      This is just amazing brother

    75. Jessica -aka JessaNae

      ☆☆☆ *CAN I PLEEEEASE PAY YOU TO GIVE MY SON A SHOUT OUT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY OR AT LEAST EVEN SEND HIM A MESSAGE SAYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY??!!! My son would probably fall over bc he wouldn't believe it!! Nothing would make him happier and he'd never ever forget it!! I can pay you, or donate money to you to do towards helping someone!! I'm trying and I'm determined to at least get you to hear me out even if you can't lol!! Doesn't hurt to ask!! I'm not rich by any means but I'll donate $100 for sure for you to say happy birthday to him and shout his name out!! I don't want to be a pest nor would I ever expect anyone to do this for free when they're clearly super busy!! I know it would be the greatest gift he would ever get and he'd never ever ever guess it could happen!!*

      1. Jessica -aka JessaNae


    76. Kate Clapson

      I mean bill

    77. Kate Clapson

      Learn how to drive a truck Jimmy/Mr beast

    78. Kuro


    79. Aisha Farah

      over the new year I started watching Mr Beast and he is very generous not all rich people are All his contributes deserve a Lifetime Achievement Award u have a good heart

    80. Quin Woolsey

      This is incredible! Jimmy can I please make you, your friends and the food drive volunteers some sushi?

    81. When life gives you lemons make chicken soup

      Who would dislike a video like this

    82. Chqrlsnotfound

      How do you stay so humble through this all? You ligit have gaven away over 1 million dollars to people in need yet you still stay humble. Your a angel jimmy.

    83. thats cool

      The dislikes are from the people who still read newspapers 😭🤚

    84. goddess jane

      If you are watching this video and this comment...... then just Subscribe my Channel and then go to Hell and call Mr.Beast save me......he will uber you back .......god damn it!

    85. Tanny911

      Can someone count how much "AND NOW" Mr beast says in this video?

    86. goat gang

      🙏🏾such a good soul mr beast

    87. CAR & ZAR

      This is the dream I hope to achieve. helping the hungry & the homeless to have a platform big enough to give back. you’re such a pure soul.

    88. benjamin jerico jimenez

      What your roblox account

    89. Abdulrahmsn Albanna

      👏 😮 👏 😮 👏 😮 👏 wow

    90. 「• Allie •」

      thank you for helping so many people, "Bill"

    91. Lance Gower

      I've been subscribed when there was no videos I was just a blank screen and for some reason it loaded like an hour for it to log out I don't know why

    92. Gamer Gavin

      Well my question is why are people disliking this???

    93. JustAnotherDisneyFamily

      My actual favorite content creator on KGup. Sorry Jenna Marbles but you stopped making videos so now Mr. BEAST is my favorite!

    94. Monkey Gaming

      We need mr.beast international Who want it hit like

    95. Adventure With AhM

      Clickbait ytbers saying that jimmy is bad: HMmmM

    96. Official KFC Biscuit


    97. count

      The people who disliked this video had there phone upside down

    98. Smag Phase

      I wonder why some people disliked this.

    99. Baiq Icha

      Oh no, my Ad is 5 minutes long