Keith Eats Every Kind Of Dumpling

The Try Guys

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    Who doesn't love a Try Guys dumplin video?! Enjoy this amazing meal with Keith & Fam!
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      1. Evian

        Omg can you guys do a fish boil mukbang !!!! ALL the try guys

      2. ꧁The Master꧂

        4:54--> I vomited in my mouth seeing him gulf a cold milk tea ... anything .. literally anything ... even the watery diarrhea of a manged infested dog is better than cold milk tea .. yuck .. I vomited a little seiing him sip that cold tea 🤮

      3. Liz James

        You guys modeling the bra and underwear set is possibly my favorite thing you have ever done

      4. 2dads4rna

        Uh ok

      5. AmericanHothead

        I wonder if GrubHub ever sponsors food videos? *This comment sponsored by GrubHub*

    2. em

      anyone else stop paying attention for a minute and see the crab crawl across the screen through their peripheral vision and think there was a spider on their computer? just me? alrighty

    3. Charmaine Walker

      This is my life’s dream 😤

    4. Jordan Barnes

      I haven't watched any of these "eat the menu" videos because they've been at chain restaurants. You guys should absolutely make a point to invest in your communities as often as possible, some of your consumers (like me) don't support content that's just "buying from x chain," like clothing hauls from box stores. Show me local, support local, even when you aren't being told to.

    5. Bhavna Chandramouli

      I can't with Keith eating a xiao long bao as a pani puri lmao😂😂

    6. Isabella Hu


    7. Balázs Szűcs

      Why haven't I seen this before?

    8. Alyssa Anderson

      from 10:42 to 11:01 had me dying 💀💀😭

    9. honeyxwbs

      its 10 o clock at night and i want to eat dumplings so badly

    10. Gabo Wabo

      Grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love the kinda deals that make ya boogie

    11. Raihan Nafis

      Grubhub? GRUBHUB?!

    12. Isac Rancic


    13. Olivia K

      This man is zooted

    14. Evana Sharma

      the reason popcorn chicken is better at asian restaurant is because they coat the chicken in potato starch which gets crisper as it fries

    15. Kevin tian

      I will not lie i dont love shumai but i will try the shumai why do i cry

    16. Julia Mihaj


    17. Ari Green

      he asked what kind of meat was in a vegan bun lol

    18. JackChuck1

      15:52 flashback to dumpling eating episode

    19. Ericka Thomas

      I got such a craving for dumplings while watching this that I paused it and ordered some!

    20. Emmerson Rose

      if Keith doesn’t eat everything at Panera I will literally die

    21. Anya Jade Mikaela Katigbak

      Please do the Eat The Menu in JOLLIBEE..

    22. FairbrookWingates

      Generally, I love living in the Midwest but goodness I wish we had places like Dumpling Monster!

    23. Sophes

      Every word out of his mouth is a cursed meme and I love it

    24. Carson Kay

      My stomach gurgled at the pork and corn dumplings because not only are those two of my favorite foods, they're all the two foods that hate my bowels.

    25. Paige Andrews

      are.... are they calling karaage popcorn chicken???????

    26. Jordan Rios

      You should eat everything at In-n-Out so we can trash their fries, how a fast food company so big has no idea how to make at least semi-good frys, idk, but it's not okay

    27. DuckyJR YT


    28. ximena Quintana

      Who ever edited this video Thank you

    29. Sophie Bell

      I would never want to live in the usa... But all the different foods make me Definetly envy

    30. Ziah McIntosh

      Watching Keith eat soup dumplings is like watching a "how do mosquito bites work" video.

    31. Gareth Patterson

      what happens to the rest of the food that they dont eat since they only at like a bite of each dish?

    32. Alden Jerome

      Always bet on gay

    33. i am smol potat

      I suddenly want to binge eat some dumplings

    34. Raven Deinbeck

      *eats vegan bun* "I dunno what type of meat this is...."

    35. Alexia

      I’d love to see these a bunch with like family owned places in LA

    36. Lil Yomp

      Jiao zi dumplings are actually eaten during winter because they resemble ears! By eating them your ears are supposed to kept warm during the cold season :D

    37. Tyler Folsom

      “Why does he need all of his fingers to eat a dumpling?” - My Wife

    38. Elim Yang

      6:54 I cringed when he stuck the chopsticks into the fried rice.... traditionally, you'd only stick incense in rice when you're at a funeral so it's seen as bad luck...

    39. TacyRae

      People who think that food cannot alter your mood/make you happy have obviously never watched one of Keith's videos.

    40. Mimi

      Keith Eats JOLLIBEE!!!!!!!

    41. The Anarchist

      I love Keith and the Eat the Menu series. The presentation of the food could be a little more organized and cleaner but it does add a more casual feel to the videos

    42. Ka Bao Yang

      You should do different kind oysters tasting.

    43. Natalie Chan

      ordering every item off the menu on grubhub? That total must've been through the roof with all those fees

    44. Tractor Factor

      Mike chen is proud.

    45. Jimmy Thinlay

      so I heard that he said"what type of meat is this"while eating the veg one

    46. MPrime

      I thought Jews weren't supposed to eat pork.

    47. Alexandra Smith

      So Zach sucks at chopsticks huh? Lololol

    48. Tammy k

      keith talking about the VEGAN thing “idk what meat this is”

    49. Yahwade Smith

      I just want you to know JESUS loves you and this is a new year

    50. Jenna Teigland

      Day 65 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

    51. Ellie Green

      fun fact - the reason traditional jiaozi (饺子)dumplings are shaped like and ear is because a legend states a doctor in China cooked dumplings to help promote blood flow and thaw cold ears, and shaped them to look like little ears. Although people now call dumplings jiaozi', they were originally named 'jiao er’ for its shape of “tender ears”.

