Fortnite TERMINATOR BUNDLE Gameplay & Review (How Is The T-800 Arm Reactive?)

Tabor Hill

327 миӊ. көрүүлөр50

    This is a gameplay, review and how is it reactive on the brand new FUTURE WAR bundle. Huge thank you to my friend, @BlxrryFN for helping me out and making me the thumbnail for this video!
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    1. Tabor Hill

      If you can't watch the entire video, one thing to note is that you can get the bundle for 2500 instead of 2800. I didn't want to put this in the title in case they "fix" it, but if you buy the Terminator skin for 1500 separately, it drops the bundle price down to 1000 v-bucks. You thus get the entire bundle for 2500 instead of 2800! By the way, I uploaded a TON of videos today, so you likely were not notified of them all. Here are a few you may have missed: ★ How To Eat 50 Fish In ONE Match: ★ The Predator Skin Is SECRETLY Reactive: ★ All 10 week 8 XP coin locations: ★ How To EASILY Defeat The Predator: ★ Jack Fights The Predator 1 v 1 : ★ A Terminator Portal Just Opened Up: ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Pickaxe: ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Wrap: ★ How To Unlock The Predator's Built In Emote:

      1. Friendly_Pies

        I'll be back

      2. Filip Szary

        I wached terminator btw

      3. 001SuperDuperツ

        If you slow your video down tabor when you swap to the pickaxe she actually catches it just like Thor’s hammer or kraits!!! Check it out

      4. JT1987 Ps4 Gaming Channel

        Another back bling that goes great with Sarah Conner is John wicks bag of guns backbling

      5. Ellen Shelly aka Ollerbear2

        @Surekha K they lowered the pack. So it would not work anymore

    2. Alexis Contreras

      It would’ve been cool if the t-1000 was a skin

    3. Timothy Szmidt

      I don't know if they added it since, but his eyes glow purple when he gets a kill, its kind of hard to see if you don't aim down sights

    4. Knapf

      "let's find out if it's worth it".. It's a fking skin that costs money.. Such a thing will never be worth anything.

    5. Play Boy

      You realize your audience is so young they probably know who watched Terminator or hood of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    6. squib

      Am I trippin but doesent T-800 have a missing arm and leg in the item shop?

    7. -

      It’s weird my T-800 dose only have one arm and one leg weird

    8. i_yahya _lfc

      Can you still do the glitch where you get the bundle for 2500, pls can someone tell me

    9. Ender Frost2

      I think i’ll get the rest of the bundle for 700 vbucks since i have no idea if they will return after leaving.

    10. djayk

      The T800 is great!! His steps are really loud though. Don’t expect any kind of stealth.

    11. Mello Lif3

      On Nintendo switch the t800 skin is broken

    12. SamuraiAssassin


    13. SamuraiAssassin

      Of the season 5 T-800 it’s still in season 6 but I been released with one broken arm and leg

    14. noobpoob

      Just saying that now when you kill someone, eyes flash purple :D

    15. beanofstick

      Bruh,the item shop says the bundle 200v bucks.

    16. Death Stalks

      Massively disappointed there’s no Arnold style but I can understand why there isn’t, nonetheless the T-800 is still absolutely awesome. I may have to get him when he comes back.

    17. funtime mowie

      She is a pretty thicc skin

    18. CurSed OnE


    19. Isaac Larsen

      (me watching terminator) (my little cousin) HeY tHeY sToLe ThAt FrOm FoRtNiTe thats the only time ive hit my cousin

    20. Kira Mex

      I know i'm late but i wanna tell you Tabor Hill that the terminator skin is actually secretly reactive. How? I was playing a game as him with the mythic predator invisibility tool, and then i just started switching through weapons and the mythic, then randomly the eyes of the terminator went purple shine for like a second or two. If it doesnt work try keeping on trying it stopped doing the purple eye shine after a few seconds.

      1. noobpoob

        I checked him today, and now they added that eyes glowe after elim :)

    21. Sam Parsons

      Not gonna lie a part of me wanted the skin to have an old variant (terminator dark fate)

    22. Lyric Santiago

      Only way to get a human form of t 800 is if you glitch mystique’s shape shifter emote

      1. noobpoob

        No lol

    23. Lyric Santiago

      They should have made styles to t-800 like travis scott

      1. Lyric Santiago

        t 800 default style and the one with arnold showing terminator

    24. Hyper Exploitz

      Why the fuck are they just taking most of out favourite movie characters and ruining them in fortnite

    25. Briar Rowland

      Could’ve made it if you take damage as the t800 Arnold’s skins will come off

    26. Mr Cat

      Hey tabor I love maya too

    27. Chef Cheese

      I like how when tabor fell he was left with 69 damage...

    28. Bryan Leon

      Y’all know when they gonna ad this skin back???? I missed my chance 🤦

      1. noobpoob

        Today :)

    29. Tiny the fennec fox floof

      2800 vbucks Two thousand starts with T 800=T-800

    30. G Mo

      um 4:58 is the llama, y du u pickaxe it!?!?

    31. Dabruhman

      There was apearently a change to the terminator skin, but I haven't noticed anything.

    32. Skoop

      When You Buy Piz0 from wish.

    33. schudman

      Literraly the sarah connor pickaxe is just thors pictxe retextured, it even has the same grabing animation

    34. Axel ochoa

      The terminators eyes glow purple when you get an elim

    35. Mr. Marvel13

      I use the t-800 back bling for the mando and when I killed someone with the terminator I swear his eye glew up as a flash of purpal

    36. Breehanz

      Isn't T-800 the good guy since it was there to protect the boy and Conner later sacrificing itself to kill the other terminator, T-1000.

    37. Mitsukiui

      It making me refund everything I don’t want to refund Sarah I just want to refund t-800

    38. Ivan

      I’m a big fan of terminator movies I really want it pls my name is :IceKingLama for fortnite

    39. Justin Ellis

      I got a refund on the bundle without a ticket today

    40. stewbertdoobert

      how do u go on playgrounds

    41. vahig Melk

      Anybody else get a weird notification today saying that they changed something about the T-800 I can’t tell what the difference is can someone shed some light on what happened?

      1. TheBrolyTv

        Idk man same here

    42. vahig Melk

      Anybody else get a weird notification today saying that they changed something about the T-800 I can’t tell what the difference is can someone shed some light on what happened?

    43. Gamerboy 9870

      This is so hard I want to get smash ultimate but I also want the terminator bundle what should I do

    44. CT A1-1719

      I wish you could get the termanator arm back being by itself

    45. Meme Sauce

      4:56 69 hp btw

    46. SYR Mado

      Why is tabor simping on sarah he has a wife

    47. Jordan Oof

      Does the back bling react to fire damage as well?

    48. Friday Night funkin

      I think the outro is the gravity falls theme song do you think that

    49. Damien McLain

      I think epic mixed up the splash effect for the COMBAT KNIFE and the TECHNO-GRIP AXE. The knife should have the small splash effect and the AXE should have the neon red effect.

    50. elhabanero _

      If you’ve never seen any terminator movie why buy it

    51. gamjaw52

      Sarah Conner looks like Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat doesn't she? Use code Tabortime to get the Arnold style for T-800 !

    52. ThatGuy25

      4:33 = when Terminator finally eliminates Sarah Connor

    53. OPMechgamer 1


    54. Devon Giles

      Tabor from watching the first terminator movie it said that there was a war between man and robot and Sarah Conor’s son won the war and weird thing is it said that this happened in 2020

    55. IAmAYeet

      I was pretty disappointed with t800because he has no humanstyle

    56. Master Dracer

      It's damn awesome too if u use as t800 the knife and the arm.

    57. TrashPrime

      If you are on fire, it should give a thumbs up too I feel 👍🔥

    58. Zerman Helbazar

      When you get a kill with t800 his eyes glow purple

    59. J.P. BOY


    60. babyyodamanjoker100

      i like the part were it shows his bad wifi

      1. babyyodamanjoker100

        Soz if hurt feelings

    61. Oscar Portillo

      If you haven't seen the terminator your just uncultured

    62. Im a Fortnite bot

      Tabor for me when I play I have noticed every kill I got the T-800 eyes turned purple

    63. Wavy Red


    64. Brock Ford

      I’ll be back

    65. Robert Worrells

      Can you do a how is it reactive on the Snow Patroller’s back bling, I can’t figure out how it is reactive

    66. ッAsirthfirst

      Its reactive because it moves

    67. Aayan Sattar

      He said wen u unequip it it come out the sheeth

    68. Avery Hosler

      Sure the arm is from the movie but did anyone ever think about in the trailer when he brought him through the zero point, all you saw was that same image of the arm

    69. Black Bleyd

      The Sarah Conner with the hat looks like Sonya blade from mortal kombat

    70. Kosmita 32

      Warner Bros had to pay 400 million for arnold to just use his face in mk11. I wonder how much he wanted from Epic Games.