    52. Luke DeBenedett

      do buffalo wild wings

    53. DaftViru5

      What I'd give to try this menu But I'm not American ToT

    54. Sarah Budreau

      I only go for chicken dumplings...

    55. Shlanna Seibert

      that long bow was funny as fuck

    56. tenderapple 1

      Isn't Zack Jewish? I thought Jewish people didn't eat pork. Am I wrong?

    57. Maren Donahue

      Imagine Keith on Great British Bake-off. Paul Hollywood would just be like “I see it has a bit of a soggy bottom” and Keith will have already unhinged his jaw and eaten the whole thing. Keep at it you beautiful man!

    58. SkylarkD 81

      I wish we had a dumpling place anywhere near us....😩 and we don’t have Grubhub either....

    59. tinyy gonzales

      Sure Ned and Eugene are the drinkers of the group, but honestly I could see Zach and Keith being stoner buddies and that wholesome image in my mind makes me happy. We need more marijuana content from these guys

    60. dildobaggins696969

      Eat the menu at chipotle

    61. Kevin Yannutz

      Next to pizza and wings dimsum is one of my favorite dishes. I love a good dumpling. Gotta say I kinda prefer door dash though

    62. J Peralez

      Soup dumplings are a beautiful gift from the Gods 🤤

    63. Kat T

      Oh man these look so freaking good

    64. Praelias Decorum

      Keith laughing at his own jokes is hilarious lmao

    65. Shonchalai Son

      My gluten free ass could nevaaa 😩

    66. Vanessa V

      Oh god Kornfeld - you did the unspeakable. Never ever stab a dumpling. This is so rude and bad luck in Asia!!!!!

    67. zachisfatman

      how is eugene the straightest try guy

    68. Kawaii Otaku

      The soup dumplings are adorable

    69. Zohair Ahmad Jafri

      18:57 my parents when they first held me That’s probably why I’m a psychopath

    70. Ariel

      i have been saying heckin for years lol, i wonder if i got it from this

    71. Ying Zhou

      Never do what he did with his chopsticks at 6:55 🤦🏻‍♀️

    72. Topdoghitam 2

      kieth: ´´dumplings look like ears´´ plz read dumpling origins

    73. Emily Holloway

      Me and my bf call dumplings “meaty dumpies” regardless of their contents.

    74. Silver Sweet

      Nick Rufca turns all my daddy fantasies on.

    75. Kyle Cuban

      I wish Keith would just go independent already

    76. sienna11

      Still wondering why he wouldn’t do the soup dumplings least they’ll still be hot!!😂

    77. Setsuko_Channel:アダラ節子

      Owner of company: (advises customers not to dip truffle dumpling in sauce) Keith: ( *dips it anyways* )

    78. plushdragonteddy

      "i bet you've never seen a cartoon of a sad crab" *immediate flashbacks of the sad violin-playing fiddler crab from Freddi Fish*

    79. Holly Chan

      Keith it might not be tofu it might be bamboo

    80. Astrid MaRo

      Everything looks so delicious

    81. Wow

      I think of the guys, Keith talks most clearly. I use CC when watching videos to help me process them better and the most accurate subtitles are always for Keith.

    82. Yhen Bautista

      keith is drunk wth dumplings...

    83. Momo Klose

      the editing is soooooooooooooo good.

    84. GOD

      Wait, isn’t Zack Jewish

    85. Akio Furukawa

      At 1:16 was I not the only person who thought the lady in white on the left was having a stroke or something?

    86. Jun Kitami

      Did he just poke the chopsticks into the rice? BRUH! Don't do that! In East Asian custom, if you poke your chopstick into a dish straight up, it means that you're offering it to your ancestors. And yes, soy braised pork rice is actually pretty big in Taiwan. In Chinese we call it 卤肉饭 which basically means "Braised Pork Rice" and it's served practically everywhere in Taiwan from Shilin Street Market to Dongmen and Tainan. Some places sell them with fatty pork belly cubes while some serves it with minced meat but either way, it's braised in soy sauce and herbs then served with rice, braised egg, some vegetables and some even sell them with pickles.

    87. Alyssa Lauren Mapes

      im so jealous.

    88. Alva Jakobsson

      Keith: tries the Vegan Bun (2:45 - 3:00) Also Keith: "what type of meat is this"

    89. ploy snh

      Fried rice is the food grandma makes whenever she’s too lazy to cook something in Thailand

    90. Sandra Larsen

      Crabs are always happy? What about Mr. Krabs?

    91. Amelia Haskin

      Keith should eat at red lobster or joe's crab shack

    92. Jade Frigon

      they need to go to Canada after the pandemic and do a keith eats everything at tim hortons

    93. Turtles

      I'm going through twizzlers like a beast while watching these...... I have a problem.....

    94. Anabel Santos

      Idk if food drunk is a real term but Keith is that by the end of these videos lol

    95. Nelly Ryan

      18:42 I swear Keith could voice Lola in big mouth

    96. Michelle Wong

      I love this show but please please please don’t stick your chopsticks into the rice like that cos 1. It’s done at funerals and’re gonna get in trouble if an Asian mom saw that

    97. Meg Dalton

      You should do eat the menu Panera!

    98. Angelica Figueroa

      So it's more every item on the menu than different dumplings. Lost that by the popcorn chicken

    99. PsychoFreak

      Was Keith high when y'all are filming this?

    100. DishaDharmraj

      Dumplings are called Momo's in India