    71. Diamond Days

      I think the hand should be each time you get a kill the robot would build it self and after that it will come alive and help you

    72. no no

      Has nobody's. Wife been slow because mine has

    73. SonicLink

      It’s 1300 for the bundle now, they fixed it or something.

    74. Dixon B. Tweenerlegs

      is it just me or does the T-800 look too skinny?? Idk it just looks off to me...

    75. EGGY

      Are u Sara o Connor

    76. Taiga Young

      I think the back bling dose not match that much due to the fact you never seen that in the movie also I though Sarah Conner skin was gonna have different backbling like maybe a gun or maybe a small version of her son forgot name but I still like this bundle definitely worth just that I can not afford

    77. ToxicStorm

      Me: *doesn't own the Terminator set* Also me: *still watches just because I like a good how is it reactive*

    78. EyeDoHitThoseBro

      I farted on my dog and now it’s blind

    79. boom shakalaka

      pricey? not really. Those skins could easily be 2k vbucks like a legendary skin. These are collabs had to fork over big money for. Shes a female sweat skin shes not better then the terminator skin. There is a lot of skins similar to her already. I like the 2nd style though. But terminator a unique skin with a ton of detail. Best robot skin they ever made. The detail is insane. I was mad they didn't make arnold with it but I got it anyways just in case in the future they add arnold to the skin through quests or something. I don't think they sold to much so they have incentive to get arny too cause they will sell a lot more . We see fortnite add on new styles to skin all the time. And they already done the cyborg terminator thing to travis scott. Being a fan of the movie i had to get it. And I am glad i did i enjoy using both skins. i did get over 20 kills in team rumble with the sarah skin with the black hat. Shes a good in game skin. Terminator skin is more noticable but doesn't matter its fun to be the terminator in a game. It has the fun factor to it. And to my surprise not a lot of people bought either. I don't see to many people run either skin. I like that about it.

    80. Revised Ink Vlog's

      When you're gliding down with predator back bling the mouth opens and closes

      1. Revised Ink Vlog's

        @pvaz yep

      2. pvaz

        Ssme when you jump.

    81. turteleman1

      Congrats on 1 million subs 🥳

    82. BrickCain A


    83. fall

      R they putting the most violent hunters cuz of the season or is it just cuz ? Cuz the predators surprised me

    84. manical dubstep

      Make my comment the most disliked comment

    85. Jacob Lorance

      Hey tabor not to be dude about it but are you gonna change your intro and profile picture

      1. Jacob Lorance


    86. Sham 950

      I wish I had the T-800’s pick axe to go along with the set but I don’t have enough vbucks :(

    87. Connor Stawicki

      I am sad that it is only the robot style and not arnolds human form

    88. gabriel hynes

      It says in the store the knife comes out the sheath...

    89. Soar_cloak23

      Should i buy it ??

    90. Poly Games

      Sara reminds me of ash from rainbow6siege

    91. Sid Rezig

      I hope they give a style with Arnold Schwarzenegger body on from T2

    92. Brett Bums

      beautiful work keep it up

    93. redrumjg14

      Arnold is good in the 2nd one

    94. Anonymous Adopt Me

      I don’t like that skin. I love the movies but I think fortntie ruined it.

      1. Mike oxlong

        Fortnite ruins everything it touches

    95. Dimi’s Randomness

      I personally like the T-800 skin better than the Sarah Connor skin. But I do wish that Epic added an Arnold Schwarzenegger version though :/

    96. SouthSide Kid36

      Travis Scott is a terminator

    97. Tazy -_-

      Are someone copping this skin I wonder if I should buy it

    98. Bat

      *Tabor Hill* cool video

    99. Crispy Coop

      Fortnite loves Arnold. From the predator to the terminator

    100. Jayden Morgan

      Yea the Sarah Conner skin is going to be try hard